Valentine’s Day is considered a holiday for lovers and children. However, it is the perfect time to spread the love to your current and past clients, your farm, and your sphere. Most agents overlook this holiday as an opportunity to engage, so your marketing efforts will more likely get noticed, which can lead to more clients. I provide 22 real estate Valentine’s Day ideas for your social media and email marketing in this article. I also offer actionable tips for snail mail, blog posts, and your website, plus fun contests and giveaway tips. 

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Spread the Love on Social Media

Social media networks offer an excellent opportunity to share some realtor Valentine’s Day luvin’ with your fans. What you post depends on your chosen platforms. Facebook and Instagram are ideal for short video Reels, GIFs, memes, and all things visual, while LinkedIn targets your professional network. TikTok is where you can have a little fun and get outrageous with contests and influencer materials. Let’s look at a few Valentine’s Day social ideas and how to use them best.

1. Share Your Valentine’s Day Plans

Spreading Valentine’s Day love on social media can be fun and a great way to create engagement. It’s most effective when you let your followers learn more about you. Share your plans for Valentine’s Day on your TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram Stories. If you have a date with your significant other or give gifts, take pictures or make a Reel, and post them with some heartfelt sentiments.

a screenshot of an agent TikTok video where she is interviewing local people about the best places to go for Valentine's Day.
Maddie Bennet interviews locals on the best place to go to for Valentine’s Day. (Source: TikTok)

2. Use Testimonials

Break out those first-time homebuyer photos and testimonials on Valentine’s Day and share the love with your tribe on social media. Use hashtags like #HouseLove, #LoveAtFirstHome, #HomeisWheretheHeartis, and #LoveNest to add fun to your posts. Even if people don’t click on the hashtags, using them adds a whimsical vibe to your posts.

Caitlyn Peck's Instagram post with her clients.
Top Fresno real estate agent Caitlyn Peck with her clients (Source: Caitlyn Peck)

Use client images and their testimonials in your post. These testimonials provide social proof of your skill and the trust clients place in you. Social proof is when prospective clients make a buying decision based on other’s opinions and actions. In fact, 86% of business owners believe social proof is essential for their business growth. In the image above, Caitlyn Peck poses with her happy, smiling clients to give social proof of a job well done. Putting herself into the image is strategic, so no written testimonial is needed. 

You’re busy. I get it. And trying to find the time to post on social media on any occasion can be challenging. It might be time to invest a little and outsource your social media marketing with an outstanding real estate marketing company like Coffee & Contracts. The service offers more than just captivating social media visuals for Valentine’s Day—it presents a ton of strategic resources tailored by real estate agents for you.

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3. Post V-Day Real Estate Memes

Social media marketing is also great for happy Valentine’s Day real estate memes like the one below since people want entertainment in the age of drowning in information. If you can share something that makes them smile or brightens their day, you will attract loyal followers. Real estate is a relationship game, and what better time to build connections than on a day that is all about relationship-building?

A quirky Valentine meme that says, "Roses are red, poetry is hard. I'm better at selling homes, want my sold sign in your yard?"
Use attention-grabbing memes (Source: The Lighter Side of Real Estate)

4. Create a Romantic Virtual Tour 

You might not have a $14,000,000 listing like the one in this TikTok video, but you can still feature aspects of your listing with a romantic virtual tour. Here are some ideas for your video: 

  • Showcase areas of the home by adding a romantic twist, like setting a dining table for a romantic candlelight dinner or filling a clawfoot tub with bubbles and sprinkling rose petals on top and around the tub. 
  • Use Valentine’s Day colors and accessories to create ambiance. 
  • Put heart-shaped throw pillows on the sofa or bed or toss a red or pink throw across an armchair. The theme here is romance and love.
@heider_realestate Happy Valentine's Day from the most romantic home in America – $14,000,000🌹#realestate #mansion ♬ original sound – Kristy’s Mixes
TikTok video of the Most Romantic Home in America

5. Feature Images of Cute Puppies & Kitties

With 66% of Americans owning a pet and most considering them as family, it’s no wonder that engagement rates that feature animals are 63% higher than other types of posts. However, it’s not enough to just post an image or video. To engage with your followers, include a creative Valentine’s Day message.

An Instagram post of a cute puppy Valentine.
Cute Valentine’s Day post (Source: The Marketing Side)

If you have a dog, cat, or other animal, share photos of your pet with a special Valentine’s Day treat or of you giving them some love. Include a loving message about your bond with your fur baby. Here are some examples to copy and paste into your social media posts on Valentine’s Day:

And here’s a shameless pic of my fur child, my soul pup, and my best friend, and sweet-sweet girl to make you smile:

Melanie Patterson's doggo.
Melanie’s fur-baby, li’l Miss Copper (Source: Personal library)

6. Host a Valentine’s Day Contest or Giveaway

Valentine’s Day giveaways and contests provide multiple marketing opportunities for building your database of leads and sphere of influence (SOI). When you offer a giveaway, don’t just share it on social. Also, add it to your email newsletter or do a dedicated email send (or both) and put it on your website. There are contests and giveaway ideas that fit any marketing budget.  

Here are some ideas you can try alongside your budget. Prices will vary by location:

What’s Included
❤️ Dinner for two
Give away a romantic dinner at a local restaurant—partner with a restaurant for a special discount or a set menu.
❤️ Romantic date kit
Create a romantic date kit with scented candles, chocolates, a cozy blanket, and a playlist of romantic songs.
❤️ Weekend getaway
Offer a weekend getaway at a local bed and breakfast or a romantic retreat. Collaborate with local accommodations for an exclusive package. If it’s not in your budget, an overnight will also work.
❤️ Spa day for couples
Provide a spa day experience for the winning couple. Collaborate with a local spa for a discounted package.
❤️ Random Acts of Kindness Day
Encourage your followers to perform random acts on Valentine’s Day and share on your post.
❤️ Winery or brewery tour
Offer a winery or brewery tour for the winner. Collaborate with a local winery or brewery for the experience.
❤️ Hot air balloon ride
Offer a hot air balloon ride for a truly romantic and unique experience.
❤️ Theater night
Score some tickets to the local theater so the winners can see a movie, play, or concert.
❤️ Couples cooking class
Find an in-person or virtual class through a culinary arts program, college, or restaurant.
❤️ Photoshoot
This could be for family photos, an individual, or a couple.
❤️ Gift certificate to a candy shop, museum, or other tours
Low to moderate
Give the gift of a memorable experience.
❤️ Customizable jewelry
An engraved necklace or charm bracelet always makes a nice gift.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The main thing is to ensure that the entry requirements are clear. Additionally, you must comply with any legal requirements or guidelines for giveaways in your jurisdiction.

Oh, one last thing. Here is a template you can edit, copy, and paste into your posts and real estate email marketing:

7. Shower Them With Appreciation

Valentine’s Day allows you to show your followers, SOI, and clients how much you love and appreciate them for all they do. Post a colorful Valentine’s image or share a video to express gratitude on social media.  It has been said that we get by giving, or you must give to receive. Giving gratitude and appreciation for their referrals or business on Valentine’s Day is one way to share all the feels with your fans and receive some love through likes, shares, and potential leads.

Real estate agent Erica Cuneen expresses Valentine’s Day gratitude. (Source: YouTube)

Here are some ideas to copy and paste. Feel free to use them to convey your appreciation to your clients this Valentine’s Day.

Send Out Valentine’s Day Emails

In addition to using social media marketing for Valentine’s Day, email your clients and contacts. The short holiday provides an opportunity to share love, not just for homes, but for the people who make your real estate journey unique. Sending Valentine’s Day emails to your real estate network fosters connections. Expressing gratitude and warmth strengthens relationships.

a Valentine graphic that says "you are the heart of my business."
Send some Valentine’s Day appreciation with an email (Source: Hope Calihan)

8. Send an E-card

I particularly like animated e-cards. Many services provide free and paid subscriptions and individual Valentine’s Day real estate e-cards you can customize and send. Click this link for a real estate Valentine from us to you courtesy of Jacquie Lawson e-cards, a popular paid subscription platform that offers customizable short video cards to music.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Close! (Source: Jacquie Lawson e-cards)

JibJab is another fun animated e-card provider that offers free GIFs, but you need a paid subscription to use their e-cards, shorties, and videos. A unique JibJab feature allows you to upload your face or anyone else’s in an animated e-card where they move about to popular music.

A sample of Valentine's Day card options from JibJab.
Some Valentine’s Day animate e-card options (Source: JibJab)

9. Write a Sweet Subject Line

After you’ve spent the time to craft the perfect Valentine’s Day email, don’t forget to add an enticing subject line—or your efforts will be lost. Research shows that emails with urgent subject lines had high open rates. Emails from flower vendors with Valentine’s Day in the subject line had the highest open rates. 

Here are some real estate Valentine’s Day subject lines to test in your sends.

A spreadsheet showing the percentage of email open rates for specific Valentine's Day subject lines.
Examples of effective Valentine’s Day email subject lines (Source: DigitalCommerce360)

10. Use Valentine’s Day Colors & Images

Hues of red, pink, and white are standard Valentine’s Day colors that denote love, the heart, and purity. Other colors have also been used, such as green, which symbolizes renewal in love, and blue, which represents loyalty and constancy. Yellow symbolizes friendship, specifically yellow roses, so you can also use these colors in your Valentine’s Day real estate marketing ideas. Most people recognize red and pink for the day, so make these your dominant color choices to make them easily identifiable.

A collage of images using Valentine's Day colors.
Historical Valentine’s Day colors (Source: Luxury Valentine’s Day)

11. Offer a Gift Guide

A great way to capture leads and become known as the neighborhood expert is to offer a local gift guide to your email list or as a lead magnet for new subscribers. A Valentine’s Day gift guide could include items from local businesses such as chocolatiers, jewelers, salons, spas, and travel agencies. It’s a great way to encourage people to shop locally and learn more about the area.

A gift guide showing 17 items from the website Mom Can Do Anything.
Here’s some inspiration for your email Valentine’s Day gift guide. (Source: Mom Can Do Anything)

You can also offer home decor and personal gift ideas in a gift guide, such as candles, throw pillows, accessories, scarves, pajamas, cologne, and gift baskets. Put a Valentine’s Day spin on it by sourcing ideas in Valentine’s Day colors and themes, like hearts, roses, fragrances, and ribbons. Include where to buy and price ranges for every budget.  

12. Provide Valentine’s Day Card Templates

An easy way to share some fun and get your brand in front of the people in your database is to send your email recipients Valentine’s Day templates so they can make their own Valentines. Template designs can include Facebook covers, social media posts, brochures, cards, postcards, and much more. Sites like Canva allow you to customize their templates or upload your own.

A sample of Canva Valentine's Day card templates.
Sample of Valentine’s Day card templates (Source: Canva)

Providing a customizable template will enable them to choose their fonts, colors, and any other graphic design elements. Add your logo and contact information to stay top of mind. Keep it small and subtle so it doesn’t come off as salesy. Get started today with a free Canva account.

Visit Canva

Don’t Forget Snail Mail

Embrace the charm of snail mail—it’s a classic touch in our relationship-focused business. Grab a pen, jot down heartfelt messages, and send handwritten cards to your past and current clients, beloved vendors, and anyone special in your circle. Keep those connections strong with a sweet note—nothing beats the power of heartfelt communication!

13. Send Real Estate Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day card choices are endless. Your options range from marketing tools that create customizable cards to those adorable Valentines your kids give out at school. You may still have some leftovers after the kids choose the ones for their classmates. In any case, boxes of Valentine’s Day cards are so inexpensive. Your most significant cost will be postage.

A fun way to spread some house love with a custom Valentine is to include the photo of your clients in front of their new home you took on the day they closed. What a pleasant surprise to receive a colorful Valentine featuring them! It’s also an excellent way to rekindle the joy they felt on that momentous occasion; plus, it keeps you front and center when they talk to friends and family who may think of selling or buying soon. 

14. Ship Promotional Items

Promotional items that convey your brand range from pens, drinkware, and canvas tote bags to tech devices like USB drives, chargers, and selfie sticks. Many of these items are customizable in colors, fonts, and graphics. Prices range from a few cents per piece to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want to send. Choose something higher-end for your luxury clients, like a leather-covered notebook with a built-in power bank or a highway safety kit.

Custom chocolates promotional gifts on VistaPrint.
Send personalized promotional items to your clients. (Source: VistaPrint)

If you’re sending out many things and luxury items don’t fit the budget, find something unique at VistaPrint. They offer everything from pens, sticky notes, candy, T-shirts, and household items. Their promotional products are customizable, so you can choose colors, and images, and add your brand and contact information.

Visit VistaPrint

15. Mail Postcards

Postcards are probably one of the most affordable ways to tell someone you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day, and there are many ways to use them in your real estate marketing campaign—from sending a colorful Valentine’s Day “Just Sold” to the neighborhood to a general cute Valentine like the one below. Some postcard design and delivery services offer Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to ensure your mailers are delivered.

A customizable Valentine's Day oversized postcard that says, "A realtor is a matchmaker. Introducing you to homes until you fall in love."
Send an oversized postcard to your farm area. (Source: PosterMyWall)

One service we love here at The Close is PostcardMania. Its standard postcards range in price from 5 to 18 cents per item, depending on the volume you send. Oversized postcards range from 10 to 45 cents per card. You can upload your mailing list or have the company provide one based on your input. They offer EDDM, also.

Visit PostcardMania

Host a Themed Open House

Themed open houses are a popular trend, so why not use Valentine’s Day and love as the theme of your next open house? Themes could include wine, cheese, or other tasting events featuring local sweets and snacks. There are many ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your event, from offering holiday swag, champagne, or a sparkling beverage to a chocolate fountain and strawberries for dipping.

16. Stage the Home for Valentine’s Day

When getting the home ready for your themed Valentine’s Day open house, incorporate subtle holiday decorations like a light sprinkle of red rose petals on the master bed or bathroom vanity, vanilla, rose, and peppermint scented candles, and heart-shaped soaps in the bathrooms. Make sure the home is decluttered, and use warm lighting. Display fresh flowers and arrange seating areas to encourage conversation and connection, using plush cushions and throws to enhance comfort. 

17. Offer Valentine’s Day Snacks & Swag

Create little goodie bags for your open house guests, including little candy hearts, a small box of chocolates, a scented votive candle, and a Valentine’s Day card like the ones kids give out at school. You could also include a branded reusable tote bag as swag and offer heart-shaped popcorn boxes filled with flavored popcorn and sweet treats.

A Valentine's Day open house cover photo showing a chocolate fountain will be available.
A Valentine’s Day open-house snack idea (Source: Morgan Orchards Senior Living)

18. Have the Sellers Write a House Love Letter

Have your sellers write a letter on everything they love about their home and neighborhood. This love letter should be short and sweet and can be printed on colorful paper and included in your open house packet. Have them tell a story. A bullet list can also work. Have a brainstorming session with your homeowners to help them recall those precious moments and memories. You can even write or type up their sentiments on their behalf.

Here’s an example of what they might include:

  • We fell in love with the tree-lined streets from the day we drove up to our new home.
  • The large dining room was the happening scene where we hosted many gatherings of friends and extended family.
  • The old post-and-beam structure was always a warm reminder of a bygone era.
  • I remember how chaotic it was when the contractors put on the family room addition, but that pain point quickly passed when we had our first movie night with champagne, strawberries, and popcorn.

Share Valentine’s Day Love on Your Website

Create an enchanting online experience for potential clients by infusing your real estate website with Valentine’s Day love. Consider designing a dedicated landing page adorned with romantic visuals and special offers, setting the tone for a memorable homebuying journey. 

19. Write Valentine’s Day Blog Posts

Write a Valentine’s Day-themed blog post or series of posts. Include blog posts with love-inspired narratives around finding their dream homes or crafting romantic living spaces. Share your testimonials and client success stories, turning their homebuying experiences into heartwarming stories highlighting the positive impact of your services. 

Here are some blog topic ideas to try:

  • Love Stories Unfold: Real Clients, Real Homes, Real Romance
  • Couples DIY: Valentine’s Day Home Projects
  • Love in Every Detail: Incorporating Romantic Elements Into Home Decor
  • Home is Where the Heart Is: Creating a Love Nest for Valentine’s Day
  • Sweet Deals for Sweethearts: Valentine’s Day Promotions in Real Estate
  • Valentine’s Day Neighborhood Guide: Romantic Spots Near Your Home

20. Capture Email Addresses

Use a colorful Valentine’s Day lead magnet and landing page to capture prospects into your client relationship management (CRM) software. E-books, checklists, guides, and tips are excellent list-building options. You could create a couple’s homebuying workbook, a guide to love-inspired home decor, a neighborhood guide to the best places for romantic dinners, or curate a list of homes with romantic features. Make sure your download has a lot of images. 

Deliver Pop-by Gifts

I love giving pop-by gifts. It allows me to check in, see how my clients are enjoying their new home, and give them something that says, “I’m thinking of you.” Pop-by gifts are simple, like a candle, houseplant, or homemade baked goodies. What better reason for a pop-by gift than Valentine’s Day! Show your clients some love this season with these ideas.

21. Make Gift Baskets

Your local retail stores should have a selection of empty Valentine’s Day baskets, bins, or boxes on the cheap that you can fill with all kinds of client-love goodies. You can also check thrift stores for empty baskets that you can dress up with red, white, or pink ribbons or spray paint. Toss in candy, silk, or real flowers and other small, inexpensive items like picture frames or candles. Punch a hole in the corner of a business card and tie it to the basket with some lovely thin curling ribbon, and voila! Drop these gifts off at your clients’ homes.

A screenshot of a TikTok video showing Valentine's Day pop-by gift ideas.
Create cute gift baskets for your clients (Source: TikTok)

The best time to deliver pop-by gifts is when you know your clients will be home. Mid-morning on a Saturday or early evening could be a good time. Don’t plan to stay too long. Keep the visit under 30 minutes max. Here is a mini-script you can use to deliver your Valentine’s Day gift!

22. Send Pop-by Gifts Electronically

Hand-delivering pop-by gifts is ideal because it allows you to connect with your clients and become part of the neighborhood, but it isn’t always feasible. In that case, there are options for sending gifts electronically. One example is a site called Snappy Gifts, which allows you to curate a selection of gifts from which your clients can choose. It lets you leave a personalized note and select collections based on price and themes. It is a little more expensive than other options, so you may only want to use it for a few select clients.

Send gifts electronically through Snappy
Send gifts electronically through Snappy (Source: Snappy)

The lowest-priced collections are $25 per item plus shipping with luxury items as high as $500. The beauty of this service is that your clients can choose something they want, and it’s a lot of fun to shop for their special gift. It even has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help you curate a custom collection. Type in what you’re looking for, such as “Valentine’s Day gifts for clients,” and choose your price. Snappy provides a link to the collection that you can send via email or text. Your clients read your personalized note and pick something from the collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your Take

I adore Valentine’s Day! It’s a chance to express love and appreciation. I’ve shared ideas on showing love to clients and the community, but the possibilities are endless. I aim to spark your creativity in loving your real estate tribe this Valentine’s Day. Share your brilliant ideas in the comments—let’s inspire each other!