Real estate software is what differentiates great agents from good agents. The right software allows Realtors to generate leads, market their personal brands, nurture leads, stay organized, and close deals better than they could on their own. 

But with so many options on the market, choosing the right tools isn’t easy. That’s why we decided to update our picks for the best real estate software for 2023. We organized the tools by category and linked to our deep-dive review articles and buyer guides—making it easier for you to find the one tool that you simply won’t be able to live without.

Lead Generation Software

1. Catalyze AI

Pricing: Starting at $120 a month

contact view in real estate lead generation company Catalyze AI

Catalyze AI is one of the most interesting new players using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate leads for agents. Here’s how it works: When someone inherits a property, whether it’s a surviving spouse or the adult children, Catalyze AI uses AI to be the “step zero” solution to put you in the right place before the right time. You’ll receive new leads each month to begin building those relationships that will make you the natural choice when it’s time to choose a Realtor. The Close readers will receive 50% off their first month with promo code “THECLOSE.”

Visit Catalyze AI

2. Market Leader

Pricing: Starting at $189 per month

Additional Market Leader Resources

In-depth review: Market Leader Review +Video Walkthrough

Market Leader has been the industry standard for several years. It’s hard to compete with a comprehensive platform that will acquire, engage, nurture, and convert your real estate leads. We love it so much. Market Leader was one of The Close’s top lead generation companies in 2024, and we still recommend it to our readers.

Market Leader users get a unique lead per month guarantee along with extras like beautiful agent websites, email, paid social, and even print marketing, inside their marketing center.

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3. Zurple

Pricing: Starting at $400 per month

buyer lead quick ad example

In-depth review: Zurple Review +Video Walkthrough

Did you ever wish you could figure out when your leads are ready to buy or sell before they’re ready to buy or sell? Zurple’s patent pending software lets you do just that. Zurple starts by generating exclusive leads for you. But instead of just dumping them into one-size-fits-all drip campaigns like most CRMs, Zurple’s intelligent nurturing system sends them emails and texts based on their behavior. When they’re close to a transaction, the system sends you an alert so you can step in and convert them to customers. It takes all the guesswork out of lead nurturing so you can focus on selling.

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4. Zillow Premier Agent

Pricing: Varies by ZIP code

zillow premier agent app screenshot

In-depth review: Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth the Cost?

Over the past few years, Zillow Premier Agent  has grown up. Instead of just blasting out cold leads like they used to, Premier Agent now offers more ways to become the primary point of contact for a lead, in addition to helping you nurture and close them.

Using the tool, you can see which homes your leads are viewing and saving to make sure you reach out with the right message at the right time. They also offer a streamlined CRM with task reminders, notes, and mobile notifications. The customer experience report lets you know exactly what your leads think of you without having to ask.

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Real Estate CRM Software

If you haven’t shopped for a new CRM in a few years, you might be surprised to learn about the advanced features that even entry-level systems offer agents today. If you really want to dig into this topic, check out our picks for the best CRMs of 2024:

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5. LionDesk

Pricing: $21 – $83 per month

logo for real estate CRM software provider LionDesk

In-depth review: LionDesk Review: The New King of the Real Estate CRM Jungle?

If you want a full-featured CRM that you can upgrade as your business grows, LionDesk is a great option. Starting at just $21 a month, LionDesk can send video emails, bulk texts, drip campaigns, and more. As your business grows, you can add more features without breaking the bank.

Visit LionDesk

6. Top Producer

Pricing: $129 – $299 per month

Backend view of real estate CRM software provider Top Producer

In-depth review: Top Producer CRM Review + Video Walk-through

One of the best CRMs on the market, Top Producer recently upgraded its user experience. The company went back to the drawing board and revamped its flagship CRM to compete with the new kids on the block. The new Top Producer looks and works great. Even better, Top Producer is leading the pack with access to MLS data, market snapshot reports, and native integrations.

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IDX Website + CRM Platforms

If you’ve been holding off building an IDX website, you’re leaving deals on the table. Today’s IDX websites are true lead generation and marketing platforms that can offer a stellar return on investment. Here are a few of our top website + CRM picks for 2023:

7. iNCOM

InCom provides effective, attractive real estate websites at a relatively low cost. Its price includes a makeshift CRM, integration with social media platforms, and real estate-specific landing pages. These features convert your incoming lead traffic better than a generic website landing page.

Visit iNCOM

8. kvCORE Platform

Pricing: $499+ per month

Examples of offerings from real estate website builder kvcore

In-depth review: kvCORE Review: What Does It Offer Teams & Brokerages in 2022?

One of the early movers in the all-in-one real estate lead generation and CRM platforms, Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE platform is finally ready for its close-up. Its team-focused platform boasts lead generation, a robust CRM with AI features such as behavioral lead response, text messaging, and even an auto-dialer.

kvCORE is a pretty comprehensive real estate software suite, offering back-office solutions for agent billing and accounting, a comparative market analysis (CMA) and presentation tool, and listing marketing assistance.

Visit kvCORE

9. Real Geeks

Pricing: $249+ per month

RealGeeks logo

In-depth review: Real Geeks Review: An In-depth Look at Pricing & Features

Founded in 2010 by real estate agent Jeff Manson, Real Geeks‘ core mission has never changed: To build IDX websites and a CRM that generates tons of leads for real estate agents. While other IDX sites might be flashier, Real Geeks’ focus on lead generation means that you will spend more time on the phone with real people who want to buy homes and less time fiddling with graphic design and code.

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10. Sierra Interactive

Pricing: Starting at $499.95 per month

Backend view of real estate website software provider Sierra Interactive

In-depth review: Sierra Interactive Review 2024: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Sierra Interactive provides real estate pros a leg up on their competition with award-winning search engine optimization (SEO)-driven websites, high-quality lead generation, and automated action plans that boost speed-to-lead and effective lead nurturing. Sierra Interactive puts you in the driver’s seat, letting you choose how you want to manage your leads. It’s fully integrated CRM helps you stay on top of your sphere and top of mind with your leads, helping you convert faster.

Sierra Interactive provides all the tech you need with the flexibility you want to free up your time to focus on what you do best: build relationships, grow your business, and close more deals.

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IDX Websites + Marketing Tools

Is your website doing what it should to build your brand and market your business? Consider these providers as part of the solution.

11. AgentFire

Pricing: $149 per month 

One of the problems with all-in-one website and CRM platforms is that they force you to upgrade to new “tiers” that include features you don’t want or need. That’s why we love AgentFire. AgentFire starts with sleek, professionally designed websites and then lets you add on only the features you want as you grow. 

In addition, AgentFire provides a lot more than just pretty websites. It also offers agents a full library of lead capture tools including calls to action (CTAs), landing pages, lead magnets, neighborhood guides, market reports, blogs, and much more. They even offer training with coaching legend Tom Ferry.

Visit AgentFire

12. Placester

Pricing: $79 – $319 per month

example of real estate website created with Placester

In-depth review: Placester Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

In 2023, agents have a million options to build a pretty website. But if your website isn’t generating leads, it isn’t doing its job. That’s why Placester almost always makes it to the top of our list of the best website builders and real estate software. Their sites are designed for one purpose: lead capture.

Don’t get me wrong—Placester’s websites are beautiful. But they are also A/B-tested to ensure lead capture. They even offer helpful features like prewritten content libraries, a CRM, and a brand-new services marketplace to help you find design and tech talent quickly. 

If you’re a National Association of Realtors (NAR) member, you qualify for a Placester website complete with an IDX feed and basic lead capture options for just $119 per month.

Visit Placester

13. Luxury Presence 

Pricing: Starting at $220+ per month plus setup fee

Example of real estate website created via Luxury Presence

If you’re even thinking about getting into luxury real estate, then cookie-cutter website templates aren’t going to cut it. Your personal brand is crucial for success in high-end real estate, which is why your website needs to be uniquely yours. As one of the earliest and most respected luxury real estate website designers, Luxury Presence should be at the top of your list when it comes to real estate software that’ll help you create a new website. 

Their designers have created websites for some of the most successful real estate agents in the world, and believe it or not, they are more affordable than you might think. A semi-custom website from Luxury Presence starts at just $180 per month with a $500 setup fee. Of course, the sky’s the limit from there, but getting started is what counts. Get $500 off by clicking the button below.

Visit Luxury Presence

Social Media & Marketing Software

Winging it on social media is for newbies. If you can get professional design and engagement experts in your corner, you can focus on your clients.

Lead Qualifying & Nurturing Software

Whether you buy leads or generate them via cold calling and door knocking, you need to spend some time evaluating prospects and converting them into clients. Here’s some help for that journey.

Real Estate Prospecting Platforms

We don’t need to tell you that agents need leads to keep their business afloat. Here are a few options that can help you fill your pipeline.

Predictive Analytics & AI Software

Don’t get left behind when it comes to the disruptive technologies entering the real estate industry. Instead, get technology working for your business with these software options.

Home Valuation Software

When it comes to cranking out CMAs, most agents would rather get a root canal. Here are some companies that can make the process less painful.

Open House & Showing Software

You need a simple solution to the problem that every agent who has run an open house has faced: smudged, illegible sign-in sheets.

Real Estate Transaction Management Software

A lot goes into keeping a real estate deal on track. If you don’t have a personal assistant (or you have a growing team or brokerage) you need a tool to manage the details.

Expense Tracking Software

Does your accountant cringe every time you darken their doorway? Make tax time easier with these tools.

Writing Software

If you want to get ahead in real estate, learning how to write clearly and efficiently is no longer optional. This tool will help you do just that.

Over to You

Have a suggestion you’d like us to add to our list of the best real estate software? Let us know in the comments.

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