Founded by former agent Haley Ingram in 2019, Coffee & Contracts has grown to be a dominant player in the real estate social media marketing space—seemingly overnight. But Coffee & Contracts promises agents more than just pretty Instagram templates. Like Agent Crate and Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center, they claim to be a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. So are they? 

To help you decide if Coffee & Contracts is right for you, we took a deep dive into the pricing, design, quality of their prewritten content, and features for 2023 to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Coffee & Contracts
  • Trendy design & well-written copy
  • Templates & scripts for engagement
  • Monthly content calendar
  • Useful & stylish print templates
  • No automated posting
  • No in-app template editor
  • No print-on-demand options
The Close Score
Design & Copy

While it may lack the features of rivals like Agent Crate, Coffee & Contracts’ top-shelf graphic design, prewritten captions, video scripts, and viral Instagram templates more than make up for it. Coffee & Contracts’ Stories template sets, memes from The Broke Agent, and Instagram Reels scripts with trending audio all give you the one thing social media algorithms look for to boost your Instagram account: highly engaging content.

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What Is Coffee & Contracts? 

Coffee & Contracts is a real estate marketing platform designed to help agents succeed on social media and in print. They offer sleek and trendy templates for Instagram and Facebook that agents can easily customize in Canva. Unlike some competitors, they also offer engaging copy, including video scripts, in addition to static images. 

Coffee & Contracts Pricing

PlanPricingWhat’s Included
Agent (billed monthly)$54/monthEngaging templates, monthly content calendar, Facebook group
Agent (billed semi-annually)$49.50/monthEngaging templates, monthly content calendar, Facebook group
Agent (billed annually)$45/monthEngaging templates, monthly content calendar, Facebook group
TeamCallAll features + multi-usage license
BrokerageCallAll features + multi-usage license & custom dashboard & templates

Starting at $54 on a month-to-month basis for individual agents, Coffee & Contracts is the second-most expensive marketing platform we looked at—almost double the price of Agent Crate. That said, if you pay for the year upfront, the pricing comes down to a more reasonable $45 per month. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Coffee & Contracts’ pricing compares to the competition:

PlatformPricing (billed monthly)Pricing (billed annually)
Coffee & Contracts$54 per month$45 per month
Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center$59 per month$59 per month
Agent Crate$29 per month$24 per month

As you can see, Coffee & Contracts is still a steep $25 per month more than Agent Crate. So what does that extra $300 a year get you? In a word: engagement. Coffee & Contracts doesn’t just offer static Instagram post templates. Instead, they have thoughtfully written, multipart Story templates, Reels scripts, and even memes from The Broke Agent. 

Design & Copy Quality: 5 (out of 5)

Back-end screenshot of the Contracts & Coffee platform

What we really love about Coffee & Contracts’ social media templates is that they’re not only beautiful to look at, but actually encourage your followers to engage with them. For example, Coffee & Contracts’ multipart story sets are fully written and designed to get your followers to swipe right to read the whole series. 

They also include helpful cues for where to include poll stickers or emojis and caption suggestions written to increase engagement. Unlike their competitors, Coffee & Contracts also offers animated templates, which, again, are designed to help you stand out and increase engagement with your followers. 

Coffee & Contracts Gives Agents What Social Media Algorithms Want 

While this alone would be enough to recommend Coffee & Contacts to anyone struggling with social media, they also offer something even more useful: scripts for Reels videos. Since studies show Reels have a wider reach and get more likes than image posts, this alone will be worth the price of admission for some agents. 

Even better, Coffee & Contracts gives you explicit instructions on how to actually record your Reels and how and when to post them to get maximum engagement. 

Design Quality: Lead Generation Social Media Templates

Lead Gen Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

Even though many social media experts suggest posting mostly content designed for engagement, you’re still going to want to post the occasional just listed, just sold, or open house post to generate leads. Luckily, Coffee & Contracts’ lead generation templates are just as well-designed and thoughtfully written as their engagement posts. 

Number of Lead Gen Templates: Excellent

They don’t skimp on quantity either. There is seemingly an endless amount of options for just listed, just sold, open house, and other common lead gen needs. 

Variety of Lead Gen Styles: Excellent

We also loved the variety of design styles Coffee & Contracts offers for their lead generation templates. When you click through to a template set, you’ll find the same design with different colors and themes.

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Design & Copy Quality: Engagement Social Media Post Templates

Engagement Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

While the quality of their graphic design is on par with Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center, Coffee & Contracts’ copy and scripts are on another level. In fact, no other platform we looked at offered the same quantity and quality of copy for Stories and Reels on Instagram. 

Number of Engagement Templates: Excellent

Amazingly, they also offer a large number of templates to choose from, with fresh new options and scripts coming out every month. 

Variety of Engagement Design Styles: Excellent

While most of the templates Coffee & Contracts offers have a similar look and feel, each template they offer usually has a few different color themes to choose from.

Design & Copy Quality: Video & Reels Templates

Video Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

Unlike some of the copy its competitors offer for Instagram Stories, the scripts Coffee & Contracts offers for Reels were clearly written by a real estate agent. Here’s a quick example of the beginning of a script for a Seller FAQ Story:

Number of Video Templates: Excellent

There are dozens of Stories and Reels templates on the platform, and each one has explicit instructions on how to make it more engaging. While there were only a dozen or so video scripts in their content library, that’s a dozen more than the competition. 

Variety of Video Design Styles: Excellent

Coffee & Contracts Stories and Reels templates are beautifully designed, and more importantly, they feel fresh, fun, and trendy. While Lab Coat Agents has as good or even sometimes better graphic design, they’re all a bit more sober and serious. Perfect for an established brokerage, but not ideal for an agent looking to grow their account. 

Design Quality: Print Marketing Materials

Print Design & Copy Quality: Excellent

Like all their templates, Coffee & Contracts’ print templates look great. They also seem to have more useful templates than their rivals. For example, instead of only getting promotional print materials (just sold, just listed, etc.), Coffee & Contracts offers beautifully designed and useful templates for final walk-through checklists, preferred vendor packets, door hangers, listing activity feedback, and more. They even have a full comparative market analysis template. 

Number of Print Templates: Good

While Coffee & Contracts clearly offers more templates for social media, they have roughly as many print marketing templates as their competitors. 

Variety of Print Design Styles: Excellent

As we mentioned above, the variety of actually useful print templates on offer here is pretty amazing. Perfect for agents who want ALL of their marketing materials to look as good as their Instagram feed. 

Features: What You Get With Coffee & Contracts: 4.1 (out of 5)

Coffee & Contracts screenshot - content calendar

While they offer more engaging templates than competitors like Agent Crate and Lab Coat Agents, when it comes to features, Coffee & Contracts might come up a little short for some agents. They don’t have automated posting, an in-app editor, or print-on-demand features like their competition. However, they more than make up for that with the quantity and quality of their templates and training materials. 

Here’s what you get: 

Social Media Post, Stories & Reels Templates + Scripts

Coffee & Contracts templates for Instagram are head and shoulders above the competition. While Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center might have the same high-quality design, they don’t have the copy and scripts. 

Monthly Content Calendar 

Just getting a bunch of templates isn’t very helpful if you don’t know what to post every morning. Coffee & Contracts’ content calendar tells you exactly what to post and when. The only element they could improve here is adding auto-posting capabilities.

Print Marketing Materials Templates 

Coffee & Contracts’ print marketing templates look great, and they cover more actual uses than their competitors do. While most platforms only offer the basics like just listed and just sold, Coffee & Contracts offers full comparative market analyses, seller updates, final walk-through checklists, and more.  

Prewritten Email Newsletters & Lead Magnets

You also get prewritten templates for email newsletters, including checklists, local event calendars, open-house guides, and even a preferred vendor packet. 

Memes From The Broke Agent 

If you want to post memes to grow your account, Coffee & Contracts offers customizable memes from The Broke Agent. No other platform we looked at offered meme templates, and especially not funny meme templates like those from The Broke Agent. 

Branding Templates 

Coffee & Contracts also offers templates to help build your personal brand. They have templates for logos, seasonal Facebook covers, email signatures, and even covers for Instagram highlights. 

Realtor Training & Private Facebook Group 

Since they lack the in-app design tools that their rivals offer, Coffee & Contracts seems to have doubled down on training agents to crush it on social media. They offer training for making videos, creating Instagram Stories, increasing likes and comments, and more. They also have a members-only Facebook group with almost 5,000 agents where you can swap tips and strategies. 

Coffee & Contracts Alternatives

PlatformBest For
Coffee & ContractsAgents who want to increase engagement on Instagram
Lab Coat Agents Marketing CenterTeams and brokerages
Agent CrateAgents on a budget who want automated social media posting

Methodology: How We Ranked Coffee & Contracts

We ranked Coffee & Contracts using a mix of objective criteria, such as the pricing and features it offers agents, and subjective criteria like our expert opinions on the quality of their design and copy compared to their competitors. This rating can change in the future if or when Coffee & Contracts adds more features, or a different marketing platform offers a better solution for a lower price. 

Over to You 

Do you use Coffee & Contracts? What do you think of the platform? Let us know in the comments!