Real estate lead generation companies give agents, teams, and brokers a shortcut to the closing table by doing all the lead capture and organization work for you—so you can focus your efforts on working with bona fide real estate leads who are motivated buyers and sellers.

Since choosing a real estate lead generation company can be tough, we’ve done a deep dive into the top six real estate lead generation companies and reviewed them side-by-side so you can make the best choice for your business. Let us help you determine where to spend your paid lead generation dollars most effectively in 2022.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2022

Prices Starting At
Best For
Market Leader (Best Overall)
$139 /month, plus $25+ or per lead (varies by market)
A guaranteed number of leads each month
$399 / month, plus $250 minimum ad spend
Exclusive, unique leads you won’t have to share with other real estate agents
$40 /month
Real estate agents who are great at phone or direct mail prospecting
Real Geeks
$299 / month
Leads you can easily share with your team or brokerage and track the progress of
$250 / month
A high volume of mostly buyer leads
$400 - $500 per month, depending on market
Predictive analytics-generated leads focusing on sellers likely to list within a year

The Close Recommendation: Market Leader

Based on all the lead gen systems we’ve reviewed in this guide, if we had $1,000 a month to spend, we’d choose Market Leader. A guaranteed number of leads every month paired with a surprisingly robust customer relationship management system (CRM) makes their product our top choice.

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Best Lead Generation Company for Guaranteed Leads: Market Leader

Prices starting at $139 / month

Market Leader ProsMarket Leader Cons
  • Guaranteed number of leads every month
  • Missing some key analytics features
  • Great mobile app
  • Public-facing websites are a little dated
  • Easily scalable for teams and offices
  • Leads tend to be higher funnel than other providers

How Market Leader Generates Real Estate Leads

Market Leader pricing starts at $139 per month, plus $25 or more per lead, depending on your market.

To generate real estate leads, Market Leader takes the ad agency approach (similar to BoldLeads), placing targeted ads in places your prospects are already spending their time (Facebook, Google, and so on). These ads direct prospects to Market Leader’s landing page (for seller leads) or a personally branded, IDX search-enabled site (for buyer leads).

Once a lead gives their information, it’s automatically populated in the Market Leader customer relationship management (CRM) system (or wherever you’d like it to go), and then you take over with nurturing and conversion.

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Market Leader: Is it right for you? Unlike any other provider on our list, Market Leader guarantees a certain number of leads every month. Once you’ve got enough data to be able to accurately predict your conversion rates, Market Leader uniquely allows realtors to forecast their return on paid lead generation investment, making them a compelling option.

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Best Lead Generation Company for Exclusive Leads: BoldLeads

Prices starting at $399 / month

BoldLeads ProsBoldLeads Cons
  • Exclusive leads
  • No low-cost options
  • Fully functional CRM included
  • Limited control over the ads run on your behalf
  • 40+ landing page templates available
  • BoldLeads territories are no longer exclusive to a single agent

How BoldLeads Generates Real Estate Leads

BoldLeads pricing starts at $399 per month, plus a $250 minimum ad spend.

Like Market Leader, BoldLeads generates leads by creating and placing ads on platforms like Facebook and Google to draw prospects to customized landing pages. There, your leads are enticed to provide their contact info, and BAM—you have another lead in the hopper.

However, they differ from Market Leader by providing more landing page and lead magnet customization, as well as providing specialized follow-up tools like their automated text concierge to help you better convert your leads to clients.

Since BoldLeads ads are created specifically for you and your business, the leads you get are yours and yours alone, unlike other lead gen companies that will create generic ads and then divvy up the leads among subscribed agents.

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BoldLeads: Is it right for you? Unlike Zillow Premier Agent, where prospects can choose between all the agents marketing in a particular area, the BoldLeads media and lead magnets are created only for you. If you want a personalized, exclusive lead set, BoldLeads is a great choice.

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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Company for Prospecting Leads: REDX

Prices starting at $40 / month

  • Affordable, a la carte pricing
  • Relies heavily on cold calling
  • Different types of leads are available
  • A time-intensive strategy
  • Dialer is available for phone prospecting
  • Little or no performance analytics

How REDX Generates Real Estate Leads

Rather than creating a system where you wait for leads to come to you (like all the other providers on our list), REDX flips the script with an outbound real estate lead generation system. REDX users choose from lead types like Expired Listings, FSBOs, and Preforeclosures (just to name a few), and REDX provides contact information for you to reach out and start real estate conversations.

With a constantly updated system, you’ve always got an up-to-date list of the leads in your area, and you decide how much time you want to spend reaching out, following up, and converting them to clients.

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REDX: Is it right for you? Unlike inbound real estate lead generation companies, you can’t just wait for the REDX system to deliver phone calls to you from interested buyers and sellers—you have to pick up the phone and make it ring for them. Though you’ve got more work to do with REDX, you’re also completely in control of your own success. Motivated go-getters will do great with this tool.

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Best Lead Generation Company for Team-distributed Leads: Real Geeks

Prices starting at $299 / month

Real Geeks Pros
Real Geeks Cons
  • Great for teams and brokerages
  • Websites could use a facelift
  • More control over the ads run on your behalf (if you want it)
  • Limited CRM functionality
  • Lead capture widgets for your personal website to extend your reach
  • Limited customization options for your lead magnets

How Real Geeks Generates Real Estate Leads

Real Geeks follows the well-trodden path of BoldLeads and Market Leader on their initial lead generation approach: they strategically place your ads on sites like Google, Facebook, and Instagram that drive traffic to landing pages designed to convert your prospects into leads.

However, Real Geeks is different in that the landing pages that your prospects arrive at are ultra-personalized and customizable for you and your business. And once you actually capture leads, Real Geeks gives you some pretty sophisticated tools to distribute them across your organization, making it a great option for teams and brokerages.

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Real Geeks: Is it right for you? Solo agents will get a lot out of this platform, but they don’t have any standout features that teams of one will cheer for (other than the fact that they consistently produce high-quality leads). However, teams and brokers will love the endless lead assignment and progress monitoring options that make Real Geeks a fantastic option for anyone passing leads across an organization.

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Best Lead Generation Company for Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent

Prices starting at $250 / month

Zillow Premier Agent ProsZillow Premier Agent Cons
  • Ads run on the largest real estate website in the world
  • Customer service track record is not strong
  • Proven track record of success
  • Almost entirely buyer leads
  • Zillow Live Connections connects you directly with leads over the phone
  • Leads aren’t exclusive

How Zillow Premier Agent Generates Real Estate Leads

Zillow harnesses its 229 million unique monthly visitors to put real estate agents directly in front of active home shoppers in their market. Zillow sells display advertising for Premier Agents next to listings in specific ZIP codes, the price of which varies depending on the number of agents competing for space and the median sold price of a home in that market.

Zillow leads are either transferred to the Zillow CRM or into whatever CRM you’re using (they are famously collaborative and can connect to just about any platform). Then, you take over with outreach, nurturing, and eventual conversion. Pricing starts at $250 per month for most markets.

Zillow’s lead generation approach is unique in that they rely only on ads on their platform, which is great because you know that buyer intent on Zillow is high compared to places like Facebook and Google. On the other hand, Zillow’s system doesn’t prevent leads from clicking on multiple agents, so your leads aren’t necessarily exclusive to you.

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Zillow: Is it right for you? There is literally nobody in the consumer real estate market as big as Zillow—not by a long shot. If you’re looking for buyer leads at volume, it’s hard to argue with Zillow.

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Best Lead Generation Company for Seller Leads: SmartZip

Prices starting at $400-$500 / month

SmartZip Pros
SmartZip Cons
  • A focus on seller leads
  • No month-to-month payment option
  • Predictive analytics makes your marketing more targeted
  • Leads are likely to take longer to convert than the average
  • Customizable landing pages
  • No onboard CRM

How SmartZip Generates Real Estate Leads

SmartZip uses sophisticated algorithms that take into account hundreds of demographic, geographic, and consumer behavior data points to predict which homeowners in a particular market are the most likely to consider selling their home in the next 12 to 18 months. SmartZip then gathers contact information for these potential sellers and packages it for real estate professionals.

Their predictive analytics approach is an outbound marketing strategy (similar to REDX’s), since it’s up to you to make the calls, send the direct mail, and connect with the leads on your SmartZip list. This format makes SmartZip more labor-intensive than the inbound strategies of Market Leader, BoldLeads, Real Geeks, and Zillow.

But, unlike REDX, SmartZip allows you to focus your marketing efforts (and budget) on only the most likely sellers in your market, making the bang for your buck much bigger. Pricing depends on your market, but starts at about $400 to $500 per month.

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SmartZip: Is it right for you? Predictive analytics technology is still relatively new in the real estate space, but the early results from SmartZip are very compelling. To succeed with this tool, you’ll need a prospecting mentality. Remember, your leads from SmartZip haven’t yet raised their hand to say they’re interested in buying or selling, so you need to be prepared for longer nurture times and more touches before converting them to leads.

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Real Estate Lead Generation Companies FAQs

Before diving into paid real estate lead generation, take a look at some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions. If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please leave your question in the comments section.

A Note on Methodology

As a part of this buyer’s guide, I reviewed dozens of paid real estate lead generation companies and pinpointed the very best options for our readers based on each company’s strategy and approach, price, usability, scalability, service, support, and more.

As lead generation companies continue to improve their processes and increase their efficiency, I’ll continue to update this guide and review new and existing lead gen companies to reflect the best available options for realtors.

Your Turn

Did we miss a real estate lead generation company you want more information on? Comment below to suggest new additions to this list.

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