If you’re looking for new, must-read real estate blogs to add to your morning routine, today is your lucky day. 

We gathered the best training, news, and entertainment sources in the real estate industry just for you. Whether you are looking for content to share on social media, want to learn how to become a better agent, or just want to gawk at eight-figure mansions, you’ll find it on this list. 

Click on a category below to find your new favorite blog:

Best Real Estate Agent Training Blogs 

1. The Close

screenshot of the close homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Incredibly good-looking and charming agents with great taste 😉
  • Why We Love It: Hey, you didn’t think we got to 400,000-plus page views per month by being modest, did you? Seriously though, we’ve been working our fingers to the bone over the past five years to bring you the most engaging, actionable content from the world’s best agents and coaches like Ryan Serhant and Sean Moudry. And we’ve loved every second of it.

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2. Ryan Serhant’s Blog

screenshot of Ryan Serhant blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want to build a brand
  • Why We Love It: If you want to learn how to build a personal brand that lasts, why not learn from the best? Over the last decade, Ryan Serhant has transformed his personal brand into a household name synonymous with luxury real estate. His blog covers everything from getting licensed to marketing and branding tips from Ryan and his team.
Read Ryan Serhant’s Blog
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3. Tom Ferry’s Blog

screenshot of the tom ferry blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: New agents and experienced agents stuck in a rut
  • Why We Love It: America’s premier real estate coach brings Gary Vaynerchuck-levels of hype to helping real estate agents break out of sales ruts, learn new lead gen techniques, and stay inspired. Like Gary, Ferry is best enjoyed via videos, which are featured prominently on his blog. If you don’t have time to watch long videos, you can get the same actionable advice in his writing. You might not get the same inspirational buzz you get from his videos, but it’s the advice that matters, right?
Read Tom Ferry’s Blog
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4. Coffee & Contracts Blog

screenshot of the Coffee & Contracts blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want to grow their business on Instagram
  • Why We Love It: Want social media tips and strategies from agents who are crushing it on Instagram? Then the Coffee & Contracts blog should be your new daily read. Coffee & Contracts uses its extensive network of Instagram superstars like Eric Simon and Taya Dicarlo to dish out advice that actually works. They write about everything from improving your Reels to generating leads to writing engaging captions.
Check Out Coffee & Contracts

5. Broke Agent Media (BAM)

screenshot of the Broke Agent Media blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want to learn how to become better agents with a dose of humor
  • Why We Love It: Broke Agent Media is the brainchild of Eric Simon, who you probably know better from his wildly popular Instagram account, The Broke Agent. But instead of spicy memes and skits, Broke Agent Media serves up timely and actionable advice for agents who are trying to make a splash on social media.

Over the past year, Eric has expanded his roster of contributors to include social media influencers like Matt Lionetti, Byron Lazine, and Dustin Brohm. Like Tom Ferry’s blog, BAM is a little video-heavy, but the articles are just as timely and actionable. If you want a dose of wit and humor with your real estate training, BAM is an instant bookmark.

Read Broke Agent Media
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6. LabCoat Agents

screenshot of the lab coat agents blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents looking for tips from real estate tech and marketing brands
  • Why We Love It: Started as a Facebook mastermind group by Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, LabCoat Agents (LCA) has grown into an online real estate marketing powerhouse over the past few years. We love the LCA blog because they write quick-hit content that gives you just enough insight to be useful without getting bogged down in the details. For example, they’ll give you one killer script instead of 25 mediocre scripts. They also offer tips for how to make the most out of real estate technology platforms.
Read LabCoat Agents
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Best Real Estate Blog for Viral Content

7. Keeping Current Matters 

screenshot of the Keeping Current Matters blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want viral content to post on social media
  • Why We Love It: Keeping Current Matters creates quick-hit real estate content that is tailor-made to go viral on social media. If you follow any other agents on Facebook or Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen them share infographics and articles from Keeping Current Matters. The blog is free, but you can also pay to replace their branding with your own when you share their content on social media.
Read Keeping Current Matters
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Best Luxury Real Estate Blogs 

8. Dirt 

screenshot of the Dirt blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Luxury agents or those who enjoy reading about celebrities’ real estate deals
  • Why We Love It: If you’re a luxury agent who wants to keep up on the latest high-end real estate news or just someone who wants to catch a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and infamous, Dirt is a must-read. Dirt reports on all the latest celebrity real estate gossip, and, of course, includes the luscious listing photos that allow you to daydream about achieving your #housegoals.
Read Dirt

9. Corcoran Inhabit

screenshot of the Corcoran Inhabit homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers who want content inspiration
  • Why We Love It: Billed as a lifestyle blog, Corcoran’s Inhabit blog reads and looks more like a thick, glossy luxury lifestyle magazine like Wallpaper* or Frieze than the blog for a real estate brokerage. A word of warning: Of all the real estate blogs we’ve shared, this one will make you wish you had deeper pockets and endless vacation days. But if you’re trying to create a luxury lifestyle blog for your team or brokerage, this should be your template.
Read Corcoran Inhabit

10. Mansion Global

screenshot of the Mansion Global blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers
  • Why We Love It: With the editorial chops and gravitas of parent company The Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global doesn’t just do pretty pictures of celebrity mansions. They offer insight into market trends; architectural history; and what it means to buy, sell, or live in a true luxury property.
Read Mansion Global 

11. Elliman Insider

screenshot of the Elliman Insider blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers
  • Why We Love It: While pretty much every brokerage these days has a blog, Elliman manages to stand out from the crowd with articles that people actually want to read. Focusing primarily on their largest markets in New York City, California, Colorado, and Connecticut, Insider includes features on awe-inspiring luxury real estate, as well as well-written instructional and local color articles covering everything from renting an apartment to neighborhood playgrounds.
Read Elliman Insider

12. Sotheby’s International: Extraordinary Living

screenshot of the Sotheby's International Extraordinary Living blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers
  • Why We Love It: It’s one thing to make me desperately jealous and get me wondering how many lunches I’d need to skip to be able to justify a $10 million mansion in Buenos Aires (answer: all of them for 1,000 years). But Sotheby’s International Extraordinary Living delivers gorgeous photos and write-ups of jaw-dropping homes all over the world to agents and the luxury-obsessed.
Read Sotheby’s International

Best Real Estate Industry Blogs

13. Notorious R.O.B.

screenshot of the Notorious R.O.B. blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Brokers, investors, tech leaders, and other real estate insiders
  • Why We Love It: If you want the 30,000-foot view of anything, you’re going to have to listen to people who cruise up there on the regular. You know—the iconoclasts, the firebrands, or the people who have such a wide (yet oddly specific) knowledge base that they see things most people miss. The Notorious R.O.B. ticks all those boxes and then some. Necessary reading for anyone who wants the big picture in the real estate industry.
Read Notorious R.O.B.

14. HousingWire

screenshot of the Housingwire blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Real estate news junkies
  • Why We Love It: If you want to actually have a lasting career in real estate, it’s crucial to understand that your clients and former clients will look to you as a market expert. That means keeping up to date with the latest news in the industry.

One way to do that, of course, is by reading real estate blogs. How can you possibly accurately predict trends for your buyers and sellers if you don’t watch the market and the dizzying number of factors that can affect it?

Read HousingWire

15. The Real Deal

screenshot of The Real Deal blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents and brokers who need deep industry insight in New York, South Florida, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and Texas
  • Why We Love It: When it comes to inside-track real estate journalism, the Real Deal is, well, the real deal. They’ll get local real estate scoops before even the massive papers do. They also tend to write in a crisp and easy-to-digest style that gives CEOs around the world the information they need to make that next giant acquisition—or just have something to chat about over lunch with industry insiders.
Read The Real Deal

16. 1000Watt Blog

screenshot of the 1000 Watt blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want to think a little more strategically about real estate tech, branding, and marketing
  • Why We Love It: Blogs from branding agencies are always a pleasure to read because they (almost) always get right to the point. After all, they spend their days trying to distill complex ideas into simple, compelling copy for brands. No easy task.
Read the 1000Watt Blog

17. Inman

screenshot of the Inman blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Brokers, investors, tech leaders, startup founders, and ambitious agents
  • Why We Love It: Inman is the place to go for industry news, National Association of Realtors drama, and 30,000-foot insight from some of the biggest names in the business. If you work in real estate, chances are your boss probably reads Inman every morning, and your boss’ boss definitely reads Inman every morning.
Read Inman

18. Geek Estate

screenshot of the Geek Estate Blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Real estate tech geeks
  • Why We Love It: Of course, if you’re going to go on a deep dive, you need to jump in headfirst. Geek Estate manages to parse the nitty-gritty of the real estate tech world in a way that you never thought you’d want to read.

If you need to be in the know for your job, then Geek Estate is a no-brainer. If you’re just curious, you’re going to learn a ton. They also have an invite-only mastermind group that features some of the heaviest hitters in the real estate tech space. Not for newbies!

Read Geek Estate

19. Brick Underground

screenshot of the Brick Underground blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Anyone interested in New York City real estate
  • Why We Love It: Brick Underground writes articles for and about New York City’s frazzled and fabulous agents, offering tips, tricks, and best of all, empathy. They also include hot takes for buyers and sellers, jaw-dropping listings, market news, and more.

When it comes to New York City real estate blogs, lots of people tend to think the sun revolves around Curbed’s New York-centric section of their now national real estate blog empire. If you’re one of these people, you’re missing out.

Read Brick Underground

20. Zillow Market Trends 

screenshot of the Zillow Market Trends blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want free market trends reports from Zillow’s economists
  • Why We Love It: Zillow’s Market Trends blog has impeccable sources, including in-house economist Jeff Tucker. They also have exclusive access to the treasure trove of data they collect from their 60 million monthly visitors.

When you’re sharing market updates with your audience, the credibility of the source you use matters more than you might think. While doom-and-gloom headlines may generate clicks, savvy readers are going to check your sources and judge you based on how qualified they are.

Read Zillow Market Trends

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs 

21. Bigger Pockets 

screenshot of the Bigger Pockets blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want to work with or become investors
  • Why We Love It: Whether you want to learn the ropes of real estate investing or meet other investors who are already crushing it, Bigger Pockets is for you. Bigger Pockets is the largest real estate investing blog online today and their forums are the hot spot for real estate investors from around the country.
Read Bigger Pockets
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22. Fortune Builders 

screenshot of the Fortune Builders blog homepage
  • Who Should Read It: Agents who want advice on working with or becoming investors
  • Why We Love It: Founded by legendary real estate investor Than Merrill, Fortune Builders’ blog is chock-full of in-depth and insightful articles written by experienced investors like co-founder Paul Esajian. While Bigger Pockets seems to focus more on community, Fortune Builders focuses on producing actionable real estate investing content.
Read Fortune Builders

Over to You 

What’s your favorite real estate blog? Let us know in the comments.

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