With so many real estate apps on the market today, figuring out which ones deserve space on your phone or iPad isn’t easy. That’s why I researched, tested, and put together this list of the 15 best real estate apps. These apps will help real estate pros on the go stay organized, market their brands, and close more deals in 2024 and beyond. Check out the table below to quickly find the right tool based on category, and read through the full list to see other apps that can help you succeed! 

Best Real Estate Apps

Real Estate AppBest ForStarting Price
Curb HeroOpen housesFree
Zillow Premier AgentLead generationFree with Zillow Premier Agent membership
BombBombVideo marketingStarting at $39 per month
PivoDIY 3D toursFree with $399 Pivo device
CanvaDIY designFree to $9.99 per month
StreetTextPaid social media ads$160–$250 per month
SlackGroup communicationsFree to $15 per user per month
Supra eKEYManaging lockboxes$15.85 per month
NotionOrganizing files and dataFree to $15 per month per user
ForewarnRealtor safety$20 per month
RPRHome valuationsFree for NAR members
LoopNetCommercial real estate listingsFree
Find My Device/Find MySharing your locationFree
Agent CrateSocial media on-the-goStarting at $29 per month
AgentlyAgent coaching + goal setting$59 per month for agents $279 per month for teams

Don’t just download every app on this list. Start with three or four, and see what works best for your business.

1. Curb Hero

Block Party
  • Best for: Open Houses
  • Cost: Free
  • Available on:

When it comes to open houses, having the right open house app can make all the difference. One of this category’s top-rated real estate apps is Curb Hero, an innovative app that streamlines the entire open house process. Create professional-looking open house digital sign-in sheets customized with your personal branding, perfect for capturing visitors’ information for effortless follow-up.

One of Curb Hero’s standout features is its ability to provide real-time data and analytics on your open house performance. Track visitor traffic, see the most popular times, and gain valuable insights into your open house strategy. Plus, the app integrates with most CRMs, allowing you to easily manage your leads after your open house.

2. Zillow Premier Agent

Smartphone with a popup from Zillow Premier Agent that reads, "You have a new lead!"
Receive buyer leads in real-time. (Source: Zillow)
  • Best for: Lead Generation
  • Cost: Free with Zillow Premier Agent membership
  • Available on:

As much as we like to talk smack about Zillow and the accuracy of its Zestimates, they are still a powerful contender as one of the best realtor apps in the lead generation arena. It’s the most popular real estate website for consumers in the United States, attracting millions of eyeballs of potential homebuyers to its site daily. By becoming a Zillow Premier Agent, you tap into these vast pools of leads that will help you grow your business.

The app also offers a surprisingly robust customer relationship manager (CRM) that lets you import leads from outside lead sources. You can set up tasks, reminders, texts, and emails. If you sign up for the My Agent program, which makes you the only buyer’s agent your leads see when they search on Zillow, you’ll get a granular look at what your leads are searching for.

3. BombBomb

Record quick videos on the go to send to leads and clients.
Record quick videos on the go to send to leads and clients. (Source: BombBomb)
  • Best for: Video Marketing
  • Cost: Starting at $39 per month
  • Available on:

Video marketing is the fastest way to connect with leads and turn them into clients. When it comes to apps for real estate agents, BombBomb is special. BombBomb compresses your videos, making it easy to create, send, and track your personalized video messages. Shoot a quick video, drop it into an email or text, and start making those connections right from your phone. Though it’s not specifically designed for real estate, it’s one of the best apps for realtors to build relationships on the go.

One of the best advantages of BombBomb is its seamless integration with your email marketing platform. You can create videos, save them in your BombBomb account, and then integrate them into your communications to streamline your marketing workflow. If you’re looking for the most powerful platform to harness the power of video marketing, BombBomb is a stellar choice.

4. Pivo

Pivo Real Estate logo
Create 3D tours in minutes. (Source: Pivo)
  • Best for: 3D Tour Videos
  • Cost: Free with $399 Pivo device
  • Available on:

Pivo is a game-changing tool for agents. It’s an advanced, high-quality motion-tracking camera and a world-class photo editing app in one. Its standout feature is the AI-powered tracking that revolutionizes how you showcase homes. Create captivating videos for open houses, new listings, and your 3D home tours from within the app. This is definitely a real estate tech company primed to change the rules of the game.

The caveat is that you’ll need to purchase the Pivo system for $399, which includes the Pivo phone holder, which attaches to a camera tripod, and a remote. It’s a one-time purchase that gives you unlimited access to create as many videos as you like and store them in the app. Compared with traditional 3D home tour methods like Matterport (which can range from $350 to $600 per listing), Pivo can pay for itself with just one listing.

5. Canva

social media marketing tool Canva logo
Create stunning graphics with templates. (Source: Canva)
  • Best for: DIY Design
  • Cost: Free to $9.99 per month
  • Available on:

Canva is my personal favorite go-to tool for all of my real estate design needs. It has revolutionized the way everyone, not just real estate agents, creates marketing materials. Its user-friendly interface and massive template library allow anyone to create stunning, professional-looking graphics for practically anything, including social media posts, flyers, postcards, and business cards. 

Canva has even added tons of real estate-specific elements—including icons, illustrations, stock photos, and prefilled templates—to help agents create the graphic designs they need. With Canva Pro, you can prefill your designs with your real estate brand colors, logos, headshots, and more. Canva gives agents the power to create on the go.

6. StreetText

Get leads in real-time from paid social media ads
Get leads in real-time from paid social media ads. (Source: StreetText)
  • Best for: Paid Social Media Ads
  • Cost: $160–$250 per month
  • Available on:

If you want to generate leads from Facebook and Instagram ads without the steep learning curve, you might want to check out StreetText. This platform simplifies the complicated process of creating and launching complex ad campaigns that generate leads. The platform’s intuitive ad builder makes it easy to create eye-catching, professional-looking ads that stop the scroll. 

You get verified phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles that you can integrate directly with existing CRMs and email marketing platforms. And StreetText offers backend analytics, so you can keep track of what’s working and what’s not. StreetText is not cheap, but for the time and stress you save, it’s a bargain if you count on social media ads as a major part of your marketing strategies.

Organize your apps in a real estate-specific folder for quick and easy access.

7. Slack

Slack from Salesforce logo
Increase responsiveness and efficiency with group communication tools. (Source: Slack)
  • Best for: Group Communication
  • Cost: Free to $15 per user per month
  • Available on:

Slack is probably one of the most popular group communication apps on the market for team communication and collaboration. The user interface is so easy to use; with customizable features, integration capabilities, and an affordable price tag, what’s not to love? Slack offers a range of benefits that can help real estate teams work more efficiently and effectively. Slack also integrates with some of your favorite apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and DocuSign to make your life much easier.

One of the most obvious benefits of using Slack is the centralized communication hub it provides, reducing email clutter and increasing responsiveness. Creating dedicated channels for specific topics, projects, or listings keeps team members in the loop easily without getting bogged down in lengthy email chains. (Aren’t they the worst?) Plus, Slack comes with a powerful search function that makes finding past conversations and files quick and easy.

8. Supra eKEY

Supra logo
Manage access to properties with ease. (Source: Supra)
  • Best for: Lockboxes
  • Cost: $15.85 per month
  • Available on:

If you intend to be a successful real estate professional, you need to have this handy app on your phone. The Supra eKEY app is a must-have tool to gain access to properties securely and efficiently. As a mobile app that works with the Supra lockbox system, eKey streamlines the process of showing properties, managing access, and saving agents time and stress.

One of the key benefits of the Supra eKEY is its ability to manage access to properties. With a standard lockbox, you don’t have the ability to monitor everyone who enters your property. But with Supra, anyone who accesses the property is logged within the app, showing you detailed information about the visit. If you’re working with sellers, this is a great tool to show that you’re respecting their privacy and protecting their property.

9. Notion

Stay on top of every transaction easily.
Stay on top of every transaction easily. (Source: Notion)
  • Best for: Organization
  • Cost: Free to $15 per month per user
  • Available on:

Notion is probably my favorite organization and productivity app. As an all-in-one workspace, it has gained a massive following in the past few years. One of the best features Notion offers is its flexibility and customization. Unlike many other productivity apps, Notion allows you to create a workspace tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need to manage a project, take notes, or create a database, Notion provides you with the building blocks and lets you create a system that works for you.

Notion also integrates with a myriad of other tools and platforms, including Google, Slack, Trello, and Dropbox, making it seamless to connect your workspace with other apps and services you’re already using. Notion makes it simple for real estate agents to manage the many moving parts of each transaction with databases, project boards, task management tools, and even collaboration tools, keeping tasks organized and preventing anything from falling through the cracks.

10. Forewarn

Get background checks on potential clients on-the-go. (Source: Forewarn)
  • Best for: Realtor Safety
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Available on:

Realtor safety is a real concern for agents. Forewarn is a powerful tool to have at your fingertips. It allows you to quickly and easily grab background information on potential clients or property owners before meeting them face-to-face. Agents often work with strangers and visit unfamiliar properties in their day-to-day operations. However, Forewarn provides a critical layer of additional safety and security to help agents protect themselves in vulnerable situations.

Unlike traditional background check services, which could take days, Forewarn delivers instant insights agents can access from their smartphone or tablet. That means agents can quickly vet potential clients or property owners even if they’re on their way to meeting them. The app is designed to be intuitive and work easily with agents who aren’t tech-savvy. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use tool to protect yourself, Forewarn is worth checking out.

11. RPR

Get property data and home valuations on-the-go.
Get property data and home valuations on-the-go. (Source: RPR)
  • Best for: Home Valuations
  • Cost: Free for NAR members
  • Available on:

RPR, or Realtors Property Resource, is a comprehensive real estate platform offering a wide range of tools and resources to National Association of Realtors (NAR) members. One of the biggest perks is that it’s now free for NAR members, making it an incredibly valuable tool for real estate pros. One of the standout features of this powerful platform is the Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool, which provides the most accurate home valuations available outside of your own comparative market analysis (CMA)

RPR also offers a wide range of customizable property reports, like home ownership history, mortgage information, neighborhood demographics, and market trends. The app has features like property search, GPS-enabled driving directions, and instant access to property and market data on the go. Dig deeper into market activity, key metrics, and insights on sales activity and pricing trends in your geographic area, giving you access to the data you need to feel confident as an expert in your community.

12. LoopNet

LoopNet logo
The go-to resource for all things commercial real estate (Source: LoopNet)
  • Best for: Commercial Real Estate
  • Cost: Free
  • Available on:

Looking to get into commercial real estate or work with investors? Check out LoopNet. It’s the premier online commercial real estate marketplace with tons of tools and resources to help you access a huge network of potential buyers, sellers, and investors. LoopNet is home to the most extensive database of commercial properties, with more than half a million listings, including office space, industrial, and multifamily properties. 

You’ll find plenty of research and analysis tools giving you insights on property values, rental rates, and market conditions in specific areas or asset types. Also, LoopNet has networking and education resources to help you build your knowledge and expand your network. If you’ve been looking for a way to break into the commercial real estate market or just want to work with more real estate investors, LoopNet is a great place to explore and make some valuable connections.

13. Find My Device/Find My

Google's Find My Device logo and Find My logo
Google’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My
  • Best for: Sharing Your Location
  • Cost: Free
  • Available on:

Sure, the Find My apps, available on both Android (Find My Device) and Apple (Find My), are mostly known for their device-finding features. But for real estate agents’ safety on the job, the Find My apps are lifesavers. Turn on your location in this app on your phone when you’re working with clients, hosting an open house, or just when you’re out running errands, letting others know your location at all times. And the best part? These apps are free on your smartphone! (Try using it with your teenagers as an added bonus.)

These apps use advanced GPS technology to pinpoint your location with maximum accuracy, even in remote locations. That means if an agent ever finds themselves in a dangerous or uncertain situation, they can quickly alert their spouse, family, or coworkers and provide them with their exact location, making it easier for them to respond quickly and potentially save your life.

Honorable Mentions

As I was researching these real estate apps, I came across a couple of cool tools that are perfect for on-the-go that aren’t exactly apps. They work great on your mobile device—they just don’t have a dedicated app. But here’s an insider trick to get an in-app experience without an app: you can save your favorite webpage as a bookmark on your home screen. Visit the website you want to save and tap the share or menu icon. Tap “Add to Home Screen,” and voila! You’re ready to access the site’s content with one click. Here are a couple of great tools you can use on your smart devices in exactly that way.

14. Agent Crate

Agent Crate logo
Easily create social media posts on the go. (Source: Agent Crate)
  • Best for: Social Media On-the-go
  • Cost: Starting at $29 per month

Agent Crate takes your social media posting to the next level. This real estate-specific software is uniquely designed to take a lot of the heavy lifting out of your online marketing efforts. With a focus on engaging, industry-specific content, Agent Crate makes it easy to post on the go, grab the attention of potential buyers, and build your personal brand online. 

Agent Crate features a vast library of content you can customize to fit your brand colors, logo, and design and post from anywhere. And, as with so many real estate tech trends right now, it has also incorporated AI into its platform, helping you get your posts out even faster.  

15. Agently

agently logo
Set goals and stay on track easily. (Source: Agently)
  • Best for: Agent Coaching + Productivity
  • Cost: $59 per month for agents, $279 per month for teams

Having Agently is like having your own personal real estate coach in your back pocket. With innovative tools to assist in onboarding, training, and productivity tracking, Agently gives brokers a leg up in keeping their agents moving forward and hitting their productivity and GCI goals while also supporting their professional development. 

One of the fun things you can do with Agently is set up agent challenges and contests. Give your agents some incentive to tackle tasks and reward them for their accomplishments all within the app. 

Methodology: How We Chose the Best Real Estate Apps 

As an experienced real estate agent, I have personally used at least a few of these tools in my real estate business. But even if I combined the experience of our entire team, I knew choosing the best real estate apps would be difficult. To make certain I was using objective measures instead of just my opinion, I posed these questions to choose the best real estate apps for 2024:

  • Utility: Does the app address practical challenges agents already face in their businesses? Does it improve or streamline workflows, making your life easier, or does it create more tasks in your workday?  
  • Pricing: Is the price worth the value the app provides? What is the return on investment (ROI)? Does the app or optional upgrade boost your efficiency or provide added access to leads?  
  • Ease of use: Is the app easy to use and adopt into your busy work life? How much technical savvy is required to use the app? What is the learning curve? Is the app complex or straightforward and easy to understand? How user-friendly is the interface? Is the app intuitive? 
  • Network Effect: Do other agents widely adopt the app? Does it receive positive customer reviews? Is the app’s adoption growing? 
  • Stability: Does the app function smoothly with limited interruptions or crashes? Does the app have bugs or technical issues that need to be worked out?  

Our team regularly reviews and edits the articles on our site to ensure we provide you with the most up-to-date information. We pride ourselves on an independent editorial review process. Check out our complete methodology here.


Bringing It All Together

What real estate apps do you use daily to boost your work efficiency, connect with leads faster, and close more deals? Do you agree with my list of the best apps for real estate? Which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments! 

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