Instagram Reels have become essential for real estate agents looking to build their brands, showcase properties, and connect with potential clients. I’ll explore 10 real estate Reels specifically tailored for agents and brokers. From house tours to tips for buyers and sellers, these ideas will fuel your creativity and enable you to forge connections with your audience.

instagram real estate reel ideas for agents.

Reel 1: Highlight Your Real Estate Niche

Showcase your expertise and niche within the real estate industry. Highlight specific property types, clients, or neighborhoods that you specialize in. Are you more into luxury real estate, smart homes, or commercial properties? Or do you specialize in vacation homes, condos, and for sale by owner (FSBO) listings? Have you ever received real estate awards or recognition in your career? Include them in your Reel.

Here’s a great example from Chad Rogers. He created a short Reel featuring the award he received, followed by a quote from the Los Angeles Business Journal stating how many real estate sales he achieved and who his usual clients are. It’s simple, straightforward, and informative.

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Reel 2: Buying & Selling Processes

Create Instagram posts and Reels that simplify your clients’ buying and selling process. Think of your audience as first-timers who have yet to learn how to purchase or sell. Tackle common concerns and misconceptions about real estate transactions in your Reel while being concise and engaging. Here are some questions buyers and sellers usually want answered:

  • How can I determine the fair market value of a property I intend to purchase or sell?
  • How long does the typical buying or selling process take? What are the main steps involved?
  • How can I negotiate effectively to get the best deal when buying or selling a property?
  • What common mistakes should I avoid during the buying or selling process?
  • What financing options are available to me as a buyer? Which one would fit my situation best?

Check out this example of a homebuying Reel from Instagram real estate agent Carlos Gutierrez. He goes through the five critical steps of the homebuying process and gives examples, making the information more accessible to his audience. By breaking down the complexities of homebuying into easy-to-digest steps, he empowers his viewers to approach the process confidently.

Reel 3: Before & After Staging a House

Showcase the transformation of a property before and after home staging. Focus on showing the most essential parts of the house: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor spaces. Share your staging hacks, DIY tricks, and why it’s vital to stage a home before putting up a listing. Showing the before and after staging process appeals to potential clients and fellow agents because it shows how the property can look when furnished and decorated. Buyers will see possible designs and layouts for each space, which will help them decide whether the property is right for them.

Here’s a great staging Reel from The Portland House Hunters. They provide viewers with a glimpse into the evolution of each space—from an empty room to a home filled with furniture, appliances, and artwork. To gain more engagement, they included a lengthy caption about why staging a home is always worth the price tag and how it impacts the selling process.

You can also use a virtual home staging company or software to stage the home. This software can overlay existing furniture and decor, and you can allow your buyers to select different themes that match their decor style to see what the home would look like if they lived in it. 

Reel 4: House Tours

My favorite real estate Reels are the house tour Instagram Reels, which are visually appealing and highly shareable. House tour videos allow potential buyers to virtually step into the house and explore each area to understand its layout, features, and design. Highlight your listings’ unique features, architectural details, and history. Add some spin to your house tour Reels by using creative editing techniques to make them engaging. Some editing techniques you can apply to your Reels include text overlays, sound effects, stop-motion animation, split-screen effects, time lapse, and call-to-action buttons.

You need to see Krys Benyamein’s trendy Reel! He skillfully highlighted the standout features of his listing’s million-dollar bathroom by demonstrating each item’s functions. To make his Reel more engaging, he incorporated subtitles and funny memes. His attention to detail brought the luxurious bathroom to life, making it a must-see for potential buyers.

Reel 5: Neighborhood Walk-throughs

Take your audience on virtual neighborhood walk-throughs to discover local amenities and attractions and demonstrate your expertise about a specific area. This Reel type showcases the vibe and lifestyle associated with a neighborhood, which helps buyers determine whether they’d like to live there, all from the comfort of their homes.

Also, walk-through videos provide a virtual tour experience for buyers residing out of town or those unable to visit the neighborhood in person. Remember to highlight the benefits of living in that neighborhood!

Here’s a great tip from Paul Mark Morris. According to him, agents should become local experts. Map out the best places to eat, coffee shops, parks, and shops, and be a part of the local community. When you’re an expert in everything related to your neighborhood, you can build trust with potential clients considering moving there.

Reel 6: Tips for Buyers & Sellers

Now’s the perfect opportunity to leverage your expertise by sharing valuable insights and advice for buyers and sellers. This Reel type establishes you as a trusted resource and demonstrates your commitment to helping and educating clients. Offering tips sets you apart from agents focusing only on their listings and trendy Reels. Some topics you may cover in your Reels are:

  • Choosing the right real estate agent
  • What buyers should look for during a home inspection
  • How sellers can negotiate with buyers
  • How to get a pre-approval letter before home shopping

Here’s an excellent example from the queen of New York real estate, Barbara Corcoran. It’s a video of one of her interviews where she emphasized a fundamental tip: secure a great broker. Remember, a great broker can offer invaluable guidance and facilitate smoother transactions.

Reel 7: Your Take on Current Real Estate News

People are always eager for market updates. Share your analysis and insights on current real estate news, market trends, and industry changes that will impact buyers, sellers, or agents. Remember, your expertise is valuable for navigating this dynamic real estate market. Some of the topics worth exploring in this type of Reel include:

  • Current trends in your local real estate market
  • What factors are driving changes in property prices
  • Current market conditions compared to the previous year or season

I love this Reel from Taya DiCarlo. She summarized Zillow’s housing market predictions for 2024 and added her two cents in the caption. Taya’s combination of informative content and personal opinion demonstrates her reputation as a trusted source of real estate knowledge.

Reel 8: Q&A Real Estate Reels

Create a Q&A Reel where you answer the most asked questions from your audience about real estate. Invite your followers to submit their questions and respond to them through concise, informative Reels. If you get a lot of questions, categorize them and post multiple Reels. Have a Reel with answers about your market analysis, another about investment techniques, or even about your life outside of real estate! Use hashtags to organize your Reels so they show up when people search for topics using the hashtag feature.

Check out this Q&A Reel by Anthony Glenn II. He went live on Instagram so users could ask questions through the comments and then uploaded the recorded live video on Instagram Reels. Remember to add a little personality! This way, your audience will be more engaged and consider asking more questions in your next Q&A session.

Reel 9: Hop on an Instagram Reel Trend

Participate in current Instagram Reel trends or challenges while adding a real estate twist. Add your unique touch to popular Reel formats, the newest music, or memes with voice-overs for easily shareable and entertaining content. Of course, it’s essential to keep browsing your Instagram Reels to stay up to date with the latest trends. You can also use social media templates to simplify posts.

Check out Gila Goodman’s example of the “POV” trend on Instagram Reels. She creates real estate Reels from a first-person perspective, immersing viewers in different scenarios. The “POV” trend on Instagram Reels offers an interactive, relatable experience that engages audiences.

Reel 10: Your Life Outside of Real Estate

Provide glimpses into your personal life and passions outside of real estate. What keeps you busy when you’re not showing properties to potential buyers? Do you love gardening, painting, or woodworking? What about biking, surfing, or skiing? Who are you when you’re not negotiating with clients? Share your hobbies and interests to add a human touch to your brand. Demonstrate your authenticity by revealing yourself beyond your business-only facade.

Take a look at this excellent Reel by Jason Cassity. He captured his audience by showing what he does outside of real estate, claiming that a rich life consists of fewer possessions and more experiences. Since many people are into fitness, this personal Reel makes him approachable. 

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Instagram Real Estate Reels

Inspiration is everywhere! Agents don’t need to spend lots of time looking for real estate Reel ideas. Aside from my list above, here are some sources of inspiration for your next Reel:

FAQs: Real Estate Reels

Bringing It All Together

Keeping up with the complexities of Instagram Reels is challenging, so I know how hard it must be to create real estate Reels to post on your own. I hope our Reel ideas inspired you and offered some practical tips and suggestions to help get you started! Do you have more Instagram real estate Reel ideas in mind? Share them in the comments!