It’s no secret that Instagram (IG) has grown in popularity with real estate agents over the past few years. Some agents are crushing it with amazing videos and carousel posts and driving more business from IG than ever. But it all starts with an Instagram bio that can grab attention.

Want to snatch some of that action? We’ve scoured the Insta-verse to find fantastic real estate Instagram bios that are helping agents capitalize on their unique posts, build networks of followers for their sphere, and grow their business along with what makes them so powerful.

As an added bonus, we’ve created an Instagram Bio Template + Tips to inspire your greatness and streamline your IG bio creation process.

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20 Real Estate Instagram Bio Examples to Inspire You 

Check out these IG bio examples below and use them as inspo to create your own Instagram bio that will help you connect with your audience, show off your personality, boost your branding, and capture more leads. 

Include a Description That Stands Out

stunningsarasotahomes Real Estate Instagram Bios

In Instagram bios, you can play around with your username and your name to describe yourself and your business. Use them together to tell your audience who you are and who you serve. 

Michele Tanner used her username to describe her territory—Stunning Sarasota Homes. Michele’s username accomplishes a couple of things—you know that she’s in real estate and she is located in Sarasota, Florida. 

She then used her name in the name section and added Luxury Realtor. That paints a full picture of who Michele is, where she works, and who her clients are. Pair that with her beautiful smile, and you’ve got the perfect package. Nicely done, Michele.

realestate_atx Real Estate Instagram Bios

Ian Grossman took a similar approach. His username explicitly tells you he’s a real estate agent in Austin, Texas. His bio explains precisely what you’ll get when you work with him, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. He’s also included a great headshot along with some awesome emojis! Great job, Ian.

Sprinkle in Some Social Proof

thelanarodriguez Real Estate Instagram Bios

With only 150 characters to work with, it’s a challenge to include social proof in your bio. Lana Rodriguez expertly included “300+ families served” in hers. Way to make those characters count, Lana!

edsstulak Real Estate Instagram Bios

When it comes to agents who are killing it right now, you don’t have to look further than Ed Stulak. He does a lot on TikTok, but he’s also making waves on IG. He wins at social proof this round. Keep your eyes on Ed!

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Use a Great Headshot (With Personality

elevatewithcandice Real Estate Instagram Bios

A great profile pic will help your audience get to know your face and build that know, like, and trust factor. You should include a high-definition pic of your face, preferably with a big, welcoming smile.

Candice Morales has such a beautiful smile, it’s hard not to want to check out more photos of her. Her pose is open and fun, and her profile pic background matches her highlight colors, those little circles that act like dividers for her content. Gorgeous job, Candice.

therealtorlizzie Real Estate Instagram Bios

I love this pic of Lizzie Cisneros. She looks personable and approachable. But the smile is what really takes center stage. Love it, Lizzie.

calvinstrainrealestate Real Estate Instagram Bios

And check out Calvin Strain! First, that blue in his profile pic is so stunning it makes his headshot really pop. But I also love the BEARD! He even has a highlight cover for Beard Life. Don’t ever shave it off, Calvin! It’s working way too well.

Speaking of highlight covers, Calvin’s are quite handsome too! Nice job.

Be Creative With Your Highlight Covers

magnoliahomesteadrealty Real Estate Instagram Bios

Highlight covers are next level. They’re technically not part of the bio, but when you use them together, they create a beautiful visual element that will help your business stand apart from the competition.

We at The Close LOVE how Magnolia Homestead Realty in Ocala, Florida, has given each of its agents their own highlight cover showing their gorgeous faces. What an innovative way to work the IG grid!

thesanppingrealtor Real Estate Instagram Bios

Andrew Jevin has quickly become one of the most fun real estate pros to follow. I can’t believe how much I now look forward to #tubtuesday, where Andrew highlights his favorite bathtubs in various listings. 

Not only does Andrew share his favorite bathtubs, his highlights also include food, wine, dogs, travel, and his home life. These are the details that make Andrew a whole human—not just a nameless, faceless, two-dimensional real estate agent. 

📌   Pro Tip

Category doesn’t show up unless you have a business account. If you switch your IG account from a personal to a business account, you’ll have a little more flexibility and usability with your bio. If you want to use Instagram to promote your business, you should consider switching over to a business account.

Attract Your People

jordandennisrealesatate Real Estate Instagram Bios

You have a limited number of characters in your bio, so adding something interesting about yourself can be a demanding lift. But the more you can share about yourself, the greater your chances your audience will find a way to connect to you.

Jordan Dennis speaks to a specific demographic in his description. He’s a veteran and a metalhead. That’s the kind of connection that resonates with his tribe instantly. Way to keep it real, Dennis.

weslyn.bezila Real Estate Instagram Bios

Weslyn Bezila looks as sweet as iced tea in her profile pic. When you read her description, you get an even clearer picture—Atlanta real estate agent, mom, she loves a good T-shirt, tacos, and tequila. Weslyn is speaking directly to her people.

ty5ive_real_estate Real Estate Instagram Bios

Another great way to make sure people find you through other interests besides real estate is to use hashtags. Ty Brown is an Air Force veteran. He uses the hashtag #USAF to attract his people.

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Make Connecting Online Easy

timsmithrealestate Real Estate Instagram Bios

You can include a link in your bio to help people find you in other places across the interwebs. You can send them to your website or, even better, a landing page. Savvy agents use links to drive traffic, share downloadable resources with their followers, and capture hot leads.

📌   Pro Tip

You can use a link in bio, which is a clickable link that you can connect to any other site or set of sites, to drive your audience where you want. Sites like linkt.ree,, and will allow you to set up your own link in bio.

Tim Smith uses his to share listings, reviews, and property videos. He also includes a link to sign up for a newsletter and a separate link to his website. Way to go, Tim!

Always Include a Call to Action (CTA)

themichelebee Real Estate Instagram Bios

The Michele Bee, Michele Bellisari, is one of our favorite agents on Instagram. Her content is fresh and fun, and you almost feel like you’re in Boca Raton, Florida, right alongside her. But, above all else, Michele uses excellent CTAs. 

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, you should always include some type of call to action or CTA. Use it to drive traffic to a landing page, a download, or your website, where you can ask for contact information.

Make Your Bio Pop With Highlight Covers, Emojis & Fonts

the.karin.carr Real Estate Instagram Bios

It’s easy to add personality to your bio with emojis and eye-catching fonts. You can also add some dazzling visuals with your highlight covers. 

Highlight covers are the little circles you see on top of the grid. They’re a fun and colorful way to divide your content, like folders or tabs, to make it easy for your people to find the content they want to check out.

We’re in LOVE with Karin Carr’s highlight covers! (And not just because her colors are similar to The Close! 😜) 

And check out Karin’s CTA while you’re here. Karin, you’re a master.

chelsea.peitz Real Estate Instagram Bios

Chelsea Peitz has to have one of the BEST Instagram accounts out there. Check out her imaginative highlight covers. But that’s just to start. Her profile pic is absolutely charming. Her description is everything. And, of course, she has the perfect CTA. 

If you’re not following Chelsea on IG, you need to go follow her RIGHT NOW.

joe_franzzano_re Real Estate Instagram Bios

Joe Frazzano has taken his highlight covers to the next level. They spell out “SOLD #1!” How cool does this look when you land on his bio? 

pinkyknowsnaples Real Estate Instagram Bios

We LOVE emojis! There are several Instagram bios on this list featuring agents who are using emojis the right way. 

But no one uses them quite the way Sue Pinky Benson does. She uses that pink as a trademark, and it’s fire. She has pink in her profile pic, and ALL OF HER EMOJIS are pink! That’s dedication to your brand. You’re the brightest in the bunch, Pinky!

therealalecastillo Real Estate Instagram Bios

If you want to add some fancy fonts to your bio, you can easily do that with a font generator. Simply type your text in the generator, choose the font you like, and copy and paste it directly into your bio. 

It really gives another visual element to your bio. Look how delicious Ale Castillo Berto’s bio looks with her fancy fonts.

Be Authentically You

soooboca Real Estate Instagram Bios

Michele Bee is back with a quick lesson in sharing your whole self on your IG bio. Michele has 41 highlight covers (yes, 41!) dividing up content ranging from Amazon shopping finds, to local foods, to local charities, to her Disney cruise, and so much more. Oh, and of course, there’s real estate. Michele is the perfect example of the more you share, the better your people will get to know, like, and trust you. 

Your Take

Now that you’ve seen these awesome real estate Instagram bios from some agents who are crushing it, we hope you’re inspired to go create your own gorgeous Instagram bio that attracts your ideal clients and helps you build a business that you love.  

Have you seen some amazing Instagram bios that you love? If you’ve seen a cool bio you want to share with us at The Close, we’d love to see it. Share your beautiful finds in the comments.