Trying to capture hard numbers on an average real estate agent’s salary is like nailing Jell-O to a wall: messy and imprecise. Salaries depend on local markets, brokerage splits, individual effort, and experience. But here at The Close, we developed a salary database tool that gives a unique insight into real estate agent salaries in each state—and we bet the results will surprise you. 

Real Estate Agent Salary Defined

While we do use the term salaries, agents are typically independent contractors. So, a real estate salary is really your gross commission income (GCI), or how much you take home through your real estate transaction commissions.  Remember, these are averages (and before taxes because, with effort and time, there is no limit to your take-home pay).

According to our proprietary salary database tool, the nationwide average for a real estate salary is:


And the top six states might just surprise you! Check it out while we pack our bags and move to Kansas.

A map of the US with the top six highest average real estate salaries including California, Arizona, Kansas, Virginia, Maryland, and Maine

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in My State?

A note on the methodology behind The Close’s proprietary real estate agent salary information: Our salary database is supported by data from numerous sources, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter,, Glassdoor, and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

Keep in mind that these are general averages that regularly change and depend on local markets, individual effort, broker splits, and agent experience. Despite their dynamism, these numbers offer a good idea of an average real estate agent’s salary, state by state.

StateAverage SalaryStateAverage Salary
Arkansas$89,801.25New Hampshire$79,094.75
California$106,957.00New Jersey$100,636.25
Colorado$94,182.25New Mexico$86,782.50
Connecticut$96,033.25New York$99,324.00
Delaware$80,745.50North Carolina$94,772.25
Florida$91,246.50North Dakota$76,281.00
Indiana$91,126.50Rhode Island$78,612.50
Iowa$95,278.25South Carolina$93,062.75
Kansas$108,620.25South Dakota$75,619.00
Minnesota$95,679.50West Virginia$71,983.00

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Why Real Estate Salaries Vary

The average real estate salary may have surprised you—after all, Alabama and New York are neck and neck. When looking at the earnings of a real estate agent, there are plenty of reasons why they might be higher (Maine?) … or lower than you’d expect: 

  • Disparate housing markets: Since real estate agents’ total compensation is based on commissions, states with higher average sale prices will see higher average incomes.  
  • Competition: Agents in a small community with only a handful of real estate pros will have a better chance of winning clients than in a large city like Dallas, with roughly 750 agents
  • Brokerage splits: Every brokerage handles splits differently, and in a world where brokerages are moving online, those splits can be even more beneficial to agents. These varying models skew the numbers even further, as agents at one brokerage could make a lot more from the same number of transactions than agents from a different brokerage. 
  • Old-fashioned hard work: No surprise, commission-based salaries often reflect work ethic and hustle. It’s generally safe to say that agents who work their tails off will bring home more than agents who don’t. The same thing goes for experience. Agents with more years under their belts generally take home higher compensation. Remember, some part-time agents might not be at the top of the average but are still making their side hustle worth it.

How to Increase Your Real Estate Agent Salary

While you can’t control how many years you’ve been in the business or the amount of competition in your area, you can always level up and increase your salary, even if you’re a brand-new agent. You’re not locked into a salary determined by corporate role banding. You have unlimited potential. The Close has the tools and strategy guides you need to plan, start, and scale your business. 

  • Select a real estate niche: It might be military families, seniors, first-time buyers, or luxury listings. Focus on that specific market and become the “go-to” for everything in your niche. 
  • Focus on your skills: Focus on skills that will benefit you and your commission. Start with sharpening your negotiation and communication strategies.  
  • Make strategic decisions: If you’re a new agent, start with our checklist, made specifically for you. It will help you make a strategic plan for success and a healthy salary. 
  • Put that well-earned license to work: We have a whole list of jobs that require a real estate license and might just be the perfect side hustle for you.

Real Estate Agent Salary FAQs

Bringing It All Together

We might not have nailed the Jell-O to the wall, but we offer a pretty good idea of each state’s average real estate agent salary. While these numbers are constantly twisting and changing in the winds of our stormy real estate market, at the end of the day, real estate agents have a big influence over their take-home pay. Put in that hard work, lean on us for strategy and advice, and you’ll outperform your state’s average salary in no time. How do these numbers reflect your experience? Have comments or questions? Leave us a comment below!