Agent Crate bills itself as a one-stop shop for every Realtor’s marketing needs. While they do seem to offer everything an agent could possibly want from social media templates to landing pages, does it make sense to spend your hard-earned money on Agent Crate? 

To help you decide, we created this review that takes a deep dive into Agent Crate’s pricing, design and copy quality, and features for 2023. We also included real examples of Agent Crate’s templates so you can see if they’re a match for your personal brand.

Agent Crate
  • Amazing design quality for the price
  • Wide variety of marketing templates
  • Automated social media posting
  • In-app design studio
  • Designs might not work for every agent's brand
The Close Score
Design Quality

While its design and copy might not work for every Realtor’s brand, Agent Crate’s marketing platform offers the best value for money on the market today. For around half of what Coffee & Contracts or Lab Coat Agents charge, you get professionally designed marketing templates, an in-app design studio, and automated social media posting. If you want a full-featured marketing platform without breaking the bank, Agent Crate is the obvious choice. 

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What Is Agent Crate?

Agent Crate is a real estate marketing company that offers real estate salespeople customizable templates for social media posts, email, print marketing, videos, and blogs. Realtors use Agent Crate to quickly and easily create content for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The main selling point is that agents can spend less time thinking up and designing marketing materials and more time selling real estate. 

Agent Crate Pricing for 2023

PlanPricingWhat’s Included
Essential$29/monthMembers’ dashboard, monthly posting calendar, curated content w/captions, ad of the month, listing description creator, blogs, customizable videos, landing pages
Growth$69/monthEverything in essential + auto-posting to Facebook and Instagram
Elite$109/monthEverything in growth + customizable website and hosting

Starting at just $29 per month (and only $24 per month when paid annually), Agent Crate gives Realtors the best bang for their buck in the industry. For less than a dollar per day, the company provides agents fresh content to post on social media for an entire month. Since consistency is key to building a following on social media, many Realtors will find that Agent Crate offers an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Agent Crate vs Competitor Pricing for 2023

CompanyPricing (Month-to-Month)Pricing (Paid Yearly)
Agent Crate$29 per month$24 per month
Coffee & Contracts$54 per month$45 per month
Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center$59 per month$59 per month

Compared to other real estate marketing companies, Agent Crate is one of the most affordable platforms on the market. By a long shot. Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center charges around twice as much for a very similar product. 

If you want to see what these other marketing platforms have to offer, check out Chris Linsell’s marketing companies buyer’s guide here: 

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Of course, since so many Realtors want to build their personal brand these days, price is not the only criteria we examine in this in-depth review of Agent Crate’s offerings. For thoughtful agents, design quality is just as important. That’s why our next step offers a deep dive into the quality of Agent Crate’s design and copy for their social media templates.

Design & Copy Quality: 4.5 / 5

Agent Crate Social Media Marketing Dashboard

The overall quality of Agent Crate’s design and marketing copy is good, but in my view, not quite as high quality as Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center or Coffee & Contracts. Of course, taste in design is subjective and many agents may prefer the look and feel of Agent Crate’s design over their competitors.

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Agent Crate Hits the Sweet Spot Between Quality & Price 

While Agent Crate’s competitors excel at offering sophisticated, polished designs, that might not be the best move for your particular market or brand. Then there’s the price. While I think Lab Coat Agents’ templates do look better, they certainly don’t look twice as good as Agent Crate’s templates—and they are charging twice the price! 

OK, I could ramble on about graphic design for days, but since I don’t want to bore you to death, here are some examples of Agent Crate’s templates so you can judge for yourself. 

Design Quality: Lead Generation Social Media Templates

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Good

While the quality of Agent Crate’s lead generation templates are good, they may not be quite as sleek and flashy as the designs Lab Coat Agents or Coffee & Contracts offer. Again, design quality is highly subjective, so go with what works best for your brand and farm area. 

Number of Templates: Good

Our Agent Crate review found the company does have a decent selection of templates for pretty much any lead generation post you could dream up. Along with standard templates for open houses, just-listed properties, and solds, you also get templates for price-reduction, referral, and under-contract posts, among others. 

I counted 25 different templates for open houses alone, so chances are you will find one that works for your brand. If not, you can always use Agent Crate’s in-app editor to change colors, fonts, and layouts to better fit your brand. 

Variety of Design Styles: Excellent 

Agent Crate also has a wide variety of design styles to choose from. The company’s lead-generation templates range from light and airy pinks and taupes to more masculine and bold black-and-gray designs. 

Design & Copy Quality: Engagement Social Media Post Templates

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Good

The design and copy quality of Agent Crate’s engagement templates is pretty good. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, and they are highly legible. In other words, when someone is scrolling through social media, they will instantly be able to tell what your post is about. 

That said, Agent Crate misses the mark slightly when it comes to humor. It’s not that they’re humor templates aren’t funny, it’s just that they are very, very tame. Some agents might prefer this, but we’ve found that slightly edgy quips tend to do better on social media.

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Number of Templates: Good

Agent Crate creates 10 new engagement templates each month in five different categories: connect, interactive, property, educate, and humor. Since many of these templates are seasonal, you should have more than enough to choose from each month. 

Variety of Design Styles: Excellent 

As in the case of the lead generation templates, my review of Agent Crate’s engagement designs found a nice variety of template styles to choose from. The templates range from bold and masculine to softer and more feminine, so most agents will have no problem finding something that works for their brand. 

Design Quality: Video & Reels Templates

Video & Reels Templates

Overall Design & Copy Quality: Good

I like the video templates that Agent Crate offers. They might not be as slick as what Coffee & Contracts offers, but they are well produced and should work nicely for most Realtors. 

Number of Templates: Fair

Since templates for videos and Instagram Reels are a relatively new feature for Agent Crate, there are not a ton to choose from. We counted 24 Reels templates and 24 video templates. That said, there is a decent amount to choose from, and we expect this number to increase over time. 

Variety of Design Styles: Excellent 

There is a nice variety of video styles to choose from. Again, the wide range in style suggests most agents will have no problem finding something that works for their brand. 

Features: What You Get With Agent Crate

screenshot of Agent Crate's features

Agent Crate offers an almost overwhelming number of marketing tools for Realtors, especially when you consider it costs roughly half of what its competitors charge. Here is a quick rundown of what you get: 

Template Library 

As noted above, Agent Crate has a wide range of social media, marketing, drip campaign, and video templates to choose from that can be customized to work with your brand. 

Content Calendar 

Since consistency is key to success on social media, a content calendar that tells agents what to post every day is a crucial feature for a marketing company. Agent Crate’s content calendar is easy to use and mixes up post types strategically, so you won’t be posting the same kind of content every day. 

Automated Posting 

One incredibly useful feature Agent Crate offers in its Growth plan is automated posting. While posting on Instagram and Facebook isn’t exactly rocket science, many busy agents prefer to have it done for them. 

While competitors like Coffee & Contracts and Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center might have a slight edge on Agent Crate in terms of graphic design, neither offers automated posting. 

Pre-written Blog Posts 

Another cool feature Agent Crate offers is pre-written blog posts. While the writing is not exactly Shakespeare and they are not locally focused, they do exist and you can add them to your blog. And that’s not to say that Agent Crate’s blog posts are just fluff. Post topics range from selling a tenant-occupied property to first-time buyer guides. 

Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

If you’re running Facebook ads, then you might find Agent Crate’s landing pages and lead magnets useful. They offer a wide variety of options in terms of where to send people who click on your ad campaigns. 

Design Studio 

This is where you customize templates within Agent Crate. If you’re familiar with Canva, then you’ll feel right at home tweaking their designs to fit your brand. 

This is a feature that competitors such as Coffee & Contracts don’t have. When you click on the button to customize templates in Coffee & Contracts, it opens up in Canva. While some Realtors might prefer an in-app editor like Agent Crate’s, many more will already have a free Canva account and won’t be bothered by editing in Canva. 

Print Marketing Templates 

Agent Crate also comes packed with templates for flyers, business cards, and even door hangers. All print marketing templates can be easily customized in the design studio. 

Agent Training Resources

You also get a library of resources including scripts, newsletters, checklists, and more. 

Agent Crate Alternatives

PlatformBest For
Coffee & ContractsAgents who want to increase engagement on Instagram
Lab Coat Agents Marketing CenterTeams and brokerages

Methodology: How We Ranked Agent Crate

We ranked Agent Crate using a mix of objective criteria like pricing and the features it offers agents, as well as subjective criteria like our expert opinions on the quality of their design and copy. This rating can change in the future, if or when Agent Crate adds more features, or another marketing platform offers a better solution for a lower price. 

Over to You 

Have you used Agent Crate or a competing marketing platform? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.