Real estate cold calling is one of the most polarizing lead generation strategies in our industry. Experienced agents will tell you it’s an essential part of lead generation, while others argue it isn’t worth the anxiety or frustration because it doesn’t yield immediate results.

But with the right preparation, cold calling is an important tool that can help build your business. We know firsthand how intimidating dialing up strangers can be—so we put together this step-by-step guide using tried-and-tested scripts from experts that will boost your confidence.

4 Must-have Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

Every real estate professional needs to have these four real estate cold calling scripts in their arsenal: the Expired Listing Script, the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Script, the Circle Prospecting Script, and the Voicemail Script.

Download the Best Cold Calling Scripts

1. Expired Listing Script

Cold calling expired listings can be tricky because you know that the homeowner is going to talk to multiple real estate agents, maybe even on the same day you’re calling. Stand out from the competition with a great script from REDX called The Neighborhood Expert:

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2. FSBO Script

Many real estate agents consider the FSBO prospect to be a perfect lead for cold calling. The sellers have announced to the world that they want to sell and they want to sell now—all you have to do is convince them they need help and that you’re the right person to provide it.

Most sellers try to sell their home themselves to save money. With this in mind, David Hill’s script will help you deal with this common objection. We’ve even put some mock responses in the script so you can practice hearing “no” and learn how to use those initial rejections to get a listing appointment.

Note that in the script, there’s no haggling over the commission. Try to refrain from making any commitments regarding numbers, but be sure that the prospect’s wishes and concerns are heard. You can always say, “I’m making a note of that…,” which shows that you’re listening but you’re not making any promises.

If you want to dive deeper and expand your FSBO prospecting skills, check out The 7 Best FSBO Scripts & Why They Work to learn how to get more listings in 2022.

3. Circle Prospecting Script

Circle prospecting is a great way to increase your exposure in neighborhoods where you’re already active. Remember, though, you don’t have to limit your prospecting to only areas where you’ve already listed or sold property.

Deploy this circle prospecting script from the indelible Ricky Carruth’s Zero to Diamond real estate coaching program to go after homes in neighborhoods where you’re the nearby listing agent or not.

Learn more about the power of circle prospecting in this profile of Christina Griffin, a Tampa Realtor, who generated 200 leads in a single day. You can also access our collection of actionable tips and scripts for knocking-on-doors prospecting by clicking here.

4. Voicemail Script

According to Pipedrive, 80% of calls go to voicemail, which means leaving the right message needs to be an important part of your real estate cold calling strategy.

What does the right message sound like? For starters, it’s between eight and 14 seconds long, but definitely less than 30 seconds. The optimal voicemail establishes who you are and why you’re calling in a warm and friendly tone. But don’t include your pitch—the goal should be securing that next conversation when they call back or you make a follow-up call.

Some real estate cold calling strategists argue that a voicemail is a great way to turn a completely cold call into a lukewarm call. If you want to skip the (sometimes chilly) cold call altogether and dial straight into a warm voicemail, there are companies that help you do that.

The absolute leader in the field is Slydial, which allows you to dial directly into a phone number’s voicemail. These Ringless Voicemails (RVMs) are becoming more common and socially acceptable, so don’t shy away from using them. You can even acknowledge it by saying something like, “I know you’re busy, so I wanted to drop a quick voicemail and be respectful of your time.”

7 Steps in Real Estate Cold Calling

7 Steps in Real Estate Cold Calling

Real estate cold calling is so much more than picking up the phone and dialing a random number. Now that you have your scripts, use these tips to be more organized and confident in your approach.

1. Set Goals

Most real estate agents think the goal of every cold call is a listing appointment, but even meeting someone for a handshake can turn into a real lead. When your prospect isn’t ready to set a listing appointment, find any excuse to stop by and introduce yourself in person, even if it’s just for a minute or two. A good goal may be to cold call for an hour each day and meet with one new prospect in-person each week.

2. Be Professional

People will always respond best to warmth, enthusiasm, and empathy. The more time you spend listening to your prospects, the better you can address their pain points. Respect people (and their time) and show them that you are the Realtor who will solve their problems.

3. You Provide a Service

Yes, cold calling is about building your business, but remember, you’re serving your community with your experience, education, and knowledge. The reason cold calling works is that there are people out there who need your help.

4. Prepare

Get comfortable with your scripts by practicing them out loud with a friend or colleague. You want to be prepared enough so that you’re not focused on what you’re saying but what they’re saying. Do your research and comb through MLS data. Be sure that you’re zeroing in on prospects who can really benefit from your services.

5. Start Calling

Make sure you are focused, have space to walk around, and maybe do some stretches to be limber and keep that mind sharp. It’s helpful to have an auto-dialer, like REDX (more about this below). It’s important to keep track of your calls and responses. You also might want to look into a customer relationship manager (CRM) to help you keep track of your outreach and take notes on your conversations.

If you’re short on time, check out REDX for lead generation. REDX provides you with the leads and helps you make calls faster with an auto-dialer.

Visit REDX

6. Get Past the ‘No’s’

Let’s be clear: If you’re cold calling, you are going to hear a lot of “no” (and maybe even worse). If you’re afraid of this word, you aren’t going to get very far. Watch how cold calling expert Beverly Ruffner overcomes common objections like “I’m just looking—I’m good,” and “I already have an agent.”

7. Follow Up

Be ready to take the next steps with leads to keep the conversation going. Here’s Beverly again with her tried-and-true scripts for the follow-up call.

6 Tips for Leveling Up Your Real Estate Cold Calling

Businessman having an interesting phone call

Now that you’re armed with these pro-level scripts and have a step-by-step plan, let’s dive into some more specific advice if you want to go beyond the basics and master the art of cold calling.

Watch the Experts Reveal Their Cold Calling Secrets

YouTube is chock-full of videos from real estate agents who are crushing the cold calling game. Whether you’re looking to learn how to interact with prospects or just need to get hyped up for your next calling session, these videos are a great source of inspiration. Here are five of our favorites:

Bryan Casella is an expert at dealing with objections. He is clearly using a script and is crushing it every step of the way.

Chastin J. Miles shows us how it’s done with a FSBO prospect. We love how ​​Chastin takes the act of LISTENING to the next level rather than doing all the talking. You can see how effective his approach is with his soon-to-be client.

Our own Real Estate Coach, Beverly Ruffner, has put together several live examples of cold calls and offers her best cold calling tip: Treat everyone you’re calling like they’re your best friend.

Here’s one where Ricky Carruth coaches agent Emily Wood as she attempts cold calling for the first time. This one is a 50-minute commitment, but it’s super-valuable to watch someone starting out to see how she improves and gains confidence.

Loida Velasquez speaks honestly about how nerve-wracking it is to get started and offers her tips for first-time real estate cold calling. She has several additional videos on calling expired listings and FSBOs, including one where she critiques her first FSBO cold call.

Bringing It All Together

If you’ve questioned if cold calling is right for you, start with the right mindset and tools to conquer your fears. With some proven scripts and determination, you have the power to make cold calling a crucial part of your lead generation strategy.

Have any cold calling questions or tips you’d like to share? Anything we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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