A well-designed real estate logo is like having a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit. Not only does it help establish your brand identity, it helps communicate your story to prospective clients. A unique logo can help set you apart from other competitors in the real estate market and should be memorable, recognizable, and versatile across different marketing mediums. The use of color and font can also contribute to making your logo stand out. I’ve selected the best real estate logos that have stood out in a crowded market. 

1. CORE Real Estate

core real estate logo
(Source: CORE Real Estate)

The logo for CORE Real Estate is as simplistic as its website content. Founded in 2005 by Shaun Osher, CORE is one of the prominent boutique real estate brokerages in New York City that has led the way in innovative marketing through its market reports and short films. The “O” in their logo is highlighted with red color to stress the first initial in Shaun’s last name. The logo entices viewers to inquire more because it doesn’t include “real estate,” “properties,” or any slogans to showcase what they do.

  • Why we love it: We like the logo because it doesn’t limit their services to one real estate niche.


Serhant's logo in blue block letter over white background
(Source: Serhant)

Serhant features a clean, bold, and simplistic logo using a sans-serif typeface. Consisting of the founder’s last name, Ryan Serhant, the logo exudes confidence with the period at the end of the logo. The blue hue is easily recognizable, representing a calming and stable nature. This blue hue is sprinkled throughout the agents’ bios on the Serhant website to tie it all together.

  • Why we love it: We like the logo because it showcases precisely who and what company it represents. It is easily identifiable if we see it on a real estate sign or marketing materials.

3. The Agency

 Logo with white lettering over a red background
(Source: The Agency)

The Agency’s logo epitomizes modern design, featuring a sleek “A” symbol next to a minimalist word mark. The bright red colors convey an energy that describes the company’s vigorous approach toward its real estate projects. The clean lines and design make the logo versatile, from business cards to high-end marketing materials. 

  • Why we love it: We are impressed by the brokerage name “The Agency” because it represents an organization that facilitates transactions between two parties. The logo subconsciously emphasizes the company’s role in real estate, making for a great public relations story.

4. The Oppenheim Group

Since The Oppenheim Group is involved in more than buying and selling, its logo extends beyond just that. It does emphasize that they are in real estate but doesn’t specifically mention homes, property, brokerage, etc. Using black, white, and red colors underscores professionalism and simplicity. The red “O” is both a logo and a nod to the two owners’ last names. 

  • Why we love it: We like that their logo can be used with just the stand symbol or be combined into the full logo throughout their marketing strategies.

5. Compass 

Logo of black capitalized lettering
(Source: Compass)

Similar to Serhant and CORE above, Compass’s logo uses a san-serif font and uppercase letters. The black-and-white colors make it sleek and modern, representing their innovative approach to real estate. We like that they took the opportunity to use the “O” to represent a compass arrow symbolizing direction and guidance. 

  • Why we love it: We appreciate their clever design choice, which ensures that their real estate company logos represent their business and tie back to the company’s mission to prospective clients. 

6. Hilton & Hyland 

Logo in black lettering next to symbolized company intials
(Source: Hilton & Hyland )

Founded by Jeff Hyland and Rick Hilton, two prominent real estate names, Hilton & Hyland’s logo reflects their expertise. The symbol can be used as a stand-alone representation of the company without the last names spelled out. The company also focuses on the luxury real estate sector, and the logo effectively communicates the brand’s high standards and commitment to excellence. 

  • Why we love it: We like the use of the two side-by-side “H”s, which symbolize the founders’ partnership and collaboration. 

7. Simon Property Group 

Unlike the brokerages above, Simon Property Group is a real estate investment trust specializing in malls, outlet centers, and lifestyle centers. Their logo features a unique infinity-like symbol that could also represent the letter “S.” A sleek, modern typeface complements the symbol, creating a cohesive and contemporary look. 

  • Why we love it: We admire the logo’s simplicity and elegance, which make it versatile across various mediums, from digital platforms to physical signage, to communicate Simon Property Group’s brand identity effectively.

8. Naftali Group 

Logo consisting of white letter over black background
(Source: Naftali Group)

The Naftali Group is a global real estate development and property investment firm. They’ve been in business for over 35 years to create one-of-a-kind real estate development projects. Their logo includes the prominent last name of the company founder, and a distinct black and white logo accompanies the black and white branding you find on their website. 

  • Why we love it: We like the logo because it uses the contrast of bold lettering to emphasize the company’s prominent last name and branding. 

9. Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis

Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (CBRE) is a leading global real estate services firm with a logo that epitomizes professionalism and utilizes the acronym for the company’s long name. Many in the industry only refer to the company using its acronym, which speaks to the impact of the logo and brand as a whole. They chose an interesting green color that could speak to their sustainability and corporate responsibility values. 

  • Why we love it: We are drawn to the logo because, although it’s only four letters, it effectively represents the company. 

10. The Alexander Team

 Black logo letter with team intitals and team name spelt out in capitalized lettering
(Source: Alexander Team)

The Alexander Team is a group of real estate brokers in New York City, Florida, and the Hamptons. Co-founded by Tal Alexander, the logo consists of the written team name accompanied by an intertwined letter “A” and “T.” Although initially, we could assume that the letters are another representation of the team name, they could very well represent the initials of the co-founder. Whatever the real reason behind the logo, it does speak to its overall brand and conveys a sense of unity. 

  • Why we love it: We like the use of black-and-white lettering in all their branding and website headshots.

11. Century 21 

Gold lettered logo over black background
(Source: Century 21)

Century 21 is a brokerage founded by Arthur E. Bartlett in 1933. Although its logo has undergone many renditions since its inception, the latest version exudes a more modern take. It features a modern, sleek design with a stylized “C21” monogram. Straying from the typical black-and-white real estate logos, Century 21 adds a pop of gold to make it stand out. 

  • Why we love it: We are keen on the fact that they continue to use “21” in their logo because it has such a strong brand identity. 

12. Douglas Elliman 

Blue hued logo spelling out company name and a monogram of company initials
(Source: Douglas Elliman)

The Douglas Elliman logo is a sophisticated design that reflects the prestige and heritage of one of the largest residential real estate brokerage firms in the United States. It features the company’s name in a classic serif typeface and includes a distinctive emblem or monogram accompanied by a stylized “DE.” The logo’s use of a refined blue color palette speaks to its reputation of luxury and dedication to excellence. 

  • Why we love it: We can appreciate the addition of a monogram, which adds a unique and recognizable element to the brand identity.

13. Side by Side Realty 

Side by Side Realty’s logo distinguishes itself with the use of a lot more color. This differentiation from the monochromatic real estate logos speaks to their services and their differentiation of real estate investing through purchasing and selling a home. We like that they give themselves leeway to use various fonts and colors to stand out from other investment firms. 

  • Why we love it: This design choice gives their audience the feel of an approachable and friendly place, creating an inviting and vibrant brand image. 

14. Jones Lang LaSalle

The Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) logo reflects a distinctive and professional design. It features a sleek and modern typeface for the company name and is accompanied by the iconic intertwined “JLL” monogram. This monogram is elegant, with curved lines to symbolize the interconnected nature of the real estate industry since JLL offers a multitude of commercial real estate services. 

  • Why we love it: We like the logo’s color combination because it is both eye-catching and professional.

15. Halstead 

 Logo with cube like symbol next to black letters
(Source: Halstead)

Halstead uses a contemporary design to symbolize its long-standing reputation in the real estate industry. The use of the 3D geometric shape, which may represent a property or building, and the symbolic “H” integrated into it is a nice touch that no other real estate company is doing. 

  • Why we love it: We appreciate the minimalist design and clean lines that make their brand easily recognizable. We also like that they can use the geometric shape as a stand-alone item to represent their business. 

16. Reonomy 

Blue logo with geometric shape next to company name
(Source: Reonomy)

Embodying innovation that reflects the company’s focus on leveraging technology and data in commercial real estate is the Reonomy logo. Like other real estate companies, Reonomy incorporates the blue hue, san serif font, and geometric shape into their logo. However, what they do to stand out is the use of lowercase letters, which is a rarity amongst real estate team logos. 

  • Why we love it: We like that the geometric shape keeps us curious when looking at the logo, as we are unsure if it includes lettering from the company name. Either way, it’s a solid part of their brand identity and stands out amongst more traditional realtor logos. 

How to Create the Best Real Estate Logos

Creating a logo is an exciting opportunity to reflect your company’s unique identity and values. By following these tips, you can make an effective real estate logo to use throughout your marketing materials and leave a lasting impression:

  • Understand your brand: Clearly define your brand’s mission, values, and target audience. Your logo should encapsulate these elements to represent your business effectively.
  • Simplicity: Choose a clean and simple design. A minimalist logo is easily recognizable and versatile, so it will work well across your marketing materials. 
  • Typography: Choose a font that reflects your brand’s personality. Serif fonts convey tradition and luxury, while sans-serif fonts exude modernity and professionalism.
  • Color scheme: Select colors that align with your brand’s identity and evoke the desired emotions. For example, blue conveys trust, green symbolizes growth, and black represents sophistication.
  • Unique symbolism: Incorporate a distinctive symbol representing your brand’s core message. This symbol can be an abstract shape, an initial, or an icon relevant to real estate.
  • Versatility: Ensure your logo looks good in different sizes and formats. It should be scalable and maintain its integrity on everything from business cards to billboards.
  • Professional design: Consider hiring a skilled designer to bring your vision to life. They can provide expertise and run a comparative analysis to ensure your logo stands out in the market.
  • Feedback and refinement: Gather input from stakeholders and potential clients to refine your design. This step helps ensure your logo resonates with your audience.
Screenshot of some in-demand freelancers for graphic design jobs
Freelancer options (Source: Fiverr)

One place real estate agents can get logo design assistance is through Fiverr. It is a popular platform where you can find talented graphic designers for your specific project. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design or a more traditional and sophisticated logo, Fiverr gives you access to a pool of freelancers with varying styles and expertise. You can browse through portfolios, read client reviews, quickly understand the costs, and communicate directly with designers to ensure your logo vision is realized. 

Pro tip: While you should stick with a clear idea and give it life, you also have the flexibility to make renditions as your business evolves. Many of the larger real estate companies have had multiple changes to their logo, so don’t feel like you’re committed to it forever. 


Bringing It All Together

Choosing the best real estate logos is a creative and enjoyable aspect of building your brand. It’s an opportunity to reflect your company’s identity, values, and mission through design. You can create a memorable and versatile logo by considering elements like simplicity, typography, and color scheme. Don’t stress too much in this process because your logo can evolve with your business. Focus on creating a design that effectively represents your brand, knowing you can refine and update it as your company grows and changes.

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