Real estate predictive analytics companies sort through big data—large volumes of data points from multiple sources. Using smart algorithms, they gain valuable insights about your buyers, sellers, and the communities you serve that can significantly improve your lead generation and marketing strategies.

We believe that 2022 will be the year that every agent, team, and broker will start looking for a real estate predictive analytics tool to add to their tech stack. So, we took a look at the entire predictive analytics marketplace and narrowed the field to the top six companies using big data and smart algorithms to greatest effect. Here’s what we found. 

Top 6 Real Estate Predictive Analytics Companies of 2023

CompanyBest For
SmartzipAgents looking for more seller leads
OffrsRealtors who want to pair predictive analytics and marketing together on one platform
RevaluateReal estate professionals with a large sphere of influence
AirDNAAgents who are investors, who work with investors or short-term vacation rental buyers
TopHapAgents who need “talking point” analytics for their next listing presentation, market campaign, and more
Tomi.aiBrokerages or enterprises already spending heavily on paid lead generation

The Close Recommends

If an agent came to us and said, “I’ve got $1,000 to spend, which company should I sign with?” we’d say Smartzip. Though each of the real estate predictive analytics companies on our list is very different and offers unique value, if we had to choose one, it would be Smartzip.

Why? The customer service, dashboard and agent interface, and the leads from Smartzip are all very compelling, and in a market where we’re still dealing with significant inventory shortages, Smartzip’s value (focusing almost exclusively on listing leads) is easy to see.

Visit Smartzip

Best Real Estate Predictive Analytics Company for Seller Leads: Smartzip

Logo: SmartZip - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $350 per month

Smartzip’s proprietary algorithms claim they can predict with up to 75% accuracy the homes that will sell in a particular neighborhood in the upcoming 12 to 18 months. A bold promise, but thus far, one they’re delivering on.

By combining consumer data (from places like credit card companies), market data (from places like your MLS), and demographic data, they predict which homeowners in your targeted region are most likely to sell the soonest. 

When Realtors sign up with Smartzip, you’ll immediately get access to the Smartzip CRM, populated with “Smart Data” for the areas you’re focusing on. Essentially, this is a list of all the property owners in your targeted area, ranked by how likely they are to sell their home in the next year and a half. 

Armed with this information, you can focus your outreach on only the most likely sellers, saving you time and money on marketing efforts and making your lead conversations more meaningful and higher-converting. 

Smartzip Pros & Cons

Smartzip ProsSmartzip Cons
  • Easy-to-use CRM and dashboard
  • Pricey—most Smartzip users spend $1,000+ per month (or more)
  • Smart Targeting product allows for automated print marketing
  • Non-exclusive leads
  • A powerful addition to a real estate farming strategy
  • Long nurture and conversion time
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SmartZip Pricing at a Glance

Smartzip’s prices are based on the size of the geographic area you’re targeting and start at $350 per month with a 12-month contract. Most Smartzip customers report spending around $1,000 per month.

Smartzip: Is It Right for You?

If you’re already investing heavily in real estate farming and seller-lead nurturing, Smartzip is an excellent real estate predictive analytics tool to help you meet and exceed your goals. Since leads from Smartzip tend to take a little longer to nurture than traditional listing leads, you will need to have a solid keep-in-touch and development strategy. But if you’ve got these tools in place, Smartzip is absolutely a no-brainer.

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Best Real Estate Predictive Analytics Company for Marketing Solutions: Offrs

Logo: Offrs - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $200 per month

Offrs is a real estate predictive analytics company owned by the same team that owns Smartzip, but the Offrs product is a very different experience. 

Built on the same Smart Data platform as Smartzip, Offrs customers choose from a variety of different lead types based on the needs of their business. You can choose exactly which of the Offrs’ “smart apps” you want to apply to their Smart Data. 

Plus, using some of their fantastic automated marketing features, Offrs agents can connect automated email, direct mail, and even voicemail drops to their Smart Data, making the nurturing process even less of a lift. 

Offrs Pros & Cons

Offrs ProsOffrs Cons
  • The same great Smart Data that sister company Smartzip is built on
  • Cost can add up quickly since many of the Smart Apps are paid
  • Smart apps including buyer, seller, FSBO, and Expired leads allow you to customize your predictive analytics solution
  • Leads take longer to convert than organic or referral leads
  • Unique ad tools that will help connect your analog and digital marketing for better overall results
  • The Offrs Smart Data CRM isn’t as user-friendly as the Smartzip version
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Offrs Pricing at a Glance

Similar to Smartzip, the Offrs base price is based on the cost of Smart Data, which will vary depending on the size of the area you’re targeting. The minimum monthly spend on Offrs is $200 per month; most Offrs agents report spending around $500 per month. 

Offrs’ Smart Apps provide additional data and value and are priced individually. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Seller Signal Leads ($50 / month): The most likely sellers in a particular area sorted and ranked by priority
  • FSBO Leads ($50 / month): The Offrs team scours 300-plus third-party sites daily to identify any FSBO listings in your targeted area
  • Email Autopilot ($10 / month): Automatically generated email campaigns connected directly to your Smart Data platform, allowing the lead nurturing to take place without your attention 
  • Voicemail Autopilot ($10 / month + 1 cent / voicemail): Partnering with Slybroadcast, Voicemail Autopilot will automatically drop voicemails to your Smart Data-generated leads

Offrs: Is It Right for You?

If you’ve got a healthy budget (most Offrs agents are spending upward of $500 per month (but it’s easy to spend $1,000-plus), a solid nurturing strategy, and a need for the automated marketing services offered by Offrs, this is a platform you should absolutely consider.

If you don’t have any need for the more specialized lead types or the automated marketing features, you’re probably better off going with Smartzip thanks to their upgraded customer relationship manager (CRM) and user interface.

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Best Real Estate Predictive Analytics Company for Getting the Most From Your Sphere of Influence: Revaluate

Logo: Revaluate - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $1 per contact, per year

Most Realtors know that building your sphere of influence is important, but have no clue how to score and prioritize all the contacts they’ve collected, which is where Revaluate comes in. 

Claiming to “clean, detox, and score your database,” Revaluate’s core product applies the same deep-learning algorithms that other members of our top predictive analytics companies are pointing toward the general public. But instead, Revaluate sorts and prioritizes the most important people to a real estate professional—the people who already know, like, and trust you. 

So, rather than using predictive analytics to identify likely transactions among strangers, Revaluate is identifying your opportunities among your existing relationships—a powerful shortcut in the nurturing process. 

We featured Revaluate in our recent round-up of tech companies, so check them out in the link below.

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Revaluate Pros & Cons

Revaluate ProsRevaluate Cons
  • Scalable—the price of the service is based on the number of contacts you have
  • A database of at least 1,000 people is recommended, making this not a great tool for someone just starting out
  • Fully integratable with most CRMs
  • Only basic training resources (though, to be fair, the customer support is great)
  • The “detox” portion of the Revaluate service removes duplicate contacts, combines incomplete information, and more
  • No real marketing services available

Revaluate Pricing at a Glance

Revaluate’s pricing is based on the size of the database being monitored and optimized. Pricing for individual agents starts at $1 per contact (per year) with a minimum contact list of 2000 people, making their minimum annual price $2,000.

Revaluate also offers discounts for larger databases (usually for teams and brokerages, but individual agents are welcome to get these discounts as well) starting at 10,000 contacts.

Revaluate also has a real estate farming service similar to REDX’s Geoleads called Reside, where for an additional $300 per 1,000 contacts, they’ll help you build a contact list in a particular geographic area. Cost for monitoring and optimizing those leads is the same as above; $1 per contact, per year.

Revaluate: Is It Right for You?

Revaluate’s perfect client is pretty easy to identify—someone with a large and active sphere of influence, especially Realtors who feel like they are missing out on sphere opportunities because they don’t have a great way to prioritize them.

You need to have a large contact database. Revaluate says their sweet spot for single agents is at least 2,000 names, and if that’s you, this real estate predictive analytics product could dramatically increase your bottom line.

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Best Real Estate Data Analytics Company for Anyone Working With Short-term Rental Buyers: AirDNA

Logo: AIRDNA - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $19 / month, but most users are paying $39 / month

In my presentation at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Annual Conference in 2021, I named Airbnb as the company that will have the single greatest effect on the real estate business in 2022. Why? Because short-term vacation rentals are drastically changing the make-up of real estate inventory and the way we value properties. 

AirDNA is an innovative (and affordable) tool that gives agents and investors a powerful way to measure income potential for any property by analyzing the demand, current booking levels, and other factors, as well as predicting estimated rental rates, occupancy, cash flow, and more. 

As a Realtor working with buyers or sellers in a market where short-term rentals (STRs) are popular, this tool could be a serious differentiator when it comes to accurately pricing your listings and making competitive offers. 

AirDNA Pros & Cons

AirDNA ProsAirDNA Cons
  • Extremely affordable
  • Doesn’t take into account zoning laws or actual legality of rentals
  • Great tool for clients (and for yourself if you’re considering buying an income property)
  • Only takes into account data from Airbnb, no other sources of information
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with attractive, shareable reports perfect for clients
  • Depends on a data source (Airbnb) that might not always be public in the future
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AirDNA Pricing at a Glance

AirDNA offers three different plans, each with the same features. These features include: 

  • Historical market performance trends
  • Property-level insights on occupancy and revenue
  • Personalized nightly rate recommendations
  • Investment planning tools

The prices for each plan change depending on the number of active Airbnbs in each market.

  • 99 or Less Active Airbnbs: $19 / month
  • 100 – 1,000 Active Airbnbs: $39 / month
  • 1,000+ Active Airbnbs: $99 / month

There are also enterprise-level solutions and prices available for anyone interested in getting data for entire organizations.

AirDNA: Is It Right for You?

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say yes, AirDNA is right for you. If you have (or will have) clients who are at all interested in short-term rentals, or if you are interested in this as a buyer, this is a tool you need to have.

AirDNA is (relatively) inexpensive, the data you get from it is super-valuable, and you can go month-to-month with it, so there’s no commitment (though if you want to save some money, you’ll get a discount on an annual contract). STRs aren’t going away any time soon. If they are popular and permissible in your market, you need this.

Visit AirDNA

Best Real Estate Data Analytics Company for ‘Talking Point’ Analytics: TopHap

Logo: TopHap - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $15 / month, but most Realtors start at $55 / month

According to Close Pro coach Sean Moudry, the three keys to successful marketing are evidence of action, knowledge, and success. If you want to stand apart from the crowd when it comes to evidence of knowledge, you need not only know the most important current trends happening in your market, but also be able to make solid predictions about what the future holds. That’s where TopHap comes in. 

This real estate predictive analytics platform is all about giving you the savvy “talking points” and market insights you need to demonstrate your expertise in your next listing appointment or marketing campaign. If you’re working to establish and maintain your expertise in your market, TopHap will consistently arm you with the info and data points you need to do so.

Need data and insights about the hottest neighborhoods in your market, price variations based on school districts, and the home features buyers really value right now? TopHap’s insights in shareable sound bites will give you the information edge over your competitors.

Is the information on TopHap available elsewhere? Most of it likely is, yes. Would it be a ton of work to gather it, package it, visualize it, and make it shareable? So. Much. Work. This is a great tool to shortcut that process and position you as a leading market expert. 

TopHap Pros & Cons

TopHap ProsTopHap Cons
  • Fantastic branded maps, data visualizations, and fact sheets you can easily share with your clients
  • The Free trial version is very limited in scope and capability, almost not worth mentioning
  • A branded portal your clients and prospects can log in and explore during and after your interactions with them
  • Some of the investment tools aren’t quite robust enough to use to make actual investment decisions with
  • A proprietary home valuation tool that includes estimated increases based on home improvement projects
  • The best TopHap CMA+ features are only available on the Expert ($155 / month) plan
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TopHap Pricing at a Glance

TopHap prices its services in three tiers: 

  • Basic ($15 / month): Includes basic property and rental data, simple home valuation, and market valuation heatmaps
  • Pro ($55 / month): Everything in Basic, plus market analytics, individual property analytics, a branded client portal, shareable property, and CMA reports
  • Expert ($155 / month): Everything in Pro, plus investment analytics, building permit analytics, value forecasting for neighborhoods and individual properties, owner information, marketing and branding customization, property comparison tools, and more

TopHap: Is It Right for You?

If you spend a lot of time closing clients, mixing it up at your local networking events, or make a lot of video content highlighting your local market expertise, a service like TopHap will be super-valuable to you. It can deliver the talking points you need to get conversations started (or get signatures on the bottom line). 

It’s true, this product might be considered a “luxury service” to some since most of this data is already available online. But, if your time is valuable and you need a quick, shareable, prepackaged, reliable source of data and conversation starters, TopHap is an option you should consider.

Visit TopHap

Best Real Estate Predictive Analytics Company for Optimizing Paid Lead Ad Spend:

Logo: Tomi.Ai - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting at $2,490 per month is a predictive analytics company focused on one thing—making your paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google more effective. To accomplish this, they use proprietary predictive analytic algorithms to analyze the performance of your existing ad campaigns and identify which traits your successful client conversions have in common. 

Then, with this information, they adjust the targeting on your ad campaigns to more closely match your ideal client. 

The best part about’s process is that it is all custom to your team or organization’s particular strengths. Since much of this process is hands-on and personalized, the service doesn’t come cheap, and it is designed for organizations that have a significant monthly ad spend. 

But, when you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads every month, a tool to help you tweak your targeting and vastly improve your conversion is worth its weight in gold. Pros & Cons Cons
  • A personalized process with some of the smartest data scientists we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with
  • Very expensive, plans start at around $2,500 per month
  • Potential upside could be huge, up to 3x ROI on ad spend
  • A required, consistent ad spend that typically starts around $25,000 per month
  • The only real enterprise-level solution available, but still an option for teams or even select high-performing individuals
  • Doesn’t work with any of the real estate-specific lead gen services (like BoldLeads or Market Leader)
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The 8 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads Pricing at a Glance offers two different price tiers to interested customers: 

  • Starter ($2,490 / month): For teams with up to 1,000,000 website visitors per month and who are spending up to $35,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Professional ($4,990 / month): For teams with up to 3,000,000 website visitors per month and who are spending up to $100,000 in monthly ad spend Is It Right for You?

If you have doubled-down on your paid lead generation strategy and are now looking to scale, a real estate predictive analytics team like should absolutely be a part of your approach. Their algorithms are all about getting the most out of your existing spend and targeting the “perfectly convertible” leads before going out and capturing more.

Yes, this product is very expensive, and the perfect fit will usually be larger organizations or even enterprises, but anyone can access this service, so if you’re going hard into paid lead generation, you should check out


Your Turn

Are there any real estate predictive analytics companies that we missed? Who should we include the next time around? Tell us in the comments below!

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