Looking for some inspiration for your next marketing campaign? Need a laugh after a particularly tough day? Maybe you’re on information overload from all the solid strategy, tech reviews, and resources here on The Close, and you just want to kick back and relax?

Whatever your reasons, these hilariously funny real estate videos are what you need in your life right now. Enjoy!

Favorite Hilarious Real Estate Videos

Peggy the Realtor

Maybe you haven’t been in the business for 27 years, but Peggy sure has. Follow her in her long and chaotic career as hijinks ensue. We love ya, Peggy; don’t ever change. Start with her debut and watch all of the mini-episodes to get to know the whole gang.

Becky Lombardi Is Myrtle Beach & Proud

Becky Lombardi has a batch of $200,000 houses that she is ready to sell—and she can even make sure the ovens convey. This is the first of many videos from Becky, and we love following her journey and getting to know all the local agents. But we don’t trust you, Terry Sipriani. Or you, Phil.

When Your Office Feels Like The Office

When Your Marketing Has Just the Right Ring

He Knows a Lot of Things, Just Not About the Property

This Will Have You Questioning How You Say It

SH*T Real Estate Agents Say (You Know Who You Are)

Just for Agents Tik Tok Videos

If you know, you know, as they say. Here are some of our favorite short hilarious real estate videos that may hit a little too close to home. 

When the Buyer Gets Cold Feet

What the Crazy Market Has Done to Us

When You’ve Just Got to Dance It Out

The Classics: Hilarious Real Estate Videos That Never Get Old

‘Escrow’ Music Video

The boys from Metzen Realty and Associates felt that a standard Facebook post or email newsletter wouldn’t adequately articulate the market hotness. So they wrote and starred in their own music video about what it’s like buying and selling homes out there. Even though the market may have shifted since then, the music is still hilarious and the wigs are still outstanding. 😂

‘Old Spice’ Realtor

Remember those Old Spice commercials from a while back with the handsome man on a horse or in the shower, telling you, “Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me?” Well, the surprisingly hilarious Realtors at Landmark Realty spoofed that ad, recreating it for their real estate business.

Honestly, this is one we can’t stop watching. But in a tragic turn of events, we’ve been unable to track down the original video! We want to link to his site, so if you know him, please put us in touch so we can give him credit and ask him what it’s like to be so funny.

‘Millennial Homebuyer’ Music Video

It’s tough out there these days, but especially so for young buyers with unrealistic expectations. The creative geniuses over at IFHT Films shot a music video about that moment when your client realizes they can’t afford as much house as they thought.

9 Epic Emotions Every Real Estate Agent Will Understand

If you’ve ever started the day singing a happy song into a cup of coffee and finished the day sobbing into a glass of wine, this video is going to resonate with you. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little extra Leo in their life? Big shoutout to the Professionals Prowest Real Estate team. This is amazing content.

Ben Bacal’s Property Marketing Masterpiece, ‘Dog Inherits Millions’

Los Angeles real estate guru Ben Bacal and his team are experts at taking a unique approach to marketing their listings, but this video goes above and beyond. Crafting a story around a dog named Sherlock Bones who inherits his late owner’s estate, Bacal shows us around a Hollywood Hills mega-mansion—mainly from the perspective of the adorable Corgi homeowner who’s got big dreams of living large.

Real Estate Cowboys Showdown

Landmark Realty (the same folks who made the Old Spice commercial parody mentioned above) got an early start in hilarious content production in this Old West showdown with a real estate twist. Yes, this video was produced back in 2010, but great comedy stands the test of time.

If Adele Were a Realtor

Remember Adele’s big hit “Hello” from 2015? Of course you do. Now, imagine if Adele were a real estate professional with a penchant for power ballads. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it because Megan Hill Mitchum of Urbandale, Iowa, has already parodied it. Her video gets off to a slow start, but about 35 seconds in, she starts belting it out, and it’s totally worth the wait. Mitchum had us at “Hello, it’s me … the average buyer sees 12 homes, but we’ve seen 63.”

Looking for More?

If you’re looking for more great real estate videos, check out The Close’s YouTube channel. While you won’t get many Adele parodies or cute corgis padding around $15 million mansions, you will get a ton of solid real estate strategy, advice, and reviews. See you there!