There is no doubt that FSBOs are some of the most crucial leads a real estate agent can pursue. My broker used to say, “FSBO sellers have already told you they want to sell and want to sell now—all you have to do is convince them you’re the right person for the job.” How do you convince them? Use one of our nine can’t-miss FSBO scripts. 

Winning over these leads is easier than ever with this collection of tried-and-true FSBO scripts. No matter the situation or objection, these scripts will help you feel prepared, confident, and ready to convert. I’ve even included the Tom Ferry FSBO script I used to land my very first listing.

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1. Tom Ferry’s ‘Appointment Setter’ FSBO Script

Rock star real estate agents will tell you that getting in the door is the most important step to getting a listing. Of course, that’s no easy task, which is why we love this FSBO script from Tom Ferry:

Tom Ferry's Appointment Setter FSBO Script Questions & Answers for Client Engagement.

Why ‘Appointment Setter’ Works

Every question in this script is seller-focused. He asks about the seller’s property, the seller’s needs, the seller’s desires. This FSBO script works because people love talking about themselves. Plus, the conversation naturally leads to highly valuable information about the market that you could leverage with a buyer down the road, even if this listing doesn’t work out.

If you don’t feel like driving around town looking for signs or scouring Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, consider an FSBO lead service like Vulcan7. Vulcan7 provides valuable FSBO lead contact information like names, phone numbers, and even email addresses. They also offer expired listing leads, preforeclosure leads, and a fantastic neighborhood prospecting tool that is a true level-up for anyone who does geographic prospecting or real estate farming.

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2. David Hill’s ‘We’re Trying to Save Some Money’ FSBO Script

Most FSBO sellers are using the do-it-yourself approach for one reason: saving money. Check out what David Hill does to help negate this concern. We’ve inserted some hypothetical responses here so you can see how Hill responds.

David Hill's script with objections for the argument, we're trying to save money.

Why ‘We’re Trying to Save Money’ Works

Hill’s script is effective because it creates a level of camaraderie with the seller, identifies their needs, and commiserates with their pain points. Hill seals the deal by admitting he may not even be able to help them. That sort of openness goes a long way to building trust and landing a listing

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3. Kyle Handy’s ‘Reverse Selling’ FSBO Script

Kyle Handy takes a no-nonsense approach to steering the conversation with FSBO sellers to productive and thoughtful places. If you’re in a competitive market where lots of agents are pursuing FSBOs, this is a great script to try.

Kyle Handy's reverse selling script that  results in an appointment set.

Why ‘Reverse Selling’ Works

Kyle’s script uses a bit of reverse psychology to let your FSBO seller know that you’re not on the phone with them to change their minds, but to understand what’s motivating them. This FSBO script works because your offer to help identifies you as an ally—and that relationship is far more likely to turn you into their agent down the road.

4. Mike Ferry’s ‘Describe Your Perfect Agent’ FSBO Script

We all know that Tom Ferry is a powerhouse, but did you know his father Mike Ferry has been a successful real estate coach for over 40 years? Mike’s inventive script gets your prospect to describe what they’re looking for in the agent they didn’t even know they wanted.

Mike Ferry's script that encourages the seller to describe their perfect agent.

Why ‘Describe Your Perfect Agent’ Works

Ask a FSBO seller if they want an agent and they will say no. But ask them to describe what they want in an agent and you have a roadmap of what it takes to get hired. This FSBO script works because it creates opportunity in the mind of the seller. They were closed off to the idea of hiring an agent but now they feel they have some control in the process. Even if it doesn’t result in a listing appointment immediately, it gets a date on the calendar.

5. Fit Small Business’ ‘Older FSBO’ Script

Sometimes an FSBO listing will sit and become stale on the market, which presents a unique set of challenges for the seller and opportunities for the agent. Check out this Fit Small Business FSBO script designed specifically for properties that have languished on the market as an FSBO for a long time:

FSB's script for older FSBOs that have been languishing on the market for a long time.

Why ‘Older FSBO’ Works

Many FSBO sellers have no idea how long it should take to sell a property, when to do a price adjustment, or when they should begin to consider other options. This script works because it lets the seller know there is help available. This conversation lays out your professionalism and knowledge without being pushy or salesy, which allows the seller to see your value.

6. Agent Mastermind’s ‘I’ve Got a Buyer’ FSBO Script

If you’re an agent with a lot of buyers, you need a proven script that gets you in the door of FSBO homes, otherwise known as near-exclusive listings unknown to the rest of the market. This short-and-sweet buyer’s agent script from Agent Mastermind should be in your back pocket at all times.

Classic I've got a  buyer FSBO script that sets up an appointment to see the house for sale.

Why ‘I’ve Got a Buyer’ Works

This FSBO script works because it does a great job of both communicating in a non-threatening way while sounding serious and professional. Remember, your FSBO prospects may not know real estate agent lingo, so when you use a term like “cooperating,” make sure you can explain it in layperson’s terms!

7. Breakthrough Broker’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ FSBO Script

The Breakthrough Broker takes the FSBO script and turns it into a flowchart so you can alter your approach midstream if necessary. This script gives you the confidence to pivot if the conversation doesn’t go as you initially planned. 

FSBO script designed as a flow chart that helps the agent pivot with seller objections.

Why the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ FSBO Script Works

You can practice your script all you want, but what happens when the seller says no? This script will help any agent pivot when faced with objections. It works because the flowchart gives you a ready answer to get past that first no, which is often the toughest roadblock for real estate agents to overcome.

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8. The Close’s ‘Meeting a Seller In-person’ FSBO Script

Many FSBO scripts are about securing an in-person meeting. If you’re already face-to-face, you’ve won half the battle. This script asks the right questions to learn why they’ve listed FSBO and their pain points. Then you can tailor your pitch to their needs. 

Let’s assume a conversation with a friend, acquaintance, or someone next to you in line naturally comes to real estate:

FSBO Script in person conversation of seller and agent

Why the ‘Meeting a Seller In-person’ FSBO Script Works

This FSBO script works because you keep the conversation casual and ask questions, which builds rapport. You become more of a friend and ally than a salesperson hawking a service. The conversation sets you up to make a pitch to solve their problems and get your foot in the door.

9. Jodie Cordell’s FSBO Script for a Flier or Postcard

Our own Jodie Cordell penned a script to use on a flier or postcard that will not only advertise your services, but reveal the risks involved in selling on one’s own.

FSBO Script for a flier/postcard

Why the Flier FSBO Script Works

According to data from the National Association of Realtors, the risk of losing money as an FSBO is real. This concerned warning and offer to help strikes just the right chord. We especially like the “coffee on me.” It’s a great way to set up that first in-person meeting—who doesn’t want a free cup of coffee? 

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Tips & Tools for Using Your FSBO Scripts Effectively

Now that you’ve got your FSBO scripts, here are some helpful hints for using them effectively.

  • Rehearse your FSBO scripts: Find another real estate agent (not a friend or spouse) with whom you can role-play. You want to practice with someone familiar with the sorts of objections you’ll encounter so you can get comfortable with moving the conversation forward, even in the face of “no.”
  • Choose the best time to call: A study by Lead Response Management suggests that the best time to reach people is between 4 and 6 p.m. However, keep in mind that the FSBO sellers are expecting frequent calls about their home. The best time to prospect FSBO homes is when you feel prepared, confident, and can regularly set aside time for it.
  • Use an auto-dialer: When you have a list of 50 phone numbers you are working, it’s incredible how much time you spend physically dialing and waiting. Using an auto-dialer like Vulcan7’s can up your calls per hour by more than 400% by dialing multiple numbers at once, only connecting you to those who actually pick up.
  • Get a dedicated business phone number: Carrying multiple phones seems unrealistic and a recipe for mix-ups. But, thanks to great voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service providers like RingCentral, these problems are solved. You get a dedicated business phone number so you can make and receive professional calls directly from your existing smartphone. Best of all, you can keep your personal contacts separate from your prospects.
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FAQs: FSBO Scripts & Success

You’ve got your FSBO scripts and some tips and tools to use them effectively, but before you get started making calls, here are some answers to the most common questions about converting for-sale-by-owner sellers.

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Bringing It All Together

Cold calling can be intimidating and frustrating without an FSBO script to help. Take these FSBO scripts, tweak them to make them your own, and get out there and start converting FSBOs into listings. Have any tips or questions? Leave a comment below!

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