Looking for some spicy real estate memes to share with your coworkers and clients? You’re in luck. We locked our crack team of real estate comedy writers in the basement for another week and told them they couldn’t leave until they came back with these 108 hilarious memes.

In this update, we worked with the Lebron James of real estate memes, Eric Simon, aka The Broke Agent. We also asked our newest resident memesmith, Jodie Cordell, to share some of her best memes from her secret stash. Enjoy!

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1. Sometimes Sundays need to be Sun-days

Sometimes Sundays Need to be Sun-Days

2. One of the best feelings a real estate agent can have

3. Back to basics

Real Estate Memes Realtors Can’t Stop Sharing

4. Hmmm, for some reason I don’t believe you

Door lock with spider web

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5. It’s complicated!

Real Estate meme

6. I really should just put it on vibrate…

7. Award-winning agents

3rd bronze medal

8. We’ve all been there

a man working on laptop while soakin in river

9. Headshots are never good enough!

four image of a funny cat with pink bow tie

10. You’re the expert!

a lady looking at cctv monitor

11. So much for that career writing listing descriptions…

12. When you somehow manage to get a listing appointment even though you have almost no experience…

13. Bandit signs are, like, so 6 months ago

we buy home fast closing signage in electric post

14. Future me, shmuture me

a man in interview wearing a gray hodie

15. But my cousin’s wife is a Realtor!

Real Estate meme

16. I wonder how many clients’ pictures I’m lurking in the background of…

mike mazowski funny face

17. Ah, the memories!

fresh william dafoe vs old william dafoe

18. Thinking vs doing

Thinking vs doing Meme

19. Starter homes sure have changed

Real Estate meme

20. Wait, why are you laughing? My cousin is a Realtor!

Real Estate meme

21. Important research!

Important research Meme

22. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that

Real Estate meme

23. We’ve all been there…

Real Estate meme

24. I need this shower curtain, actually…

I need this shower curtain actually Meme


Real Estate meme

26. Sometimes being a secret agent isn’t so bad

Real Estate meme

27. What we all really want to say

What we all really want to say Meme

28. Your moment of Zen

Real Estate meme

29. Oh hey, how’s the sale going?

Real Estate meme

30. This should be illegal

Real Estate meme

31. Sometimes the training pays off

Sometimes the training pays off Meme
Real Estate meme

33. My mortgage is not going to pay itself…

Real Estate meme

34. The final straw was me talking about rent stabilization

The final straw was me talking about rent stabilization Meme

35. You need to try this one for yourself

Real Estate meme

36. According to Webster’s…

realtor deifinition

37. They do it for the gram

Real Estate meme

38. Social skills they should teach in real estate school

Social skills they should teach in real estate school Meme

39. Starting to think the market is slowing down…

Real Estate meme

40. The, uh, qualified intermediary needs to be…

Real Estate meme

41. I got most of my designations from a Cracker Jack box

I got most of my designations from a cracker jack box meme

42. Wait, really? OMG, that is shocking!

Wait, Really OMG that is shocking Meme

43. Perfect!

Oh great Meme

44. When do I go viral?

Real Estate meme

45. Silly goose

Real Estate meme

46. Sneaky

Sneaky meme

47. I wore my best suit and everything

Real Estate meme

48. Taco Tuesdays > Meetings Tuesdays

Real Estate meme

49. Finally! Time to relax and unwind…

Real Estate meme

50. There’s one in every office…

Real Estate meme

51. Did my guidance counselor lie to me?

Real Estate meme

52. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Real Estate meme

53. That’s so interesting. Tell us more about the Renaissance Fair!

Real Estate meme

54. Motivation!

55. Cold callers are built different

Real Estate meme

56. I even helped him with his CMA!

Real Estate meme

57. Every time

Real Estate meme

58. Can’t make this stuff up!

Real Estate meme

59. Hey, a listing is a listing!

Real Estate meme

60. Have you seen my new headshot?

Real Estate meme

61. But my cousin is a Realtor and she said…

Real Estate meme

62. Dun dun dun dun duh dun dun…

Real Estate meme

63. First rodeo

First rodeo meme

64. Don’t you have Photoshop?

Real Estate meme

65. Hello?

Real Estate meme

66. Summertime!

Real Estate meme

67. It’s a 20-minute drive… I’ll be there in 10

Real Estate meme

68. I prefer the supply closet myself

Real Estate meme

69. So what did happen now?

Haha this never happens with my deals meme

70. Did I ask you?

Did I ask you meme

71. With carpet that old, there’s no chance they’ll say no to our offer!

72. They know everything!

They know everything Meme

73. Oh, the things I’ve seen tenants do at showings…

74. Well, does he?

Well, does he meme

75. They always wait until the end of the conversation to bring it up…

76. Yikes

Yikes meme

77. If they said they just want to look I would respect them more

78. Just step away from Canva

Real Estate meme

79. The recurring nightmare every new agent has for at least their first year in real estate

80. Cheers

Real Estate meme

81. Time to get creative

Real Estate meme

82. The truth stings a little sometimes, but…

83. Hey, check out what I made on the TikTok!

Real Estate meme

84. We send love letters through MLS listing notes

85. Me getting ready for the ‘soft landing’ we were promised

86. They think agents are literally made of money…

87. In my office, this drawer is so full we can’t close it

Real Estate meme

88. What year is it?

Real Estate meme

89. Sorry!

Real Estate meme

90. How social media real estate gurus are born

91. Just smile and nod, smile and nod…

Just Smile & Nod, Smile & Nod meme

92. You know who you are…

Good morning meme

93. But your cousin Jimmy is a lawyer!

Real Estate meme

94. They don’t call them ‘boutique’ brokerages for nothing

95. This one will be different!

Sorry little buddy meme

96. Yeah, no problem! How does the 47th of Octvember work for you?

97. What else are we supposed to talk about?

Did I ask you meme

98. Dressed to impress!

a man walking with his orange suit

99. I pay him in Cheerios

I pay him in Cheerios meme

100. Millennials waiting… patiently

101. That first year as a junior agent is the honeymoon phase…

102. How I imagine all my clients’ relatives

103. 100% commission brokers

100% commission brokers meme

104. Perks

Perks meme

105. Maybe a few people in my CRM need to move before 2030?

106. A different world is possible

A different world is possible meme

107. Disrupt all the things

“Disrupt” All The Things meme

108. Beast mode activated

30 Going on 60 meme

Over to You

Have a real estate meme to add to our collection? Let us know in the comments.

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