The biggest challenge for any successful real estate agent is managing your marketing, follow-up, and team members while trying to service your current and past clients. After 28 years in real estate, I have tested almost every real estate software available—some were good, some really bad! If only you could buy an all-in-one real estate software solution that works seamlessly out of the box—right? 

CINC may be as close as it gets, at least from the sales standpoint. CINC’s new offer for 2024 includes marketing and advertising, lead capture, lead follow-up, team performance tracking, and now artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered response. Read my CINC review to see how I’ve ranked this lead generation platform and to help you decide if it’s worth adding to your real estate toolbox.

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CINC Overview

  • Hyper-local lead generation and IDX websites
  • Dedicated ad and platform account manager
  • Lead nurturing and seller lead capture
  • Platform geared toward teams and top performers
  • Takes time to get a return on investment
  • Cost structure may not be a fit for newer agents
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is an additional cost
The Close Score
General Features:
Advanced Features:
Customer Service:
Customer Rating:
Expert Score:

My Verdict on CINC

My overall verdict is that CINC is a proven leader in the all-in-one website, lead generation, and lead nurture software solutions, and other CINC reviews say the same. Due to a dedicated account manager handling your ad placements, the system is much easier to use than comparable solutions. The attractive hyper-local lead generation focused website also makes you look like the neighborhood expert overnight.   

The biggest challenge with CINC (or any other online lead generation system) for newer agents and/or single agents on tighter budgets is the high upfront cost structure that is more oriented toward teams and top-performing single agents, who are more focused on long-term return on investment (ROI).

My favorite feature for 2024 is the AI bot, Alex. Alex can respond to leads or inquiries and keep the customers on the hook until you become available. This feature is a must for any top-producing real estate agent. The downside is it is an additional cost, which is more of an annoyance than a deal killer.

Video Walk-through

Key Features of CINC

All-in-One Lead Generation Software

Man in suit with sales funnel and potential client faces.
CINC lead cycle (Source: CINC)

Originally, all-in-one solutions were specifically designed to support top-producing agents and teams specializing mainly in online lead generation. These systems combine IDX websites, a top-of-the-line customer relationship manager (CRM), lead management, and online lead generation systems into one solution. Yet today, CINC’s all-in-one solution can manage and follow up with leads from multiple sources.

These systems can place ads on Facebook and Google, capture leads through landing pages, and nurture leads with an integrated CRM. Top-producing real estate agents have one thing in common: an all-in-one software solution to generate and convert their leads.

The most significant hurdles for real estate agents in adopting these technologies are the high upfront cost and the difficulty in managing the ever-changing ad requirements from online advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. CINC has solved both of these hurdles, as I will share in this CINC review of new updates and offers for 2024.

IDX Website

KW website created by CINC showing Palm Beach, Florida properties.
Example CINC website page (Source: Palm Beach FL Home Finder)

The most essential feature of any lead capture website is a site visitors want to visit and return to often. This desire to return begins with hyper-local targeted ads on Google that drive traffic to converts on the site. 

National websites like Zillow may rank higher for general home-for-sale searches. However, they are virtually useless for homebuyers who want to know more about living near a specific golf course, city center, or lake community. 

In CINC reviews for 2024, I found that the software is a leader in real estate paid search engine marketing (SEM)-optimized websites by focusing on unique and specific features of a geographic location. Each SEM-optimized webpage is loaded with local information and geographic features that “real buyers” search for while doing their home and area research. CINC reviews and captures this information for you.

Agents can further individualize their sites by incorporating blogs and vlogs, giving users more reasons to return and keep them away from large impersonal websites like Zillow and Redfin. The attractive websites are also preloaded with a mortgage calculator and neighborhood and school data, so buyers spend more time on your site than similar sites. 

Capture ‘Real Buyers’

CINC created website with lead capture form to get access to listings.
Website lead capture capabilities (Source: KW Reserve – Keller Williams)

A great lead generation website is useless if it doesn’t capture the contact information of “real buyers” who are likely to buy in the next few months. To do this, a website must provide an easy-to-use, highly functional home search and valuable and attractive information that buyers cannot get elsewhere.

CINC real estate websites integrate IDX from your local MLS so homebuyers can easily house hunt all the available properties using standard search features and the highly visual and attractive map search function. 

Shortly into their home search, a CINC website asks buyers to register to access more information and website features and to save their favorite homes and search criteria. Once your future client registers, the real magic of CINC begins.  

Seller Lead Generation

Home valuation page from CINC.
CINC home valuation page (Source: CINC Seller Suite)

If buyer leads are gold for real estate agents, then seller leads are platinum … Am I right? Unless you want to spend time showing buyers homes every weekend, you need to generate homeseller leads. 

This CINC review has proven to me that the company has perfected seller lead generation websites and landing pages. Despite the real estate market softening, listing inventory is still frighteningly low. When you combine CINC’s home valuation tool with a postcard campaign to your neighborhood and past clients, you’ll immediately start generating seller leads

In addition, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 50% of homebuyers already own at least one home. This statistic means that the many buyers coming to your CINC website will also need to sell a home before making a new home purchase. This fact makes the home value questionnaire and tool necessary for top-producing agents in 2024.

Exclusive Leads

a screen shot from the video I recorded with CINC.
CINC Dashboard

Unlike, Zillow, and Redfin, the leads you generate on your CINC site are exclusive to you. You may not know that websites like Zillow, OpCity, and resell the same lead multiple times to several agents. These sites may resell leads five, six, or even 10 times over! 

While researching for this CINC review, I found that this is not the case with your CINC leads. Since your CINC website captures leads through your paid advertising, the leads in your CINC system are exclusive to you. This activity means you will have a greater chance of converting leads and, in turn, a higher return on your advertising investment. 

Automated Lead Nurture

Client on left searching for homes on the computer and real estate agent on right getting lead notification.
Lead nurture from CINC (Source: CINC)

When you capture a lead, CINC will instantly notify you or your team member through its app. So you can promptly introduce yourself while they are still surfing your site and you are still top of mind.

It’s well known that the best way to convert online leads is to connect with them within the first five minutes. The problem is busy agents are not always available to make a call at the drop of a hat. Additionally, many leads don’t answer on the first call or text, making your follow-up list longer and longer.

This is where the CINC customer relationship manager (CRM) and automated lead nurture take over. CINC’s professionally written and customizable follow-up text plans and email campaigns are designed to keep you and your website top of mind and the homebuyer coming back often. CINC sends call-to-action automated texts when leads are active on your website to encourage users to connect with you immediately or to reconnect even if they have been quiet.

Lead Routing Team & Management

CINC's broker dashboard displaying agent metrics.
CINC’s broker launchpad dashboard (Source: CINC Pro)

If you have multiple team members or manage a large team, the CINC platform can route leads to team members by their availability, response times, or even their lead conversion percentages. This feature ensures that customers get a prompt response and that your marketing dollars are maximized.

You can quickly see your lead sources, new leads, appointments, and current clients from the CINC dashboard. This dashboard simplicity lets you easily see where your leads are coming from and which team members perform best—making managing a high-performing real estate business not only possible but profitable.

Alex, CINC’s AI Bot, Brings Communication to the Forefront

a white robot with blue eyes and a laptop

In simple terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is the programming of computers to think and respond as a human would. This technology has already become game-changing for the sales industry. Like with other technological advancements, the real estate industry will likely be a late adopter. 

The CINC AI bot’s name is Alex. Alex will quickly text leads for you and initiate a nonconfrontational conversation. When a lead responds, you can jump in and take over from where Alex left off, or Alex will continue to nurture the relationship until you become available.

Consistent follow-up is a full-time job, with the average conversion time for online leads being between six and 18 months. This feature makes Alex the perfect solution for any real estate professional who wants to provide a high-touch and personalized experience.

In this CINC review of the AI bot Alex, I learned that if you wish to outperform your competitors, you must adopt artificial intelligence in your real estate business today! In my opinion, AI will not be an option in the future—if you don’t incorporate it into your business, you will be left in the dust.

Higher ROI Than Other Platforms

Women in front of a computer.

Today, quality leads are in high demand, with many real estate lead generation companies now charging up to 40% of the hard-earned commissions at closing. CINC puts you in control. With CINC, you select your target audience, messaging, and spending. 

CINC provides a dedicated marketing team member who is an expert with Google and Facebook lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead nurturing automation, and more. 

Some competitors advertise on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to drive site traffic. CINC is a Google Premier Partner that uses hyper-local marketing to attract “real buyers” and motivated homesellers as exclusive leads to your website. By doing so, CINC generates leads at a substantially lower cost than other lead-generation companies and platforms, and there is a much higher return on investment (ROI) upside with CINC because of fixed platform costs and low cost per lead.  

CINC Guaranteed Sales Program

Explanation of the CINC guaranteed sales program.
CINC sales program (Source: CINC Pro)

The big announcement in this CINC review for 2024 is the new Guaranteed Sales Program. This program allows you to get started with CINC with a risk-free investment. To ensure your adoption and success with the system, the Guaranteed Sales Program includes a members community, regular webinars, access to best practices from CINC’s industry-leading in-depth Success Playbook, and additional training opportunities.

CINC is so confident that you will not only love their system and generate closings, but for a limited time, CINC will guarantee that you will close deals in a set time frame if you follow the best practices of CINC’s Success Playbook. Obviously, there are restrictions and commitments, so contact CINC today to learn more.

Guaranteed Transactions

CINC Pricing

CINC’s all-in-one lead generation platform starts at $899 per month for single agents and $1,299 per month for teams. For more details about pricing for the Guaranteed Sales Program and additional advertising promotions available for new clients, please reach out directly to a CINC sales rep.

CINC’s All-in-One Platform

Starting at $899/month for Single Agents and $1,299/month for Teams

Different packages ranging from 1 user to 50+ users

Typical packages target 50-75 leads/month depending on ad budget and cost per lead in your market

IDX website

CINC also offers many other pricing options. These options range from single agents looking to dip their toes into an all-in-one lead generation solution to multi-million-dollar expansion teams looking for a solution that can serve them in multiple markets.

All plans offer the following core and lead generation features:

  • CRM
  • AutoTracks
  • Mobile apps
  • Landing pages
  • Seller Suite
  • Switchboard Sarah
  • Custom labels
  • Mass messaging
  • Database imports
  • Google Buyer Leads
  • Google Seller Leads
  • Facebook Buyer Leads
  • Facebook Seller Leads
  • List Cast
  • Remarketing

However, a few features differ depending on the plan:

Number of Users1Up to 4Up to 4950+
Video MessagingBasic PackageBasic PackageAdvancedAdvanced
Lead RoutingBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
System Integrations
  • CRM Connect
  • Google
  • CRM Connect
  • Google
  • Zapier
  • MOJO
  • BombBomb
  • CRM Connect
  • Google
  • Zapier
  • MOJO
  • BombBomb
  • Other CINC Integrations
  • CRM Connect
  • Google
  • Zapier
  • MOJO
  • BombBomb
  • Other CINC Integrations
Cash Offer
Starting at $200/month
3 lines for $75/month

The Bottom Line: Is CINC Worth Your Money?

It’s the 10-plus years of experience, outstanding customer service, and guarantees like this that attract and keep top producers using CINC. If you are looking for a consistent lead generation platform that will save you time, automatically follow up with leads, and put its money where its mouth is, give CINC Pro a try. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong.

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The Close Methodology 

In addition to our expert assessment of CINC, we scored the software against dozens of other lead generation companies. This score consists of our general methodology as well as CINC reviews and the following criteria:

  • Pricing 25%
    • Looked at the average price per lead for buyer and seller leads, monthly ad management fees, the minimum required ad spend, onboarding fees, and pricing for mandatory tools like CRMs, IDX websites, and automated lead nurturing. 
  • General Features 25%
    • We evaluated each company’s main features, like lead capture tools, lead management, integrations, and ease of use. If a company required features like a built-in CRM, IDX websites, or automated nurturing, these were included in the analysis. 
  • Advanced Features 20%
    • We evaluated whether the leads generated were high-funnel or low-funnel, lead exclusivity, how leads are qualified, lead quality, and how difficult the leads are to convert.
  • Customer Service 10%
    • The dashboard and user interface are essential factors to consider. If it’s challenging to use or find your way around the platform, you’ll be much less likely to use it. 
  • Customer Rating 10%
    • We read CINC reviews and other software reviews and did test drives to evaluate others’ experience compared to our own.
  • Expert Score 10%
    • We gave extra credit for any standout features not covered in the above categories. 

Your Take

Have you used CINC software? We’d love to hear what you think—add your thoughts to the comments below!

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Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.