With so many real estate apps on the market today, figuring out which ones deserve space on your phone or iPad isn’t easy. That’s why we put together this list of the most innovative real estate apps that are helping Realtors stay organized, market their brands, and close more deals in 2022.

Best Real Estate CRM Apps

1. Propertybase

Propertybase real estate app interface

Pricing: Custom pricing

Let’s face it: To get ahead in real estate in 2022, drip campaigns, text messaging, a mobile app, call logging, pipelines, a dialer, and so on are no longer optional in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Luckily, Propertybase is up to the challenge, ticking pretty much every box that today’s real estate agents, teams, and brokerages need out of an app.

Combining a rock-solid, Salesforce-based CRM with MLS integration and killer IDX lead-generating websites that work together seamlessly, Propertybase is a true all-in-one platform that won’t let you down.

Throw in an available transaction management platform, and you may not need to buy any more software—ever.

Try Propertybase for Free

2. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact

Pricing: $33 per month

If you asked the average agent what they wanted out of a CRM app in 2022, you’d probably get two answers: affordability and social media features. Well, IXACT Contact was listening to what agents wanted, and they responded.

IXACT’s CRM is affordable for almost any agent at $33 per month and includes advanced features for social media marketing along with all the usual contact management features agents demand from their CRMs today.

Try IXACT Contact for Free


CINC real estate app interface

Pricing: Custom pricing

CINC monitors your incoming leads and acts as your own personal concierge, getting them on the phone, qualifying them, and then connecting them straight to your phone without all the email or text messaging back and forth, saving you a ton of time and upping your conversion rate.

Visit CINC

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Best Real Estate Apps for Marketing

4. Freshchat

Freshchat chatbots

Pricing: Free – $69 per month

Let’s face it: In 2022, your leads are a little spoiled. They expect (and very often get) nearly instant responses to their online inquiries. That’s why chatbots like Freshchat are so crucial for your website. You can give your leads an instant response and answer their questions with a programmed bot, or better yet, respond to their chat on your phone just like you would a text message.

Visit Freshchat

5. Buffer (Social Media Management Platform)

Buffer Social Media Management Platform

Pricing: Free – $5 per month

Even though the real estate software industry competition is fierce, it’s nothing compared to the competition in social media management platforms. Take the investment and user base for your average real estate software, and triple it. That means better deals for end users.

6. LabCoat Agents Marketing Center

LCA Marketing Center app

Pricing: Individual agents $59 per month; teams (10 agents) $249 per month

The first marketing platform designed just for real estate agents, the LabCoat Agents (LCA) Marketing Center app lets agents quickly create gorgeous social media posts on the fly. It also allows them to one-stop shop create or edit tons of other marketing templates for business cards, flyers, door hangers, and more.

Feel inspired to create an Instagram story in line at Starbucks? You can do that with the LCA Marketing center app.

Visit LCA Marketing Center

7. Canva

Real estate apps

Pricing: Free – $12.99 per month

When I worked in marketing, our Managing Director balked at spending more than $1,000 for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. We needed them, but that didn’t make the cost any less easy to swallow. Today, sites like Canva offer basic Photoshop-like functionality for free.

Visit Canva

8. Primer

Primer app interface

Pricing: Free

If you want to be a rock star at your next showing or open house, download the free Primer app. It’s an AR (augmented reality) app that lets you preview what a room might look like with new tile, wallpaper, or paint. Perfect for showing off the potential of under-construction or dated homes.

Visit Primer

9. Animoto


Pricing: Free – $55 per month

Animoto is a free, all-in-one video maker that makes creating and editing videos on the fly much easier. You can shoot a video, add titles, transitions, images, and music, and share your creation on social media.

Visit Animoto

10. MagicPlan

MagicPlan floor planning app

Pricing: $9.99 – $89.99 per month

In a perfect world, we would all get detailed floor plans, well-shot images, and a neat and orderly list of renovations on any listing. Of course, none of us lives in a perfect world, so we all have to make do when buyers ask about simple things like floor plans or wonder how much a new floor might cost.

MagicPlan lets you give your buyers quick answers that will likely sate their curiosity until a pro can be brought in. You can get quick floor plans by scanning a room in a minute and then upload that floor plan to get cost estimates, 3D tours, and more.

Visit MagicPlan

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Best Real Estate Apps for Lead Generation

11. Zillow Premier Agent

zillow premier agent app

Pricing: Free

The free Zillow Premier Agent app is a must-have if you have listings on Zillow—or ever want listings on Zillow. It has task management, lead sorting, and even lead assignment and other features for teams.

Zillow Premier Agent also offers a surprisingly robust free CRM that lets you import leads from BoomTown or Realtor.com through Gmail. You can set up tasks, reminders, texts, and emails like any good CRM, but it also gives you a granular look at what your leads are searching for on Zillow in detail if you sign up for their My Agent program, which makes you the only buyer’s agent your leads see on Zillow.

Visit Zillow

Best Real Estate Apps for Open Houses

12. Curb Hero

Block Party

Pricing: Free

Over the past few years, Curb Hero has become the go-to app for agents who regularly run open houses. It’s 100% free, customizable, and even offers a QR code sign-in feature. Curb Hero also offers custom branding for the biggest brokerages, text, and email follow-up, lead verification, single property websites, and more.

Visit Curb Hero

13. Spacio

Spacio Real Estate App

Pricing: Starting at $25 per month

If you want more bells and whistles for teams in your open house sign-in app, Spacio is a solid choice. It offers team-wide reporting, agent management, permissioned access to leads, auto-populated listings, and default form questions for agents.

Visit Spacio

14. Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro

Pricing: Free – $20 per month

Recently acquired by Placester, Open Home Pro is another great option for bringing your open house into the 21st century. Like Curb Hero and Spacio, Open Home Pro can send out automated follow-up emails to open house guests and also features one-touch social sharing.

Visit Open Home Pro

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Best Real Estate Apps for Productivity

15. Trello

Trello Project management apps

Pricing: Free – $17.50 per month

Trello is yet another piece of software that would have cost an arm and a leg a few years ago. Today, it’s one of the most popular project management apps on the internet.

To track projects, Trello enables you to create “cards” that you can share with your partners or team and edit, move, and update them as you hit your goals. It’s great for blog publishing, social media, graphic design projects, or even deal tracking for smaller teams.

Full disclosure: We use Trello every day at The Close, and it’s one of the apps that we simply couldn’t function without.

Visit Trello

16. CamScanner

CamScanner mobile app

Pricing: Free – $4.99 per month

The smartphone era has brought us some amazing things. We not only have access to the entirety of human knowledge in our back pocket, but a still camera, video camera, and motion sensor as well. With CamScanner, you can scan documents on the go.

Visit CamScanner

17. Clozio

Clozio checklist app

Pricing: Free – $32 per month

Clozio gives agents a lightweight, intuitive, and easy-to-use checklist to stay organized, from prelisting to close, as well as keep your clients on the same page. Best of all, the starter app is free.

Visit Clozio

18. RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile

Pricing: Free

A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), RPR Mobile (Real Property Resource Mobile) has helped Realtors parse and access property data for showings, comparative market analyses (CMAs), research, and more.

RPR Mobile remains one of the best ways to keep your clients informed on the go. Out to lunch with a buyer and want to pull up a list of three bedrooms in a new ZIP code? RPR lets you access that data in a snap and even lets you draw custom polygon search areas to target even the smallest micro-neighborhood.

Visit RPR Mobile

19. Dotloop

Dotloop transaction management app

Pricing: $29 per month

Over the past few years, transaction management platform Dotloop has slowly started to become the dominant player in the industry. Since competition in the enterprise space is fierce, Dotloop has smartly released a free version for individual agents.

Visit Dotloop

20. Dropbox

Dropbox mobile app interface

Pricing: Free

Dropbox is a super-simple app that lets you store files on the go. It’s so common among agents these days that most have it on their phones.

Visit Dropbox

Best General Purpose Real Estate Apps

21. Bubble Level App (aka Spirit Level)

Bubble Level App

Pricing: Free

Here’s one for agents who can’t help but show prewar listings that always need a little TLC. Is that door frame level, or is it the floor that’s wonky? Instead of guessing or raiding the contractor’s toolbox, you can just pull out your phone and get a quick reading.

If you’re on Android, the Bubble Level App works well. If you’re on iOS, you have a bubble level built-in. The only problem is that it’s kind of hidden. Here’s a quick rundown of how to find it.

Visit Bubble Level App

22. Smith

Smith Real Estate App

Pricing: Free

Smith is another app for agents who can’t help but show the places with “good bones” that might need some work. Smith can get you quick and dirty estimates for all kinds of jobs in your city, as well as help your buyers find a good contractor to get them done.

Visit Smith

23. BrokerAssist

BrokerAssist Real Estate App

Pricing: Free

BrokerAssist is a one-stop shop for referrals and other quick real estate gigs that you need a real estate professional for. Need to run keys to a listing? Open up a listing for a contractor? List a referral? BrokerAssist is a great way to hire or get hired for real estate gigs within your brokerage or other brokerages in your association.

Visit BrokerAssist

Real Estate Safety Apps

24. Forewarn


Pricing: $20 per month (enterprise pricing also available)

Forewarn is an easy-to-use background check app that helps agents quickly investigate a new lead before a showing. It’s particularly useful for last-minute showings when a more thorough screening is not possible. 

With just a phone number, Forewarn will pull up criminal background, verify their current vehicle and property ownership status, identify financial risks like bankruptcy, and even provide a complete residential history.

Visit Forewarn

25. AgentSafeWalk


Pricing: $2.00 per agent, per month; must be provided by company or association (no individual sign-ups)

AgentSafeWalk allows agents to connect with a “Safety Partner” via live video and introduce them to their prospective client. AgentSafeWalk also has a mass broadcast feature, so that Brokers can quickly and easily inform agents of an emergency or dangerous situation.

Visit AgentSafeWalk

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Daily Carry: Real Estate Apps Top Agents Use Every Day

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for which apps are the best. While we constantly test new apps and write in-depth buyer’s guides for our readers, they say real estate apps are like CRMs. The best apps are the ones you actually use. That’s why we decided to reach out to some top-producing agents and brokers to take a peek into their phones and see which apps they use the most to stay at the top of their game.

Over to You

What real estate apps do you use every day to stay a killer real estate agent? Let us know in the comments!

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