A real estate business plan is an essential strategy document that every agent, team, and broker needs to ensure that their business is equipped to grow. Having a well-defined real estate business plan ensures that your time, energy, and cash are being spent efficiently in pursuit of your goals. 

However, unless you went to business school or are an experienced entrepreneur, it can be hard to know where to begin writing your business plan. To assist you, we developed three detailed real estate business plan templates—one for new agents, one for team leaders, and one for brokers—which you can adapt to start crushing your goals.

Our 3 Free Real Estate Business Plan Templates

Ready to get started? Each of our three plans has all the essentials you’ll need to set your business up for success in 2022 and beyond. Read on for more information about each version and to download our single agent, team, and brokerage real estate business plan templates.

We’ll provide space for a thorough self-assessment, a chance to nail down exactly what services you offer, and identify exactly who your customers are and how your business will serve them.

1. Individual Agent Real Estate Business Plan

You’ve probably heard coaches and brokers throw around the old adage “All real estate agents are small business owners,” and guess what—it’s totally true. Whether you’re brand-new to the industry or have been buying and selling as a solo agent for years, you need a solid business plan.

Our business plan template is the perfect launchpad and a necessary step to take your real estate business to the next level. 

Download the Agent Business Plan Template

2. Real Estate Team Business Plan Template

Launching a team? Maybe you’re already running a group of agents within your brokerage and you need to get more organized. Either way, you’re not just a small business owner—you’re also a leader. Having a plan in place to help you achieve your goals, as well the goals of those you lead, is a must-have.

As the leader of your team, you should head up the crafting of this plan, but don’t forget to involve your team members where possible. Get started mapping out your team’s makeup, direction, and goals with this real estate business plan template today.

Download the Broker Business Plan Template

3. Real Estate Brokerage Business Plan Template

If you’re considering founding a brokerage, you know that there’s a lot that goes into this process. You’ll be spending tons of time and investing considerable resources to make this dream come true. Unless you are sitting on a mountain of cash, you’re going to need a solid plan to make sure you get momentum from the starting line.

Open our business plan template and start to determine exactly what it will take from a space, spending, and support perspective to make your plan of opening a real estate brokerage viable.

Download the Brokerage Business Plan Template

Looking for more resources to get your business planning off the ground?

Make sure to check out our real estate business successful launch kit, including our real estate branding guide, lead generation strategy planner, and our ultimate new agent checklist.

Download Our Free Real Estate Business Launch Kit

Writing a Real Estate Business Plan in 9 Easy Steps

Chris’ Tips: 4 Strategies for Improving Your Real Estate Business Plan

Chris Linsell, Senior Real Estate Writer, The Close

Writing a real estate business plan isn’t complicated, but if this is your first time creating a roadmap like this, it can be a little intimidating. To help you settle your nerves and get you off on the right foot, here’s a step-by-step walk-through of how to get started planning a successful real estate business—no matter what shape or size yours will take.

You’ve got your real estate business plan template, and we’ve walked you through exactly what you should expect, every step of the way. But, before you start putting pen to paper, we’ve got four tips you should remember when building out your plan of attack.

📌   Pro Tip

Your Short-term Strategies Need to Support Your Long-term Goals

Your real estate business plan is, in large part, about setting goals for yourself and your career. But you’ll never reach those goals if your short-term, day-to-day habits don’t support them.

So, as you’re planning for your future in your real estate business plan, make sure you’re setting goals that your time, talent, and resources will support. There’s nothing wrong with being aspirational and setting yourself up to reach beyond your grasp, but don’t set yourself up for failure by creating goals you don’t have the resources to reach. 

📌   Pro Tip

Structure Your Business Around Customer Needs FIRST and Your Abilities SECOND

A common misstep in real estate business planning happens when Realtors build their business around a specific skill, resource, or talent they have without first understanding whether their community has a need that approach will serve. 

For instance, if you identify in your SWOT analysis that you’re fantastic at face-to-face, cold lead interaction (you LOVE to door-knock), but you’re working a community almost exclusively made up of partially occupied vacation homes, you’re likely not going to get the success you desire. 

Start by identifying the needs of your real estate community FIRST, then examine how your skills will meet those needs. 

📌   Pro Tip

Focus on Differentiating Yourself

Creating a business model that looks like everybody else’s is a recipe for mediocrity. That’s not to say you should ignore the tried-and-true tenets of a successful real estate business, but those shouldn’t be your focus.

Spend time thinking about what you do better than anyone else. The better you explain your unique value to your potential clients, the more of them you’ll wind up turning into actual buyers and sellers. 

📌   Pro Tip

If You’re on a Team, Know Who the Decision-Maker Is

This tip primarily applies to real estate teams and to people starting a brokerage, but is a helpful thought experiment for all. Think about all the resources for your business (your time, your talent, your budget): who is the final decision-maker on how those resources are dedicated? Does it depend on the situation? 

Knowing who has the final say in business and strategic decisions makes getting to the right answer faster and more efficient. And, for those of you running solo operations, ask yourself, “Are there decisions in my business for which I would need approval from my broker? My spouse?”

Your Turn

We want to hear from you. How is your real estate business plan coming together? Let us know in the comments, and let’s keep the conversation going.

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