Artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning that enables computers to complete tasks requiring human intelligence—and it’s here to stay. As more software companies integrate AI into their services, real estate agents find ways to make their lives easier and work more efficiently. I wrote this roundup of the best real estate AI tools for agents unsure of where to start, all the way up to those ChatGPT warriors. I reviewed hundreds of apps, tools, and platforms and analyzed their price points, features, ease of use, and potential value to a busy agent. These 20 cutting-edge AI tools will change how you do business, save time, help generate and nurture leads, and skyrocket your marketing. Let’s dive right in! 

1. Best AI Lead Generation & Nurturing: CINC’s Alex

Cinc logo
  • AI created by Structurely AI
  • Supported by CINC data
  • Sophisticated scripts
  • Essentially provides inside sales support 24/7/365
  • Goal is appointment setting or agent ready handoff
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When it comes to real estate AI tools, we’re always looking for ones that help us generate and nurture leads. Alex is the latest AI feature for CINC’s comprehensive, all-in-one CRM/sales platform. More than just a real estate chatbot, Alex has been “trained” to respond to leads with an adept human touch. When a lead comes in, Alex automatically begins a text conversation to get that lead to schedule an appointment or speak directly to the agent. 

While this type of AI for inside sales is nothing new, Alex’s incredible ability to appear human is something I haven’t seen. Not only does Alex use emojis and purposefully misspell and correct words, but the conversation is on a whole new level. It’s empathetic, sophisticated, and based on scientific data. When you think of AI for real estate leads, think Alex. For more information, check out our comprehensive CINC Review.

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Alternative AI Lead Generation & Nurturing Tools

Wise Agent
  • Not an add-on; included as a feature in platform
  • AI Writing Assistant Tool
  • Strong qualifying scripts
  • Contacts unresponsive leads 25 times in 12 months
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  • Not an add-on; included as a feature in platform
  • Created by Structurely AI
  • Claims a 17% qualification rate
  • AI texts and emails
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Offrs + ROOF
  • Not an add-on; included as a feature in platform
  • Incorporates AI Offrs predictive analytics data (AI predictive scoring of leads)
  • Personalized communication strategies (phone, SMS, email)
  • Can try out the AI technology on the company site
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2. Best AI Real Estate Marketing: Saleswise

saleswise logo
  • Easy to use
  • Listing description copy
  • AI generated emails and scripts
  • AI remodel capability to show buyers a home’s potential
  • Access to live market data
  • Simple pricing and free trial
$39 per month

Utilizing AI to create marketing copy is one of the most obvious uses of AI technology for real estate agents. Solid marketing copy (social media posts, video scripts, listing descriptions) takes time and sometimes money, but there is no question that it’s crucial to your marketing toolkit. 

While it’s true that there are some free real estate AI tools out there, including ChatGPT, they require complicated prompts. Saleswise makes this burdensome, time-consuming chore just about as easy as it gets, and the result is elegant, effective marketing copy. While it won me over with the intuitive interface and well-crafted, consumer-driven copy, its instant AI-remodel tool really seals the deal.

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Alternative AI Real Estate Marketing Tools
  • Creates copy for social media and email marketing
  • Pricing based on credits for projects (not individual listing descriptions)
  • Create content based on buyer personas and tone
  • Incorporates market data and marketing analytics
  • Self-reported 14,027 houses sold utilizing
  • Uses computer-vision AI for analyzing images
  • Listing descriptions
  • Social media posts and content
  • Marketing video scripts
  • Local area descriptions
Visit ListAssist
  • Creates three different AI-generated descriptions
  • Edit directly in ListingAI program
  • Descriptions are SEO-ready
  • Increased listing readability (with Flesch scoring)
  • Free trial
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3. Best AI Virtual Staging: Style to Design

  • Unlimited staging design boards so there’s more control over the final virtual look
  • Education and design training
  • Free marketing materials
  • Images formatted for MLS
  • Variety of staging styles
  • Allows clients to make purchases of specific staging decor
$149 per month

Savvy agents know that staging a home can increase a property’s price and lessen the days on market. But AI is bringing virtual staging into a new era. I selected Style to Design as our top virtual staging provider because of its bells and whistles. While some platforms can add computer-generated furniture and a potted plant, Style to Design offers staging in several different looks, including modern, mid-century, farmhouse, coastal, and traditional. 

New design boards are released weekly, ensuring staged properties are fresh and current. Style to Design also offers marketing materials for social media and listing presentations. But its real comparative advantage is essentially offering an in-house design team. Buyer clients can purchase items in the staging and get design help to make renovations. Not only are you showing what’s possible, you’re enabling a buyer to do it.

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Alternative AI Virtual Staging Tools

Virtual Staging AI
  • One click and done; no design decisions required
  • Affordable
  • Machine learning allows AI to create realistic furniture placements
  • Instant turn-around
  • Try an image for free
Visit Virtual Staging AI
  • Free version
  • AI virtual staging
  • Photo editing
  • AI virtual room decluttering
  • Exterior enhancement
Visit REimagineHome
  • Try for free
  • Includes AI decluttering tool
  • 15-minute turnaround
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Choose from 100+ designer-curated styles
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4. Best AI Video Tools: VEED.IO

veed io logo
  • Free trial
  • Magic Cut transforms long-form video into short clips
  • Auto subtitles
  • AI- generated scripts
  • Text-to-speech
  • AI music generator
  • Add emojis + stickers
  • AI image generator
  • Comprehensive video editing
$18 per month

VEED made our top spot for AI tools for video marketing. While it’s perfect for beginners, it has all the upgrades and functionalities a pro would need. Its interface makes it easy to fully edit a video, from enhancing sound quality to audio subtitles. But VEED’s AI capabilities will take a video from OK to outstanding. AI script, music, and image creation allow for quick video creation. 

Not looking directly at the camera? AI will fix it. Want to share it in multiple languages? AI translates the subtitles. Hate that your fridge is in the background? VEED has a background remover. You can even create a life-like avatar to represent you so you never have to be in front of the camera. The Magic Cut AI tool might be my favorite, as it takes a long rambling video and cuts it down into perfect-for-social-media bite-sized clips. It not only makes video creation easy, it makes it inspiring and maybe even fun.

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Alternative AI Video Tools

Invideo AI
  • Free version
  • Simple interface; gentle learning curve
  • 50 minutes of AI generation
  • Faceless video generator
  • Ready-made templates
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  • Free version
  • Simple interface; easy-to-use
  • Downloadable software
  • AI copywriting
  • AI Audio Stretch adjusts audio to clip length
Visit Wondershare
  • Turns written copy into video
  • Templates
  • AI voice library
  • Automated captions
  • Team collaboration capabilities
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Bonus Favorite Real Estate AI Tools

AI Market Reports: NAR RPR

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) looked around and said, “AI Real Estate, let’s do this,” and created this free tool. We all know we should dive deep into the market data and share it with leads and clients, but who has the time to read, digest, analyze, write, and disseminate it? RPR saves you time and effort by using AI to create scripts communicating the data. You select the tone and audience, and then it creates a video, social media posts (complete with emojis), or written copy for a blog post or LinkedIn post. Every Realtor should be taking advantage of this sophisticated real estate AI tool. 

AI Review & Reputation Manager: Birdeye

Birdeye is one of those futuristic AI tools you dream up but think, no, that would never be possible. Birdeye utilizes AI to improve search engine ranking, request and collect satisfied client reviews, respond to negative reviews, and manage social media platforms. It’s a comprehensive real estate AI tool to help an agent create a better online presence. 

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Real Estate AI Community App: Rila

Imagine an online social media community like Instagram, but it’s all about real estate. Rila has created just such a real estate app and uses AI to select exactly the properties a user might like. Buyers can track certain neighborhoods and markets while the AI learns what motivates each consumer and what qualities improve the value of a property. An easy swipe right—or left until a buyer connects with their dream property (and dream agent!).

Best AI Tool (but With a Learning Curve): ChatGPT

The original AI tool that started the craze (at least for the general public): ChatGPT. Some people swear by it, while others find it cumbersome and frustrating. The key is the prompt. ChatGPT can craft scripts, email drip campaigns, social media content, and blog posts with the right prompt. It can also create marketing schedules, write your agent bio, and even brainstorm hashtags. ChatGPT is so crucial to the future of our industry that we have a complete ChatGPT for real estate guide with use cases and helpful prompts so you can skip the learning curve. 

FAQs: AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

AI is certainly here to stay, and while some are prepping for a dystopian future, most of us are busy leveraging real estate technology companies, and specifically, real estate AI software, to make our lives a lot easier. AI lets us truly work smarter and not harder.

Bringing It All Together

AI isn’t going anywhere, and the truth is, a lot of these AI real estate tools are actually really fun. None of them are perfect—but it’s astonishing how far we’ve come and how much they can impact our businesses.  

Have any favorite AI tools? Any success stories? We’d love for you to share in the comments!