Real estate is full of fascinating facts, from historical tidbits to the craziest statistics. We all love to hear trivia that surprises and entertains. Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter, trivia to share on your social media, or cool real estate fun facts to impress your clients, The Close has you covered. Read through as I share these interesting facts that can provide great talking points in any setting.

1. The Most Expensive US State to Own a Home Is California

South Redondo, California
(Source: Unsplash)

Here’s the first of many real estate fun facts: California is the most expensive state to own a home in America, with a median sale price of $859,300 as of May 2024. Several factors, including a high demand for investors and limited land availability, drive this high cost of homeownership. Additionally, the state’s desirable climate and endless job opportunities attract homebuyers worldwide, increasing demand and prices.

2. There Are More Single Female Homeowners Than Single Male Homeowners in America

Female client shaking hands with a real estate agent after signing a contract

Here’s one of the most interesting facts about real estate: Did you know that as of 2022, single women own more homes than men? This trend is due to women’s increasing financial independence. Single women see properties as a secure investment and are more willing to prioritize owning a home than men. Despite earning less on average than men, single women are now outpacing men in homeownership across many states.

3. The Most Expensive Zip Code in the US is 94027

A huge property in Atherton with a pool
Have you ever had a listing in Atherton? (Source: Business Insider)

If you still don’t know this by now, the most expensive zip code in the US is 94027, located in Atherton, California. Atherton boasts a median home sale price of approximately $10 million, driven by its affluent residents, many of whom are tech billionaires, celebrities, and executives from Silicon Valley. In addition, large lots and strict zoning laws that limit housing density sustain these high property values, keeping them exclusive and appealing.

4. Corner Properties Are Considered Less Desirable in Some Countries

Fenced-in corner house and lot
Do you have clients who dislike corner properties? (Source: Pinterest)

In some countries, corner properties are considered less attractive because of many factors. While they are more visible and have more sidewalks, corner homes usually have fewer neighbors, face increased traffic noise, and have a higher risk for burglaries. Additionally, corner properties are less appealing to potential buyers as they are more exposed to pedestrians and passersby. Would you be interested in a corner property?

5. Sears Used to Sell Mail-order Houses

Cover of Sears Modern Homes catalog in 1912
A Sears Modern Homes catalog (Source: Internet Archive)

If you think that Amazon pioneered purchase-and-ship products, you need to remember about retail giant Sears, Roebuck and Co. In the early 20th century, Americans could order Sears kit homes through Sears catalogs and receive the home kit by mail. Sears sold more than 70,000 home kits before it stopped production in 1940. Today, you’ll still see some of these Sears catalog homes on the market, but they immediately sell out because of their historical charm.

6. The Most Expensive Home for Sale in the US Is in Florida

Gordon Pointe mansion in Naples, Florida
Gordon Pointe mansion in Naples, Florida (Source: Spear’s Magazine)

With today’s real estate trends, it won’t be long before we see another “most expensive” home sale in the US. But currently, a waterfront mansion known as Gordon Pointe in Naples, Florida, holds that record. The estate features a main house, two guesthouses, a yacht basin, and a private dock for six boats. Spanning 9.04 acres, the Gordon Pointe highlights the growing market for ultra-luxury properties.

7. Most Expensive City to Buy a House Is in Hong Kong

An aerial view of Hong Kong
(Source: Unsplash)

For over a decade, Hong Kong has been the most expensive city in the world to buy a home. Because of limited land availability and high demand, the average property price in Hong Kong is more than $1.25 million. Despite the pandemic and economic downturn, Hong Kong’s real estate market continues to command some of the highest prices globally.

8. World’s Most Affordable City for Real Estate Is in Pakistan

An aerial view of Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan (Source: Aaj News)

Because of its economic conditions and infrastructural challenges, Karachi has consistently been ranked as one of the least expensive cities to live in. The average cost per square foot is only $24. While its low cost of real estate sounds great, Karachi is one of the least livable cities in the world. Factors such as pollution and political instability contribute to its low livability.

9. Burj Khalifa’s Elevator Travels Through 140 Floors

Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa in the middle
(Source: Unsplash)

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, boasts an elevator system that reaches unimaginable heights. One of its elevators travels through 140 floors, making it the world’s tallest elevator. This feature is just one of the building’s many records, which includes having the most floors and the highest occupied floor in any building.

10. 1 in 10 Americans Sell Their Homes Because of Concerns About Paranormal Activity

A haunted house
How will you market haunted houses? (Source: Literary Hub)

Have you ever had creepy real estate listings? In the US, one in ten homeowners sold their homes because of concerns about paranormal activity. Many of these property homeowners reported strange noises, voices, and lights turning on and off by themselves. This phenomenon highlights how superstitions and fear can influence real estate decisions.

11. A Canadian Company Owns the Mall of America

The Mall of America in Minnesota
(Source: The Denver Post)

The largest mall in the US, the Mall of America, is owned by the Ghermezian family through their Canadian company, Triple Five Group. The Ghermezians, originally from Iran, have developed several malls, including the West Edmonton Mall in Canada and the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Their ownership of these malls highlights the international reach of their real estate business. Did you know that the Mall of America has its own zip code?

12. The Iconic Hollywood Sign Was Originally a Real Estate Stunt

The Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California
(Source: Unsplash)

The iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was initially built as a real estate advertisement to promote the sale of properties. The sign originally read “Hollywoodland,” but the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce removed the last four letters over time. Today, the Hollywood sign symbolizes the entertainment industry and is a historic landmark in LA.

13. The Largest Residential Home Is in Mumbai, India

Antilia' exterior, the largest residential home in the world
The Antilia (Source: Indiatimes)

Antilia, the largest residential home in the world, is located in Mumbai, India. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, this 27-story building spans 400,000 square feet and costs between $1 and $2 billion. The house features luxury amenities such as three helipads, nine high-speed elevators, a 50-seat theater, a snow room, and a 168-car garage. It definitely fits my criteria for weird houses!

14. Russia Sold Alaska to the US for 2 Cents per Acre

Auke Lake in Juneau, Alaska
(Source: Unsplash)

In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the US for $7.2 million, which equated to approximately two cents per acre. At the time, Alaska wasn’t seen as valuable because of its harsh living conditions, though it later proved rich in natural resources such as gold, oil, and timber.

15. It’s Bad Luck to Move into a New House on a Friday

A family of three moving into a new apartment; a couple hanging a frame on the wall
(Source: Unsplash)

Want more fun facts about real estate? Moving into a new house on a Friday is considered bad luck in many cultures. This superstition is rooted in the belief that moving on a Friday, especially Friday the 13th, may bring misfortune and prevent household members from settling comfortably and living a peaceful life. While most people consider this a superstition, others still take it seriously, avoiding moving on an “unlucky” Friday.

16. San Francisco Home Is on the Market for $488,000, but There’s a Catch

A single-family home located in San Francisco, California
Would you be willing to market this property? (Source: New York Post)

A San Francisco home in the Russian Hill neighborhood is on the market for an unbelievable price of $488,000. However, there’s a catch—the buyer won’t be able to move in until 2053 because of a long-term lease held by the current tenant. According to the property listing on Zillow, this unique arrangement is an investment opportunity for the right buyer.

17. Japan Demolishes Houses After 30 Years

A contemporary home in Fukui, Japan
A Contemporary Home in Fukui, Japan (Source: Naoki Myo)

I guess this will be one of the fun facts about real estate you’ll share online: The oldest structures worldwide are often expensive because of their historic charm and timeless appeal. However, demolishing and rebuilding homes after approximately 30 years is standard practice in Japan. 

Properties in Japan depreciate over time, and homes are often considered valueless once they reach this age, prompting frequent construction. This approach is influenced by many factors, including the necessity to meet evolving green building trends, earthquake safety standards, and a cultural preference for modernity.

18. A Vietnam Building Is Full of Coffee Shops

The Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Source: Welcome to Vietnam)

Fancy some coffee? Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has a unique building known as “The Cafe Apartment.” This nine-story structure has coffee shops offering a distinct ambiance and specialty drinks. Over the years, the building has become a popular destination for locals and tourists, providing a variety of cafes where you can enjoy a drink while overlooking the bustling city. Perhaps the only factor influencing your choice of a coffee shop for the day is its interior design.

19. The Average American Will Likely Move 11 Times

Couple carrying a lounge chair in their new home

Here’s one of the interesting facts in real estate I wasn’t expecting: The average American will likely move 11 times in their lifetime and will likely need a real estate agent each time. Americans move houses because of job changes, family size, income, marital status, or the desire for a better neighborhood. Typically, most moves occur between 18 and 50, while fewer relocations happen after age 60. How many times have you moved houses so far?

20. Staged Homes Tend to Sell More Quickly

A staged living room and kitchen
Can you stage your listings? (Source: Zillow)

Do you usually stage your property listings or leave them as they are? According to National Association of Realtors (NAR) data, staged homes can sell three to 30 times quicker than non-staged ones. Home staging expedites the selling process and enhances the home’s appeal by helping potential buyers envision themselves living there. Now, those are some facts that real estate agents should remember.

21. There Is a Toilet House in South Korea

Haewoojae Museum also known as "Mr. Toilet House" in South Korea
Mr. Toilet House in South Korea (Source: BBC)

In South Korea, there’s a unique museum known as Haewoojae, or “Mr. Toilet House.” This toilet-shaped structure was initially the home of Sim Jae-Deok, who was dedicated to improving the quality of toilet facilities and promoting hygienic restrooms in the city. Today, it functions as a museum, showcasing the history and evolution of toilets from different eras. Would you be willing to sell a toilet-shaped property?

22. Castles for Sale in the UK

A castle in Alloa, Scotland
 A historic castle in Alloa, Scotland (Source: Strutt & Parker)

While homebuyers in the US are often drawn to the latest smart home technology, those in the United Kingdom may find a different type of luxury appealing. If your client has millions to invest, tell them it’s possible to buy historic castles in Scotland and Ireland. These castles, often set in sprawling estates, offer luxurious living and a chance to own a piece of history.

23. It’s Bad Luck to Give a Knife as a Housewarming Gift

A knife on a brown wooden tray
(Source: Unsplash)

Need more fun facts about real estate? Gifting a knife during a housewarming is considered bad luck in some cultures. According to superstitions, a knife symbolizes severing a relationship or cutting ties between the giver and the homeowner. But if you want to give a knife as a housewarming gift, include a penny with the knife. This way, the homeowner can return the penny to you as “payment” for the knife. So, technically, it’s not a gift!

24. Architectural Eagles Symbolize Freedom From Mortgages

A gold eagle plaque on a home's front door
(Source: The Hill)

There are many ways homeowners celebrate the full payment of their mortgage. One of the more popular (and deeply American) ways was to put a cast iron eagle on the outside of a home. The eagle represents strength and freedom, which align with financial independence.

25. Scotland Homeowners Paint Their Doors Red to Show They’re Mortgage-free

Red wooden doors
(Source: Unsplash)

In Scotland, painting the home’s front door signifies that the homeowner has paid off their mortgage. This tradition brings a sense of pride and accomplishment and allows homeowners to celebrate their financial independence. What else is better worth proclaiming than this?!


Bringing It All Together

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