Pinterest is booming. More than 444 million people are on Pinterest every month, searching and saving literally billions of pins. A high percentage of those pins are related to the home, which makes Pinterest an ideal social media platform for real estate agents.

As agents continue to show tremendous success using Pinterest real estate marketing, we wanted to know more. We compiled the most creative Pinterest real estate marketing ideas from social media experts to help you master Pinterest for your business. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Your Pinterest Strategy Should Be About Building Community

Nicole Mickle, Realtor with almost 10 million monthly pin views

Pinterest offers a softer, more organic form of marketing. With Pinterest, you’re presenting yourself as an authority. You’re solving problems and answering questions, all in an authentic way.

We talked to real estate agent and expert Pinterest influencer, Nicole Mickle, to hear her approach Pinterest marketing:

Nicole MicklePinterest isn’t a punch-in-the-face kind of marketing, it’s much more of an exchange. It’s much more, ‘let’s chat, let’s exchange ideas.’ With Pinterest, I’m offering something—not selling. I’m problem-solving.

Everyone can find something to be an expert on. You like fishing? Pin that. You like to bake bread? Build community around baking.

At the end of the day, it’s about being a resource.

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2. Help Buyers Make Decisions

Heather Farris, Founder, Farris & Company LLC

Most agents’ might start out by treating Pinterest like Facebook or Instagram, but Pinterest is its own thing and needs to be treated as such. People use Pinterest as a visual search engine where they save ideas to reference later, which can be of real help as real estate agents plan their marketing strategy.

Here’s social media expert, Heather Farris, to help explain:

Heather FarrisOne of the biggest myths about Pinterest is that it’s just recipes and craft projects, a social media platform for DIYers. It is far from that—Pinterest is a search engine. Pinterest’s own research shows that nearly 90% of pinners use Pinterest at some point to help with their buying decisions. Pinterest can help realtors establish an authoritative voice in the field and a reputation for knowledge and resources, all things that a homebuyer or seller would consider extremely important.

3. Create Evergreen Content

According to digital market agency The Refinery, the average life of a tweet is about 15 minutes. Facebook posts stay relevant for about six hours and Instagram lasts as long as 48 hours.

But on Pinterest, an average post gets engagement four months after it’s been posted, making it vital that the things you post today are going to be just as relevant and interesting tomorrow, next week, and next year.

We heard more about this from international marketing consultant Nicole Gustas:

Nicole GustasIt can take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months before a pin starts getting traffic. Because of this long tail, Pinterest isn’t ideal for posting about your open house this weekend, or even about specific listings.

For example, a Los Angeles real estate agent will be more successful on Pinterest by creating pins for blog posts like ’10 Up and Coming Neighborhoods in LA You’ve Never Heard Of’ or ‘The 10 Hottest New Loft Buildings in Downtown LA,’ rather than something about a specific house in a particular neighborhood that is for sale at a particular time.

Alexa Kurtz, marketing strategist with Webtek Computer Company, agrees:

Alexa KurtzThink outside the box when it comes to marketing properties. Since Pinterest content lives for so long on the platform, creating pins about individual properties doesn’t make a ton of sense. After all, these properties are going to sell, and then that pin is worthless. However, if you create a pin that has a broader appeal, the targeted content that pin leads to can talk about your property and you can update the content as properties sell.

4. Women Are Your Audience, Plan Accordingly

Mae Karwowski, Founder & CEO, Obviously

Studies done by Statista show that upward of 77.1% of active Pinterest users are women. Mae Karwowski, Founder and CEO of the influencer marketing agency Obviously, suggests:

Mae KarwowskiWhen crafting your content, make sure you consider who your audience is. The majority of Pinterest users are women, many of them with an average household income of over $100,000. Create your content accordingly so you are reaching the best audience with the best message every time.

5. Make Sure Your Content Gets on the Right Boards

Hamna Amjad, Digital Marketing Project Manager

Since Pinterest is part social media platform and part visual search engine, it’s doubly important that your content is categorized properly onto boards that are easy to find. Hamna Amjad, a social media expert with Gigworker, told us more:

Hamna AmjadBecause Pinterest serves both social and search purposes, properly categorizing and cataloguing your content is very important. Create several Pinterest boards to help separate your content into categories, making it easier for people who are interested in what you have to say to find more of it. The more specific and specialized your boards are, the more likely people are to follow them.

6. Reach the Right Audience With Hashtags

Daniela Andreevska, Marketing Director, Mashvisor

Just like on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, hashtags help create conversation across the platform, across users, and across boards. Effectively using hashtags gets your content in front of a much wider audience. We spoke to Daniela Andreevska, Marketing Director and Pinterest guru with Mashvisor. Here’s what she had to say:

Daniela AndreevskaSimilar to other social platforms, using hashtags on Pinterest is a must. Hashtags make your content easier to find and navigate to. Do the research to figure out what the most popular hashtags are for real estate and for your particular geographic area. An easy way to start this research is to look at what other real estate professionals in the area are using.

Each of your posts (pins) should have at least three hashtags that are popular in the industry and relate well to your image. Don’t go overboard though—any more than 10 hashtags and your posts will start to look like spam.

livelovehomes Pinterest posts
7. Make Your Branding Ultra-consistent

Bradley Shaw, Founder, SEO Expert Brad Inc.

As great as a visual search engine is, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of images, especially if everybody’s pins are starting to look the same. A strict style guide is crucial.

We talked to Bradley Shaw, an expert in search engine optimization (SEO), about the importance of consistency across your brand, and how that affects your brand visibility:

Bradley ShawPinterest has a famously crowded version of the news feed, so real estate agents who want to stand out need to get consistent with their visual branding. Your pins should be immediately recognizable in terms of fonts, messaging, tone, and color scheme.

One simple branding touch that works well on visual platforms like Pinterest is to add a small logo or watermark to the bottom of all your pins. Keep it discreet, keep it understated—you don’t want it to take away from your message, but you do want to remind people where this quality content is coming from.

8. Your Pinterest Strategy Needs to Be a Year Long

Amanda Behm, Founder, Real Estate Digital Assist

Because of what we know about other social media platforms, it’s tempting to take your strategy a week at a time. However, Pinterest is different. You need a long-term, structured strategy to keep your messaging consistent.

Here’s what Amanda Behm, real estate efficiency expert and founder of Real Estate Digital Assist, had to say:

Amanda BehmLong-lasting Pinterest success depends on more than just a couple of pins here and there—it requires an overall strategy. First of all, remember all the things that make something successful on Google: is it clickable, captioned correctly, linked appropriately? Combine these with an image that draws someone in, and you have the start to your successful strategy on this visual search engine!

Set up an optimized pinning schedule and start creating your pin images—you’ll be reaping the rewards next year.

9. Pin at Peak Times

Becky Brooks, Digital Marketing Manager, The Close

Like any social media platform, there is research that shows the best time to be active and create content. For Pinterest, the same is true, so we turned to our own incredible digital marketing team to learn the times they recommend pinning.Pin at Peak Times“We find that the best time to create and share pins is in the early to late evening and on weekends. This seems to be the time users are searching for ideas, either for projects, recipes, or inspiration. This is when we try to be the most engaged and active.

“However, because Pinterest often works more like a search engine than a social network, we still get traction on even older pins. Which is why there really is no wrong time to pin, so just have fun with it!”

10. Use Pinterest to Stay in Touch With Clients

Lori Ramas, Founder, Relezant

If you’re hoping to turn business into repeat business, you’ll want to stay connected to former clients and referral sources. Pinterest is an ideal tool to help. We heard more about this from Pinterest aficionado and social media expert, Lori Ramas:

Lori RamasPinterest is a great place to recruit new clients, but it’s an awesome way to maintain relationships with your existing clients. Try building boards that your customers will enjoy visualizing. If you have families on your client roster, try building boards for easy family meals that you can update regularly.

Think of the things that your clients love and care about, and start pinning! Pinterest can be another touch in your communication plan with the goal of turning your former clients into repeat clients.

Carriage Properties Pinterest posts

11. Be a Part of the Social Community

Bill Gassett, Realtor, RE/MAX Executive Realty

When we put out our call for expert advice, we figured our sources would be marketing professionals only … until Bill Gassett sent us a note. Bill is a rock star Realtor with RE/MAX, and just happens to be the most influential Realtor on Pinterest today.

Here’s what he had to say about how being social can help you grow your audience and get more leads on Pinterest:

Bill GassettPinterest is a visual search engine, but it is also a social media platform. In order to be successful, you need to be social. Don’t just create content and expect others to do the work for you. Interact with other people’s content, share it, be a part of the community. If all you do is promote yourself, you will fail to grow on this site.

Bill Gassett Pinterest posts
12. Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Lizzie Dunn, SEO Associate, Fundera

In order to get the full power of Pinterest, real estate agents should consider a business account. They’re free, easy to set up, and they unlock all sorts of bonuses unavailable to the general public.

SEO Associate and small business finance expert Lizzie Dunn gave us the inside scoop on why realtors should take this free (but important) step:

Lizzie DunnBusiness profiles give you access to key features like analytics and paid advertising. With these tools, you can have better insights into your best performing content, what kind of people are consuming that content, and when. Using the business level resources will allow you to learn something from every pin, and make your plan for your next pin even better.

13. Target Your Audience by Location With Pinterest Ads

McKinzie Bean, Founder, Moms Make Cents

Pinterest has its own form of paid advertising, and it can be an effective way to get the right content in front of the right user. As we’ve learned, Pinterest isn’t just crafts and recipes—many users depend on Pinterest to help them make buying decisions. That’s why using paid advertising can be profitable down the line—and Pinterest makes it pretty easy to get started.

We talked to Pinterest blogger and influencer McKinzie Bean, of Moms Make Cents, to hear the best way to get started:

McKinzie BeanIf it’s your first time running a Pinterest Ad campaign, start with the ‘traffic campaign’ option. I’ve done thousands of dollars’ worth of testing on this platform, and this type of campaign has always been the most profitable and easiest to get started on. With a traffic campaign, you only pay for the actual clicks to your website.

Narrow your audience down with a geographic location and with keywords so that you are only showing your ad to the people in your area who are searching for what you are selling.

Watch your results carefully and adjust course accordingly! Pinterest marketing is all about making sure you are understanding what is performing well and what isn’t, as the leads start coming in, leverage your successes and put a stopper in your failures.

Pinterest marketing

Great Real Estate Pinterest Boards for Inspiration

We asked our in-house digital marketing team to share their favorite real estate Pinterest boards, and they came through with some great ones that are sure to inspire:

Nicole Mickle, Realtor, 9.2 Million Monthly Views

Nicole Mickle Pinterest profile

Joy Aumann, Realtor, 423,000 Monthly Views

LuxurySoCalRealty Pinterest profile

Marni Cummings, Relocation Coach, 68,400 Monthly Views

Marni Cummings Pinterest profile

Ladies of Real Estate, 2.9 Million Monthly Views

Ladies of Real Estate Pinterest profile

Bill Gassett, Realtor, 154,700 Monthly Viewers

Bill Gassett Pinterest profile

Hilton & Hyland, Brokerage, 64,900 Monthly Views

Hilton & Hyland Pinterest profile

With Millions of Views on Pinterest, Realtor Nicole Mickle Shares Her Secrets

Photo of Nicole Mickle, Realtor, standing in the entrance of a modern home

Nicole Mickle isn’t just good at selling houses, she’s also one of the most successful Pinterest marketers in the business. This Orlando-based design and real estate expert has reached a peak of 15 million monthly Pinterest views and is crushing it with 60,000 individual followers.

We sat down with Nicole to find out how she did it—and maybe even more importantly, why.

Nicole’s Expert Tips for Success With the Pinterest Algorithm

  • Be sure your bio is well done. Include your name, and what you do, or how you help. Think of it like a dating app—for example, I help buyers and sellers. Then get more specific. I help buyers and sellers in Colorado. I help buyers and sellers in Denver, Colorado.
  • I usually post 10 times per week. But be sure not to exceed 25 posts a day or the algorithm will think it’s spam.
  • Pinterest wants content to be authentic. Build out your boards and be sure they are optimized. Think, what would my client look for?
  • You can use photos from your phone, but you need a filter. I really recommend creating a custom Canva template.
  • Group boards aren’t necessary. They want you to engage directly with the end user. Really only use group boards for collaboration. There was a time when realtors were just engaging with one another’s group boards and Pinterest seems to want us to stop playing in the same sandbox.
  • It’s about presenting ideas in a visual way, so make sure pins are visually appealing.
  • Make it fun for yourself or you won’t be able to keep it up. Finding that topic that you’re passionate about is key.

Your Turn

If you haven’t already, follow us on Pinterest! We’d love to interact with you there. We pin new content every week, so check back often. In the meantime, tell us about your Pinterest experience. Are you driving a lot of traffic and picking up clients? What’s working or not working for you? Tell us in the comments.