If you want to close more deals with less stress, real estate transaction management software can be a game changer. With so many options on the market, choosing the right platform for your business can be a challenge. When looking for this type of software, you should consider things like whether you already have an e-signature option, how many transactions you do on a regular basis, and whether you need integrations with your email and CRM.

As a Realtor and coach, I used my own experience shopping for this type of product to rank the best real estate transaction management software for 2023. Whether you’re a solo agent, team leader, or broker owner, there’s a tool here to help you keep your transactions in order.

My Picks for the Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software for 2023:

The picks below are broken into two sections: The first few are better suited to solo agents and small teams, while the last ones are more targeted at brokerages and large teams. Not sure where you fit? Scroll down and take my needs assessment quiz!

ProviderStarting Price/MonthBest For
Trackxi (Best Overall)$39 for 5 usersAgents or small teams seeking a transaction-focused solution with basic CRM features
Folio by AmitreeFree or $29Solo agents and small teams looking for an email-centric approach
Open To CloseStarting at $99Agents and brokers looking for a user-friendly solution to manage transactions
Paperless PipelineStarting at $60Brokerages seeking a scalable and organized solution for managing transactions
DotloopStarting at $32 per user, depending on number of users & transaction volumeTeams or brokerages needing streamlined communication, built in e-signature & MLS integrations
SkySlopeStarting at $300High-volume brokerages requiring secure e-signatures, efficient task tracking & MLS integrations
BrokermintStarting at $99Brokerages looking for comprehensive back-office products including commission management & MLS integrations
Lone Wolf TransactionsStarting at $17Large teams and brokerages aiming to provide a fully digital transaction experience

Transaction Management Software Quiz

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                  Best Overall Real Estate Transaction Management Software: Trackxi

                  Trackxi was founded by an agent who couldn’t find a software suite he liked, so he built one from the ground up. It’s a great solution for agents or teams seeking a budget-friendly, transaction-focused solution with basic CRM features. Once you’ve added in a transaction, you can easily create folders, a timeline website and connect with your contacts in one easy hub.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Customizable workflows and templates
                  • No built-in e-signature
                  • Shareable transaction and task calendars
                  • User interface could use some polish
                  • Lockbox and password management
                  • Limited Integrations
                  • 30-day free trial
                  • No contract

                  Trackxi 2023 Pricing

                  25 Plan
                  • Up to 25 active transactions
                  • 2,500 contacts
                  • 5 users
                  • Lockbox & password manager
                  • Transaction and task calendar
                  • Client portal
                  • Customizable workflows
                  • Easy contact automation
                  100 Plan
                  • Up to 100 active transactions
                  • 5,000 contacts
                  • 10 users
                  • All 25 Plan features
                  1000 Plan
                  • Up to 1,000 active transactions
                  • 10,000 contacts
                  • 25 users
                  • All 100 Plan features

                  A Closer Look: Why Trackxi Is on My List 

                  There’s quite a bit to this little piece of software. It’s a very useful tool that agents can use every day and easily keep in touch with their clients. Trackxi has no contract, and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

                  • Baked-in CRM features: It probably won’t replace your regular CRM, but tasks like sending your clients automatic “happy birthday” messages and purchase anniversary emails is a really nice touch.
                  • Plug & play: I love the way Trackxi automatically adds in leads and comes with prebuilt templates, so you shouldn’t have to tinker much to make it work for your business.
                  • Convenient client portal: You can keep your clients informed with real-time updates through their own customized portal.
                  Trackxi’s transaction dashboard timeline in Kanban view (Source: Trackxi)

                  Final Thoughts on Trackxi

                  Trackxi reminds me of the saying, “There is beauty in simplicity.” It does what it’s supposed to do, and does it very well. I think that, oftentimes, real estate software can get bogged down by trying to do too much. This one takes some of the best features from other providers, like timeline websites and customer relationship manager (CRM) reminders, and packages them into a lightweight, easy solution.

                  Try Out Trackxi

                  Best for Solo, Gmail-centric Agents: Folio by Amitree

                  Folio by Amitree is a nifty piece of software that connects directly with your Gmail inbox to find transactions and create Smart Folders. These Smart Folders are directly integrated into your email client as separate folders automatically. Folio will add relevant emails to the folders and make it easy to access documents or contacts for that transaction and client. From there, you can add files to a transaction manually.

                  Folio makes it really easy to share your transaction timeline via a personalized website for each transaction. This helps you stay on track with your lender, inspector, title company, and any other vendors—as well as keeping your clients up to date on exactly where they are while under contract. The platform also integrates with DocuSign and Google Drive to truly turn your inbox into a collaborative transaction hub.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Smart Folders and email integration
                  • No e-signature function
                  • Streamlined automatic organization
                  • Not a comprehensive solution
                  • Free tier for up to three transactions at a time
                  • Limited to 1 account unless on the team plan

                  Folio by Amitree 2023 Pricing

                  Basic Plan
                  • 1 account
                  • Up to 3 transactions at a time
                  • Create and share closing timelines
                  • Sync events with Google Calendar
                  • Transaction and task calendar
                  • Client portal
                  • Customizable workflows
                  • Contact automation
                  Pro Plan
                  $45 per month
                  • 1 account
                  • Unlimited transactions and timelines
                  • All Basic features, plus:
                  • Export transaction emails to PDF
                  • Customized property photo
                  • Customized logo placement
                  • Automatic timeline sharing
                  • Attachment organization in Google Drive
                  Team Plan
                  Starting at $37 per user, per month
                  • All Pro features
                  • Centralized billing
                  • Shared timeline features
                  • Team administration
                  • Centralized user management
                  • Shareable service providers
                  • Customizable Smart Folder suggestions

                  A Closer Look: Why Folio Is on My List 

                  If you use your email inbox to stay on top of transactions, Folio works great. The organization and Smart Folders feature is what really shines through in Folio.

                  • Effortless client organization: Folio scans your inbox to place all documents and relevant emails related to a transaction in one smart folder, automatically.
                  • Track important dates: Folio will put together your timeline so that you can stay on top of your calendar. Smart Folders and automated workflows help to coordinate your tasks easily.
                  • Shared timeline website: The timeline website feature makes it really easy to share the status with everybody involved in the transaction. You can add service providers (like the lender and inspector) to transactions and even input local resources for your clients, like internet providers, the USPS Change-of-Address Form, and utility companies in the area. Here’s a sample of exactly what your client gets.
                  Folio timeline website view, including closing date, service providers, upcoming dates and resources.
                  Folio shared timeline website (Source: Folio by Amitree)

                  Final Thoughts on Folio by Amitree 

                  I personally used Folio by Amitree for years as an agent. It helped me stay on track and impressed my clients. If you’re not a top-producing agent but still want to make use of a software solution to stay on top of your transactions, the free tier from Folio could be perfect for you. 

                  There are several integrations, including Microsoft 365 for Outlook. There’s even a Chrome extension to manage your timelines directly from your browser.

                  Visit Folio by Amitree

                  Best for Tech-savvy, High-volume Brokers: Open To Close

                  Open To Close, introduced in 2020, is revolutionizing the way brokers handle their operations via streamlined workflows and task automation. This software solution centralizes email, documents, tasks, and transactions into one sleek hub, promising to “slash transaction processing time by 90%,” thanks to its state-of-the-art automation tools.

                  Using the power of triggers, smart blocks, and webhooks, Open To Close lets brokers automate their workflows. Imagine smart blocks and webhooks as your email’s secret weapon. They generate precise information when specific conditions are met, ensuring your emails are always spot-on. For instance, as soon as your listing goes past the inspection phase, Open To Close kicks into action; tasks are generated, inspection details are filed neatly into the client folder, and your clients receive personalized automatic updates.

                  Open To Close can be used as a standalone product or along with industry leaders like Dotloop, SkySlope, and Brokermint to power up your automation.

                  Open To Close is a great solution for brokers seeking to supercharge their operations with cutting-edge automation while maintaining a user-friendly interface. However, keep in mind that this level of automation might come at a premium, especially if you decide to go all-in with it.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Comprehensive transaction management
                  • Expensive (especially if you need multiple users)
                  • Task automation
                  • Limited support
                  • Reporting
                  • Features overload
                  • Free trial for first 15 transactions
                  • DocuSign only with Pro Plan

                  Open To Close 2023 Pricing

                  Grow Plan
                  $99 per month
                  • 1 user (additional users $69 per month)
                  • Unlimited transactions
                  • Custom fields
                  • Merge fields & limited smart blocks
                  • Scheduled emails
                  • Agent & client portals
                  • Task management
                  • Automations
                  • Intake forms
                  • Commission management
                  • Reporting
                  Pro Plan
                  $199 per month
                  • Everything in Grow Plan, plus:
                  • DocuSign
                  • Advanced automations
                  • Unlimited intake forms
                  • Multiple task triggers
                  • Webhooks & unlimited smart blocks
                  • Commission templates
                  Scale Plan
                  $399 per month
                  • Everything in Pro Plan, plus:
                  • Messaging
                  • Triggered automations
                  • Task conditions
                  • Trigger templates
                  • Premium support
                  • Unlimited commission features
                  • Unlimited reporting

                  A Closer Look: Why Open To Close Is on My List 

                  Open To Close is meant to manage your tasks, emails, documents, reporting, commissions and communication all from one place.

                  • Comprehensive transaction management: The intuitive user interface is designed to be an all-in-one solution for brokers. It goes beyond basic transaction management, offering features like email inbox syncing (similar to Folio and Trackxi), dedicated client and agent portals, seamless software integrations, efficient commission management tools, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.
                  • Advanced task automation: This software is more than just a document manager; it’s a productivity powerhouse. Open To Close simplifies workflows with task triggers and templates, automating your business using texting and email communication.
                  • Convenient agent and client portals: This allows all parties to access any documents or details they may need from one central location.
                  Snapshot of Open To Close dashboard. There is a checklist on the left side and a visual kanban dashboard in the middle, with important dates on the right.
                  Snapshot of the Open To Close dashboard (Source: Open To Close)

                  Final Thoughts on Open To Close

                  Open To Close is a platform that offers so much, it can feel overwhelming. It’s a truly centralized hub with a friendly and easy user interface. It is customizable to fit the needs of your business. To get all of these features, you’re going to have to pay more than other providers on this list. For example, to get DocuSign, you’ve have to purchase the Pro plan for $199 per month (and that’s for just one user). 

                  There’s so much here that I wouldn’t recommend anything above the base package for a solo agent. However, I’ve worked with teams that use three or four different pieces of software and are running a dozen transactions every month. I could see Open To Close being very beneficial in that scenario.

                  Visit Open To Close

                  Best Scalable & Organized Solution for Brokerages: Paperless Pipeline

                  Paperless Pipeline is where transaction, compliance, and commission management come together. Think of it as your all-in-one software for both transaction and broker management. It offers a transparent pricing structure based on monthly transactions, not users, making it suitable for brokers and teams of all sizes.

                  They offer a complete solution with or without their exclusive Commission Module. No more quick math when agents ask about their earnings. You can empower your agents and provide transparency in tracking commissions.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Streamlined transaction creation with templates
                  • Works separately from your CRM
                  • Unlimited users
                  • Involved setup and initial learning curve
                  • Flexible data access
                  • No direct e-signature capabilities
                  • 14-day free trial
                  • Referral-generation system

                  Paperless Pipeline 2023 Pricing

                  What you pay for Paperless Pipeline is based on two factors: whether you need the Commission Module and how many transactions you conduct each month. Every plan includes free account setup and training. There are no setup or cancellation fees, nor long-term contracts.

                  Monthly TransactionsTotal Monthly Cost (Without Commission Module)Total Monthly Cost (With Commission Module)
                  250Unlimited Plan required$460

                  Note: The Paperless Pipeline Unlimited Plan gives you 450 new transactions every month for $779 per month. Each new transaction after that costs an additional $1.40.

                  A Closer Look: Why Paperless Pipeline Is on My List 

                  Paperless Pipeline is simple and its user interface is straightforward. It’s been recommended to me by transaction coordinators, and I like the tiered pricing structure. It’s transparent because Paperless Pipeline charges based on the number of transactions, not users—but you can have one consolidated account for all of your agents to use.

                  It also offers an automated follow-up program called Archie, which is a referral-generating system designed to turn your closings into new clients over an eight-year period using personalized cards, emails, and texts. It’s free to set up and could help you garner more long-term referrals.

                  • Simplify any workflow: Create checklists, set automatic due dates, and automate monthly agent reporting. You can also share your timeline with clients from one secure portal.
                  • Free setup, training, and support: Zero-cost transaction import, admin training, and resource guides.
                  • Grow your business: Integration with 1,500-plus apps, unlimited users, unlimited storage and no setup fees. Pricing is based on the number of transactions.

                  Final Thoughts on Paperless Pipeline

                  Paperless Pipeline is not only a transaction management software, but operates as a lightweight brokerage management system as well. I could see a lot of brokers benefiting from using this software as the paperless option continues to grow in popularity. One of my first brokers had a big checklist and manila folders that he would use to ensure all documents were in the proper order, and half our office was devoted to filing cabinets. This would be perfect for him. 

                  Paperless Pipeline is ideal for brokers, firms, teams and transaction coordinators who already have form systems and e-signature tools. There is no per-user cost, which is nice for a growing company looking to scale and bring on agents. 

                  This software may not be ideal for low-volume individual agents. The same is true for transaction coordinators or brokerages managing fewer than five deals per month.

                  Check Out Paperless Pipeline

                  Best MLS-integrated Communication Hub for Brokerages & Teams: Dotloop

                  Dotloop has extensive MLS and CRM integrations for group transaction management. You can create collaboration tools and customizable templates for easy communication. The built-in e-signature functionality, along with easily being able to pull MLS data, helps in creating contracts and with document management. However, the learning curve may be a bit steep here.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Extensive MLS and CRM integration
                  • High learning curve
                  • Built-in e-signature capabilities
                  • No custom branding for solo agents
                  • Unlimited transactions on every plan
                  • Lack of transparency on pricing for teams and brokerages
                  • Free trial on your first 10 transactions

                  Dotloop 2023 Pricing

                  Dotloop Premium
                  $31.99 per month
                  • Unlimited transactions
                  • Transaction templates
                  • Document editor
                  • Secure e-signatures
                  • MLS feed
                  • SMS texting
                  • Document scanner
                  • Integrations
                  • Document & task templates
                  Dotloop for Teams
                  Contact for pricing
                  • Everything from the Premium package, plus:
                  • Charts and reporting
                  • Automated compliance workflows
                  • Custom branding
                  • Full transaction visibility
                  • Dedicated success manager
                  Dotloop Business+
                  Contact for pricing
                  • Everything from the Teams package, plus: Multi-office compliance
                  • VIP phone, email and chat support
                  • Online faxing

                  A Closer Look: Why Dotloop Is on My List 

                  At this point, nearly everyone in the industry has heard of Dotloop. They have a lot of great reviews for a reason, and are quickly becoming the default for transaction management software. The MLS integrations are really smooth. But if you need more comprehensive brokerage management software that includes features like commission management, this might not be your answer.

                  • Extensive MLS information: Dotloop partners with MLS and Realtor associations nationwide, so you can easily pull info directly from the MLS for a transaction, create the forms you need, and get the signature in one place.
                  • Integrated solution: Its open API works with nearly every major software to allow you to keep transactions moving forward in one place with just a few clicks.
                  • Automated compliance workflows: Keep all your required documents in one place, making regulatory compliance a breeze.
                  • Agent resources: On-demand digital training sessions, online certification programs, and a dedicated support team available via phone, email, and chat.

                  Final Thoughts on Dotloop

                  Dotloop is a huge company with a large footprint in the transaction management software industry. Dotloop is a subsidiary of ShowingTime, owned by Zillow Group. Brokerages like it because of volume discounts based on users (roughly $25 a head), the extensive integrations, and built-in e-signature option. However, I’ve used the software myself (and have heard my own sentiments echoed by my coaching clients): Dotloop can be a bit overwhelming. 

                  To be fair, many associations offer local e-signature and MLS integration software to build contracts and offers. If your MLS or local association doesn’t offer you an e-signature software solution, Dotloop could be a good answer for you. But if e-signature capability isn’t a make-or-break in your decision making, there may be a better software solution on this list.

                  Try Dotloop

                  Best White-glove Solution for High-volume Brokerages: SkyTC (SkySlope)

                  SkySlope is a white-glove transaction coordination service that’s great for high-volume brokerages and agents wanting market-leading security in an all-in-one product. SkySlope manages nearly 3 million transactions annually and has MLS partnerships nationwide. SkyTC is their proprietary transaction management software.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Automate workflows via efficient task and transaction management tools
                  • Lack of transparency around pricing (you have to contact their sales team)
                  • Top-notch 27/7 customer service with guaranteed response times
                  • Not very mobile friendly
                  • Truly a one-stop shop including secure e-signatures
                  • No free trial available
                  • Tailored branding and custom templates
                  • May be overkill for some users
                  • Hands-on onboarding

                  SkySlope 2023 Pricing

                  SkySlope’s suite of solutions is comprehensive. The pricing is based on several factors such as number of users, transaction volume, and which specific features you need. There’s also DigiSign, Forms, Books, Offers, and their proprietary brokerage management software, SkySlope. The company also has additional integrations and training options available that may affect pricing.

                  SkySlope requires you to contact their sales team directly to get a personalized quote. You’ll need to pay for your brokerage subscription, then each user individually. Keep in mind this can be in the hundreds of dollars per month depending on your package add-ons. If you’re an individual agent, SkyTC might be a bit overkill unless you’re a powerhouse that wants 24/7 customer service. The best estimate I could find for transaction management via SkyTC was roughly $25 per user. SkyTC has volume discounts depending on the number of users you add. 

                  A Closer Look: Why SkySlope Is on My List 

                  SkySlope is a leader in the industry, and for good reason. They have a tailored solution with the goal of making your brokerage streamlined via automation in forms, disclosures, books, and commission management. Every employee at SkySlope goes through a 12-week bootcamp to understand the real estate industry, ensuring that users receive the best service possible. 

                  The company’s bespoke solution comes with comprehensive onboarding and exceptional customer service. They listen to their customers and stand behind in their mission of empowering Realtors and brokers. For example, they guarantee a phone pickup on the second ring, a live chat response within 10 seconds, and an email response within 20 minutes or they’ll send you a Starbucks gift card.

                  • Tailored platform: Your branding is fully embedded, and your templates and automated tasks are customized for you.
                  • Customer obsession: SkySlope offers hands-on onboarding and personalized service throughout your launch. They also provide annual report cards of your brokerage performance.
                  • Top-notch support: They are in constant contact with you to ensure you’re happy. They are available 24/7 and make customer success a priority.

                  Final Thoughts on SkySlope

                  SkySlope is a top-tier transaction management software. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for your brokerage, and also want exceptional customer service, SkySlope is the answer for you. However, that experience will likely come with a larger price tag than other options on this list.

                  Check Out SkySlope

                  Best Budget-friendly Back-office Transaction Management Solution: Brokermint

                  Brokermint is a back-office solution with transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and analytics reporting. They also have a built-in e-signature feature. However, a lot of features that some would consider essential, including custom branding, CRM integration, and API access, are only available with the Enterprise plan.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Great mobile app
                  • Support not as robust as other brokerage management solutions
                  • Full system solution including e-signature
                  • Workflows aren’t as customizable
                  • MLS partnerships and 200+ integrations
                  • Best features only in Enterprise plan
                  • Free trial is only available if you request a demo

                  Brokermint 2023 Pricing

                  Simple Start
                  $99 per month
                  • Transaction management
                  • Checklists & tasks
                  • Forms & e-signature functionality
                  • Commission automation
                  • Reports
                  • Mobile app
                  Standard Plan
                  $169 per month
                  • Everything in Simple Start, plus:
                  • Team management tools
                  • MLS integration
                  • QuickBooks integration
                  • Dashboard
                  Enterprise Plan
                  $239 per month
                  • Everything in Standard Plan, plus:
                  • Accounting
                  • Agent billing
                  • Next-day ACH payments
                  • Agent onboarding
                  • Multiple office locations
                  • CRM integration
                  • API access
                  • Custom branding
                  • Single sign-on

                  A Closer Look: Why Brokermint Is on My List 

                  For brokers or team leaders seeking a back-office solution that doesn’t break the bank, I’d suggest giving Brokermint a try. Its mobile app is top-notch and a big reason why Brokermint made this list. Brokermint also has an open API, so if you have the enterprise plan, you can easily connect your accounts from top CRMs and lead sources, like CINC, Chime, LionDesk, QuickBooks, Google, Wise Agent, and plenty others.

                  • Agent management: Easily create individual profiles for each of your agents, including calendars, onboarding, commission plans, and transaction management. Each agent also receives their own individual login.
                  • Transaction hub: Automate checklists, to-do lists, deadlines, state-mandated forms, offers, and transaction compliance in one place.
                  • Reporting and analytics: Create dashboards, build reports, and track each detail of every transaction to easily calculate total sales volume, listings, lead performance, and agent performance.

                  Final Thoughts on Brokermint

                  Brokermint meets a need for many brokerages: consolidating platforms into one modern solution. It’s easy to use and the price point is appealing. But if you’re seeking a white-glove approach, Brokermint may not be for you. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a large company, as they’re part of the same corporate entity as kvCORE and BoomTown. So if you’re a fan of their software, you might enjoy Brokermint.

                  Try Out Brokermint

                  Best Comprehensive Solution: Lone Wolf Transactions

                  Lone Wolf Technologies is a longstanding software provider in the real estate industry and has multiple products serving all types of agents and brokers. For example, you might have used Lone Wolf Technologies’ Cloud CMA, LionDesk, or HomeSpotter products before. Their Transactions software is an all-in-one digital transaction management platform with integrated tools to provide a fully digital experience. They also offer e-signature options through Authentisign, another one of their proprietary tools.

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Digital title orders
                  • Can be costly as an all-in-one solution
                  • Integrated state forms
                  • Confusing product suite
                  • Highly integrated tools & services
                  • Outdated user interface
                  • Free trial is only available via a demo

                  Lone Wolf Transactions Pricing

                  Previously, Lone Wolf Transactions was available as a membership benefit through the National Association of Realtors. However, specific pricing details for Lone Wolf Transactions are not directly provided by the vendor. To determine the cost and create a custom package that suits your needs, I recommend reaching out to Lone Wolf directly.

                  It’s worth noting that Lone Wolf offers tailored packages for businesses, and you also have the option to purchase individual software components with standalone pricing. To decide whether a package from Lone Wolf Technologies aligns with your business requirements, carefully assess your needs.

                  Note: If you’re looking for both CRM and transaction management tools in a single solution, you might already be familiar with Propertybase. It’s priced at $69 per user and seamlessly integrates CRM and transaction management, powered by Lone Wolf.

                  Check Out Propertybase

                  A Closer Look: Why Lone Wolf Is on My List

                  • Entire transaction experience: Lone Wolf is an industry leader for a reason. You’re able to do a comparative market analysis (CMA), generate offers, get e-signatures, and manage your transaction from one place.
                  • End-to-end digital tools: You can create a complete virtual office with Lone Wolf Technologies. They have multiple software solutions including Back Office, Cloud CMA, Digital Marketing, Propertybase CRM, and a whole lot more to build out your individualized software solution.
                  • Partner integrations: Lone Wolf supports more than 700 MLSs and associations. They also include several partner integrations for home warranty, title, forms, earnest money, and e-commission payments.

                  Final Thoughts on Lone Wolf Transactions

                  Lone Wolf Technologies is a legacy brand in real estate tech for a reason. It offers solutions that are designed from the ground up focused only on real estate professionals. Its nationwide MLS integration has led to wide adoption. However, while their suite of software can work great for those seeking a way to modernize their business, it feels a bit cobbled together for a truly integrated solution. 

                  Check Out Lone Wolf Technologies

                  Over to You

                  Keep in mind, these are just my favorite transaction management software suites. Check out some of our other guides if you want to see other software solutions we recommend or need to get a CRM in place for your business. 

                  What are your favorite picks for real estate transaction management software? Sound off in the comment section below.

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