Knowing what to say to a new lead can be tough, especially if you’ve never met them and you’re trying to sell your services. I’ve put together 15 of the most common scenarios in real estate and took our years of real estate experience to share the best real estate scripts for conversion and setting appointments. Remember your goal on the phone: to get a meeting. This way, you have the opportunity to dazzle and convert a lead into a client. Review these real estate scripts to prepare for your next client conversation. 

Here’s your list of the top real estate follow-up scripts:

  1. Cold conversation with an internet lead
  2. Internet listing service leads like Zillow
  3. Secure an appointment with expired leads
  4. Empathize and emphasize marketing with FSBO leads
  5. Make the most of your circle prospecting
  6. Convert those open house visitors
  7. Chat up those social media leads
  8. Easily convert those referral leads
  9. Reconnect with your sphere of influence
  10. Take the next step on that networking lead
  11. Warm up those purchased leads
  12. Generic buyer scripts for real estate
  13. Snag that listing appointment with this seller script
  14. Know how to talk to investors
  15. Help those renters become buyers
Preview of All real estate scripts

1. Internet Leads

Internet leads are the ones who find you on social media or via your website. This script is intended to be engaging and helpful—your goal is to move this lead further down the funnel by offering personalized assistance and setting up an appointment (or follow-up conversation). These leads can respond remarkably well to texting, so we’ve put together a list of the best real estate text message scripts.

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2. Zillow Leads

These leads could be anywhere in the sales funnel—from the very start of the real estate process to buyers ready to make an offer. It’s important to find out their interest, understand their needs, and provide additional value, like a quick real estate comparative market analysis (CMA) for the home and surrounding area. Since you already have their information, your goal is to encourage them to engage with you.

Check out Zillow Premier Agent

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3. Expired

Ensure you have alerts set up for expired listings in your area. While you can’t reach out to them before the listing expires, set a reminder to call them the next day. Sometimes, sellers of expired listings may choose to pull their home off the market to wait for a better time. It’s a great idea to integrate them into your real estate farming strategy

Expired leads can be frustrated with agents and the market since they failed to sell their listing, so study this real estate script closely:

(Proceed to log the details of this conversation in your CRM system.)

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For sale by owner listings (FSBO) can be intimidating, but they actually make great leads—after all, they’ve already expressed that they want to sell their home! Many agents might say that FSBOs are tough because they’ve already expressed selling a home on their terms, but they’re not as rude as you think. They need your help to develop a pricing and marketing strategy that will sell their home. 
With FSBOs, you have to make sure you’re offering value. Pricing is often the key in an FSBO situation. We’ve given you one FSBO script here, but if you want more, we’ve compiled a list of the best FSBO scripts for real estate agents.

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5. Circle Prospecting

These are leads in your farm or surrounding area where you just did a deal or an open house, also known as circle prospecting. It should be a small farm territory designed to sniff out potential leads interested in real estate. These are going to be true cold calls. This script is respectful and informative, offering value through market insights while gently probing for potential interest in selling or referrals.

Circle prospecting is cold outreach, but by touching a cold lead twice with door knocking, you can make an impact. Check out a few of our other tips for real estate door knocking.

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6. Open House

Open houses are a great way to get new clients quickly. Using an open house app that gathers your clients’ contact information will help you level up when making these follow-up calls. Since these potential clients have already expressed interest in real estate, you must grab more info to be able to target these folks. They haven’t selected an agent because they haven’t found one they like yet—let that agent be you!

Rest assured, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all for open house leads. We’ve got some fun ice breakers and 15 more open house scripts for real estate agents.

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7. Social Media

These social media leads usually come through mutual Facebook groups, your connections, or perhaps an advertisement. For these leads, you’ve got to be approachable and engaging. Curious about how to use social media marketing to get real estate clients? We’ve got 21 proven social media marketing techniques that actually generate leads. 

Just remember to respect the casual nature of social media—make your script personalized for your situation. Here’s a sample:

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8. Referral 

A real estate referral should be a warm lead who’s already familiar with your name and may even be expecting your call. Your goal here is to continue to build rapport with them, verify their information, and set an appointment. This is one of those real estate agent scripts where you should feel free to be flexible and adapt your conversation to suit their needs. The referral you’re calling may be ready now, or they may not be ready for a year. Your job is to establish rapport and a relationship.

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9. Sphere of Influence—Touching Base

It’s important to stay in touch with your sphere of influence at least once every few months. After all, referrals are the lifeblood of the real estate industry. Touching base with your sphere is an excellent way to get warm leads. They already know, like, and trust you. 

You should periodically check in with them as you’ve built the rapport. You could even use a few of our real estate pop by ideas to really make an impact. After a few months, you’re bound to hear the words, “Actually, I think my friend’s looking for a home. Could you help them out?”

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10. Networking or Event Follow-up

This script is best for someone you recently met at a networking event. Your goal is to focus on mutual benefits and the potential to collaborate. Even if they’re not interested in real estate now, you intend to establish a productive personal relationship.

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11. Purchased Lead

When you buy real estate leads, it’s essential to build rapport quickly. Acknowledge their interest and then offer value. Try to convert them to a deeper conversation by setting up a meeting. This way, you can provide personalized attention and dig into their needs.

Looking for leads? Check out Market Leader. They’ve got leads on-demand, a great client relationship manager (CRM), and an entire suite of tools for your business.

Check out Market Leader

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12. Buyer 

For an interested real estate buyer, you should focus on understanding what they need—they may not know. We’re talking areas and must-haves, like central AC or a primary bedroom on the first floor. Provide value and empathize with their situation. Then, set the stage to grab an appointment for a deeper consult. We’ve put together a real estate buyer questionnaire to have on standby for these conversations as well.

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13. Seller

This script is designed to be adaptable. Your goal is to connect with the real estate seller personally while positioning yourself as their go-to real estate expert. You’ll demonstrate your marketing and listing knowledge by offering value and having a detailed discussion about your selling strategy. We’re looking for an appointment and a successful partnership with your seller.

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14. Investor

Investors are a great real estate prospecting source to build your network and your brand. They’re always on the lookout for a deal, so having a few in your back pocket is key to building your business. Plus, investors tend to be tight-knit. When you’ve done a great deal with one, they will likely talk you up to their network. 

A great way to find investors through cold calling is with absentee homes. You can use a tool like The Share Group or REDX to find these owners, then strike up a conversation. You might be able to strike up a great professional working relationship by offering them value and speaking their language. 

If you’re looking for a place to start with your geographic farm, look at REDX. It provides the information you need to start calling—plus a built-in dialer.

Check out REDX

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15. Renter

Targeting renters is an easy way to fill your future pipeline. Deliver flyers and postcards to the apartment buildings in your farm area. You can offer a first-time homebuyer education seminar to showcase your expertise working with real estate buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bringing It All Together

These situations should cover most of your bases for real estate follow-up scripts. If you want to use prospecting to get more leads to use with this script, we’ve put together fifteen of the best real estate prospecting tips. Many agents get hung up on following a script exactly, but the best conversations are organic. You’re looking to connect with your clients. We say it time and again; real estate is all about the people. Make a genuine connection with your potential clients, anticipate their needs, and provide them with outstanding service. Then stay in touch for those referrals—–that’s how you build a sustainable business. 

In the meantime, if there are any scripts for real estate agents that we’ve missed, leave them in the comment section or visit our Facebook group to share with the community!

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