Effective real estate slogans and taglines define your brand and communicate your real estate value proposition in four words or fewer. When it comes to personal or team branding, powerful real estate slogans can help companies stand out in a crowd. Sure, your logo was designed by a pro, your website looks amazing, and you toiled over your latest business card. But how much thought have you given to real estate slogans or taglines?

The amazingly talented agents, teams, and brokerages on this list have differentiated themselves with some of the very best real estate slogans and taglines for 2022. Review our favorites and test our handy slogan generator to find real estate slogans that work for your brand and market.

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107 Best Real Estate Slogans & Taglines

Dolly lenz real estate slogan1. ‘Client Focused. Results Driven.™’

Dolly Lenz

In the world of New York City real estate, Dolly Lenz stands alone. Sure, there are a ton of “million-dollar” brokers strutting down Park Avenue staring at their iPhones, but Dolly Lenz has been doing it longer and better than all of them.

As you might imagine, her real estate slogan is about as good as they get. She manages to convey both her team’s dedication to clients as well as their passion for closing. No easy feat, especially in four short words.

Halstead 2. ‘Move to What Moves You’


Along with their new (and amazing) rebranding, Halstead has some creative and effective real estate slogans. From the “Our Agent of Change Will Move You” tagline in our featured image to “Move What Moves You,” it’s abundantly clear that Halstead took the time, energy, and money to build a brand that will last as long as Halstead has.

With their new branding, Halstead is walking the same fine line between timeless luxury and up-to-the-second Instagram-worthy cool that characterizes so many great brands today.

Long and Foster real estate slogan 3. ‘Defined by Service & Expertise’

Long and Foster

As the country’s number one independent brand (by sales volume), Long and Foster’s reputation in the market is undoubtedly one of their greatest assets.

As far as taglines go, “Defined by Service & Expertise” perfectly sums up the ethos every great real estate brokerage should aspire to.

No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, service is your primary role and expertise is what makes you good at it.

Like Dolly Lenz, Long and Foster managed to sum up the core values of a brokerage in just four words. If you think that’s easy, try it sometime.

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Town and Country Real Estate The Hamptons 4. ‘The Power of Deep Roots’

Town and Country Real Estate Hamptons

Let’s face it. Local knowledge is important to be successful in any region of the country, but in places like New York’s Hamptons, it’s absolutely crucial.

That’s why with 65 years of combined East End real estate experience, Town and Country Real Estate Hamptons highlighted their local roots in their tagline. It just works.

On other hand, as deep as the upper crust roots of the Hamptons go, it’s still ostensibly a relaxed beach town. Albeit one with a Gucci store. That means a softer edge than the hard-charging Manhattan real estate cliche makes perfect sense here.

That’s why I love T&C’s other tagline: ‘The Hamptons Are Our Boardroom.” It manages to bring together business acumen and the laid-back vibe a beach town offers vacationers.

Partners Trust (Pacific Union) real estate slogan 5. ‘Local Real Estate / Marketed Internationally’

Partners Trust (Pacific Union)

While it seems like this tagline might have gotten lost in Partners Trust’s recent merger with Pacific Union, I’m still keeping it on our list.


Because it’s great. Once again, we have a very simple, but very pointed messaging that speaks precisely to what a brokerage listing eight- and nine-figure California mega mansions does better than your run-of-the-mill franchise.

Since so many buyers are outside the country, this tagline manages to not only give a nod to owners looking to cast a wider (and smarter) net, but to foreign buyers as well who feel their needs are being addressed.

Dusty J Baker 6. ‘Santa Barbara’s Premier Real Estate Professional’

Dusty J Baker

This isn’t really a tagline per se, but we like Dusty around here and there’s a good lesson to be learned from using a declarative factual tagline for your brand.

Basically, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you’re your city’s or even your neighborhood’s premier real estate professional, what better possible tagline would you want to associate with your brand?

Ben Cabellero homesusa.com 7. ‘Realtor Marketing for Homebuilders Made Easy’

Ben Cabellero, homesusa.com

When your market is multibillion home builders like Toll Brothers, your taglines need to spell out what benefits you’re providing them. In Ben’s case, he boiled it down to what every single corporate bigwig wants more than anything else: simplicity.

Massive companies are almost always bogged down by complexity, so coming right out and offering them an incredibly valuable service that’s easy is an offer almost too good to resist.

This might be part of the reason Ben Cabellero was recently named the Realtor to be added to the “Guinness Book of World Records” for most homes sold in one year, and astonishing 3,556 homes closed last year!

Sothebey’s International Realty 8. ‘Luxury Real Estate: Redefined’

Sotheby’s International Realty

As one of the planet’s premier luxury brands, Sotheby’s International Realty wisely decided to keep one foot in tradition and one in the future with their real estate slogan.

After all, with cryptocurrency, home automation, and a truly global market, luxury real estate is changing rapidly—and dramatically. Smart companies keep up and adapt, while those unwilling to change perish.

Faced with tech-centered startups like Compass, dodging and parrying with the times is crucial for luxury brokerages today.

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Raj Qsar 9. ‘Our Passion Is People. What’s Yours?’

The Boutique Real Estate Group

Another Los Angeles startup, Raj Qsar’s The Boutique has competitors that might make lesser brokers run for the hills (just not the Beverly Hills).

In order to help his brokerage stand out, Raj focused on branding that is friendly and accessible but still ticks all the boxes that well-heeled homeowners and buyers need from their agents.

Their real estate slogan manages to convey their dedication to service but also highlights their focus on relationships rather than deals. An attractive proposition for people who may be less than excited to work with your typical stuffy luxury brokerage.

Saunders 10. ‘A Higher Form of Realty’

Saunders & Associates

Heading back to the Hamptons, we love Saunders’ real estate slogan, which they proudly include along with their logo as an integral part of their brand.

With a concierge-like service and an insider’s grasp of Hampton’s culture, Saunders hits all the marks with this slogan.

By the way, if you’re thinking of swiping it, don’t bother. Saunders had the foresight to trademark this slogan years ago. One of the perks of being in the business for a long time.

New Story 11. ‘A Home Changes Everything’

New Story

Founded by Y Combinator Alum Brett Hagler, New Story builds homes for those in need around the globe. Amazingly, New Story promises that every penny of your donation will be used to build homes.

With support from DocuSign, Sotheby’s International, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, New Story has enough real estate bona fides to go along with their slogan to make this list.

Since you all witness the joy that a new home brings your clients — imagine how much joy a new home might bring to someone without adequate shelter.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate 12. ‘Expect Better’

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Sadly, when it comes to real estate, the bar for customer service quality is set very low. In many cities, the number of mediocre or even dishonest agents and brokerages sometimes outnumbers the good ones.

“Expect Better” speaks to that issue, and even adds an aspirational element for people who had just OK experiences with other brokerages. What if your real estate experience could have been even better?

Ryan Serhant 13. ‘Sell It Like Serhant’

Ryan Serhant

Leave it to New York City real estate wunderkind Ryan Serhant to come up with the catchiest of real estate slogans. It reminds clients not only of an immensely popular movie, but one of the most famous people on the planet, to boot.

Sure, this is not technically the Serhant Team’s slogan or tagline, but it’s so snappy that it might as well be. Will you be able to watch or even think of this guy for the next few months without “Sell It Like Serhant” running through your head?

It’s like a catchy TV jingle without the music. Now that’s good branding.

Speaking of, what about a buyer’s agent team or book on buying homes called “Buyin’ with Ryan”? 😎

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Real 14. ‘Your Success Is Real’s Mission’


Although it’s geared toward agents rather than leads, Real’s slogan does a lot right. It’s short, easy to remember, and manages to sum up Real’s commitment to agent growth, a rarity in the virtual brokerage space.

EXP 15. ‘The World’s Fastest-Growing Cloud-Based Brokerage’

eXp Realty

Having achieved a market cap of $1 billion in 2018, there’s no question that EXP has been successful.

Having a great real estate tagline that reflects their rate of growth lets consumers and agents know who they’re dealing with. After all, high-split virtual brokerages need to continually recruit new agents to make the numbers work. Looks like EXP is doing that quite well these days.

Halton Pardee+ Partners 16. ‘We Are Life Changers’

Halton Pardee+ Partners

Having risen from a humble background to become the number one sales team in Los Angeles and number two team in California, Halton Pardee founder Tami Pardee knows a thing or two about changing lives.

That’s why I love that they’re using this tagline for their branding efforts online. What better way to help change someone’s life than counsel them on getting a great new place to live?

Exit Realty 17. ‘A Smart Move!™’

Exit Realty

Considering the exponential growth Exit has seen in the past few years, it’s no wonder they have a great slogan.

It also works on two levels, which is the holy grail of sloganeering.

Hiring an Exit agent is a “smart move” and it also implies that your physical move itself will be “smart” if you’re working with Exit. Perfect.

Greef Properties Christie’s 18. ‘Where It Counts’

Greeff Properties Christie’s

South Africa’s Greeff Properties slogan hits the nail on the head. Instead of vague references to skills or passion, they just went with “where it counts.”

The reference here can be that they have skills where it counts — or an even more direct message that your home is where it counts.

Either way, it’s a three-word real estate slogan that packs a punch.

Elika 19. ‘The Better Way to Buy Real Estate’


Simple, straightforward, and memorable. What’s not to love about New York City luxury Brokerage Elika’s tagline?

The Noble Black Team at Douglas Elliman 20. ‘Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.’

The Noble Black Team at Douglas Elliman

As one of the most successful luxury teams in Manhattan, The Noble Black team takes branding seriously. After all, their prowess at branding and marketing is a big part of the reason their well-heeled clients hire them in the first place.

But why reach? Simple. When you sell properties on this level, the net you cast for leads needs to be global. It does take extraordinary reach to find the right buyer for a one-of-a-kind trophy property.

ELLIMAN real estate slogan 21. ‘Ask Elliman’

Douglas Elliman

Short and sweet, this tagline for Elliman’s 2017 advertising campaign also managed to sum up the primary value add they offer luxury buyers and sellers.

It also does an excellent job of humanizing a historic luxury brand that to some might seem stuffy and unapproachable. Inviting people to ask questions brings their brand back down to the human level.

WARBURG 22. ‘Integrity, Intelligence, Innovation’

Warburg Realty

Playing with alliteration generally either works or doesn’t, and in the case of Manhattan luxury brokerage Warburg’s slogan, we think it works perfectly. Also note the order of the words here. They represent the core values of the company and are organized from most important (integrity) to least important (innovation). Luckily, these words also sound better in this order as well!

Compass real estate slogan 23. ‘A Real Estate Company With a Purpose’


While they may have strayed from their original vision for democratizing the rental market in New York City, Compass has always tried to leverage their technology more like a tech startup than a real estate brokerage.

Like most tech companies, they’ve generated one of the best real estate slogans to align with their brand. What exactly that purpose is might have morphed over the years, but it’s still a pretty good branding move.

west and main 24. ‘You Move Us’

West + Main Homes

Sometimes taking a well-worn cliche and flipping it on its head can pay dividends. In the case of Colorado brokerage startup West + Main Homes, playing with the double meaning of “move us” to turn it into something more emotional makes for a memorable slogan.

bond real estate slogan 25. ‘Love Where You Live’

Bond New York

Summarizing the end goal that everyone has for moving houses in the first place, New York City’s Bond Real Estate hit the nail on the head with this short and sweet slogan.

coldwell banker 26. ‘Fulfilling the Dream of Home Since 1906’

Coldwell Banker

While it’s a bit on the wordy side, we still love this tagline from Coldwell Banker’s 2018 rebrand. “The dream of home” evokes warmth and comfort, which they manage to add their historic roots to by adding “since 1906.” This one really ticks all the boxes we have for a great tagline.81 More Slogans—With Less Commentary

81 More Slogans—With Less Commentary

For those of you hungry for more taglines, we’ve compiled a lengthy list of suggestions from top real estate experts around the country. We hope they inspire you in your quest for the perfect phrase that’ll encapsulate your unique service offerings and value proposition.

Bringing It All Together

Real estate slogans function as more than just your elevator pitch – they’re your elevator DOOR pitch. When you have one second to convey your message, you need to make those few words REALLY count. What are you going to say? What message do you want to send?

The real estate field is crowded with professionals trying to stand out and rise above. All these pros have crafted solid, memorable feathers for their identity caps. What color is your feather?

Over to You

What did you think of our list of the best real estate slogans and taglines of 2022? Know a great team or brokerage with an impactful real estate slogan that belongs here? Let us know in the comments! Looking for more real estate tips? Check out our 29 Clever Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022.

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