Whether you’re trying to build your first real estate software stack for a new boutique brokerage or just want to upgrade your current enterprise tools, staying up to date on the latest real estate brokerage software is no longer optional. The industry moves too fast. If you don’t offer your agents the latest tools, they’re going to jump ship for a brokerage that does. 

To help keep your brokerage on the bleeding edge, we put together our top 26 picks for the best real estate brokerage software for 2023, divided into eight essential categories. After the list, we include links to six actionable guides to help you avoid common mistakes many new broker-owners make. 

Marketing Software

Unless you plan on hiring a marketing manager, you will need to provide a way for your agents to create their own professional-looking presentations, postcards, newsletters, fliers, and social media posts. A robust digital and print marketing suite can do all of this as well as help maintain your brokerage’s brand and marketing standards. Here are my picks for the best brokerage marketing software for 2023:

1. Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

Brokerage pricing: $9.88 – $24.90 per agent, per month

If you want your brokerage and agent marketing to succeed in 2023, Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center is a great pick. They offer beautiful templates for social media, open house flyers, open house signs, letters, and business cards, all designed by real estate agents. Think of it like Canva on steroids.

Visit Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

2. Breakthrough Broker

Brokerage pricing: $13.95 per agent, per month

Many of you are already familiar with Breakthrough Broker, but you may not know that they offer a Custom Marketing Center for brokerages. This tailored solution allows your brokerage to offer agents a full marketing suite that will rival any Fortune 500 competitor’s for less than the cost of hiring a freelance designer. Your agents can simply visit your brokerage’s customized website and create brochures, social media assets, videos, and print marketing that fits your brand aesthetic.

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3. CORE Listing Machine

Brokerage pricing: Contact for brokerage pricing

CORE Listing Machine (formerly CirclePix) takes the time and hassle out of promoting your listings with a fully automated print and digital marketing suite. The company pulls details directly from your MLS and creates a complete marketing campaign for each stage of your listing’s life cycle, including just listed, open house, price improvement, and just sold.

Visit Core Listing Machine

4. Coffee & Contracts

Brokerage pricing: $41 per agent, per month (up to five agents)

If you want to recruit budding social media stars to your brokerage you need to give them tools to help them go viral on easy mode. Coffee & Contracts offers a monthly content calendar that includes foolproof scripts for Instagram Reels, hundreds of viral templates for Instagram posts and Stories, and even memes to help your agents and brand stay top of mind on social media. Check out Emile L’Eplattenier’s in-depth review of Coffee & Contracts here.

At this time Coffee and Contracts has closed its membership until Fall 2023, however you can join the waiting list now and receive access to their free resource suite and get an exclusive discount when they open their doors again.

Visit Coffee & Contracts

Financial Management Software

These tools not only track agent splits and fees, but can also create trend reports, profit and loss statements, and prepare annual 1099 statements. Integration with tax, credit card servicer, and transaction management software is an absolute must-have feature that will prevent you and your staff from wasting time on double entry. To keep your brokerage finances running smoothly, here are my picks for the best financial management software for 2023:

5. Brokermint

Brokerage pricing: Starts at $99 per month (up to three users)

While the basic Brokermint solution may be good enough for a small team or brokerage, you will want to upgrade to the standard ($99 per month) option for the integration features. Brokermint also offers a white label option, multiple office functionality, and single sign-on with their enterprise package.

Visit Brokermint

6. Lone Wolf Back Office

Brokerage pricing: Contact for brokerage pricing

Formerly known as brokerWOLF, Lone Wolf Back Office has been providing real estate brokerage management software for more than 30 years. While it is a full-featured brokerage management solution, the software does lack polish when it comes to useability and is not compatible with Apple.

Visit Lone Wolf

7. iBroker

Brokerage pricing: $7 per agent, per month

iBroker has a simple and clean interface for tracking and managing your brokerage’s finances. Better yet, the software is optimized for mobile, so you can manage your financials from a phone or tablet. The platform also integrates with the company’s iFranchise software if you decide to franchise your brokerage in the future.

Visit iBroker

8. Realty Broker Office

Brokerage pricing: $98 per month (unlimited agents)

If you are looking for a lower-cost solution to managing your larger brokerage, the Realty Broker Office software might just work for you. This solution is packed with the same features of higher-cost providers. My only concern is that, despite my online investigations, I wasn’t able to find any reviews or recommendations from actual users—good or bad.

Visit Realty Broker Office

IDX Website Systems

Today, nearly every national real estate brokerage offers some type of all-in-one IDX website that integrates a customer relationship manager (CRM). Whether it is kvCORE at eXp, Command at Keller Williams, or booj at RE/MAX, these systems all have one thing in common: They combine IDX-capable agent websites, CRM, lead management, and online lead generation systems together into one solution.

All-in-one IDX solutions were originally designed to support top-producing agents and teams that specialize in online lead generation. Many of these systems have the capability to place ads on Facebook and Google as well as capture leads through landing pages and nurture potential clients with an integrated CRM.

If you want your website to go head-to-head with the national real estate brokerages in your area, you may need to consider one of these top-of-the-line systems.

9. Real Geeks

Brokerage pricing: Starting at $299 per month

Real Geeks offers an all-in-one solution for agents, teams, and brokerages alike. What I personally like about Real Geeks is their willingness to customize your brokerage and agent websites to your specifications. The trade-off is that the customized version can become expensive compared to less feature-packed solutions.

Visit Real Geeks

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10. kvCORE

Brokerage pricing: $499 to $1,800 per month (2 – 100 users)

Another early mover in all-in-one website solutions, kvCORE has the distinct advantage of already serving some large franchises. It’s a solid system, but might not work for every budget. You can learn more in my dedicated kvCORE review.

Visit kvCORE

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11. Propertybase GO

Brokerage pricing: $399 – $1,399 per month

Propertybase is a complete all-in-one CRM and marketing solution. What separates it from some of its competitors is the ability to use its pro marketing team to run your ad campaigns. This removes the steep learning curve of Facebook and Google ad management.

Visit Propertybase GO

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12. Chime

Brokerage pricing: $599 – $1,750 per month

Chime combines ease of use with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company uses proprietary AI to help users create effective marketing campaigns and respond to potential customers 24/7. One negative I found with Chime is that it is geared more toward team-style brokerages than those with independent agents. For example, their brokerage site doesn’t include individual agent websites with IDX.

Visit Chime

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13. Market Leader

Brokerage pricing: Contact for brokerage pricing

Market Leader was once the front-runner in all-in-one solutions, with many of the top-producing agents throughout the country using it to generate and manage real estate leads. Today, with competitors such as kvCORE and BoomTown, Market Leader stands out because it provides similar features for about half the price. Like Chime, Market Leader doesn’t offer separate agent websites.

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Standalone Real Estate Brokerage Websites

The main benefit of having a standalone website is the low cost to get it up and running. The key features you want to consider is support for IDX integration, search engine optimization, and mobile responsiveness. You can add other features as you grow your brokerage.

14. Custom WordPress Site

Brokerage pricing: $250 – $10,000 one-time fee (recurring hosting and domain registration fees apply)

WordPress has come a long way over the years and now powers many real estate websites, this one included. IDX integration is easier than ever, and there are a ton of amazing themes that offer agent pages, listings pages, and pretty much anything else you’d need for running a brokerage without the high monthly costs of traditional IDX websites.

Whether you choose to build your own site or hire a professional web designer to build one for you, understanding the basics is important. Check out our in-depth guide to building an IDX website with WordPress to learn more below.

Visit WordPress

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15. Placester

Brokerage pricing: $119 per month

Great for smaller brokerages, Placester is one of the only affordable brokerage website providers that offers both company and individual agent websites with IDX integration. This is important if your agents wish to use their own websites as lead capture tools.

Placester will draft a website within 48 hours (free of charge) based on a series of questions. If you’re satisfied with their offerings, you hop on a demo and complete the onboarding. There is a $500 setup fee, but monthly costs can be as low as $119 for National Association of Realtors members.

Visit Placester

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Standalone CRM Software

CRMs are no longer just a nice perk to offer agents. They are now essential. If you don’t offer agents a solution for managing their contacts, you’re going to have a very difficult time recruiting.

The problem, of course, is that there are dozens of CRMs on the market these days. Furthermore, most have almost identical features for agents.

Yet when it comes to a CRM, your real estate brokerage may have different software needs than an agent. So in order to make an informed decision, take some time here to prioritize which features are a must for your real estate brokerage and which are simply nice to have.

16. LionDesk

Brokerage pricing: $25 per agent, each month

LionDesk is my favorite option not only because of the low monthly fee, but because it offers many of the same features as CRMs that cost hundreds of dollars a month. Your agents will be able to coordinate email campaigns, send SMS texts, and follow up with leads using the AI-driven text responder, known as Gabby.

Visit LionDesk

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17. RealtyJuggler

Brokerage pricing: $15 per agent, per month

If you are looking for a great no-frills, entry-level CRM, RealtyJuggler may be a good option. While it doesn’t offer the visual user experience of some of the other more expensive CRMs, it does offer the basic features your agents will need. RealtyJuggler also offers a 90-day free trial and a prorated refund guarantee.

Visit Realty Juggler

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Recruiting Software

If your real estate brokerage is going to dominate the local market, you are going to need software to recruit producing agents. Identifying the right agents by production and getting their correct contact information isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is where powerful recruiting software comes in.

Once you’ve identified your target agents, a CRM with proven email templates and the ability to text and drop voicemails will become your best friend.

18. Brokerkit

Brokerage pricing: $199-$899 per month, billed annually (2-30 users)

Brokerkit combines a powerful CRM with email templates and integrates SMS texting directly in the system. This allows you to quickly contact more agents, build relationships faster, and recruit more agents.

Visit Brokerkit

19. ZipRecruiter

Brokerage pricing: $16 – $24 per day

While recruiting top producers is always a smart move, there’s also something to be said for bringing brand-new agents under your wing. ZipRecruiter makes it easy with an all-in-one app for recruiting agents and hiring staff for your team. It’s the number one rated job search app on both Apple and Android, which means you’ll cast the widest net possible for new talent.

Visit ZipRecruiter

20. Seize the Market

Brokerage pricing: $299 per month for two users

Seize the Market offers built-in marketing plans, agent production data, and delegated recruiting tasks. They also offer lead management services to individual agents, so it stands to reason they’re using similar tactics to attract clients.

Visit Seize the Market

21. BrokerMetrics

Brokerage pricing: Contact for brokerage pricing

BrokerMetrics is not recruiting software but rather a data provider that allows you to quickly download and analyze agent data from your MLS. You can then use agent production numbers, company comparisons, and contact information in your recruiting efforts. An MLS subscription is required.

Visit BrokerMetrics

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Showing Software

One main service a real estate brokerage provides is managing showings and feedback on its agents’ listings. Sure you can do this manually, but managing showings after hours and on weekends is not worth the effort. These software solutions allow agents to schedule showings and provide feedback 24/7. Furthermore, they provide a portal where sellers can instantly accept showings and view feedback.

22. ShowingTime

Brokerage pricing: Starting at $45 per agent

If you have used ShowingTime’s app, you already know it is simple to use, and it will save your brokerage the trouble of having to manage all the showing details. But with its recent acquisition by Zillow, it’s hard to know what the future holds for this established showing tool. Stay tuned!

Visit ShowingTime

23. Schedulock

Brokerage pricing: $5 – $30 monthly per agent

Schedulock offers email and text notifications along with a mobile-friendly app. Keep your agents informed with in-app agent paging to your entire brokerage as well as agent-to-agent communications.

Visit Schedulock

Transaction Management Software

Transaction management software will keep your agents organized and your brokerage compliant from a regulatory perspective. It collects and categorizes all the required disclosures and contracts, while also managing and tracking important dates.

These tools can also notify the agent, lender, transaction coordinator, and broker if there are items missing or deadlines approaching. Best of all, it will ensure that files are complete so agents can be paid quickly or even at closing!

24. Skyslope

Brokerage pricing: $7 per agent, each month

Ease of use and the ability to integrate with both the MLS and your financial management software make Skyslope a leader in real estate transaction management software. The company also offers its own e-signature option if you’re not already using DocuSign or something similar.

I will say that Dotloop offers a very similar platform to Skyslope, so make sure to call both to get the best pricing for your brokerage.

Visit Skyslope

25. Form Simplicity

Brokerage pricing: Contact for brokerage pricing

Form Simplicity is owned by the Florida Association of Realtors, but is available to agents and brokers nationwide. The company offers fillable PDFs as well as agent transaction management and broker compliance review, all from an easy-to-use interface.

Visit Form Simplicity

26. DocuSign

Brokerage pricing: Starts at $10 per month, per agent

DocuSign isn’t exactly transaction management software, but it performs many of the same duties as other providers in this space. It’s more of an end-to-end, cloud-based paperless contract software solution. While the app is nice, I personally like the ability to communicate and share documents in DocuSign Digital Rooms.

DocuSign is also one of the first document management companies to integrate blockchain technology onto their platform. That makes them an early mover into the consumer-facing smart contracts space. Because this technology allows contracts to be created and signed instantly with no intermediary, it could be a real game changer for the industry.

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Useful Resources for Aspiring Brokerage Owners

If you are building or considering starting your own real estate brokerage, check out this growing list of industry insider articles on starting, running, and growing your brokerage:

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Bottom Line on Real Estate Brokerage Software

Those who are ready to jump into the competitive game of real estate brokerage must be prepared to win. To do so, you have to recruit and support your agents by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed. The best way to do this is to have the kind of real estate brokerage software that supports the type of company you are building.

Knowing this, take the time to review the real estate software options that are available, and pick the best solutions for your brokerage. The time you dedicate to learning today will save you tens of thousands of dollars later.