Wondering how to get listings in today’s market? Don’t have enough seller leads? Don’t sweat it. Some of the most successful Realtors in the country struggled just as hard. Learning their secrets to getting listings can be a game-changer for your career.

To help you make the leap and get more listings, we talked to 21 top-producing luxury real estate agents to learn how they got their first listing and how you can keep your funnel filled with seller leads year-round. We also include links to deep-dive resources to learn their strategies, and finish up with seven tips from real estate coaches at The Close.

Here’s what 21 top-producing luxury agents have to say about how to get listings:

1. Talk to Your Neighbors About Real Estate

Yawar Charlie, Aaron Kirman Group at Compass

Yawar Charlie in Good Morning LaLa Land

Grandson of Indian film legend Noor Mohammed Charlie, Yawar Charlie has worked both as an actor and an award-winning real estate agent with the Aaron Kirman Group, a top sales team in Los Angeles that regularly closes north of $500 million in sales volume.

If he looks familiar, that’s because Yawar is a regular on CNBC’s Listing Impossible. He also has a master’s degree from UC Davis, so he brings a lot more to the table than just star power. We asked him how he got his first listing and his advice for new agents who are learning how to get listings for themselves. Here’s what he told us:

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2. Join a Team as a Junior Agent or Broker Assistant

Laura Cao, Associate Broker & Team Leader, Douglas Elliman, Manhattan

Laura Cao, Associate Broker & Team Leader at Douglas Elliman

A top 2% agent company-wide at Douglas Elliman and ranked as one of the top teams in the U.S. by Real Trends, Laura Cao and her team consistently list and sell high-end Manhattan luxury new developments and resales.

Below, Laura explains how she got her first listing in Manhattan as an assistant in 2005, and gives her best advice for new agents and buyer’s agents looking to land that first listing:

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3. Send Out Just Sold Postcards

Tika Van Den Hurk, Senior Director of Luxury Sales, Douglas Elliman Florida

Tika Van Den Hurk Senior Director of Luxury Sales at Douglas Elliman

Ranked No. 3 in the Fort Lauderdale area by sales volume, Tika Van Den Hurk has more than 20 years of experience in buying, selling, and remodeling homes in both her native Montreal and Florida. Here’s her story about nabbing that all-important first listing, and her advice for her fellow agents:

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4. ‘Skip the Line’ for Exclusive Seller Leads

The Close Team

If you’re just starting out or need more leads, you need to find a way to “skip the line” and get yourself in front of homeowners. One easy way to do it is to buy exclusive seller leads and training from Market Leader. One flat monthly rate gets you a guaranteed number of leads to work every month.

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5. Master Social Media

Tristan Ahumada, Malibu California Broker & CEO at Lab Coat Agents

Tristan Ahumada CEO Lab Coat Agents

While most Close readers probably know Tristan Ahumada as the founder of Lab Coat Agents and the LCA Marketing Center, he didn’t get there by accident. Tristan was named Rookie of the Year at Century 21 at just 24 years old, runs a highly successful team in Los Angeles, and is a top 1% agent at Keller Williams.

Here’s what Tristan had to say about getting listings:

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6. Show Off Your Real Estate Knowledge in Social Situations 

Matthew Cohen, Brown Harris Stevens Manhattan

Consistently ranked among the top brokers in the business, Matthew Cohen was recognized as one of the youngest real estate brokers in New York City to surpass $100 million in sales in his first four years in the business. Here’s Matthew’s story about getting his first listing and his advice for new agents:

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7. Distribute Your Cards in Your Farm Area 

Gloria Carmona, Director, Estates Division at Compass

An internationally recognized agent who has represented some of the finest luxury properties and developments in Los Angeles, Carmona relies on a deep cultural and market knowledge to work with HNWI (high net worth individuals) from around the world.

We asked Carmona how she got her first listing and what advice she had for agents looking to learn how to get listings on their own. Her story will definitely inspire any agent using good old-fashioned shoe leather to work a farm area:

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8. Focus on Your Mission, Vision & Values First  

Sean Moudry, Colorado Broker, Author, Real Estate Coach & Close Contributor

Sean Moudry—or as he’s known around our office, “the hardest working man in real estate”— has built a truly inspiring career over the span of almost 30 years in the industry. Starting as an agent in Colorado from humble beginnings, Sean worked his way up to become a REALTOR 30 Under 30 agent, Broker-Owner, real estate coach, consultant, sought-after speaker, author, and star contributor to The Close. Of course, like most agents on our list, Sean didn’t start out as a superstar agent:

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9. Knock Doors in Your Farm Area 

Alan Taylor, Estates Director l Executive Director, Trust & Probate Division, Compass

One of the highest-producing agents in the San Fernando Valley, Alan comes from four generations of real estate professionals and is one of the top 1% of agents nationwide. Here’s Alan’s story about his first listing in the industry (hint: shoe leather won the day) as well as his advice for new agents and buyer’s agents:

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10. Talk Up Your Roster of Eager Buyers 

Louis Adler, Principal & Co-founder, REAL New York

A Brooklyn native and the principal and co-founder of Manhattan and Brooklyn Brokerage REAL New York, Louis Adler has done everything from working with influential property developers like the Durst Organization on new developments, to starting a multi-family portfolio in Brooklyn, to working the largest sale in downtown Manhattan’s history—a $55 million penthouse suite.

Here’s Louis on nabbing that all-important first listing, and his advice from a broker’s perspective on becoming a listing agent.

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11. Find a Great Listing Agent & Ask Them to Mentor You  

Leilani Serrao-Baker, Douglas Elliman California

Leilani SerraoBaker

12. Master the Art of Cold Callin

Aleksandra Scepanovic, Co-founder & Managing Director, Ideal Properties Group

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13. Offer Broker Price Opinions to Neighbors 

Gill Chowdhury, Coldwell Banker Warburg Realty Manhattan

Starting his career in real estate at just 20 years old, Gill quickly rose through the ranks in the ultra-competitive Manhattan real estate market. Today, Gill is the team leader of the Chowdhury Team at one of New York City’s oldest and most prestigious luxury brokerages, Warburg Realty. Here’s what he told us about his first listing as well as his advice for newbies.

14. Be Persistent 

Scott James, Douglas Elliman California

Scott James banner

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15. Hone Your Elevator Pitch & Check Your Ego at The Door

Andrew Obrien Matina, Douglas Elliman Manhattan

An Elliman agent in Manhattan, Andrew’s clients include political leaders, NBA All-Stars, entertainers, born and raised “Manhattanites,” “Brooklynites,” and “transplants” from around the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, South and Central America, and Australia.

16. Learn to Promote Yourself 

Andrea Wernick, Coldwell Banker / Warburg Realty Manhattan

As a former New York City school teacher and advertising industry veteran, Andrea Wernick was destined for Manhattan real estate greatness. She combines razor-sharp business savvy with the nurturing and supportive spirit that every great agent needs. She even finds the time to help inspire women as a lifestyle coach.

Here’s Andrea’s take on starting out as a listing agent and her advice for those who want to make the transition from buyers agents:

17. Nurture Your Buyers After Closing  

Jacob Wood, Douglas Elliman Manhattan

18. Use Handwritten Flyers, Postcards, or Letters 

Zachary Stackell, Douglas Elliman Manhattan

Douglas Elliman Manhattan Office

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19. Promote Yourself on Facebook 

Marco Gervasi, Douglas Elliman Long Island

A Long Island native previously working in the hospitality industry, Marco was ranked a Top 20 Under 40 agent by The Young Professionals Network (YPN).

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20. Create Case Studies on Improving Deals 

Marjorie Tornatore, Douglas Elliman Long Island

After working on Wall Street for 19 years, Marjorie discovered her passion for architecture and interior design and signed on with Douglas Elliman. She was named agent of the month in May of 2021.

21. Work Your Sphere of Influence 

Janine Gershon, Douglas Elliman California

A Stanford graduate and Los Angeles native, Janine transitioned from property management to sales and is now a top agent at Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

How to Get Listings — FAST: Tips From The Close

Now that you’ve learned how to get listings using the secret strategies of some of the most successful agents in the country, here are a few proven methods from our own real estate coaches to help you get listings in today’s market.

22. Convert Open House Visitors 

While the odds of someone making an offer on the spot at your open house are slim to none, a huge percentage of them are looking to move, which means they’re going to need to sell the home they live in now. In order to convert them, have some icebreaker scripts ready to go, and make sure your website has tons of advice for sellers and shows off your marketing chops. A drip campaign promising off-market listings or market reports can be a compelling offer.

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23. Buy More Leads 

There’s no way to put this delicately, so I’m just going to say it: The more leads you buy, the more opportunities you have to convert them and get listings. It’s basic math. So get your listing presentation and lead nurturing campaigns ready to go, and up your spend on buyer and seller leads.

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24. Buy More Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ads Targeting Homeowners 

Homeowners today spend far more time researching the market online, so if you want to get listings fast, target their searches and social media and give them what they’re looking for.

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25. Learn to Cold Call Expired Listings 

Expired listings are a great way to get real estate listings quickly because you already know they want to sell. Half the work is done for you already. That said, cold calling expireds isn’t easy, and you’re going to have to devote at least an hour per day to it if you want to actually get listings. Having great scripts and practicing them is also essential.

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26. Convert Rental Customers 

If you’re working with rentals, you may not realize that converting them to buyers might be easier than you think. After all, many renters have excellent credit and cash on hand but might not have done the math on how homeownership can save them money, or the benefits of buying in your farm area. You already know they need to move, right?

27. Prospect Relocation Sellers on LinkedIn 

While most agents already use LinkedIn to get buyer leads, most don’t do the opposite and try to find sellers. Here’s how to do it: Look for large companies that are relocating from your city and then connect with HR or individual employees on LinkedIn.

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28. Pitch Real Estate Investors

I know what you’re thinking: Why would investors need you in a slowing economy? Aren’t you expensive? Well, yes, but even if they have a license, flipping their properties for a decent profit in a down market is going to be a lot more work for them. Make their lives easier by offering your services.

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Bonus Tip: Leverage Technology to Lower Your Cost per Lead by 20%

When they learn how expensive seller leads are, many new listing agents get cold feet. Who could blame them? The competition for listings is fiercer than ever, so every penny spent chasing leads counts. That’s why it’s crucial to use a lead generation platform that has the team and experience to bring your cost per lead back down to earth.

Trusted by more than 53,000 successful agents, CINC has managed to lower their cost per lead by 20% year-over-year. No small feat when you learn they generate more than 3,000,000 leads per year. So if you want to get serious about getting listings, you need to get serious about your technology. Click below to schedule a demo to learn more about lowering your cost per lead with CINC.

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