Even in this age of social media, a real estate blog is still one of the best ways Realtors can show off their expertise to potential clients. But coming up with great blog topics can be challenging, which is why I’m giving you my top 101 real estate blog ideas (with examples) for your website. I’ll also share some crucial tips and tricks I’ve learned as a professional writer and editor to ensure your audience will click on, read, and engage with your blog posts.

🎉 101 Viral Real Estate Blog Ideas 🎉


Tips for Selling a Home

Selling a home can be complex, emotional, and stressful. That’s why you’re the one to show your community how it’s done. Offering tips, advice, checklists, and strategies for selling a home will help prospects trust you to be the one to list and sell their home.

1. Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

  • Example title: 7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

Home staging mistakes is a fantastic blog idea because it’s something every homeowner thinks they can do on their own. The reality, of course, is that home staging can be difficult and expensive—something most homeowners don’t realize until they actually try to stage their own.

2. Home Staging Tips & Tricks to Sell Faster

  • Example title: 7 Interior Paint Colors That Will Help Your Home Sell Quicker

The trick with this blog post idea is to make sure to interview (or research) experts who actually know a thing or two about interior design and how it might affect a listing. Just be careful about making any promises here. Avoid saying things like “this landscaping will increase your listing price” and instead say something like, “One study showed this type of curb appeal helped homes sell X% faster.”

3. An Overview of Virtual Staging Software

  • Example title: How Virtual Staging Software Can Drive Traffic to Your Home

This one falls into the “seems easy until you try it” category for homeowners. Virtual staging looks like magic, but once they try to do it, they will realize that hiring a professional like you to market their home might be a better investment.

4. An Explainer on What Listing Agents Do

  • Example title: 12 Hidden Ways Listing Agents Help Homeowners Sell Faster & for More Money

Justifying your own job might seem a little desperate, but if you focus on the positive and talk about some uncommon but essential ways you can help homeowners, you just might end up with a viral blog post.

5. A Property Marketing Case Study

  • Example title: Case Study: How 3 {your farm area} Luxury Homes Sold 20% Over Asking

This blog post requires a little more research, but if you have a few listings under your belt where marketing your listing made the difference, or know an agent who does, then this is a great post to show off your marketing knowledge to your readers.

6. Easy Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Local Market

  • Example title: 11 Affordable Curb Appeal Ideas for {your farm area} Homes

Curb appeal is one of those things that most homeowners don’t quite understand. They think they do, but when it comes down to pulling out their credit card or rolling up their sleeves, they will inevitably head to Google—or you, if you have a well-written article on your blog!

A few more seller-focused blog post ideas: 

7. Common questions sellers ask
8. Why hiring an agent is important
9. A guide to iBuyers
10. Are Zillow Zestimates accurate?
11. The perils of for-sale-by-owner transactions
12. Best colors to paint a home to sell faster
13. What to do with pets when showing your home
14. Tips for a successful open house
15. Moving checklist
16. Pre-listing checklist
17. Closing checklist
18. How to navigate an inspection and repairs

Tips for Buying a Home

Your blog is an opportunity to help new buyers navigate the real estate process. It’s also a chance to catch soon-to-be buyers and fill up your sales funnel by showing that you have the real estate expertise to make their real estate dreams come true. 

 19. What to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

  • Example title: 7 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Realtor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell someone which questions you want them to ask you in an interview? Well, if you write this blog post, you can! You can use this post to educate buyers on what to look for in a Realtor, and also subtly play up your strong suits.

20. Real Estate Negotiation Tips

  • Example title: 5 Negotiation Secrets Smart Buyers Use to Get Better Deals

Since most consumers have minimal experience in negotiating, offering them a peek inside the process of negotiating a deal can make a great blog post. If you really want to wow them with your skills, try using actual examples from your career.

21. How to Choose a Mortgage or Hard Money Lender

  • Example title: 7 Tricks to Choosing the Right Mortgage Lender in {your town}

Since the mortgage process is still intimidating for most new buyers, a guide on choosing a mortgage lender will be a welcome topic for new buyers reading your blog. If you’re targeting investors or even would-be investors, a guide to picking a suitable hard money lender can also work.

A few more buyer-focused blog post ideas:

22. Starting the home search
23. Common questions buyers ask
24. Common questions relocation clients ask
25. Starter home 101
26. Renting vs buying
27. Overview of the closing process
28. Tips for getting offers accepted
29. How to get prequalified for a mortgage
30. Tips for packing for a move
31. Tips for hiring a long-distance mover
32. Current mortgage rates and what that means for buyers
33. Types of mortgages
34. Guide to buying a second home
35. What to know about inspections

Homeownership Advice

Targeting buyers and sellers is a no-brainer, but don’t forget about what comes after the transaction. Your homebuyers are now homeowners. Your sellers are still homeowners. This is a topic area that appeals to the masses, and there’s plenty of content to write about. Help your audience take care of their homes so that you can sell them at top dollar.

36. Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI for Resale

  • Example title: 7 Home Projects That Will Get You an Money Back at the Closing Table

Here’s a real estate blog idea that most homeowners thinking of selling will find irresistible. After all, renovating their older home will cost them tons of money, and most homeowners don’t have a clue if they will ever get any of that money back at the closing table.

37. Before & After Renovation Examples

  • Example title: Before & After: This Humble Bungalow in {your town} Was Transformed Into a Luxe Retreat

People love Cinderella stories, so writing about local homes transformed by tasteful renovations is a great way to get readers hooked on your blog. The more specific you can get here, the better. Check sites like Curbed for examples of local renovations and see if you can get a quick comment from a local architect or interior designer.

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A few more ideas for giving homeownership advice in blog posts:

38. How to save money on heating or cooling bills
39. Gardening and landscaping tips
40. How to winterize a home
41. Yearly maintenance schedule
42. Zoning laws for additions or renovations
43. When to refinance
44. Tips for hiring a contractor
45. Tips for hiring painters
46. Tips for hiring a landscaper
47. Why hire an interior designer
48. Is it time for a pool? What to consider first
49. Spring cleaning tips
50. Favorite decor for the holidays
51. Signs you need to call a professional

Best Real Estate Practices (aka Why You’re the Best in Town)

These blog ideas offer a chance for a subtle flex, showing that not only do you know the biz, but you also know how to outperform the competition. These blog post ideas let you show off your high standards and impeccable professionalism.

52. Open House Food Ideas

  • Example title: 17 Open House Food Ideas to Make Your Open House a Success

Writing up a short article on popular open house food ideas is a great way to impress potential homesellers. They’ll see that if they hire you, you’ll go way beyond a box of stale store-bought cookies and bottled water.

53. A List Post or Explainer Article on Dual Agency

  • Example title: 7 Reasons Dual Agency Can Be a Mistake in {your state}

Dual agency is one of those real estate topics that seems easy to understand at first but gets more complicated as you dig in. That makes it a perfect blog post to show off your sales expertise. If it’s legal in your state, make sure to be clear about its complexities and list the pros and cons honestly.

54. Horror ‘Behind the Scenes’ Stories

  • Example title: 12 Common Lies Realtors Tell New Buyers in {your town}

Pull back the curtain and dish on what really goes on in the industry. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the bad apples. Just remember to keep it PG, and don’t accuse fellow agents or brokerages by name.

Profitable Real Estate Investing

Your audience might be interested in learning how to leverage real estate in their investment portfolio, and you’re exactly the person to teach them. Break down complicated topics into bite-sized pieces so your readers can not only gain knowledge, but see you as a conduit for investment success. 

55. A 101-Level Crash Course in Real Estate Investing

  • Example title: Investing in {your town} Real Estate 101

Since everyone wants to make a great investment, a crash course in real estate investing is a great idea for a blog post. You can explain some common industry terms and investment strategies and then discuss which one works best in your farm area.

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56. Fix & Flip Guide

  • Example title: How to Fix & Flip Homes in {your town}

With the popularity of real estate reality TV shows growing every day, writing blog posts that educate your audience on investing is a great way to increase traffic and conversions. If you’re serious about working with new investors, writing an in-depth e-book explaining the fix-and-flip process in detail would make a great way to capture leads.

57. A Guide to Evaluating & Purchasing Rental Properties

  • Example title: 8 Tips for Buying Rental Properties in {your town}

Since the real estate investment niche is red-hot these days, an expert guide to purchasing a rental property in your farm area can get you clicks and conversions on your blog. If you’re not an expert in rental property, work with your broker or a local investor to write this one.

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58. A Guide to Buying Foreclosures

  • Example title: How to Buy Distressed Properties 101

Your audience might have heard of foreclosed properties, and maybe the idea of getting a bargain appeals to them. Better, though, that they have all of the information before starting down a road that offers both opportunity and plenty of potential frustration.

59. 1031 Exchange Rules

  • Example title: How 1031 Exchanges Can Save Property Investors Real Money

This topic is a bit more technical than the previous ones, but that means more consumers are looking for help with it. We have the perfect guide to help you explain what 1031 exchanges are and how they can benefit your investor clients.

Be the Community Expert 

Your blog post is one of the best ways to show off your local bona fides. In fact, your blog could become so popular that you generate leads just from Google searches on local goings-on. 

60. In-depth Neighborhood Guides for Relocation Buyers

  • Example title: An In-depth Guide to {your area} for New Homeowners

In-depth neighborhood guides make excellent lead magnets, e-books, and social media content. The trick here is to go deep. Most agents will write fluffy overviews, so make sure you get into the nitty-gritty of what moving to your neighborhood will be like.

61. Hyper-local New Homebuyer’s Guide

  • Example title: A New Homebuyer’s Guide to Moving to {your farm area}

Are you working with new buyers? If not, you’re missing out. Many first-time buyers these days have excellent income and credit, and all they really need is someone to walk them through the transaction. If you get it right, you could have a devoted evangelist for life.

62. Monthly or Quarterly Aggregated Market Reports

  • Example title: Your {month year} Market Report for {your farm area}

While most agents post some kind of market report on their blogs, they tend to be pretty thin and not actually useful to their readers. If you want to stand out, take the time and effort to make your monthly or quarterly local market reports as in-depth and nerdy as you can manage.

63. Local Listing(s) of the Week

  • Example title: 3 Drop-Dead Gorgeous, Mid-Century Modern Homes in {your town}

This is a fun one and can help you build relationships with local listing agents. Try to choose three to five listings every week that might fit a specific theme your audience will like for more impact. For example, if you’re working in Miami, waterfront listings would be fun to write about. If you’re working in Manhattan, then you can’t go wrong writing about penthouses.

64. How Economic News Affects Your Farm Area

  • Example title: What the {recent economic news} Means for {your farm area} Homeowners

While your wealthy clients might read The Wall Street Journal every morning, most of the economic news won’t be directly relevant to their real estate portfolio. That’s why taking that news and contextualizing it for them is another excellent way to use your blog to offer something of value to your audience.

65. A Guide to Local Architectural Styles

  • Example title: A Cheat Sheet to the Architectural Styles of {your town}

When people start thinking about buying or selling a home, they generally go into education mode. Learning about local architectural styles is a great way to get them to click on your posts on social media.

66. A Guide to Local HOA Covenants

  • Example title: 15 Common HOA Covenants & What They Really Mean

For most people, homeowners associations (HOAs) are right up there with the IRS when it comes to confusing and potentially expensive adversaries. That’s why a friendly explainer piece on HOA covenants can help new homeowners or anyone who never lived under their rules feel a little more comfortable about them.

67. A Guide to Up & Coming Micro-neighborhoods

  • Example title: 3 Neighborhoods in {your town} Set to Take Off in 2023

While every agent in your farm area is probably opining about the hot new neighborhood, writing about smaller micro-neighborhoods with appealing qualities is a great way to show off your local market knowledge.

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A few more blog post ideas that show you’re the community expert:

68. Monthly wrap-up of major sales
69. A guide to the best coffee shops
70. List of your favorite restaurants
71. A guide to local parks
72. A guide to school districts
73. A guide to local dog runs
74. Fun historical facts
75. Weekly wrap-up of luxury listings
76. Latest movements of new real estate developments
77. Local politics and how it might affect your farm area
78. Guide to local wildlife
79. Guide to local attractions
80. Guide to local beaches
81. Guide to local hiking trails
82. Rank the best supermarkets
83. Rank the best bakeries
84. Can’t-miss sporting events

Local Human Interest Profiles

This is a great way to network—think about how honored members of your local community will feel to be featured on your blog. This way, you’re filling your blog and your referral pipeline. Plus, it’s an excellent chance to educate your readers on topics where you’re not the resident expert.

  • Example title: A {your area} Lawyer Explains Eminent Domain

Real estate lawyers also want to show off their local expertise to your audience because your leads might potentially be their leads too. Interviewing local experts can help build relationships that lead to referrals down the road.

86. Interview a Local Real Estate Developer

  • Example title: What 100 New Affordable Housing Units Means for {your community}

Developers have their finger on the pulse of local communities. They know the demographics, trends, permitting processes, the movers and shakers—in other words, they have plenty of intel that would make a fascinating blog post. Plus, it’s an excellent networking opportunity for you—after all, who’s going to sell all of those new units?

A few more human interest profile blog ideas:

87. Interview a local mortgage broker
88. Interview a local daycare owner
89. Interview a local home inspector
90. Meet with a local city council member
91. Highlight local artists
92. Highlight local art gallery owners
93. Highlight a local photographer
94. Chat with a local architect
95. Interview an interior designer on local trends
96. Interview your favorite local restaurant owner
97. Chat with the director of your favorite local charity
98. Highlight charitable work opportunities in your community
99. Interview small business owners in your farm area
100. Interview local school administrators
101. Highlight a neighbor who has lived in your farm area a long time

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8 Expert Real Estate Blogging Tips & Resources

Now that you’re inspired to start blogging, sit down and plan out your content using your real estate marketing plan. Then, use these insider tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that will help you get more page views.

1. Write Three Different Versions of Your Headline

The headline is by far the most important element of your blog post. It’s the first—and sometimes only—thing your audience will see before they decide to click on it and read it. So, take the time to learn how to write headlines that get clicks. Write three and then pick your best.

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2. Break Up Text in Your Posts

Since your readers are busy, do them a favor and break up your blog posts into bite-sized chunks using subheadings. Most people are going to skim your posts anyway. Make it easy for them. Using H2, H3, and H4 tags (rather than just bolding the text of your headings) is also a best practice for search engine optimization (SEO).

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3. Include Links to Your Other Related Blog Posts

This will not only help your reader quickly get to related posts, but will help Google crawl your site and might help you rank better. You can also link to your posts on your social media profiles. LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are all great places to find new readers.

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4. Use Keyword Research to Answer Your Audience’s Questions

If you want a chance of ranking your blog posts on Google, you need to research what keywords your audience is searching for. You can start by checking out some other successful real estate blogs in your farm area. Which articles do you think are most helpful for buyers and sellers? If you want to get serious and do professional keyword research, check out our in-depth guide below.

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5. Use Descriptive Language & Keep Paragraphs Short

Long paragraphs are like homework, and you have about 10 seconds to capture your reader’s attention before they click back over to Facebook. Be sure that the words you are using are descriptive and engaging.

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6. Use Images & Infographics

We are naturally drawn to attractive images, so sprinkle some throughout your blog post. Make sure you have the rights to use the photos—you can use photos of your listings, your home, and your neighborhood. Unsplash is a great place to find great high-res, free images. 

You can also utilize infographics to capture attention and illustrate your points. We have a great collection in our guide below.

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7. Read Your Writing Out Loud Before Hitting Publish

Editing your own writing can be tricky, but one way to make it easier is to read your entire post out loud and see if you stumble. If you can read through it without stumbling, then chances are so will your readers.

8. Always Put the Reader First

Always put your reader first. Make sure to focus on their needs and experience rather than search engine optimization (SEO), selling, trying to sound clever, or anything else. Always remember your blog is for your readers!

Bringing It All Together

Writing a real estate blog is a proven way to market your services, generate leads, and help others. It can be hard to keep your content fresh and engaging, but this list of ideas should keep you brainstorming and busy. Don’t forget that the whole point of your blog is to let others see you as the local expert, the one who can solve their problems, and make all of their real estate dreams come true.

Have a favorite real estate blog post idea? Let us know in the comments!

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