The new year is upon us! And that means it’s time to spruce up your marketing and reengage your database. We’re here to help with that. We’ve assembled 12 “Happy New Year” real estate email messages for 2023 you can send out to your entire database. 

Once the New Year’s confetti has been swept away, it’s time to warm up your people and kick-start your marketing with highly effective communiqués to your database. Some of these ideas can also be repurposed as real estate new year’s posts on your social media channels to give your efforts a higher payoff. 

As the real estate market continues to correct, successful agents will rise to the top of their market by doing what others aren’t willing to do—making more meaningful connections. Download our 2023 Real Estate Marketing Calendar if you want help doing just that all year long.

Download the 2023 Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Here Are 12 ‘Happy New Year’ Real Estate Email Ideas for January

1. Happy New Year 2023 Digital Card

Table with gold confetti and ribbons and 2023 in the center.

Get things going with a thoughtful Happy New Year 2023 digital card to your real estate database. You can create these yourself in Canva and send them out to your past clients, sphere of influence, fresh leads, or anyone else you think of who might enjoy a lovely email greeting. If you want to double-down on your email efforts, send a physical card snail mail in addition to your digital one. Everyone loves getting pretty cards in their mailboxes.

2. Real Estate Market Predictions

A woman fortune teller's hands around a glowing ball

It’s no secret that many people have questions about where the market is headed. You, being the industry expert that you are, can be a source of information for your entire community. You follow industry news and trends, you study your market, and you have your thumb on the pulse. Who better to share predictions for real estate in your community than you? Give your people what they want. 

Need some help with charts to show your point? Check out the amazing graphs, infographics, and charts from Keeping Current Matters that you can share with your sphere. You can even use them in your real estate new year’s post on social media. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you get fresh graphics in your inbox.

3. Market Update

A laptop on a desk with a cup of coffee. The computer screen says "real estate market" with different colored graphic houses.

Along with what the market will be doing over the next several months, your community also wants to know what the current market is like. Share stats, prices, the number of homes sold in your geo farm, current pendings, and everything in between. Your community of followers will thank you for keeping them in the loop. 

4. Funny Memes

A cat with yellow eyes making a funny, scared face

It may sound ridiculous, but sharing some funny memes that reflect the current state of the market makes everyone feel better. We all come together emotionally through a funny picture with a caption that says what we’re all collectively thinking. It’s cathartic and brings us all a little closer—all with one small giggle. Find some funny memes on Instagram or Facebook and share them with your database. We at The Close often post full lists of fun memes you can download and share with your people.

If you want access to TONS of brilliantly funny memes from one of the best meme-makers, partner with Coffee & Contracts. Each month you’ll get access to a fresh batch of social media templates, including fresh memes from The Broke Agent, to share across all your channels. Pick your favorite one and share it with your database.

At this time Coffee and Contracts has closed its membership until Fall 2023, however you can join the waiting list now and receive access to their free resource suite and get an exclusive discount when they open their doors again.

Get the Best Meme Templates From Coffee & Contracts

5. Vendor Spotlight

Woman wearing an apron taking an order over the phone in a bakery.

I love a good opportunity to share a little love for my favorite vendors and local businesses around town. Give a shoutout to your favorite lender, coffee shop, gift shop where you buy closing gifts, or the salon that keeps your nails looking perfect. Write up a small feature article (no more than 500 words or so) where they answer some questions about their business, and get some pics of them in their office doing what they do best. Include it in your email, and make sure to send them a copy too.

6. Share a Client Story

Blue paper torn to reveal words underneath that say "everyone has a story..."

If you have a funny, scary, or triumphant story you can share about one of your clients, particularly how you helped them through a precarious situation, share it with your email list. You don’t have to include the names of your clients. But if you want to do that, get their permission first. Nothing tells potential clients how awesome you are like a good story demonstrating your skills. 

7. The Coolest Homes on the Market

Large two-story home with tall trees on either side, large front yard with green grass, and a long, skinny pool with a fountain.

People are naturally attracted to and curious about the inside of other people’s homes. If you don’t believe me, check out this recent CivicScience study that showed 35% of U.S. adults surveyed said they use Zillow just for fun. So, tap into that psychological advantage and entice your readers with some interesting homes in your market. If you have access to a super-sized luxury home or that crazy house on the hill, share those listings with your people. 

Be sure to bring things back to how you can help with any real estate needs, whether they want to list their home, find a new one, or both.

8. Seller’s Checklist

Piece of paper on a wooden table with "Checklist" at the top and lines with checkboxes underneath.

If you’re trying to increase your listings in 2023, you might want to share some valuable information with your potential sellers. Give them a checklist of things they should do before they list their home. Or you can share a list of renovations and repairs with the highest return on investment (ROI). Giving your readers things they can use will put you in the lead when it’s time to choose a Realtor® that they can count on to help them sell their home. 

9. Community Events Calendar

A black and white sign with "upcoming events" written.

Keeping up with all the events in your community can be a challenge. I love creating a fancy calendar in Canva with upcoming events and sharing it with my database. But you don’t have to send an entire month’s worth of events at once. You can send a list of events happening in the next two weeks. Send those out twice a month and your readers will love the added reminders. 

Double your marketing efforts by also posting these event reminders on your social media channels. You don’t have to recreate—just repurpose what you already have.

10. Answer Those FAQs

White band on blue background with words frequently asked questions and a big red questionmark
Use frequently asked questions from people to engage your audience

If you get a lot of questions from clients, use them. When you notice you have a lot of people asking the same question, answer that question in an email for everyone in your database. Chances are if a few people have asked, there are a lot more people who didn’t but would still like to know the answer. You’ll look like the superstar you are dropping those knowledge bombs.

11. Offer a Home Valuation

Person's hands holding a pen in one hand and a calculator in the other. There is a small model of a house and a set of keys.

You’re bound to have homeowners who are curious about how much their home is worth in your farm area. This is the perfect time to offer a home valuation. Let your readers know that you are happy to prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) that will give them the current value of their home. And if they’re interested in selling in the next few months, you can help with that too.

12. Start a Newsletter

Laptop on top of a desk. On the computer screen it says "Newsletter" and "Subscribe"

We’ve shared a lot of happy new year real estate email ideas to send out, but why stop there? You can make this a monthly thing simply by creating a fancy-schmancy email newsletter. After all, email still reigns supreme as the best way to communicate with your audience, with the highest return on investment over practically every other channel at nearly $40 for each $1 spent. That’s an awesome ROI.

You can easily create a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly newsletter with a company like ReziLeads. Their email and newsletter templates make life easier for you so you don’t have to stress over the creation part. Just plug, play, and even automate.

Get Your Newsletter Up and Running With ReziLeads

So, take some of these happy new year real estate emails and turn them into a newsletter. Send it out to your sphere on a regular, consistent basis. Once you start, the key is consistency, so only commit to a schedule you can stick to. If you choose to start a newsletter, your content will keep you top of mind, and you’ll be seen as a valuable resource to your people.

Your Take

Now is the time to recapture your existing list and nurture new leads that come in so that you can dominate the market as it continues to correct. Be proactive with your marketing efforts in 2023 and your business will benefit. 

Think “old school meets new school” when working your email marketing. Take some of these email ideas and turn them into eye-catching social media posts to really boost your marketing power. Use those tried-and-true marketing methods coupled with new technology to get the most out of your efforts.

The bottom line is you don’t have to make things complicated when communicating with your database. It only takes a few minutes a week to reach out to your people and let them know you care enough to share value. 

Have you created your 2023 marketing calendar yet? What are your big plans for the new year? What challenges do you see? Share your strategies in the comments.

Download the 2023 Real Estate Marketing Calendar