Real estate door hangers are an amazing way to reach your target market with little expense. And they typically have a huge return on investment. 

There are so many great real estate door hanger ideas out there you can use to reach prospects and stay top of mind in your market. We’ve scoured the internet to find some creative real estate door hangers to inspire you. Some of these examples are Canva templates, and some you have to order. But they’re all fabulous!

17 FUN Real Estate Door Hanger Ideas to Inspire You

1. Welcome to Our Open House

For your open house marketing, these adorable hangers will surely stir up some visitors. Hang these on all the neighbors’ doors, and you’ll definitely impress them. And if you’re not sold on the color of this door, there are a few others you can choose from!

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2. Homeseller Checklist

I love the use of both sides of this door Canva template hanger. And a seller checklist is always appreciated. Stand out in your neighborhood with these elegant marketing powerhouses.

3. Not Just Any Neighbor

These adorable hangers, in the shape of a house, can be customized in your chosen color. I love how they have a spot for your business card too. 

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4. Just Sold Your Neighbor’s House

These elegant door hangers will announce your expertise. Just sold door hangers are a great way to let your neighbors or your farm know that you know the neighborhood.

5. Just Listed

Look how adorable these door hangers are. This is a Canva template that you can customize to fit your style, but who wouldn’t love it as it is? I’m obviously a big fan of utilizing both sides of the door hanger, and this one does a great job.

6. You’re Invited

There are so many creative designers out there creating amazing things for real estate agents. Here is another beautiful Canva template that you can customize with your picture, colors, and more. Use these templates for your next open house.

7. I’m Your Neighbor

I’m in love with these printed house-shaped door hangers. And I love how the word “neighbor” stands out on this particular hanger. This one gets 5-star reviews for agents who have ordered them and used them for their neighborhood. Adorable.

8. What Does a House Wear?

This one made me giggle, and I’m sure it will make your prospects giggle too. Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Grab some of these to use any time you need to add a little boost to your marketing efforts.

9. Hey Neighbor

Here are some more printed door hangers to canvas your neighborhood that will make you stand out from other agents. Pair this with a magnet business card, and you’ll be present in your neighborhood for months. When they need a cup of sugar, they’ll know where to go.

10. Should You Keep Renting?

Ready to start converting renters into buyers? These smart door hangers are perfect for hitting up the rental market. You could even organize a first-time homebuyer seminar and add it to these two-sided customizable templates.

11. Thinking About Buying or Selling?

We live in amazing times with so many easy-to-use options available to us. These gorgeous templates are fully customizable, neutral-toned, and simply stunning. What a great way to hit your farming area and your neighborhood to drum up some business. You’ll look like the rock star agent you are.

12. The Holidays in Your Dream Home

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Why not snag some of these adorable door hangers and canvas your neighborhood and farm areas? They’re colorful, playful, and get to the point. These will certainly plant the seeds and help you reap the harvest in the coming months.

13. Fall in Love

Ah, fall! The cooler weather, the pumpkin spice, and the natural slow-down of real estate season make fall the perfect time to fill your pipeline with new prospects. It’s a great time to canvas your neighborhood with a gentle reminder that a new home is always a good idea. I love how this door hanger breaks down reasons to sell your home in the fall.

14. Home for the Holidays

What can I say? I’m in love with these adorable, house-shaped cardstock door hangers from Market Dwellings. And these holiday ones are just too precious. I love the font, the holiday icons, and the message on the back. Order these and have them delivered to your home before December so you have plenty of time to spread the holiday cheer.

15. Fireside Chat

Can these be any cuter? There’s no place like home for the holidays, indeed. These door hangers look like Christmas cards, and your neighbors are sure to fall in love with them. You’ll definitely stand out when you canvas your neighborhood with cards as adorable as these. You can choose your color cardstock, so if red isn’t your color, choose ice blue, green, white, or your own favorite color.

16. Happy Holidays

These door hangers are simple, elegant, and come across more like a holiday card than a pushy marketing piece. And that’s what makes them awesome. The object is to stand out and be seen in your market over and over again. The more your prospects see your face, the more likely they are to remember you when the time comes to hire a real estate agent. These Canva templates are easy to customize so you can create stunning hangers that represent your personality.

17. Tis’ the Season

Who doesn’t love a holiday card? This door hanger looks and reads like a Christmas card. This is another Canva template that you can customize to fit your personality and preferences, add pics of yourself to help your neighbors get to know you, and stand out with your own personal touch. Snag this template and let Canva print them and send them directly to your home.

Your Take on Real Estate Door Hanger Ideas

Door hangers are a tried-and-true method for reaching your neighbors and your farm for a small investment with a high return. You can stay in front of the people you want to work with, and all it takes is a bit of sweat. Etsy and Canva have made creating amazing door hangers, among other marketing materials, super easy and fun. So, you don’t have any excuses for not doing some canvasing with some of these examples. 

And for new agents just starting out, canvasing neighborhoods you prefer to work in, including your own neighborhood, is the perfect way to announce to the world that you’re open for business.