Founded by Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, LabCoat Agents (LCA) Marketing Center promises to be a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. A quick scroll through their website seems to back this up. They have templates for pretty much anything you’d want to create to market your business on social media or in print. But is LCA Marketing Center worth your hard-earned time and money? 

To help you decide, this review takes a deep dive into LabCoat Agents Marketing Center’s pricing, design, copy quality, and features for 2023 to see how it stacks up compared to competitors such as Coffee & Contracts and Agent Crate.

Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center
  • Sleek designs—perfect for luxury agents
  • Price-to-quality ratio is a bargain for teams
  • In-app design studio
  • In-app direct mail feature
  • Needs more templates for engagement and video
  • Designs might be too sleek for some agents
  • More expensive than competitors for single agents
The Close Score
Design & Copy Quality

What Is LabCoat Agents Marketing Center? 

LabCoat Agents Marketing Center is a real estate marketing company that offers templates for social media posts, direct mail, and other marketing materials. Realtors, teams, and brokerages use LabCoat Agents Marketing Center to create custom-branded materials to promote their businesses online and in print.

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LCA Marketing Center Pricing for 2023: 4.5 (out of 5)

PlanPricingWhat’s Included
Individual$59/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Team (10 users)$249/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Mega Team (50 users)$499/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Custom BrokerageCall for pricingAll features and custom designs

Starting at $59 per month for individual agents, LabCoat Agents Marketing Center is priced a little higher than most competitors. However, once you get to the team plans, it becomes much more affordable at an average cost of $25 per user. Once you get to the Mega Team tier, the price comes down significantly to less than $10 per user, per month. 

Of course, most Close readers are not running teams or brokerages. That’s why our review includes this quick breakdown of how LabCoat Agents Marketing Center’s pricing stacks up against the competition for individual agents: 

CompanyPricing (month to month)Pricing (paid yearly)
LCA Marketing Center$59 per month$59 per month
Agent Crate$29 per month$24 per month
Coffee & Contracts$54 per month$45 per month
Jigglar$39 per month$35.10 per month

As you can see from the table, if you’re an individual agent, LCA will cost you roughly twice what you would pay for Agent Crate every month and $5 more than Coffee & Contracts. 

However, most agents don’t choose a marketing platform on price alone. If they did, they would just sign up for Canva for $10 a month and call it a day. Instead, Realtors want professional designs that will make their brand shine on social media and in print.

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Next, our LabCoat Agents Marketing Center review will go over how the company’s design stacks up against the competition. 

Design & Copy Quality: 5 (out of 5)

Lab coat agents marketing center example templates

While LabCoat Agents Marketing Center might cost more than other marketing platforms, the quality of their design more than makes up for it. LCA’s templates look like they were designed for a luxury brokerage. They are sleek, professional, and can lend any agent instant credibility on social media. It’s not that the design quality of other marketing platforms is bad—it’s just that the quality of LCA’s design is better. 

Why LCA Designs Are Worth the Price, Especially for Teams & Brokerages

If you’re a luxury agent or trying to break into a higher-priced market, LabCoat Agents’ templates will make your social media look as good as your competition—instantly. Since high-quality marketing materials are a common pain point for new luxury agents, we think most real estate pros will find the relatively higher price point a bargain. Talented graphic designers charge $50 and up per hour. 

For teams and brokerages, the value proposition is more obvious: $25 per agent, per month is a small price to pay to give your team’s marketing the look and feel of a successful luxury brokerage. 

Next, let’s take a look at just how sleek and professional LCA’s templates for lead generation, engagement, video and print are. 

Design Quality: Lead Generation Social Media Templates

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

Lead generation templates for social media is where LCA really shines. All of their templates for ads and lead generation social media posts are sleek and professional—a clear cut above other marketing platforms. 

Number of Templates: OK

While LCA’s design quality is a cut above the rest, they don’t offer as many templates as Agent Crate. I counted only eight templates for open house social media posts while Agent Crate had 24. That said, the quality of the designs on LCA is better, so it’s a matter of quantity over quality. 

Variety of Design Styles: OK 

LCA also doesn’t have quite as much variety in their designs as competitors such as Agent Crate or Coffee & Contracts. Almost all the designs on LCA are sleek and professional, but we wanted to see more light and fun designs. Sure, you can change colors in their editor, but when you’re paying a premium for templates, it would be nice to have a large enough variety to avoid this extra step. 

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Design & Copy Quality: Engagement Social Media Post Templates

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

As you might expect, the design quality for LCA’s social media engagement templates is excellent. They are sleek, professional, and look like what you’d get if you hired an expensive graphic designer. 

Number of Templates: OK

Once again, LCA seems to be shooting for quality over quantity. There are only a handful of engagement posts on the platform, and we couldn’t find any templates for Instagram Reels at all. Since engagement is a crucial way to build an audience on social media, we hope they add more soon!

Variety of Design Styles: OK 

There also was not a wide variety of different design styles to choose from. Agents with brands that are softer and use more muted colors like pink might not find what they want here. Sure, you can change colors in their editor, but not every agent will have the design skills to choose colors that work.

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Design & Copy Quality: Video & Reels Templates

LCA does not offer video or Instagram Reels templates on their platform. If these channels feature prominently in your marketing strategy, Coffee & Contracts or Agent Crate will be your best bet.

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Design Quality: Print Marketing Materials

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

Are you starting to sense a theme here? Like all their other templates, the quality of LCA’s print marketing materials is excellent. Sleek, professional, and expensive-looking. 

Number of Templates: Good

They seem to have a larger selection of templates for print than they do for social media. 

Variety of Design Styles: Good

The variety of design styles available for print marketing was also better than what LCA offers for social media. There were plenty of beautiful templates with a softer edge—pinks, beiges, and organic design were all there. 

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Features — What LabCoat Agents Offers: 4.4 (out of 5)

lab coat agents marketing center screenshot

Like Agent Crate, LCA offers a dizzying array of marketing features for agents, teams, and brokerages. This makes sense when you realize their goal is to be a one-stop shop for all (or most) of your marketing needs. 

Here’s what $59 per month gets an individual agent: 

Social Media Post Templates 

LCA has some of the best-looking social media post templates in the industry. If you want your brand to look professional on social, LCA is an excellent choice. 

Print Marketing Materials Templates 

LCA’s print marketing materials are also some of the best in the industry. They are sleek, professional, and come in a wide variety of design styles to work with any brand. 

Email Newsletter Templates

LCA’s email newsletter templates look just as great as their social media and print marketing templates. 

In-app Design Studio 

If you know how to use Canva, you’ll feel right at home customizing templates in LCA’s in-app design studio. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and has all the features you need—and none you don’t. 

Print On Demand & Direct Mail Scheduling 

Unlike other platforms, LCA leans into print marketing in a big way. Their templates for flyers, trifolds, business cards, letterhead, and postcards are all just as sleek and professional as everything else they offer. 

The Verdict: Is LabCoat Agents Marketing Center Worth the Money? 

For luxury agents and teams (as well as those who aspire to get to that level), we think LabCoat Agents Marketing Center is a solid choice. Their design quality is cut above the competition, and they offer a quick and easy way to get instant credibility in the high-end real estate market. 

You can research LabCoat Agent’s competitors in our in-depth buyer’s guide here:

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Methodology: How We Reviewed LabCoat Agents Marketing Center

We ranked LabCoat Agents Marketing Center using a mix of objective criteria, such as pricing and the features it offers agents, and subjective criteria, such as our expert opinions on the quality of their design and copy. This rating can change in the future if or when LCA adds more features, or another marketing platform offers a better solution for a lower price. 

Over to You 

Have you used LabCoat Agents Marketing Center or a competing marketing platform? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.