Many people who ask, “Should I become a realtor?” are interested in the career but aren’t sure they have a personality that fits the real estate lifestyle. You don’t have to be Ryan Serhant or one of The Property Brothers to be successful in real estate–you can be successful no matter your personality type. Use this “Should I become a real estate agent?” quiz to determine which lead generation and marketing strategies best suit your unique strengths and personality. Here we go!

Real Estate Sales Personality Quiz

Click the link to complete the 10-question realtor quiz to determine your unique real estate agent personality. Don’t forget to come back here to learn more about your results and how to use them in your business!

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How to Interpret Your Real Estate Personality

Now that you’ve received the results of your “Should I become a real estate agent?” quiz, here are some tips and tricks to make your personality work for you! 

The Creative

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Quiz result recap: The creative real estate agent is imaginative and often able to find unique solutions to challenges in their business and for their clients. They can think outside the box and usually stand out with bold and distinctive branding. This type of real estate personality will typically thrive by using content creation marketing strategies where they can use their creativity to reach clients in unique ways, like social media, videos, blogs, and email marketing.

Resources for creative real estate agents:

How to tap into other personalities outside of The Creative:

Real Estate Personalities
The Sales ProUse your creativity to develop a solid real estate referral strategy. A custom landing page, link, or form, can make it easy for social media followers and subscribers to refer you to others.
The IntrovertConsider purchasing new leads from a lead generation company and nurturing them more effectively with your unique personality.
The Community ExpertNarrow your target audience and create website pages or social media playlists (i.e., on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram highlights) covering specific areas or real estate types.
The InnovatorCombine real estate marketing tools and AI with your distinct creativity to boost productivity and automate your online marketing tasks.

The Sales Pro

A group of people in a networking gathering with a man and a woman shaking hands.

Quiz result recap: An experienced agent who thrives in the sales-focused elements of real estate is typically assertive, competitive, and results-driven. This type of agent is generally extroverted and knows how to drive conversations, make connections, and build a valuable network of referrals. They often do well with classic real estate marketing techniques like door knocking, cold calling, and hosting or leading events. Still, they can also benefit from digital tools that amplify their reach, like texting and emailing.

Lead generation and marketing resources for sales pros:

How to tap into other personalities outside of The Sales Pro:

Real Estate Personalities
The CreativeUse existing social media post ideas and templates to share content online that fits your brand.
The IntrovertAlthough introverts and sales pros are often perceived as opposites, there are ways to combine the strengths of each personality type. To appeal more to introverted clients, try sending personalized letters, emails, or gifts.
The Community ExpertGather questions and conversation points that come up repeatedly and create a resource for your website.
The InnovatorUse technology trends to pinpoint contact information and behavioral data for your cold leads so you can nurture them more effectively.

The Introvert

Woman standing next to two men shaking hands with one man over a table of paperwork.

Quiz result recap: If your results from the quiz came out as introverted, you have a unique relationship style. Introverted agents prefer connecting in quieter, one-on-one settings instead of large events. They are just as capable of building strong networks, but they do it through more genuine relationship-building with clients and referrals by listening attentively and personalized communication. This type of real estate personality prefers digital communication over face-to-face interactions but also benefits from sending handwritten notes or thoughtful gifts. Introverted agents should focus on building a solid reputation in their community with word-of-mouth or video testimonials.

Marketing resources for introvert agents:

How to tap into other personalities outside of The Introvert:

Real Estate Personalities
The CreativeGet creative about how you can make your farm area more appealing to potential clients; consider adding custom maps or unique details about the areas to your community pages.
The Sales ProIntentionally build relationships with other professionals in your farm area to build recognition and a consistent source of referrals.
The IntrovertCombine online resources with personalized marketing techniques like phone calls, coffee dates, or events.
The InnovatorStrategically select technology and marketing tools that simplify creating and distributing your resources.

The Innovator

Digital landscape with skyline and houses on top of a cell phone.

Quiz result recap: The Innovator is a type of realtor who loves to try new things and test out new technology to grow their business. This agent will likely get a competitive edge because they jump on the latest trends and ideas before other agents. Their marketing strategies usually include digital marketing funnels, social media advertising, and virtual tours to market their listings. Many innovators have a technical way of thinking, so they gravitate toward educational content to nurture leads. They also benefit from utilizing an advanced CRM system to automate many client tasks and maximize their effectiveness.

Marketing ideas and resources for real estate innovators: 

How to tap into other personalities outside of The Innovator:

Real Estate Personalities
The CreativeUse real estate data to evaluate your audience’s interests and create content that appeals specifically to them.
The Sales ProTake advantage of technology to build automated systems to send emails and post social media content.
The IntrovertBalance your automated processes with a human touch, so include handwritten letters or in-person events in your marketing strategies.
The Community ExpertFocus your marketing technology on a specific geographical area or local real estate niche to build a strong reputation.

Other Questions to Ask When Considering “Should I Become a Realtor?”

Even though there are many pros and cons of being a realtor, it is an incredible career option for many different types of people. Many people think you must be the fast-talking extrovert you see on “Million Dollar Listing” to succeed, but you don’t! In fact, most personality types can find success in real estate with the right strategy.

To help you go beyond the questions in the “Should I become a realtor?” quiz, let’s dig a little further into a few basic questions.

Question 1

What’s your financial situation, and how comfortable are you taking risks?

A) I have plenty of savings, and I enjoy taking risks

B) I have some savings, and I’m willing to take risks to achieve my goals

C) I am hesitant to take risks and don’t have a safety net

D) I need an income FAST! I don’t have any money to risk

What to consider: Being a real estate agent is a challenging but rewarding career choice. Many people are drawn to the idea of having an unlimited income, but we’ve determined that the average real estate agent’s salary is around $90,000. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will generate any income since you’re not a salaried employee. New agents may have a real estate commission split that doesn’t make as much money as expected on their first few sales.

When deciding if real estate is right for you, consider all the risks before embarking on a new career.

Question 2

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

A) I’ve owned a business before and had a successful run with it

B) I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business 

C) I’m unsure if I have the chops to run my own business

D) I would rather work for someone else 

What to consider: Even though your real estate license will hang at a brokerage of your choosing, you are an independent contractor and the boss of your own business. You make your own hours and decisions about marketing and lead generation and have unlimited earning potential. So, if you don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset and don’t think of your business as your own, you’ll fail before you even start. 

Consider your abilities to be a leader and organize a business from top to bottom. You’ll have to make and execute a business plan that aligns with your goals. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, so think about whether that’s something you’d enjoy. 

Question 3

Do you have the resilience to overcome big obstacles in your business?

A) Absolutely–my middle name is Perseverance!

B) I know it will be a challenge, but I’m willing to work for it

C) I’m nervous about facing obstacles and not sure how I’ll handle it

D) I’d rather take something with a guarantee

What to consider: As a real estate agent, you are responsible for the effort you make to generate an income and build a thriving business. You will inevitably encounter challenges, like selling difficult properties, dealing with demanding clients, or struggling to generate leads. Growth happens by working through challenges, and the most successful real estate agents know how to persevere through obstacles.


Bringing It All Together

Knowing your real estate personality will give you a deeper understanding of the best approach to growing your real estate business. If you’re wondering if real estate is right for you, the quizzes here should help you learn how to build a business that suits your natural personality and strengths.

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