I’ll let you in on a little secret: Not all blogs are created equal. The excellent ones are crafted with precision, where writers cite sources, make complex topics easy to digest, and leave you feeling more intelligent and informed. So, if you’re looking for the best real estate blogs to read while having your morning coffee, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll serve you with a curated selection of the best blogs—from local market experts to the latest real estate tech innovations.

1. The Close

theclose logo
  • Who should read it: Incredibly good-looking, talented, and charming agents with impeccable taste. 😉
  • Why we love it: One of the best real estate blogs (ahem), The Close offers everything you’ll need throughout your real estate career. Whether a new agent or a seasoned pro, you’ll find The Close’s lead generation and marketing techniques helpful. The blog has prelicensing guides, tech reviews, marketing templates, agent insights, recommendations for best real estate books, and fun real estate posts! Hopefully, you can feel our passion for building better agents through our articles.

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2. Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry logo
  • Who should read it: New and experienced agents stuck in a rut.
  • Why we love it: America’s premier real estate coach brings unmatched enthusiasm to helping real estate agents break out of sales ruts, learn new agent skills and lead generation techniques, and stay inspired. Tom Ferry excels in delivering impactful content through videos, which are featured prominently on his real estate blogspot. If you don’t have time to watch long videos, you can get the same actionable advice in his writing.

3. Coffee & Contracts

coffee and contracts logo
  • Who should read it: Agents who want to grow their business on Instagram.
  • Why we love it: Want social media tips and strategies from agents crushing it on Instagram? Then, the Coffee & Contracts blog should be your new daily read. Coffee & Contracts uses its extensive network of Instagram superstars like Eric Simon and Taya Dicarlo to dish out advice that works.

You’ll find guides on everything from improving your Reels to generating leads and writing engaging captions and motivational quotes. Additionally, the blog delves into advanced techniques for growing your follower base, how top agents build their brands, and using Instagram Stories to connect with your audience.

4. Business And Media (BAM) for Agents of Change

Business and Media (BAM) for Agents of Change
  • Who should read it: Agents who want to learn how to become better agents with a greater sense of humor.
  • Why we love it: Broke Agent Media is the brainchild of Eric Simon, who you probably know from his wildly popular Instagram account, The Broke Agent. But instead of spicy memes and skits, Broke Agent Media provides timely and actionable advice for agents trying to make a splash on social media.

BAM is a little video-heavy, featuring informative videos that break down complex topics into easy-to-digest concepts. However, the articles are as timely and actionable, offering practical agent tips and interviews. BAM also includes unique elements, such as humorous takes on real estate challenges and relatable anecdotes, making it entertaining and educational. BAM is an instant bookmark if you want a dose of wit and humor with your real estate training.

5. The CE Shop – Agent Essentials

The CE Shop logo
  • Who should read it: Prospective and new real estate agents.
  • Why we love it: In addition to its prelicensing, exam prep, license renewal, and continuing education courses, did you know that The CE Shop has a blog called Agent Essentials? It offers various content, such as guidance on switching to a real estate career, filing your taxes as an agent, and understanding the different types of first-time homebuyers. Additionally, Agent Essentials provides tech tools and podcast recommendations, offering inspiration and actionable advice.

6. McKissock Learning

mckissock learning logo
  • Who should read it: New agents and prospective real estate appraisers.
  • Why we love it: If you’re taking your continuing education courses with McKissock Learning, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon its blog. McKissock Learning’s real estate blog focuses on resources for new agents, providing essential guidance for those starting their careers. It offers a variety of content, including mastering real estate negotiation, how to become the go-to agent, productivity hacks, success stories, and more. But if you’re planning on becoming a real estate appraiser, McKissock offers extensive content on starting and growing an appraisal business.

7. Inhabit by Corcoran

Inhabit by Corcoran logo
  • Who should read it: Luxury agents and brokers who want content inspiration.
  • Why we love it: Billed as a lifestyle blog, Corcoran’s Inhabit reads and looks more like a thick, glossy luxury lifestyle magazine than the blog for a real estate brokerage. Agents can gather home staging ideas, interior design trends, emerging neighborhood hotspots, and community spotlights. The blog also features a monthly A-list, known as the list of most spectacular listings across the Corcoran network.

A word of warning: Of all the real estate blogs on this list, Inhabit will make you wish you had deeper pockets and endless vacation days. But this should be your template if you’re trying to create a luxury lifestyle blog for your team or brokerage.

8. Forbes – Real Estate

Forbes logo
  • Who should read it: Agents, investors, homebuyers, and sellers looking for high-level market analysis.
  • Why we love it: Forbes is one of the best real estate blogs on this list. It offers updates on housing policies, rare home listings, investment strategies, market trends, and analyses. I appreciate Forbes’ expert commentary and the diverse topics covered, from commercial real estate developments to the latest residential market shifts. If you’re looking for an excellent and reliable resource to understand the market dynamics better, Forbes should be your go-to blog.

9. Mansion Global

Mansion Global logo
  • Who should read it: Luxury agents and brokers
  • Why we love it: With the editorial chops and gravitas of the parent company, The Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global doesn’t just take pretty pictures of celebrity mansions. They offer insight into market trends, comprehensively analyzing the factors driving the luxury real estate market. Readers can explore articles on architectural history, the nuances of buying, selling, or living in luxury properties, listings of stunning estates worldwide, and neighborhoods on the rise.

10. Extraordinary Living by Sotheby’s International Realty

Sotheby's International Realty logo
  • Who should read it: Luxury agents and brokers
  • Why we love it: You won’t find resources from motivational speakers or marketing strategies here—instead, Sotheby’s International Realty’s Extraordinary Living blog digs into the world of luxury real estate. The blog highlights the most exquisite properties around the globe, including homes for sale over $10 million. Extraordinary Living explores interior design, architecture, travel, and a perspective on living a luxurious lifestyle. Now, excuse me while I gawk at all these luxury homes and estates!

11. The New York Times – Real Estate

The New York Times - Real Estate
  • Who should read it: Agents, investors, and professionals who want insights into national and international real estate markets
  • Why we love it: Of course, The New York Times (NYT) – Real Estate is on the list! The blog offers high-quality journalism on the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry. My favorite part of the NYT – Real Estate section is its “Ask Real Estate” articles. These pieces provide practical advice and expert answers to common and complex issues from homeowners, renters, and prospective buyers. I find these articles incredibly helpful as they offer clear solutions to real-world problems that many of your clients face. If NYT – Real Estate isn’t part of your bookmarks, now is the time to include it.

12. The Real Deal

The Real Deal logo
  • Who should read it: Agents and brokers who need deep industry insight in New York, South Florida, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and Texas
  • Why we love it: When it comes to inside-track real estate journalism, The Real Deal is, well, the real deal. It acquires local real estate scoops ahead of the massive papers. It features major transactions in the industry, real estate finance, and reports on commercial and residential markets. The writers from The Real Deal also tend to write in a crisp and easy-to-digest style that gives CEOs worldwide the information they need to make that next giant acquisition—or just have something to chat about over lunch with industry insiders.

13. HousingWire

HousingWire logo
  • Who should read it: Real estate news junkies
  • Why we love it: If you want a lasting real estate career, it’s crucial to understand that your clients and former clients will look at you as a market expert. That means keeping up to date with the latest news in the industry. One way to do that, of course, is by reading HousingWire. It features news about top real estate agents, detailed reports on mortgage rates, the housing market, and opinion pieces for agents’ consumption. Agents will also find advice on improving their business practices and client relationship strategies.

14. National Association of Realtors (NAR)

National Association of Realtors logo
  • Who should read it: NAR members and non-members
  • Why we love it: The NAR blogs offer a wide array of content for all types of agents, including Economists’ Outlook, Emerging Technology, Culture Scan, Helping Seniors, Spaces to Places, and more. With contributions from NAR members and industry experts, these real estate blogs provide up-to-date information on economic forecasts, how they will affect the industry, and the latest technology innovations that can enhance each agent’s business. These blogs equip agents with the tools they need to excel in their profession. The NAR blogs are accessible to everyone, including non-members.

15. Inman

Inman logo
  • Who should read it: Brokers, investors, tech leaders, startup founders, and ambitious agents
  • Why we love it: Inman is the place to go for industry news, NAR drama, and 30,000-foot insight from some of the biggest names in the business. Additionally, Inman hosts events or webinars that offer further learning and networking opportunities, which can greatly benefit your career. If you work in real estate, chances are your boss probably reads Inman every morning, and your boss’ boss definitely reads Inman every morning.

FAQs: Best Real Estate Blogs

Bringing It All Together

All these reputable blogs offer an unlimited wealth of information that can provide actionable advice for your career. Did I miss your favorite real estate blog? Share your go-to sites in the comments!

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