REDX is a powerful platform that delivers a diverse assortment of listing leads, an auto-dialer, and a lead management system to help agents crush their cold calling efforts. It promises to be the turbo-charged lead generation tool every agent needs, offering the most up-to-date lead data for FSBOs, expired listings, preforeclosures, and more to give real estate pros a leg up on their competitors, saving time and money. 

But is this prospecting software worth the price tag? In this REDX review, I’ll dive into the features, pricing, and how REDX can help you grow your business, uncovering the info you need to decide if REDX will work for you.

The Close Score

REDX scorecard
  • A la carte pricing
  • Vortex lead management system
  • Three levels of auto-dialer (Preview-Line Dialer, Power Dialer & Multi-Line Dialer)
  • Easy-to-use scripts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tons of training
  • Mobile app
  • Limited integration options
  • High percentage of inaccurate data
  • No integration with outside CRM
The Close Score
User Interface:
Lead Quality:

Cold calling is not for everyone. But for hungry agents armed with solid cold calling scripts who are motivated to connect with new leads consistently, REDX might be the perfect solution. It offers some of the best data out there for expireds, FSBOs, and preforeclosure leads. And GeoLeads, which allows you to target a specific geographic location regardless of status, takes your prospecting to the next level. 

Ready to start booking more listing appointments? REDX is now offering to waive its $150 setup price for The Close readers.

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What Is REDX?

RedX logo

REDX is a lead prospecting platform with a robust auto-dialer integration. Agents can subscribe to one or more of the five categories of listings: expireds, for sale by owner (FSBO), for rent by owner (FRBO), geoleads, and preforeclosures. 

When you log into REDX, you’ll see a list of fresh leads, complete with phone numbers, addresses, tax information, and even a property listing if it’s been recently listed on the local MLS. REDX mines all of that data from national, private, and even proprietary databases and has access to over half a billion landlines and 200 million mobile phone numbers. 

REDX also helps agents call as many leads as quickly as possible through its Power Dialer, and provides scripts so you know exactly what to say when someone answers. I personally don’t like using the multi-line dialer, though other agents swear by it. It’s a bit nerve-racking to have three lines dialing at once. But the power of the single-line dialer is undeniable, and I love it!

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REDX Pricing (5 out of 5)

REDX has an a la carte pricing model with options as low as $50 per month. All paid subscriptions include the VORTEX Lead Management System (LMS). 

Here’s the breakdown of REDX’s a la carte pricing:

App NameMonthly Cost
Expired Leads$70 (Expired PLUS $130)
GeoLeads$70 (GeoLeads PLUS is $130)
FSBOs$50 (FSBO PLUS is $70)
FRBOs$60 (FRBO PLUS is $80)
Preforeclosures$50 (preforeclosures PLUS is $90)
Power DialerPreview-line dialer is $60, Power Dialer is $100, Multi-line dialer is $150
Market Insights Add-on$25
Data Insights (Financial, Home & Building, Lifestyle)$25 each

Pricing in Context

REDX pricing is set up so you can choose the type of leads you want. Start with one lead source and as your business grows, you can add more types of leads. Choosing the PLUS option for any of these lead types will give you the full Data Insights suite for your list. 

As I mentioned, cold calling is not for everyone. It takes a lot of confidence and practice to make an investment in these types of leads profitable. If you aren’t great at converting leads on the phone, you may end up spending the money without any return on investment (ROI). 

But, if you’re looking at the cost of these leads versus any other lead source, REDX is one of the most affordable lead generation companies on the market. The biggest reason for that is there is no advertising spend associated with these leads. 

Even if you opt for the premium leads from REDX, the monthly investment is under $100 per month for most of the lead types, with the only exception being expireds at $130 per month. Where else can you get so many leads for so little cost?

The best part about these leads is you don’t have to wait for the leads to come to you before you act. REDX delivers fresh, qualified leads each day directly to your VORTEX lead system You’re free to start calling as soon as you open your REDX account. I love the flexibility and stability of knowing I have plenty of reliable leads to work on my time schedule. To me, the cost benefit is completely justified and well worth the spend.

REDX Key Features

Let’s break down the features that make REDX an outstanding choice for agents ready to take their business to the next level.

VORTEX Lead Management (4.8 out of 5)

REDX Vortex dashboard

The REDX experience centers on its lead management system (LMS), called VORTEX, which is where you’ll find a list of all your current leads, their contact information, and links to notes you’ve made from previous conversations. Using VORTEX makes REDX simple. The design is straightforward, so there’s no confusion about what to do when you open the platform. Everything is laid out in the most uncluttered way, so it’s easy to get right to work contacting your leads each day.

VORTEX is not a customer relationship manager, so it doesn’t track all of your client interactions or allow you to put them on a drip campaign—its only job is filling up the pipeline with listing leads and helping you contact them. You can make notes inside each contact card, though, so when you reach out again you’ll be able to jump right back into the conversation.

Subscribe to whatever kind of leads you want to prospect and the platform constantly generates those types of new, qualified leads. While you might be able to find some of this information through your MLS, REDX does all of the hard work for you in a fraction of the time. I always hated mining this data myself so I love how easy it is to access this information. 

The thing I love about VORTEX is its ease of use. When you log into REDX, it’s easy to see exactly where you are and what you need to do next. For many agents, technology can be a barrier to entry. But REDX keeps things simple, which makes it incredibly easy to use.

The one thing I don’t particularly like about REDX is there is no integration with other platforms. So, if you’re in love with your customer relationship manager (CRM), you really can’t easily send your leads to it from inside REDX. You’ll need to work the leads inside REDX until they become active, and then move them into your CRM from there.

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Lead Generation (5 out of 5)

REDX uses cutting-edge aggregation techniques to pull together five different types of leads. One of the best things about REDX is its ability to generate high-quality leads that any agent can use to fill their listing pipeline. Their data comes from reputable sources with the most up-to-date information available. Having that information fed into your REDX portal daily saves time and ensures you’re working with the most current data.

In my experience, the data hasn’t always been 100% accurate. But for the record, that’s true for any data mining platform. REDX provides as accurate information as it has access to, which means many times the information it’s pulling from records is simply old or incorrect.

REDX lead filters

Power Dialer (4.6 out of 5)

Screenshot of the REDX Power Dialer startup screen popup.

The REDX Power Dialer calls through your computer or cell phone and initiates a constant roll of calls. The moment someone picks up, you are instantly connected and as soon as that person hangs up, the dialer has already lined up the next one. 

REDX estimates that Power Dialer users have more than four times the number of conversations per hour than manual dialing. More conversations means more appointments and more transactions. 

I personally love how simple the Power Dialer is to access from right inside your VORTEX platform. And because the REDX Power Dialer is integrated with the lead management system, it automatically keeps track of everything, including the disposition of each call, your personal notes, how many calls you’ve made during your session, and much more.

Plus, in its two premium Power Dialer packages, REDX allows you to pre-record a voicemail for each calling session, so you don’t waste time leaving a voicemail every time you reach a mailbox. You can also record your conversations with leads for review later with your sales coach. And the time zone protection makes sure you’re not calling at inconvenient hours. All of these added features make the REDX Power Dialer a smart tool to grow your business fast. 

Three Levels of the Power Dialer

The efficiency of Power Dialer is actually a little overwhelming at first, especially if you are used to the relatively casual pace of manual phone prospecting. But, from my experience, you get into a rhythm rather quickly. It’s exciting seeing how many calls you can knock out in a short amount of time. I personally never liked using the multi-line dialer. But the single-line is an amazing time saver that literally doubled my productivity. 

I find using the dialer helpful to eliminate the hesitation between dials. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be mentally exhausting every time you have to dial the phone. So, keeping it going knocks out friction.

The REDX Power Dialer comes in three different packages.

Three Levels of the Power Dialer

Preview-Line Dialer
$60 per month
  • 1 line
  • 1,500 minutes
  • Call with computer or phone
  • Time zone protection
  • Usage log
Power Dialer
$100 per month
  • Everything in the previous package, plus: Unlimited minutes Upload voicemails
Multi-Line Dialer
$150 per month
  • Everything in the previous package, plus: 3 lines Upload callback messages Free spam monitoring

Scripts (4.3 out of 5)

If you don’t have your phone pitch down just right, REDX has multiple scripts tailored to each of their lead sources. The real estate lead scripts are excellent starting points for someone looking to get better on the phone. But, I probably wouldn’t settle on the given scripts verbatim.

What I like about the scripts section is there is a place to add your own scripts to the list. So, for example, if you’re working your FSBOs but the REDX script (which honestly could use some work) doesn’t work for you, you can upload your own script to use instead. That feature makes the scripts section so much more valuable.

The best feature of these scripts is their easy accessibility. They’re located directly inside the lead contact card while you’re dialing. You never have to leave the contact to use the scripts. I also love how easily you can switch between the different types of scripts by simply clicking the different icons, like between a FSBO and a preforeclosure.

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Pulse Conversion Tracker (4.8 out of 5)

The REDX Pulse tracks your call time and conversions. For anyone goal-oriented or motivated by hard numbers, this is your happy place. Anytime you need a boost in your motivation, just pop over to the Pulse screen to check in on your progress. It’s clean, clear, and concise—just the pick-me-up a hardworking agent needs.

Analytics (4.4 out of 5)

REDX offers four different bundles of data insights: market, financial, home and building, and lifestyle. Each bundle is considered an add-on for an additional $25 per month, though you can get them for free if you choose the PLUS option for any particular lead type. The analytics are designed to enrich your knowledge and give you the confidence to talk to any lead about any property. 

For example, if you subscribe to the market insights add-on, you could pull up the market data for the local area during your conversation with a homeowner. Having that data at your fingertips can go a long way in helping you look like the neighborhood expert. For me, the price is a bit of an overreach on REDX’s part and not really worth the extra $25 per month. But for some agents, it might be a confidence boost to know they have access.

Training & Troubleshooting (4.6 out of 5)

The training and troubleshooting resources on how to best use VORTEX are essential to increasing your success with the platform. The library of written material and prerecorded videos help answer most questions, and they have phone support during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time). 

There is also a robust blog and an informative podcast with helpful tips and techniques for success. If you need help converting your leads, you can find additional training on using all the features plus additional tips on overcoming objections.

REDX Alternatives

REDX is a leader in the prospecting and phone dialer industry. But they’re not the only game in town. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives you can compare against the features and pricing of REDX.

Prospecting ToolBest For
Mojo DialerIntegrating with outside platforms (CRMs, lead sources, etc.)
LandvoiceBudget option with no dialer
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Who Is REDX Best For?

REDX is perfect for motivated agents who are driven to actively and consistently prospect for leads. If you’re the agent who doesn’t like to sit around and wait for leads to come in, this is a great option and worth consideration. It is also one of the most affordable lead generation companies out there. 

But if you’re worried about committing to regular prospecting, we have other options for you to consider. Check out our article on the best places to buy real estate leads to find the right fit.

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The Bottom Line: Is REDX Worth It?

REDX provides a simple interface for agents with easy-to-navigate tools and only the slightest learning curve. Plus, it offers flexible packages so you can enter the outbound prospecting field at your own pace. Overall, REDX provides solid leads and the means needed to convert them at a high level.

However, if you’re not the type of person who feels comfortable cold calling, this may not be the best answer for you yet. REDX is an outstanding platform, but it’s not passive lead generation. You have to actively work these types of leads in order for them to be worth the money. That said, it’s a great platform to begin your outbound prospecting journey.

Methodology: Why You Can Trust My Review

I’ve been a licensed real estate agent since 2018, and I’ve used a myriad of tools to help me run my business, including REDX and other data aggregation companies like it. When I assess real estate software solutions, I approach them through the lens of a practicing agent who would use the platform in my real estate business. 

I combine my personal expertise and a rubric created specifically to weigh REDX against its competitors in an objective and balanced way to add context to my assertions. When I analyze and review platforms, I specifically look at these criteria:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Integrations
  • Ease of use
  • User interface
  • Learning curve for implementation

 I also take into consideration any additional systems for: 

  • Marketing 
  • Data analytics 
  • Pipeline management 
  • Automation

You can learn more about our methodology here.

Your Take

Are you ready to take your outbound prospecting to the next level? Using a platform like REDX could be just the tool you need to get there. Have you used a platform like REDX? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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