When it comes to sending real estate thank-you notes to clients, there are two schools of thought: Some agents never send them. They think their clients should be thanking THEM. Other, smarter agents ALWAYS send them to buyers and sellers. Why? They know that making a personal connection after closing is crucial for creating clients for life.

Since we’re firmly in the pro thank-you note camp, we decided to work with some top-producing agents who gave us seven real estate thank-you notes they actually use to connect with clients. Following the thank-you notes, we’ll share writing tips from top Douglas Elliman agents.

1. Thank-you Note From Listing Agent to Homeowner

Beverly Ruffner, Real Estate Coach, Close Contributor

2. Thank-you Note From Buyer’s Agent to Buyer

3. Thank-you Note From Buyer’s Agent After a Difficult Closing

4. Thank-you Note After Receiving a Closing Gift From a Buyer

5. Thank-you Note After Finding a Buyer an Amazing Deal

6. Thank-you Note to Homeowner After Not Getting the Listing

7. Thank-you Note to Former Client After They Give You a Referral

Thank-you Note Strategy & Writing Tips From Top-producing Douglas Elliman Agents

Of course, how you send out your client thank-you notes is almost as important as what you write in them. That’s why we reached out to some top-producing Douglas Elliman agents in Miami, Beverly Hills, and Manhattan to see how they tackle writing and sending their notes.

Tina Perkins, Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills

“We leave them in the house along with a token of appreciation. So, when the client walks in, they are greeted by an unexpected surprise. The tone should be personal, but always professional. Never use ‘friend language,’ even if they are your friend.”

Marlene De Cespedes, Douglas Elliman in Miami

“Showing how grateful I am for my client’s business and the opportunity to work for them is a staple in my business. I always send a handwritten note to my clients, also to the agent and team I have worked with on the transaction, i.e., title company, lender, attorney, designers, etc. If there is a referral partner, I will also send them a handwritten card showing my appreciation for thinking of me.”

Miltiadis Kastanis, Douglas Elliman in Miami

“Agents should choose the tone that they have had with the client through the process. I personally do very light and airy notes with a key detail from our transaction and also include some humor.”

Mia Vissichelli, Douglas Elliman in Locust Valley

“I have one client in particular who was SO extremely grateful for everything throughout our entire transaction. After the closing, I dropped a thank-you note and gift to her new house and she has since referred me to her best friend and two of her family members. Every time she speaks to anyone about buying or selling, she tries to connect me with them, which I truly appreciate!”

Georgia Kaporis, Douglas Elliman in Manhattan

“I always send a congratulations email right away, but the thank you is two weeks and I send handwritten thank-you notes with the gift.”

Emily Margolin, Douglas Elliman in Manhattan:

“I make homemade jam every year and send it to my clients. I usually accompany the jar with a handwritten note that says how grateful I am for their business and time, and am sure to include my team’s logo and contact information on a sticker on the jam itself.

“I send them to all past clients, bring them to closings, and even hand them out when I stop by to visit a client after they’ve closed. The great thing about jam is that it never really gets old for them! In fact, I have many clients who look forward to it every year.”

Carrie Juliao, Douglas Elliman in St. Petersburg

“I feel thank-you notes should be handwritten. People love that and it feels more personal than a text or email. So many times, I have received a call or text from the recipient, very happy with their note. Some have even reached out to my broker to say what an awesome gesture that it was.

“I will always include thank-you notes as a part of my weekly tasks. It leaves an impression in the person’s mind but most importantly, it makes people feel good!”

Over to You

Have any great tips for sending real estate thank-you notes you think our readers will love? Let us know in the comments.

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Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.