I bet that there are marketing activities you absolutely love and then there are probably some you hate—or just don’t have time to do. Good news! I’ve put together a list of my 10 favorite real estate marketing companies—ones that can expertly handle those exact marketing tasks you’re ready to outsource. 

Whether you need some focused attention on your social media, video content, or print marketing—or maybe even a comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy—we’ll help you pinpoint the right real estate marketing companies to meet your specific needs.

Our 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies in 2023

Marketing CompanyPrices FromBest For
LabCoat Agents$59/monthTemplates and designs
Coffee & Contracts$54/monthSocial media marketing
Luxury Presence$500/monthBrand development, website design, and social media
Addressable$1.25/card or $10 per territoryAI tools and handwritten postcards
Happy Grasshopper$47/month Written content creation
Parkbench$3,500/yearA tool for picking up more high-quality referrals from your local community
Chatter Buzz$5,000/monthMarketing agency services
Boomerang DM99 cents/card for 50+ monthly mailersPersonalized local business offers via direct mail
Market Leader$139/monthAll-in-one solution (emphasis on marketing)
Real Geeks$299/monthAll-in-one solution (emphasis on lead generation)

Best Templates & Designs: LabCoat Agents Marketing Center

LabCoat Agents—founders and operators of one of the most popular private real estate communities on Facebook—identified early on that agents needed a place to create custom marketing and branding material.

LabCoat Agents took the basic premise of a design site like Canva and layered a framework of real estate-specific marketing expertise. They offer a ton of fantastic real estate templates and inspiration for just about every marketing need you’ll have.

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LabCoat Agents Pricing & Services

The company’s pricing is divided into four tiers:

PlanPricingWhat’s Included
Individual$59/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Team (10 users)$249/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Mega Team (50 users)$499/monthTemplates, in-app design software, print on-demand
Custom BrokerageCall for pricingAll features and custom designs

Design tools and templates give you everything you need to create high-quality, custom marketing materials, such as:

Marketing Assets

  • Custom signage
  • Business cards, email signatures, and thank-you cards
  • Postcards, flyers, brochures, door hangers, and mailers
  • Listing presentations (paper and digital)
  • Open house and event invitations
  • Property marketing (paper and digital)
  • Newsletters (paper and digital)

Social Media Templates

  • Facebook posts and stories
  • Instagram posts and stories
  • Online ads for Google, Facebook, and other platforms

Example of LabCoat Agents’ Work

Lab coat agent examples of marketing collateral

Is LabCoat Agents Right for Your Business?

Being a member of the LabCoat Agents Marketing Center gives you access to some of the most stylish and attractive real estate marketing and branding assets we’ve seen in a long time. If you’re clear on your marketing strategy and just need polished, real estate-specific collateral to execute it, give LabCoat Agents a try.

Visit LabCoat Agents

Best Social Media Marketing: Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts is a real estate marketing company that provides a comprehensive roadmap to real estate social media marketing success. Now, the company doesn’t execute your social media marketing for you. Instead, it gives you the tools, templates, content calendars, and savvy strategy to guide you to do it with excellence.

The tools, resources, templates, and strategies were created for real estate pros by a real estate pro: Haley Ingram, a Realtor in Florida. She discovered that her fellow agents struggled with social content and overall strategy, so she offered social media training and translated her proven formula for success into what is now Coffee & Contracts.

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Coffee & Contracts Pricing & Services

Access to the Coffee & Contracts dashboard requires a membership. For $54 per month or $480 per year, you’ll get:

  • Content calendars and social media strategies for all the major platforms
  • Templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more
  • Video templates for Instagram Stories, Facebook Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and more
  • A searchable database of content by type (e.g., social templates for a recently closed sale)
  • A large collection of marketing collateral (open house flyers, buyer or seller checklists, and more)

Example of Coffee & Contracts’ Work

Coffee & contracts Example of the company's marketing collateral

Is Coffee & Contracts Right for Your Business?

If you’ve got the time and motivation, but lack the experience and inspiration, Coffee & Contracts is the real estate marketing company that’s going to take your social media to the next level. With an impressive collection of post templates, content calendars, strategy guides, and platform best practices available to members, Coffee & Contracts users will never find themselves unsure of their next social media post.

At this time, Coffee and Contracts has closed its membership until fall 2023. However, you can join the waiting list now and receive access to their free resource suite plus get an exclusive discount when they open their doors again.

Save $15 on Your First Month of Coffee & Contracts with Promo Code THECLOSE

Best for Website Design + Social Media: Luxury Presence

As the name implies, Luxury Presence puts real emphasis on the high-end market, which means their design work is sleek, chic, and very up-market. The company creates websites and marketing tools that provide content-driven digital products and services for real estate professionals.

Luxury Presence’s in-house professional design team creates a personalized website based on your branding and aesthetic, pulling from their vast bank of over 250 templates and designs. Their websites are some of the most captivating in the industry, and are optimized for lead generation with landing pages, pop-ups, and lead capture forms.

Don’t have an established brand? Luxury Presence can design a logo and work with you on a style guide. Plus, Luxury Presence crafts marketing strategies and will even create and post content for you. Their sophisticated analytics will help you track what’s working and you can easily tweak anything that’s not.

Luxury Presence Pricing & Services

Pricing is based on the client’s needs and scope of work. Generally, costs start at $500 per month and can go as high as $6,000 per month. Because its offerings are so customized, you’ll need to speak directly with a salesperson at Luxury Presence to get a sense of what your costs would be, especially considering there are both monthly rates and one-time setup fees.

Brand Development:

  • Logos, creative briefs, and style guides


  • Design and implementation of a customizable, award-winning website that is IDX-ready, optimized for lead capture, search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly, and supported by expert customer service

Social Media Marketing:

  • Strategy, content creation, and content management
  • Advertising services, including:
    • Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
    • Retargeting ads
    • Monthly analytic reports

Examples of Luxury Presence’s Work

Is Luxury Presence Right for Your Business?

Luxury Presence is the perfect real estate marketing company for those who need help creating a brand vision—or if you have a well-established brand and want your site and social media to reflect its aesthetic. While it comes at a premium (and you’d need to speak directly to them to find out just how much of a premium), Luxury Presence consistently produces really stunning design and expert content-driven marketing solutions. Get $500 off by clicking the button below.

Visit Luxury Presence

Best for AI Tools & Handwritten Postcards: Addressable

Addressable is a suite of marketing products, with its flagship product being handwritten mailers. The company utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic handwriting to ensure every card you send looks like it was written by a real person. Addressable’s products also include loads of other tools, like copywriting, generating listing pages, SmartQR codes, and much more.

Addressable sells “Territories” that consist of 26 acres each. Only a certain number of agents are allowed to use Addressable’s software in that area. Once you purchase a Territory, you unlock Addressable’s full suite of products to use in that area. However, note that the cost for print materials is a la carte.

Addressable Pricing & Services

As mentioned, you have to sign up for a Territory to gain access to Addressable’s products. Each Territory tile is 26 acres and ranges in price from $8 to $50, depending on the area. 

Note that there is a six-month contract to get started, and Addressable’s cards are sold a la carte to the Territory tiles. However, with the purchase of just one Territory, you have access to their entire suite of products. Those include:

  • Handwritten (robot written) cards for $1.40 per card. Includes:
    • First-class postage
    • Customizable cards on Italian cardstock
    • Logo, headshot, and QR code printed on all cards
    • Customizable messages
  • SmartCopy, Addressable’s AI-copywriting feature
  • ListingArchitect for creating professional listing descriptions
  • Audience Builder to craft the perfect mailing list
  • SmartNumber and SmartQR codes for tracking print campaigns

Examples of Addressable’s Work

sample letters with blue handwriting and a high quality listing photo from marketing company, Addressable.

Is Addressable Right for Your Business?

I remember when Addressable debuted about four years ago. AI technology was not nearly as capable as it is now, and I thought to myself, “This is going to be really cool in a few years.” 

That time has come. Addressable is a top-notch choice for agents looking to keep a personalized connection with their clients. Also, keep in mind that you can purchase just one Territory to have access to their suite of AI products—those alone could be worth the subscription.

Visit Addressable

Best for Written Marketing Content: Happy Grasshopper

You know you need to send out birthday messages to your contacts, but maybe you hate crafting those missives. Happy Grasshopper is a content-creation tool that allows you to outsource your copywriting to marketing professionals. This isn’t ChatGPT, but rather fresh content and strategies written by what the company calls “experts who have done this for over a decade.” The company believes that the secret to lead generation is capitalizing on relationships you’ve already established in your sphere of influence (SOI), so its content is specifically written to captivate and engage with that audience.

While Happy Grasshopper has many different solutions at different price points, I’m going to focus on its Chirp product. Chirp crafts and sends non-salesy content (emails, texts, and even ringless voicemail drops) directly to your SOI. These communications are friendly, relevant, current, and conclude with a call to action (CTA) that should result in healthy response rates.

Happy Grasshopper Pricing & Services for Chirp

Monthly Plan ($47/month):

  • Send the following to up to 250 contacts per year:
    • 17 emails
    • Six to 12 text messages
    • Six to 12 ringless voicemail drops
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Annual Plan ($470/year):

  • Everything in the monthly plan
  • Subscription to Revaluate (a company that uses predictive analytics to assess your SOI for potential clients)
  • Digital business card
  • Coaching library

Chirp automates its communications, sending email, text messages, and voicemail drops every three months, one on the contact’s birthday, one on a transaction anniversary, and on the six holidays you select. 

You can also add on handwritten notes for an additional fee. If you want to send more communications or you need to expand beyond 250 contacts, you can always upgrade to another Happy Grasshopper product.

Examples of Happy Grasshopper’s Work

Is Happy Grasshopper Right for Your Business?

Happy Grasshopper’s Chirp is an affordable way to capitalize on relationships you’ve already established. If you hate the process of creating and writing personalized messages to your sphere of influence, Happy Grasshopper is the ideal solution.

Try Happy Grasshopper’s Chirp

Best for Local Referrals: Parkbench

Parkbench’s formula is simple: create a hyperlocal website that serves as a central hub for a geographic area you’re targeting, then create specialized content (like interviews with local business owners) that will drive traffic and generate leads. The idea is that this will make you the go-to Realtor for anyone you feature, exploding your referral base.

Creating and maintaining a website from scratch is a lot of work, but Parkbench does the heavy lifting for you. Its smart algorithm automatically populates your site with local news stories, events, and even deals from nearby restaurants. All you have to do is create the specialized neighborhood content your readers are looking for (but they’ll even help with that too).

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Parkbench Pricing & Services

Prices for Parkbench websites start at $3,000 per year and vary slightly by community size. Contact Parkbench’s sales team to get specific pricing for your area. 

Real estate marketing services provided by Parkbench include:

  • Hyperlocal website: This is the hub for community real estate farming that drives referrals. Because Parkbench only works with one Realtor per neighborhood, your hyperlocal website will be the only one of its kind around.
  • Auto-populated local news: Keeping maintenance and effort as low as possible, Parkbench scans local news for relevant stories, events, and even deals that your audience might be interested in.
  • Dedicated success coaches: Each subscriber gets a coach to answer questions and provide regular guidance.

Example of Parkbench’s Work

Gif showing Parkbench's hyperlocal marketing website for Greeley CO
Parkbench website active in Greeley, Colorado

Is Parkbench Right for Your Business?

If you’re active in real estate farming, you know that your targeted area needs specialized content. A Parkbench website provides another point of contact for your audience and increases your authority as the local real estate expert. But this referral marketing tool definitely requires some work on your end. 

A Parkbench website that isn’t actively maintained with new content at least monthly (if not weekly) is likely to underperform. But if you’re dedicated to a specific area and ready to drive up referrals, a Parkbench website is a fantastic tool.

Visit Parkbench

Best a la Carte Marketing Agency: Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz is an online, full-service marketing agency with a dedicated, experienced, real estate-focused team. Trusted by major regional brokerages like Weichert, Olde Town Brokers, and Driftwood Real Estate Group, Chatter Buzz offers everything from web design to content marketing to video production, and their list of services continues to grow.

The company’s unique point pricing model allows clients to choose from a menu of different marketing functions every month. Since you can apply your points to new services each month, you’re always getting help exactly where you need it, even as your needs change and evolve.

Chatter Buzz Pricing & Services

The Chatter Buzz point system is based on deliverables, not hourly billing rates. Their three package tiers include points that can be used toward a la carte services, plus a range of strategy, support, campaign performance monitoring, and measurement services.

All of the following packages include a monthly traffic digital marketing playbook and campaign performance scorecard, a dedicated Chatter Buzz account team, an online campaign management center, media monitoring alerts, heatmap and video user interface/user experience tracking on your website, online reputation monitoring, advanced analytics and analysis, and a vanity call tracking system.

  • Basic Package ($5,000/month): 35 digital marketing points per month (typically enough for two to three tasks)
  • Growth Package ($10,000/month): 74 campaign points per month (typically enough for four to five tasks)
  • Pro Package ($20,000/month): 154 digital marketing service points per month (typically enough for six to eight tasks), integrated marketing plan

Again, the specific point value of these services is determined by the scope of work (there is no uniform point cost for a particular service). Prices vary based on the size and complexity of the project.

Here are some of the most popular services:

  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) consulting
  • Pay-per-click and SEO services
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Video creation and promotion
  • Content marketing
  • Reputation management

Examples of Chatter Buzz’s Work

Examples of Chatter Buzz's marketing Work

Is Chatter Buzz Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking for a versatile real estate marketing company with expertise and valuable service offerings that adjust in scope based on your business’ needs, Chatter Buzz is a great option. Despite being the priciest choice on our list, its ability to adapt focus each month helps make Chatter Buzz a valuable asset—especially if you’re running a larger operation like a team or a brokerage.

Visit Chatter Buzz

Best Personalized Local Business Offers via Direct Mail: Boomerang DM

Boomerang DM offers an automatic way to easily nurture your sphere while providing them with value. The company partners with local restaurants and businesses to get great offers like free appetizers, desserts, and BOGO specials directly to mailboxes—with your personalized branding. They’ll receive the offers that are closest to them in the area.

One of the best parts of Boomerang DM is the flexibility. There are no setup fees, contracts, or minimum orders. You also have the flexibility of doing it every month or every other month. You can have the cards sent to you without postage to hand out at events. You will be able to preview the design and offers before Boomerang sends them.

📌   Pro Tip

Get some cards to take to your open houses and local events—you’ll quickly stand out!

Boomerang DM Pricing & Services

Boomerang DM is the most budget-friendly option on our list to increase your marketing efforts. The company’s flexible pricing is based on your choices in three areas:

  • Monthly or every two months’ subscription (save 10 cents per card if you send them monthly)
  • Mailed or unmailed (save another 10 cents per card if they’re all shipped to you rather than being mailed directly)
  • Volume of cards (you’ll pay an additional 10 cents per card if you’re working with less than 50 cards at a time)

Boomerang has no setup fees, no minimum orders, and free shipping. These mailers are high-quality card stock and each offer is valued at an average of $15. Here’s how the cost breakdown works:

99 cents per card mailed $1.09 per card mailed
79 cents per card unmailed89 cents per card unmailed
map of the United States, showing the metro areas in which marketing company Boomerang DM operates.

Boomerang DM is available in a fair number of metro markets across the country, as seen in the map above. 

Examples of Postcards by Boomerang DM

Is Boomerang DM Right for Your Business?

If you’re in one of Boomerang’s market areas, it’s easy to recommend giving them a try. You can get 20 unmailed cards sent to your office for about $25, or just hop in and upload your contact address sheet. I’ve seen the cards, and they are a quality print marketing option to get started on automatically nurturing your sphere.

Visit Boomerang DM

All-in-One Real Estate Marketing Companies

Instead of piecing together a marketing strategy, maybe you really need an all-encompassing solution. Market Leader and Real Geeks are our top two picks for end-to-end sales solutions with expert focus on marketing. There are key differences between these two real estate marketing companies, but both offer excellent lead generation, websites, customer relationship managers (CRMs), lead nurturing, and integrated marketing.

Best All-in-One for Marketing: Market Leader

Market Leader is a complete end-to-end sales and marketing solution for agents, teams, and brokers who want a tool to attract, acquire, engage, nurture, and convert real estate leads. For those who want all of their sales lead tracking and communication in one place, Market Leader is a great option.

While there are other excellent all-in-one solutions, Market Leader is top of our list for its emphasis on marketing. It provides fully featured, brandable websites designed for lead generation that include landing pages, IDX capability, and SEO. Market Leader also has a highly sophisticated CRM with a marketing suite built right in, allowing agents to automate email, paid ads in social media, and print marketing.

Market Leader and Real Geeks (next up in this list of real estate marketing companies) are both all-in-one, fully featured enterprise solutions, but Market Leader has the edge in marketing with its listing marketing kits, marketing activity reports, flyers, postcards, greeting and business cards, guides, and the ability to print all of these materials through its partnership with Shutterfly. Plus, you’ll likely up your response rates with their video-enabled, mobile-friendly automated marketing emails.

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Market Leader Pricing & Services

For $139 per month, users get the website, CRM, and built-in marketing center. Most agents who use Market Leader also purchase leads, which drives up the overall cost and makes it more expensive than Real Geeks. 

With Market Leader’s marketing center, agents can run their automations directly from the CRM. They can choose from dozens of preconstructed email drip campaigns for prospective buyers and sellers. Market Leader also writes a newsletter with original content each month that agents can repurpose as their own. 

Example of Market Leader’s Work

Market Leader's work example

Is Market Leader Right for Your Business?

Market Leader delivers a unique value proposition with its powerful CRM, well-designed websites, and a marketing platform so advanced it could function as a standalone product. The company really wants to be the all-in-one marketing operations solution for real estate agents, and we can easily say it’s well on its way.

Visit Market Leader

Best All-in-One for Lead Generation: Real Geeks

As a real estate marketing company, Real Geeks is focused on generating leads at scale. Real Geeks’ ecosystem rests on an IDX-connected website with optimized lead capture landing pages. It focuses on getting as many paid leads into your CRM as possible by running ads on social media platforms and using Google to drive traffic to your site.

Think of Real Geeks as a big wheel, with Facebook and Google ads driving your audience to your website, which captures leads and sends them to your CRM, where you nurture them with automated communications and drips. Everything is synergized with the singular goal of driving leads. More of a set-it-and-forget it solution, Real Geeks’ marketing is a crucial piece in its lead generation system.

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Real Geeks Pricing & Services at a Glance

Real Geeks’ prices start at $299 a month for an IDX website and lead-generating home valuation landing pages. This also includes access to the robust CRM, email marketing, SMS text auto-responder, and more.

Real Geeks also offers specific marketing services to help generate traffic to your IDX website and landing pages, including:

  • Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: $300 per month plus ad spend
  • Facebook advertising: $300 per month plus ad spend

Example of Real Geeks’ Work

Real Geeks property valuation landing page
Real Geeks property valuation landing page

Is Real Geeks Right for Your Business?

Real Geeks is an ideal real estate marketing company for agents whose general strategy is in good shape but want to take their lead generation game to the next level. A premier all-in-one solution for an entire brokerage or a single agent, the website feeds the ads, which feed the CRM and around again. If you’re looking for a real estate marketing company that is going to drive traffic to your lead-generating website with targeted campaigns across all the major ad platforms, you should absolutely give Real Geeks a try.

Visit Real Geeks

A Note on Methodology 

To be considered for our list of best real estate marketing companies, candidates must offer services exclusively to the real estate industry or have a particular suite of offerings designed for real estate pros.

I considered dozens of real estate marketing companies for my top choices and assessed each one based on pricing, features, and level of expertise. I also utilized my years of real estate experience to consider the quality of marketing features, such as design and content.

Real Estate Marketing Companies: FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from readers about choosing a real estate marketing company.

Bringing It All Together

Getting the right real estate marketing company for your growing business is essential to elevating your status in your local market. Do you have a company in mind that you think we should include on our list? Comment below or join our Facebook Mastermind Group to trade recommendations with fellow agents.

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