Let’s face it. Most newer real estate agents shudder at the idea of cold-calling expired listings to find new business. However, as any experienced real estate agent will tell you, great expired listing scripts and well-practiced objection handlers are worth their weight in gold.

The biggest secret to winning over expired listings is to show confidence in your ability and enthusiasm to help homeowners sell their listings. Scripts can help you find that confidence by creating a framework for what to say in different scenarios. You can use the scripts and objection handlers we present here to role-play with other agents and get comfortable no matter what the situation.

And once you master this skill, you’ll have an endless supply of eager sellers who will be dedicated to you for life. To help you lock in your position as their forever real estate agent, check out these expired listing scripts and objection handlers.

Download Our 9 Expired Listing Objection Handlers

1. Expired Listing Introduction Script

Man reaching out to introduce himself and shake a hand with "basic intro script" overlaid

Why This Script Works

First of all, this script gets right to the point. Most people, myself included, can instantly tell when they’re being sold over the phone. That means waffling around with phony small talk will probably ruin your chances fast. You’re a salesperson. Own it!

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2. The Disarming Script

One man helping another man by grasping his hand with "the disarming script" overlaid

Why This Script Works

Asking for help right at the start instantly puts the homeowner in the driver’s seat of the conversation. While that might seem counterproductive, it’s actually a clever way to quickly build rapport with a stranger. In psychology, this is known as the Ben Franklin Effect. Asking a stranger for a favor, no matter how small, generally tends to make them like you more.

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3. The Conversation Starter

Kevin Ward, Founder, YesMasters.com

If you’ve been in real estate long enough, you’re bound to have learned a few things from Kevin Ward. I’ve used his strategies and scripts for years, including his scripts for expired listing calls. Watch how naturally Kevin guides the prospect through a conversation in this video. It’s purely masterful.

Why This Script Works

Kevin’s expired script forms the backbone of most scripts you’ll come across. Once you hear it, you’ll quickly see why it’s so popular. It’s very conversational, it focuses on asking questions rather than selling while still controlling the conversation, and it slowly leads the seller into accepting an appointment.

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4. The Straight-forward Approach Script

Picture of a road with the word "start" and an arrow pointing straight ahead with "straight-forward approach script" overlaid.

Why This Script Works

It may not sound like it, but this is actually an open-ended question to get potential sellers to open up and talk about their home. Did you miss it? Read the script again. Note how it asks when they are planning on interviewing the right agent for their home.

7 Voicemail Scripts for Expired Listings

Man talking on his cell phone in front of his laptop with "voicemail scripts" overlaid.

Since the homeowners you call will inevitably have lives, chances are you won’t get a real person on the phone every time you call an expired listing. Some agents hang up when they get sent to voicemail, but smart ones recognize the voicemail box as an opportunity. So the next time you get voicemail, here are seven quick and easy voicemail scripts to try on expireds.

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Strategies + Objection Handlers

girl talking on cellphone with "strategies and objection handlers" overlaid

Now that you’ve seen some great examples of how to guide the conversation and get those listings, let’s dive into the hardest part of cold calling: dealing with the inevitable objections from your leads.

Strategies to Break Down Barriers

Before we get to the scripts, let’s look at some general objection strategies for expired listings:

  • Understand where they’re coming from: Listen to what they say and pay attention to their feelings. Empathize with how they feel.
  • Repeat and affirm: Let them know you’re hearing them, which also gives you time to think.
  • Ask questions about what they want, and offer solutions: Direct the conversation to how you can help them solve their problem.
  • Don’t give up: You’re a problem-solver. Do your homework so you’re prepared with specific action steps to help them achieve their goal.

15 Expired Objection Handlers to Build Your Confidence

1. Scenario: House Not Ready

2. Scenario: We’re Not Putting It Back on the Market

3. Scenario: Selling to Zillow (or Any Other iBuyer)

4. Scenario: I Need to Talk to My Spouse First

5. Scenario: We’re Re-listing With the Same Agent

In this situation, you want to stay positive, then ask if they’ve signed a contract yet. If they have, wish them luck and offer your services in the future for advice or for referrals. If they haven’t, then go into this objection handler:

6. Scenario: We’re Going to Wait to List Again

Most scripts have you go over the seller’s motivations for moving near the beginning of your conversation, so reminding them of that can help overcome this objection.

7. Scenario: Can You Discount Your Commission?

8. Scenario: I’ve Never Heard of Your Brokerage

9. Scenario: I Don’t Like Your Brokerage

10. Scenario: The Last Agent Said They Could Sell It for More

11. Scenario: Why Didn’t You Sell My House Before?

Here’s another video script from Kevin Ward of YesMasters. I love the way he talks about getting into the seller’s head to understand this objection before trying to overcome it. When a seller throws out this specific objection, it comes from a place of frustration.

Many sellers don’t understand what we as real estate agents do—they think all Realtors should be selling all the houses on the market. We know that’s not our reality, but it’s difficult to explain that to a frustrated seller. Kevin articulates beautifully in this video the best way to get that seller back on the hook to become your new client.

Get all of Kevin’s free scripts here.

12. Scenario: How Are You Any Different From My Last Agent?

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13. Scenario: You’re the 50th Agent Who Called Today!!

This is a common complaint from your expired leads because—and you know as well as I do—as soon as that expired hit your inbox, it also pinged every other agent in town. But don’t let the homeowner’s anger and frustration deter you.

The secret is to empathize with them to break down those barriers before you get into the rest of your script. And remember, they’re probably exaggerating how many agents have contacted them, so take what they say with a tiny grain of salt.

14. Scenario: Already Have a New Agent

15. Scenario: Do You Have a Buyer?

Over to You: What’s Your Favorite Expired Listing Script?

What are your favorite expired listing scripts and objection handlers? Let us know in the comments. We love sharing success stories and awesome tools with other agents!

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