Real Geeks is much more than just a lead generation tool. It’s an integrated website builder, customer relationship management tool (CRM), and lead generation platform that aims to put real estate agents in the driver’s seat, using a comprehensive strategy that combines marketing, lead nurturing and conversion, and even Facebook ads.

In this Real Geeks review, we’ll walk you through exactly what you’ll get with a Real Geeks subscription, what it costs, how it works, how it can help your business, and whether it’s a good fit for you. Let’s get started!

What Is Real Geeks?

Real Geeks is a true end-to-end lead generation solution for real estate professionals. Their suite of offerings includes high-converting, internet data exchange (IDX) websites, a CRM that tracks lead activity, time-saving marketing tools, and lead generation strategies that will fill the top of your funnel.

Real Geeks works especially well for real estate professionals because it’s so thoroughly and thoughtfully integrated. One solution feeds the next until they form a self-contained circular system of marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion.

Real geeks five features that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

What does Real Geeks provide? Here are the five features that have the biggest impact on your bottom line as a Realtor:

  1. Websites featuring IDX integration and linked with your CRM. 
  2. A CRM that automatically tracks the activity of new prospects on your website.
  3. Property valuation lead magnets
  4. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad service (Real Leads). 
  5. Facebook marketing solutions that include a DIY platform for placing your own ads and a concierge service that manages the entire process for you.

Check out the Real Geeks website for in-depth demo videos to see how the system all works together.

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Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks starts at $299 per month for one or two users, plus $25 per month for each additional user and a one-time $250 startup fee.

For this price, you get an IDX-enabled website, the Real Geeks CRM, and access to their vast library of how-to’s and strategy guides for effectively using their tools. You can also add on Facebook ad marketing features and the Real Leads lead generation service. The pricing for these add-ons starts at $600 per month. 

While not exactly cheap, Real Geeks is an all-in-one product that can scale up or down. A great value, it is actually more affordable than many similar products on the market. 

Real Geeks’ Competitor Pricing Comparison

PlatformUsersMonthly CostAdditional Cost per UserSetupCommitment
Real Geeks1-2$299 (some features are additional)$25$25012 months
kvCORE1-100$499-$1,800N/A$900-$1,80012 months
Chime1-100$299-$899$15Waived if prepaid12 months
BoomTown1-25$1,000-$1,500N/A$750-$1,70012 months

Who Is Real Geeks Best For? 

Real Geeks is the ideal platform for both seasoned real estate agents and brand-new ones. Experienced agents will love the IDX website functions, the incorporated CRM, and the extensive targeted online marketing features. New agents will appreciate a complete end-to-end product that will help them build their business through lead generation, effective marketing, and solid organizational tools. 

Top Real Geeks Features

Real Geeks’ strength is in the deep integration of its solutions. The website tracks leads, the CRM manages leads and facilitates communication, a home valuation tool captures leads, market reports help you build your business, and marketing tools help you grow it. Let’s take a closer look at the five features that set Real Geeks apart.

1. IDX Websites

Real Geeks IDX Websites

Real Geeks websites have all the features you’d expect, including a blogging tool, customization options, and calls to action that convert traffic into leads. They stand out with their dynamic mapping functionality and the ability to seamlessly transition from desktop to a mobile app. 

The sites are modern, clean, and easily adaptable. Plus, Real Geeks is continually rolling out new features and templates. Click here to see their current templates and the many color and size variations. 

Perhaps the most significant advantage to Real Geeks is that they track the activity on your website, so you can watch who’s on your site and what they’re doing in real time. When a user likes listings or conducts a search, Real Geeks collects that user’s information and transfers it straight to a contact profile in the CRM. That information is searchable so you can seek out leads who have zeroed in on a specific budget or particular neighborhood. 

For users who really want the specs, Real Geeks offers solid search engine optimization (SEO), A/B testing options for landing pages, an easy-to-use back-end interface, and a fully integrated IDX, not i-framed in. This means that your website is combing the MLS and updating every 15 minutes. All in all, we appreciate the technical capacity, as well as the ease of use and that it’s a very slight learning curve.

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2. CRM

Real Geeks CRM

Real Geeks has pretty standard CRM functionality, like custom email drip sequences, comprehensive lead profiles, and mass communication options. 

The dashboard isn’t fancy, but the clean design and the profiles are well-organized. We’ve test-driven a lot of CRMs, and it’s easy to overwhelm a user with too much information in too little space—that’s not the case here.

The CRM has built-in SMS texting that allows you to communicate right from your desktop or mobile. You can schedule messages as a part of drip sequences or text a new prospect who’s active on your website right away. You can also take a quick video on your phone and send it right out to a hot lead.

It’s worth repeating that the integration between the website and the CRM is really where Real Geeks shines. Not only do you have your leads’ website activity right in their CRM profile, but you can also use this information to schedule automated communication flows based on how often website visitors are viewing particular properties, saving searches, or favoriting homes for sale.

3. Property Valuation Lead Magnet

Real Geeks Property Valuation Lead Magnet

Real Geeks offers would-be sellers an estimate on their home’s value with customizable home valuation landing pages. The potential lead gets a free home valuation and in exchange, the user gives you their contact information. It’s the perfect lead magnet and perhaps the start of a wonderful conversation between you and a new seller client.

Real Geeks Landing page example

4. Real Leads

Real Geeks’ Real Leads platform lets you harness the power of Google and rank in relevant search results when prospects are looking for real estate information.

For about $600 a month, plus your ad budget, the marketing experts at Real Geeks will manage your Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for you. 

PPC marketing shouldn’t be your only lead source; Real Leads should fit into your overall strategy for filling your lead funnel. It’s a great place for real estate agents wanting to up their lead volume and diversify lead sources.

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5. Facebook Marketing Solutions

Real Geeks’ Facebook marketing tools streamline and simplify ad creation, saving you up to 75% of the time it usually takes to create an ad. The process is intuitive, but if you need extra hand-holding, there are excellent videos and coaching tools to help you walk through it.

Real Geeks Landing page example

If you want to get all the benefits of Facebook Ads but do none of the work, Real Geeks has a concierge service that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Leads that come in from your Facebook Ads are automatically populated into your CRM, so you can create immediate communication drips. Leads are directed down the lead funnel without you having to make a single click. 

Again, just like Google PPC ads, Facebook ads should be just one component of your lead generation strategy. But for agents looking to level up their game and become top producers in their market, diversifying their lead funnel with Facebook Ads is a must.

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Room to Improve: Where Does Real Geeks Come Up Short?

We’ll be honest, we’re fans of Real Geeks tools and the way they all work together, but it isn’t perfect. Here are some of the ways we think Real Geeks could improve.

Website Customization — The Real Geeks’ websites are highly templated, which is excellent for Realtors who aren’t also web developers. But agents who have a powerful brand image and are looking for a specific aesthetic, layout, and design may get frustrated. It’s worth noting that Real Geeks does have site designers to help and that Real Geeks is constantly upgrading or releasing new templates. 

Content Marketing Opportunities — Real Geeks’ websites have built-in blog sections, but the content management system, blogging resources, and strategies for content marketing are limited at best. For ardent content marketers, you’re probably going to be better off going completely custom; a WordPress site or even a site like Squarespace can provide you with the tools you need to get your content front and center.

If Real Geeks doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, consider the five alternatives included in our lead generation buyer’s guide, linked here.

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Bottom Line: Is Real Geeks Worth It?

In short, yes. Real Geeks provides a comprehensive, integrated lead generation, website, and CRM solution for real estate agents looking to break into the business or level up their game. A decent monthly investment is required to get the most out of Real Geeks, but agents who buy in will be rewarded with a consistent, positive return on investment.

That being said, Real Geeks isn’t a magic bullet. To get your money’s worth, you have to follow up relentlessly with your leads, stay top of mind with your current sphere of influence, and be proactive about expanding your reach beyond your organic following. Generally, the agents who get frustrated with Real Geeks are probably not using all of the tools as consistently as they should.

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