Let’s face it. Most newer real estate agents still balk at the idea of cold calling expired listings to earn their supper. However, as any experienced real estate agent will tell you, great expired listing scripts and well-practiced objection handlers are worth their weight in gold.

As with most real estate wisdom, there’s even a oft-used quote that sums it up: “It’s better to be someone’s first love, second spouse, or third real estate agent.” Why? People never forget their first love, but they make a ton of mistakes with their first spouse and first two real estate agents.

That third real estate agent? Your clients may end up having a relationship with you for the rest of their lives. To help you lock in your position as their third (and final) real estate agent, check out these expired listing scripts and objection handlers from some of the best in the industry:

Download Expired Listing Scripts

1. Sean Moudry’s Expired Listing Introduction Script

Why This Script Works

First of all, Sean gets right to the point in this script. Most people, myself included, can instantly tell when they’re being sold to over the phone. That means waffling around with phony small talk will probably ruin your chances—and fast. You’re a salesperson. OWN IT!

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2. April Hunter’s Ice Breaker Script

April Hunter, Atlanta Realtor

Why This Script Works

Asking for help right at the start instantly disarms the homeowner and puts them in the driver’s seat of the conversation. While that might seem counterproductive, it’s actually a clever way to build rapport with a stranger quickly. In psychology, this is known as the Ben Franklin Effect. Asking a stranger for a favor, no matter how small, generally tends to make them like you more.

3. Kevin Ward’s Best Expired Listing Script Ever

Kevin Ward, Founder, Yesmasters.com

Why This Script Works

An old classic, Kevin Ward’s expired script forms the backbone of most scripts you’ll come across. Once you hear it, it’s clear why it’s so popular. It’s very conversational, it focuses on asking questions rather than selling while still controlling the conversation, and it slowly leads the seller into accepting an appointment.

4. Kimberly Olbrich’s Ice Breaker Script

Why This Script Works

It may not sound like it, but this is actually an open-ended question to get them to open up and talk about their home. Did you miss it? Read the script again. Note how she asks when they are planning on interviewing the right agent for their home.

5. Eric Jon Melnikoff, Keller Williams: Expired Listing Script Live Call

Why This Script Works

What I love most here is that although he’s clearly using a script, he’s able to adapt and change it depending on the lead’s responses. You can also tell that he not only did his research for the listing, but figured out a core issue with the marketing (the lack of pictures) to start his call with. Note how this question kind of threw the lead off guard.

He also manages to repeatedly mention how he markets properties better without sounding like he was bragging. He also doesn’t just lay his cards on the table, but continually says that he does things differently. This is a great example of building intrigue in order to get an appointment.

This is crucial to getting appointments. If your voice sounds deflated or nervous, getting that appointment can be an uphill battle. Standing up helps reduce pressure on your diaphragm to project your voice better. Movement also helps some people think better, literally “on their feet.”

Expired Voicemail Scripts

Since the homeowners you call will inevitably have lives, chances are you won’t get a live person on the phone every time you call an expired listing. Some agents panic and hang up when they get sent to voicemail, but smart agents recognize the opportunity a voicemail offers them. So the next time you get voicemail, here are seven quick and easy expired voicemail scripts to try:

General Expired Strategies & Objection Handlers

Now that you’ve seen some great examples of how to guide the conversation and get those listings, let’s take a deeper dive into the hardest part of cold calling: dealing with the inevitable objections your leads will have.

Before we get started, let’s look at Kevin’s general objection strategies for expired listings:

Learn to Break the Ice With Tough Expired Listings

  • Understand where they’re coming from: Listen to what they say and pay attention to their feelings
  • Repeat and affirm: Let them know you’re hearing them, which also gives you time to think
  • Ask questions about what they want, and offer solutions: Direct the conversation to how you can help them solve their problem
  • Don’t give up: You’re a problem-solver

Check out the full video below:

Getting to Yes: 12 Expired Objection Handlers From the Pros

1. ‘We aren’t quite ready yet, we need to finish a couple of projects around the house before we put it on the market.’

From real estate coaching legend Tom Ferry:

2. ‘We’re Not Putting It Back on the Market’

From real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris

3. ‘I think we’re going to sell to Zillow (or any other iBuyer)’

From Kimberly Olbrich

4. ‘I Need to Talk to My Spouse First’

Here’s a live example from REDX:

5. ‘We’re Going to Re-list With the Same Agent’

Stay positive, then ask if they’ve signed a contract yet. If they have, wish them luck and offer your services in the future for advice or for referrals. If they haven’t, then go into objection handler:

6. ‘We’re Going to Wait Until Spring/Summer/Fall to List Again’

Most scripts have you go over the seller’s motivations for moving near the beginning, so reminding them of that can help overcome this objection. Still, it’s a common objection, so here are a few ideas for handling it:

We Are Only Looking for Low-fee Agents. Can You Discount Your Commission?

8. ‘I’ve Never Heard of / Don’t Like Your Brokerage’

9. ‘The Last Agent Said They Could Sell It for XXX More’

10. ‘Why Didn’t You Sell My House Before?’

Kevin Ward, Founder, YesMasters.com

Get all of Kevin’s free scripts here

11. ‘What Are You Going to Do That My Last Agent/Other Agents Couldn’t?’

12. ‘You’re the 50th Agent Who Called Today!!’

Kevin Ward, Founder, YesMasters.com

Here’s Kevin again on how to reply to what will inevitably be a common complaint from your expired leads.

What’s Your Favorite Expired Listing Script?

Have a great expired listing script or objection handler? Let us know in the comments.

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