Real estate lead generation companies give agents, teams, and brokers a shortcut to the closing table by doing the lead capture work for them. As someone who’s had to convert real estate leads myself, I know it’s vital to find the right company to fulfill the specific needs of your real estate business. Below, you’ll see my favorites, the runners-up, and the lead gen providers you should avoid at all costs. 

A note on methodology: As a part of this buyer’s guide, I reviewed dozens of paid real estate lead generation companies and judged them based on lead gen strategy, price, usability, scalability, and customer support. We’ll continue to update our guide regularly as new companies and features become available to shine a light on the best available options for agents.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2023

CompanyBest ForOur Favorite Feature
Market LeaderA guaranteed number of leads each monthThe ability to customize how many leads you get and where they come from
zBuyerExcellent customer serviceLeads are well-qualified before hitting your CRM
Catalyze AIExclusive leadsInherited property leads generated through sophisticated predictive analytic tools
REDX Budget-conscious agentsVarious lead types available for all business needs
SmartzipLeads driven by predictive analyticsBoasts a 72% prediction accuracy rate
RevaluateAgents with a large sphere of influenceOne of the highest conversion rates of any provider on our list
BoomTownA CRM + lead gen comboFantastic lead-sharing and assignment options
Zillow Premier AgentBuyer leadsPresence on the highest-trafficked real estate website on the internet

Best Overall Real Estate Lead Generation Company: Market Leader

logo for lead generation company Market Leader

Price: $139/month + $25 per lead

Why We Like Market Leader

Unlike any other provider on our list, Market Leader guarantees a certain number of leads every month. I also like that once you’ve collected enough data to accurately predict your conversion rates, it allows you to forecast your return on investment with greater accuracy.

Market Leader ProsMarket Leader Cons
  • Guaranteed number of leads every month
  • Missing some key analytics features
  • Great mobile app
  • Public-facing websites are a little dated
  • Easily scalable for teams and offices
  • Leads tend to be higher funnel than other providers

How Market Leader Generates Real Estate Leads

Market Leader takes the ad agency approach, placing advertising that targets your prospects on Facebook, Google, and so on. These ads direct seller prospects to Market Leader’s landing page,, and sends buyer leads to your own personally branded, IDX search-enabled site.

Once a lead submits their information, it’s automatically populated in the Market Leader customer relationship management system (or sent to whatever CRM you’re using), and then you take over the nurturing and conversion. 

The name is not a misnomer. Market Leader is truly a trailblazer in lead generation. I like its strategy and proven track record. And while it’s pricey, there is serious potential for great return on investment. You can read more in our deep-dive review of Market Leader.

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Best Customer Service: zBuyer

logo for real estate lead generation company zbuyer

Price: Starting at $12 per lead

Why We Like zBuyer

For starters, zBuyer has an excellent track record of supplying valuable, verified leads. But add to that its strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and you get a combination that some of the larger software companies simply can’t match. 

zBuyer is a budget-conscious option that sources verified buyer and seller leads. And if it’s not working out, you can cancel at any time. I bet that if you employ some solid follow-up and lead nurturing, you’ll find zBuyer to be a powerful partner in the lead generation game.

zBuyer ProszBuyer Cons
  • Leads are verified + the company offers replacements for bogus leads
  • Leads can “sell out” or be limited in number in a given area
  • No contract
  • Leads aren’t exclusive
  • Reasonably priced and you are in control of monthly spend
  • No proprietary CRM (although this could be a plus if you already use one you like)
  • Excellent customer service by phone and email

How zBuyer Generates Real Estate Leads

zBuyer uses cutting-edge analytics to uncover early indications of interest in selling or buying. The company offers targeted potential sellers a chance to discover their home’s worth and potentially a cash offer. Buyer leads are captured through the company’s site,

Potential leads must confirm their interest at several points along the way, verifying their intent, which results in higher conversion rates. zBuyer then provides the agent with the lead’s contact information in real time via the zBuyer app, email, and your customer relationship manager (CRM) of choice. While the leads aren’t exclusive, zBuyer says they work hard to “limit their exposure.” All in all, zBuyer is a low-cost, low-risk option, with excellent customer service and a strong lead generation strategy.

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Best for Exclusive Real Estate Leads: Catalyze AI

logo for predictive analytics company Catalyze AI

Price: Starting at $360 per month

Why We Like Catalyze AI

Catalyze AI uses predictive analytics to uncover leads, which focus on inherited properties. They boast that four out of 10 of the properties they target sell within 12 months. Plus, the leads are local, not outrageously expensive, highly probable to convert, and exclusive. Because it’s month-to-month, it’s definitely worth checking out Catalyze AI—it’s a company in the predictive analytics space that we’re excited to watch. 

Catalyze AI ProsCatalyze AI Cons
  • High accuracy percentage
  • Will add up if you subscribe every month over a year
  • Exclusive, local leads
  • Relies on excellent interpersonal and follow up skills
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard
  • Large radius may not work well for agents in urban areas

How Catalyze AI Generates Real Estate Leads

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people inherit properties. Catalyze AI helps sort through more than 400 million data points to narrow these properties down to excellent leads—so excellent that Catalyze AI estimates this market represents $77 billion in property value each year.

I like that Catalyze AI offers leads within a 20-mile radius of your search area and that you can pay based on the value of the property: one monthly rate for properties valued above $1 million and one for those valued below that threshold. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, these leads are exclusive, which makes them pretty darn valuable.

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Best for Outbound Real Estate Leads: REDX

logo for cold calling company RedX

Price: Starting at $40/month

Why We Like REDX

With inbound real estate lead generation companies, you’re waiting for your phone to ring. But REDX is different—agents are picking up the phone and making it ring for prospects. While this means more work for you, you’re also completely in control of your own progress and success, which makes it perfect for motivated go-getters. You can read more about REDX in our review: Why Smart Realtors Use REDX & Power Dialer.

  • Affordable, a la carte pricing
  • Relies heavily on cold calling
  • Different types of leads are available
  • A time-intensive strategy
  • Dialer is available for phone prospecting
  • Little or no performance analytics

How REDX Generates Real Estate Leads

Instead of waiting for leads, REDX flips the script with an outbound real estate lead generation system, putting contact information (and the power to make connections) into the hands of agents, teams, and brokers.

REDX users choose the lead types (such as expired listings, FSBOs, and preforeclosures, to name a few) they want to target, and REDX provides contact information. With a constantly updated system, you’ve always got a fresh list of leads in your area so you can decide how much time you want to spend reaching out, following up, and converting them into clients.

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Honorable Mention: Vulcan7

Honestly, it was a toss-up between whether to feature REDX or Vulcan7 as the go-to outbound lead generation tool in this guide. REDX has a longer track record of success, which is why they ultimately won the top spot. But Vulcan7 is innovating in exciting ways and many of the Realtors I talked to are raving. Watch this space to see if Vulcan7 can take over the top spot!

Learn more about Vulcan7

Best Lead Generation With Predictive Analytics: Smartzip

logo for predictive analytics real estate company Smartzip

Price: Starting at $350 per month; average $1,000 per month

Why We Like Smartzip

Smartzip claims they can predict the homes that will sell in a particular neighborhood in the upcoming 12 to 18 months with up to 72% accuracy. For anyone working purchased leads, this is a stunning statistic. If you’re already investing heavily in real estate farming, Smartzip is an excellent real estate predictive analytics tool for you. Leads from Smartzip do tend to take a little longer to nurture than traditional listing leads, so you will need to have a solid keep-in-touch strategy. If you’ve got a good lead nurturing game in place, Smartzip is absolutely worth considering. 

Smartzip ProsSmartzip Cons
  • Easy-to-use CRM and dashboard
  • Pricey—most Smartzip users spend $1,000+ per month (or more)
  • Smart Targeting product allows for automated print marketing
  • Non-exclusive leads
  • Easily applicable to an existing real estate farming strategy
  • Long nurture and conversion time
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How Smartzip Generates Real Estate Leads

Smartzip combs through consumer data (from places like credit card companies), market data (from places like your MLS), and demographic data, and predicts which homeowners in your targeted region are most likely to sell. 

Realtors who sign up with Smartzip immediately get access to the Smartzip CRM, populated with “Smart Data” for your areas. Essentially, this is a list of all the property owners in your targeted area, ranked by how likely they are to sell their home in the next year and a half. 

Armed with this information, you can focus your outreach on only the most likely sellers, saving you time and money on marketing efforts and making your lead conversations more meaningful and fruitful.

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Best for a Large Sphere of Influence: Revaluate

logo for predictive analytics lead generation company revaluate

Price: Starting $1 per contact, per year

Why We Like Revaluate

Revaluate is a predictive analytics company that sorts and prioritizes your most valuable asset as a real estate professional: your sphere of influence contact list. Revaluate provides data-driven insights into which members of your circle are most likely to buy or sell in the near future, which results in some of the highest conversion rates of any of the tools on our list.

Reevaluate ProsRevaluate Cons
  • Fully integrates with most CRMs
  • A database of at least 1,000 people is recommended, making it tough for newbies
  • Scalable—the price of the service is based on the number of contacts you have
  • Only basic training resources (though, to be fair, the customer support is great)
  • The “detox” tool removes duplicate contacts, combines incomplete information, and more
  • No real marketing or nurturing services available
  • No contracts for databases with under 10,000 contacts

How Revaluate Generates Real Estate Leads

Real estate pros upload their contact database to the Revaluate system, where contacts are “cleaned and detoxed.” Duplicates are removed, partial profiles are combined, and Revaluate fills in gaps by adding social media handles, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. 

After your database is organized, Revaluate runs it through their proprietary big-data-driven algorithm, which uses market data, consumer analytics, demographic insights, and more to predict which members of your sphere of influence are most likely to buy or sell in the next year. This sort of predictive strategy allows you to prioritize your outreach efforts and spend your nurturing time, energy, and resources wisely.

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Best Combo of CRM & Lead Generation: BoomTown

logo for real estate lead generation company boomtown!

Price: Starting at $1,000 per month

BoomTown has a top spot on our list because their lead generation systems integrate so seamlessly with their CRM. Leads generated with BoomTown are automatically dropped into the CRM and from there, agents can choose from hundreds of options for lead nurturing, including custom text-message campaigns, email, snail mail, and even integrated campaigns. 

Why We Like BoomTown

With BoomTown, you shouldn’t have to worry about your newly paid-for leads falling out of your funnel—the company’s tools and automation processes help to keep that from happening.

Boomtown Premier Agent ProsBoomtown Premier Agent Cons
  • Lead gen comes from multiple places (ads, pop-ups on your website, etc.)
  • Expensive, especially for single agents and small teams
  • Tools for sharing leads designed with teams and organizations in mind
  • Steep learning curve—it takes a while to get up to speed on the CRM
  • Integrates with other lead gen platforms so you can use the BoomTown’s tools on outside leads
  • Lacks some customization for both lead tracking and in the CRM

How BoomTown Generates Real Estate Leads

BoomTown’s lead gen strategy starts with their website and CRM combo, which uses landing pages to direct traffic and generate leads. Its sites include customized content gating systems. For example, if someone is searching for properties on your website, you can trigger a required form to capture their contact info. BoomTown also offers an integrated Facebook and Google ads tool that helps agents build their audience. While BoomTown is a CRM first and a lead gen company second, its sophisticated range of tools is certainly worth considering.

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Honorable Mention: Brivity

We, like many in the industry, are keeping a close eye on Brivity. A part of Ben Kinney’s PLACE, the company provides one of the most comprehensive CRMs on the market, including lead capture, IDX websites, and social media ad campaigns designed by marketing experts. With their cult following and competitive pricing, I predict a bright future.

Learn More About Brivity

Best Lead Generation Company for Buyer’s Agents: Zillow Premier Agent

logo for real estate lead generation company Zillow premier agent

Price: Starting at $350 for most agents

Why We Like Zillow Premier Agent

There is literally nobody in the consumer real estate market as big as Zillow—not by a long shot. If you’re looking for buyer leads at volume, it’s hard to argue with Zillow.

Zillow Premier Agent ProsZillow Premier Agent Cons
  • Be seen on the largest real estate website in the world
  • Customer service is not strong
  • Proven track record of success
  • Almost entirely buyer leads
  • Zillow Live Connections puts you in contact with leads over the phone
  • Leads aren’t exclusive

How Zillow Premier Agent Generates Real Estate Leads

Zillow sells display advertising next to listings in specific ZIP codes to its clients (known as Premier Agents). Pricing varies depending on the number of agents and median sold price in each market, but it generally starts at $250 per month. Zillow transfers leads to the Zillow CRM or into whatever CRM you’re using, and the nurturing and conversion is up to you. Read more in our in-depth review, Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth the Cost? (Hint: The answer is “yes, but…”).

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Real Estate Lead Generation Companies to Avoid

We’re not typically ones to throw shade here on The Close, but we wouldn’t be doing our job as real estate and technology experts if we didn’t also steer you away from products we don’t like (at least in their current form).

Zillow Flex

You might be thinking, “You’re recommending Zillow Premier Agent, but not Zillow Flex? What gives?” The fact is, the cost of Zillow Flex—which allows Zillow Premier agents to skip paying for leads until they successfully close—simply isn’t worth the value in my opinion. Based on the percentage Zillow takes at closing and the projected low-referral and low-repeat occurrence of the leads, investing in Zillow Flex is time-intensive and offers a limited return. Read more in our review, Is Zillow Flex Worth the 35% Referral Fee? and you’ll see why it’s not.

Inbox Real Estate Leads

Long-time readers of The Close know that, at one point, I actually endorsed this company as an interesting alternative to the traditional paid lead generation model. But, after speaking with a number of users of this service, I’m changing that stance. The Realtors I spoke to who have used this service consider it unreliable at best, extremely competitive, and a tool that makes forecasting your future revenue very difficult.

OK, so it’s important to say that doesn’t actually bill itself as a real estate leads source, so I’m not knocking this platform for the same reasons I’m knocking the others.

However, I see second-rate real estate coaches across the internet touting as a place you should be prospecting preforeclosure property owners. Some of these “coaches” will even sell you courses on how to convert these too-good-to-be-true leads.

The fact is, the foreclosure process in the U.S. is very complicated, there are many stages to it, and in a COVID (and near post-COVID) era, that’s even more true. There really is no telling whether the leads on are even leads at all. And even if you do manage to find potential sellers, it is very difficult to portray yourself as anything other than predatory. Our advice: Steer clear of as a lead source.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies FAQs

Bringing It All Together

I hope this has been a helpful list of top lead generation companies (and a few to avoid). Lead generation is a crucial aspect of all real estate businesses and with the right partner, a real estate lead gen company can give yours the boost you need for 2023!

Did we miss a real estate lead generation company you want to learn more about? Have experiences with ones we’ve selected? Comment below!

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