Believe it or not, 2023 is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you will market your business in the new year. One of the most fun marketing tools to market your business year-round is real estate calendar magnets.

We rounded up some of the coolest real estate magnet calendars out there to help you find just the right one for your business. You still have time to customize your order and get your calendars in time for Christmas, but don’t wait. The time to get these ordered is now.

We’ve taken the time-consuming part out, so check out our list of the hottest magnet calendars for 2023 and get your orders in. We also included a few alternatives to calendars that you can give to prospects (while branding yourself). 

1. Classy Home Retreat

Truly engaging 2023 calendar
Source: Truly Engaging

Truly Engaging is one of our top picks this year for all their custom magnet calendars. Their calendars are elegant, professional, and on point with trendy designs. This one, featuring a home interior photo at the top with “Your next chapter starts here,” will definitely live through the year on the fridge of anyone you share it with.

2. Seasonal Icons Make a Fun Calendar

Source: isn’t just for real estate, but they have a nice selection of business envelope-size magnet calendars worth checking out. I particularly like this one with all the different colors and fun icons for each month. 

3. Cheers to a Wonderful Year Ahead

Understated, yet fun, this calendar from Simply to Impress will delight any of your current clients and future clients. It’s simple, with just a hint of marketing at the bottom. The scalloped edges add a level of elegance. 

4. Peek-a-boo

These fun magnet calendars are eye-catching. Check out the creative peek-a-boo home interior pic that adds next-level class to these calendars from Truly Engaging.

5. Simple & Elegant

2023 Calendar Business Logo Text White Magnet Card
Source: Zazzle

If you’re looking for something that’s elegant without a lot of fluff, this modern calendar magnet from does the trick. Customize it to include your logo or your headshot. 

6. Modern Kitchen Love

It’s easy to look professional with these modern full calendar magnets from Truly Engaging. The neutral tones make it the perfect adornment in any kitchen.

7. Bright White Elegance

Sparkle brightly with these classy calendars from Truly Engaging featuring a gorgeous home interior shot on the top, constantly reminding your future clients that you can help them find their dream home. Your pic and info will stay on display all year.

8. Dancing in the Dark Mode

2023 Calendar Custom Business Logo Photo Text Easy Magnet
Source: Zazzle

These landscape calendar magnets from Zazzle will certainly stand out in any home. Add your logo and your pic in the center to remind your friends and neighbors that you’re always there to share your real estate expertise. Love the white on black on these stunning magnets.

9. Colorful Dream Houses

Real Estate Calendar Magnets
Source: SmartPress

When I came across these colorful and fun calendar magnets from SmartPress, I was immediately drawn into the detail of each of the 12 homes on display. And that’s exactly what will happen on the fridge of any home these calendars live in. There’s plenty of room for your logo, headshot, and contact information right at the top. 

10. Stunning in Gold

2023 Business 2 Photo Gold Script Calendar Magnet
Source: Zazzle

These gorgeous calendars from Zazzle sparkle with gold and shimmer all year long. I love how you can have multiple pictures on the side with plenty of room for your contact info. These calendars know how to make a statement.

11. Clear Blue Skies

2023 QuickCard Calendar Magnets - Clear Blue Skies
Source: Markful

Maybe it’s because I live near a beach, but anytime I find something with a beachy theme, like this calendar magnet from Markful, I’m drawn to it. Beach living is a lifestyle, and when you can marry real estate with the lifestyle that goes with it, that’s a win! 

12. Vintage Takes the Cake

2023 QuickCard Calendar Magnets Vintage Texas
Source: Markful

Nostalgia sells, and these amazing vintage calendars from Markful remind us of why we love nostalgia so much. There’s just something about looking back on how things were that makes us all collectively say, “I remember when…” These calendar magnets will add a vintage touch to any appliance they’re stuck on.

13. Hello Color

2023 Calendar Business Modern Script Photo Magnet
Source: Zazzle

Talk about eye-catching colors—these Zazzle calendar magnets will catch the eye of anyone who sees them. And there’s plenty of sparkle to attract all the eyes while your gorgeous smile sits at the top. You’ll get to smile at your future clients all year long.

14. Welcome to My Beautiful Garden

Beautiful Floral 2023 Personalized Magnet
Source: Zazzle

Zazzle is turning up the splendor with these garden-themed calendars. Filled with modern and trendy fonts to help your information stand out, these calendars look more like decoration than marketing. Anyone would love to display these in their home. 

15. Farmhouse Chic

2023 QuickMagnet Calendar Magnets - Chalkboard Sweet Home
Source: Markful

Joanna Gaines isn’t the only one who knows farmhouse chic. You can grab these adorable chalkboard real estate magnet calendars from Markful and add a touch of Magnolia style to any home. And you’ll shine with your welcoming message, “Home Sweet Home,” throughout the entire year. 

16. A Touch of Uncomplicated Charm

2022 Real Estate Thank You Calendar
Source: Zazzle

Not everyone is into flash and sizzle. And if that’s you, I’ve got the perfect calendar magnet for you. This uncluttered, straightforward calendar from Zazzle features a stunning home in the middle and a simple “Thank you for your business” at the bottom with your name and contact information. It doesn’t get any easier than this. 

17. The Powerful Punch of Purple

Real Estate Calendar Magnets

This stunner from stopped me in my tracks with that power-packed purple-and-green combination. That’s a lot of punch! Imagine this little calendar doing all that work for you all through the year.

18. Have It Your Way

Sometimes you simply can’t find exactly what you are looking for. That’s when it’s time to design it yourself. If you’re the type of person who enjoys graphic design, you might consider going to a site like Custom Magnets Direct and uploading your own design. You can use one of their calendars, like this one, as a template and customize it until you get just what you’re looking for. 

19. Duly Noted

These calendar magnets are a little larger than the standard size because they offer a little something extra—a whiteboard! I love the added area for jotting down notes right on the fridge and next to your smiling face. This is an added value that has serious staying power. 


Door Hangers to Deliver Your Real Estate Calendars

Clear Bags Door Hanger Bags
Source: Amazon

Want to save on postage and add a personal touch? Deliver your calendar magnets in these easy-to-use door hanger bags. You can do some door-knocking and deliver your calendars directly to your farm along with a holiday card. And you won’t have to pay for stamps.

Consider Alternatives to a Real Estate Calendar

Real estate calendar magnets are great for promoting your business and lasting throughout the year. But there are other ideas that have staying power past New Year’s Eve. I’ve gathered a few other ideas together for you to consider. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of calendars. But I know that I have magnets on my fridge from businesses that have lasted for more than just 12 months. Some I’ve held onto for years. Who wouldn’t want to consider having that kind of endurance with one piece of marketing? Here are some ideas that can do exactly that.

1. Kitchen Conversion Charts

A cook’s best friend in the kitchen is a conversion guide. Here are two great ideas from Magnets USA that are fun and functional. Consider a kitchen conversion magnet for your next marketing campaign.

2. Wine & Beer Guides

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a glass of wine now and again, maybe your clients do too. Give the gift of knowledge with one of these wine guides that explains some of the basics of wine drinking. If beer is more your thing, Truly Engaging has one for beer too.

3. How to Get Out All the Stains

Cleaning Household Tips
Source: Truly Engaging

Who wouldn’t want to have this reference magnet around for when the worst happens? These stain removal guides come to the rescue to solve one of the worst problems that everyone shares—stains. Grab some of these from Truly Engaging to add to your marketing mix. Your clients will thank you when they save their dress from the red wine they spilled.

4. Spice Blend Recipes

Cooks love spice blends! And having this easy-access recipe magnet on the fridge will be a welcome delight in any home chef kitchen. Not to mention your message will always be there in a pinch. Grab these from Truly Engaging and start spreading the food love.

5. Meat Temperature Guide

Another useful tool for home cooks is a meat temperature guide. These types of magnet kitchen helpers, like this meat guide from Truly Engaging, can live on anyone’s fridge for years, showing off your info right at the top. 

If you’re looking for a bigger bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with these calendar magnet alternatives. There are so many to choose from, you can go crazy! When it comes to marketing, it’s great practice to think outside the box and do things others in your area aren’t doing. When they zig, you zag. 

So if everyone is doing magnet calendars, maybe you can come up with your own magnet that adds extra value for your future clients. Standing out and being different while being exceptionally helpful will grow your business faster.

Your Take

Real estate calendars are such a fun and useful tool to boost your business. The added bonus is it lasts for the next 12 months. But you have to get started on designing or choosing yours now before the end of 2022. You’ll want to spend the first week or two of January making sure these calendars get into the homes of all your people. Stake your claim to the fridge space early!

Do you use magnet calendars for your marketing? Have you seen success using them? Or have you used one of the alternatives with success? We’d love to hear your stories from the field. Share with us in the comments!