Real estate text message scripts can increase your ability to convert your leads. Why? Because many of your prospects may prefer text as their primary method of communication. And honestly, it may be yours too.

Having an arsenal of great text message scripts saved in your phone and in your customer relationship manager (CRM) can boost your results and increase your response time for your leads. We’ve gathered several types of text message scripts for you to have ready for practically any situation. We also included a six-day new lead text campaign and scripts download that you can start using today.

Use these scripts in your CRM or to shoot out responses on the go. Create a text message campaign to coincide with your email and phone call efforts, and most importantly, build up your confidence. As Tom Ferry always says, “Knowledge is confidence. Ignorance is fear.”

Download the 6-Day New Lead Text Campaign & Scripts

11 Real Estate Text Message Scripts You Can Use Right Now

1. New Buyer Lead Script

When a new lead comes in, it’s important to remember the number one rule of sales communications: get them to engage with you. The quicker your response, the greater your chances of getting that coveted engagement. We love Beverly Ruffner’s script to send to your new lead that encourages them to respond with something they’re interested in already.

Send this one out as soon as the lead comes in to get the highest response rate. For a more automated system, use this in your CRM. You can store several text message scripts and keep track of everything you send inside the software. If you’re looking for a great one to use, try LionDesk for 30 days and see if it improves your productivity.

Give LionDesk a Trial Run for 30 Days

2. New Seller Lead Script

It’s important to remember that your goal for a text is not to close the deal. Your goal should be to get to the next step in the process. When a seller lead comes in, your goal for the text message you send should be to schedule an appointment to meet in person. 

When a new seller lead comes in (most likely from a home valuation lead magnet), try this script to set the appointment.

Use this script to get in the door of your prospect. Once you’ve secured the appointment, that will be your chance to show them your true value and score the listing.

“Knowledge is confidence. Ignorance is fear.”

Tom Ferry headshot

Tom Ferry, Tom Ferry Coaching

3. Referral Lead Script

Who doesn’t love getting a great referral from a past client or someone in your sphere? Those are the easiest to convert and usually great clients to work with. 

When you prepare to reach out, you want to come across as attentive, authentic, and professional. Having a great text script saved will help you hit all those points with ease.

4. Expired Listing Lead Script

Expired listings can be a sweet source of seller leads. You know they’re interested in selling their home, but didn’t have luck with the previous agent who listed it. Like FSBOs, they may be more difficult to convert, but have the potential to triple your gross commission income (GCI). These take practice, but if you can master expired listings, you will never go without lucrative leads ever again.

One tip to keep in mind is that when a home first expires, the seller will be inundated with agents calling and stopping by trying to get the listing. The savvy agent won’t jump in that pool. Instead, they’ll reach out to homeowners whose listing expired at least two months prior. You can even go as far back as 12 months when it comes to expired listings. Many times those homeowners are still interested in selling their home and the competition will be next to nothing.

5. FSBO Lead Script

FSBOs (for sale by owner) are a great source of seller leads because you already know they are in the market to sell their home. But with that being said, they’re not the easiest leads to convert. It takes plenty of finesse, confidence, and practice to learn to convert these leads into clients. 

Here’s a great text script to try to get your foot in the door with some FSBOs in your area.

Once you’ve scheduled the appointment, come prepared with market materials and a comparative market analysis. Ask the seller a lot of questions about their home, find out their motivation for moving, and uncover ways that you can help. 

But you can’t convert through text, so don’t try. The main goal of the text conversation is to get in the door. Set the appointment and then, once you’re face-to-face with the seller, make your move.

Establishing your value proposition is how you convert FSBO leads. Remember, the most likely reason they are going it alone is to save money. If you can show them how you can make them more money, that will land them as a new client. 

Most FSBOs look at agent commission as an expense. It’s your job to show them that it’s an investment. Show them how they’ll earn a substantial return and you’ll have a shiny new listing and a satisfied client. 

6. Downloaded Content Follow-up Script

If you’re not using lead magnets in your online marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table. Lead magnets are downloadable resources your prospects exchange their contact information for. That contact info should flow directly into your CRM and trigger an immediate response.

zurple logo

When someone signs up for one of your lead magnets, you’ll deliver the download in an email and thank them for sharing their information. Try sending a text message response in addition to the email. A text message will show up on their phone immediately. Try this text message from Zurple.

This script is simple and clearly outlines next steps for your lead. It works because it’s not salesy—it’s simple and easy to understand. 

If you’re looking for a great system to manage your list with a wealth of preprogrammed text messages that can be sent from inside the platform, give Zurple a try. They have campaigns that include text and email scripts that work hand in hand to help you stay on top of your list so no one ever goes cold.

Try Zurple’s Integrated Text + Email Campaigns

7. Reaching Out to Your Cold Leads

Not all leads will be new. Be honest—you most likely have a wealth of leads right in your own list. We’ve all been there, letting leads go cold, or not having a good follow-up system in place to keep those leads warm. If it’s been a while since you reached out to some of your leads, you might consider a friendly touch to warm them up.

Zurple has several options for cold leads in your list. We like several of them, but here’s a great one to try.

Here’s another one to try.

It’s short, simple, and gets right to the point. Remember, you’re not trying to let the text message do the heavy lifting. You’re only trying to get to the next step. What you really want is engagement that leads to a phone call or an in-person meeting. Let these text messages guide your leads naturally through that process.

8. FOMO Circle Prospecting Script

If you have access to data in a neighborhood you’re farming, this is a great script from Top Producer to get in front of some potential leads.

top producer logo

We love this script. It uses the psychology of FOMO, or fear of missing out, to instill a sense of urgency with your prospect. You can follow it up with some days and times to schedule an in-person meeting or a phone call to discuss the specifics and keep them on the hook.

9. Video Intro Text Script

Video is the best and fastest way to establish rapport and build that know, like, and trust factor with someone who doesn’t know you. Use a service like BombBomb to create short, compressed videos and send them to your prospects. 

bombbomb logo

Use any of the real estate text message scripts on this page with video instead of just text. You can say a lot more, use inflection, and use your bright, beautiful smile in a video.

You can personalize your message, show your authentic personality, and save multiple videos from inside BombBomb. It’s a great all-in-one tool, so you can respond to leads on the go as they come in. You can also create videos and send them out through email as a follow-up. 

Best of all? No credit card is needed for their free trial.

Check Out BombBomb Free for Two Weeks

10. Just Wanted to Reach Out Script

We all let leads slip through the cracks from time to time. We’re human. Reaching out to say hello and check in with people can turn a cold lead into a warm one.

You may not get a response the first time you reach out to a colder lead, but a friendly reminder every so often will keep you top of mind. When the time comes for the lead to reach out, you’ll be conveniently right there in his or her text messages.

11. Asking for Referrals From Your Sphere

You know the adage, “The fortune is in your list.” The reason that saying is so popular is because it’s true. You should reach out to everyone on your list from time to time and ask for referrals. 

You don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Make it simple. Use a good text script to let people know you’re more than just their Realtor. You’re truly concerned for their well-being.

Your Take on Real Estate Text Message Scripts

The effective use of real estate text message scripts will increase your conversion rate and help you stay in touch with your prospects and leads more effectively and efficiently. Take some of these great scripts and start building your swipe file, which is a fancy way of referring to a list of things you copy and paste. Keep them in the “notes” app on your phone so you’ll have them on the go.

If you really want to make the most of these scripts, use them in your CRM. You can send them directly from inside your CRM software, use them in conjunction with your email campaigns, and easily double or triple the number of touches with little effort. Texting is definitely a great way to communicate with your prospects quickly, easily, and in a way that allows you to be more authentic and seemingly more personal.

Most importantly, remember why we use scripts in the first place: to build our confidence. Once you get the hang of using these scripts, you’ll be able to respond without copying and pasting because you’ll already know exactly what to say. These scripts are great to start building those sales muscles. But they’re like training wheels—eventually you won’t need them. 

Do you have some great real estate text messaging scripts that you’re using in your business? Do you use text messaging scripts in a different way than I mentioned? I would love to hear about them. Drop me a comment and share what you’re doing differently so we can keep this conversation going. Let’s all help each other do business better.

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