In a recent Instagram (IG) Live, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussed changes to Instagram’s algorithm. There were two crucial takeaways for agents:  1) Instagram will start showing posts in your feed from accounts you don’t follow, and 2) Instagram’s number one goal is to entertain its users and it will focus more on video. In 2022, that means one thing: Instagram Reels.

So, there you go. The CEO of Instagram just spelled it out for us. The best way to grow your Instagram account is by posting video content, specifically Reels. Now, I know it’s not easy to come up with Reels and film yourself dancing like a moron in front of a ring light. So to help get you inspired to create videos for Reels, I put together this list of 10 real estate accounts that are crushing it on Reels.

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1. Jason Pantana

Jason Pantana is a Tom Ferry coach who posts entertaining, informative Reels that help educate real estate agents on social media optimization. He literally posts Instagram Reels that detail how to get more reach on your Reels. I can’t think of a better person to follow for engagement tips, tutorials, and formatting ideas directed specifically at agents. If anybody deserves to call himself the insufferable term “social media guru,” it’s Jason Pantana.

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We also had the pleasure of interviewing Jason on the Over Ask Podcast. Check it out on iTunes or YouTube.

2. Glennda Baker

Glennda Baker - Atlanta realtor

Glennda Baker is a charismatic Atlanta realtor who uses Reels for real estate stories, client education, and hilarious rants. She has a unique filming style where she does not look directly at the camera, making the viewer feel like they are entering mid-conversation. Once you start going through her Reels, you will fall in love with her charming nature and “Glenndaisms.”

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If you’re interested in her creative process, she has also been on the best real estate podcast in the world, Over Ask. Check it out on iTunes or YouTube.

3. Andrew Jevin

Andrew Jevin - LA agent

Andrew Jevin, aka “The Snapping Realtor,” is an LA agent who posts a wide variety of real estate, personal, and IG strategy content to Reels. He does cool community videos, like “Top 3 LA Staycations” and has his own segment called “TV Homes,” where he shows what the actual homes from popular TV shows look like in person. Here is one he did for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

His edits and timely captions keep users engaged throughout the video, which is crucial to a Reel’s performance. If someone watches a video all the way through, it signals to Instagram’s algorithm that the Reel is “quality content.”

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4. Matt Lionetti

Matt Lionetti - Canadian-based real estate agent with The Agency

Matt Lionetti is a Canadian real estate agent with The Agency (he would want me to mention that). I am sick of talking about him at this point because he’s the co-host of our podcast, and I talk to him for five hours a day about Instagram, but he deserves to be on the list because he creates the funniest real estate Reels in the game.

He does skits, music videos, and car rants that are all too relatable for the average agent. From posting these Reels, he’s grown his account from 10 to 30,000 followers in less than a year. This shows you the parabolic growth that can happen from using Instagram’s newest feature. Every week you can expect something like this:

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5. Peter Torkan

Peter Torkan - agent with The Agency in Canada

Peter Torkan is a Managing Partner at The Agency in Canada who has racked up multiple viral Reels with tens of millions of views. His formula is simple: luxury listings, cool design features, trending music, and engaging captions.

He always poses a question to the audience or encourages them to comment—something like: “Use an emoji to describe this.” He posts his own listings and curates content from other pages, turning them into viral Instagram Reels with the perfect song.

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PS: If you’ve read my e-book, you would know that using popular/trending songs is supremely helpful for the overall performance of your IG Reels. Think of the song as a popular hashtag that users can search and use on their own content.

6. Krys Benyamein

Krys Benyamein IG Posts

Krys Benyamein has exploded on Reels by capturing audience attention immediately with over-the-top entrances and extremely clever editing. He understands that one of the most important aspects of a video’s performance is the first two seconds. He almost makes it impossible to scroll by without watching his videos.

Here he is dropping into a safe from the roof to educate his audience on proof of funds. Here he is plugging into a virtual reality set to tell his future clients about loans. Every Reel that he posts is unique and entertaining.

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7. Luxury Listings

Luxury Listings IG Posts

Luxury Listings is one of those curation accounts that is what it sounds like: an IG that posts luxury listings. I would use this account as a tool to save popular music and see how you can film your own listings.

The filmography and video style of every Reel they post is cinematic. This account is a great example of how realtors can use Instagram Reels without ever showing their faces.

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8. Taya Dicarlo

Taya Dicarlo - South Bay agent

Taya Dicarlo is a South Bay agent who was also included in my “11 Hilarious Agents You Need to Follow” post. But, it would be a crime not to have her on this too because she is hilarious, informative, and REAL on Reels. She shows her true personality and is not afraid to post bloopers, screw-ups, and failures.

The variety of content that she posts is unmatched, showcasing everything from behind the scenes at inspections, family life, real estate pain points, client education, and, of course, rollerblading.

She understands that clients will want to work with her because they like her personality and relate to her. If you only post about real estate, people will get turned off. Definitely check out her Reels to see how you can bring your hobbies and family into your real estate Reels.

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9. Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts IG Posts

Coffee & Contracts (C&C) is an account and template platform that helps real estate agents build their brand on social with monthly content and unlimited marketing tools. Haley, the founder, posts consistent, educational Reels that teach real estate agents video editing and engagement hacks.

She does posts like Three must-haves for video creation, Storytelling tips, and 9 real estate Reels that make us laugh. The C&C account also showcases other agents who are crushing it in Reels, always promoting the agents in the Coffee & Contracts community. Following the account will introduce you to an awesome group of agent creators. I actually create funny content for the platform every month as well. Classic, right?

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10. Paige Steckling

Paige Steckling - Utah Realtor

Paige Steckling is a Utah Realtor who has mastered trends, engaging captions, and hashtags. Her entire feed is aesthetically pleasing, and she has really good examples of Reel thumbnails to capture someone visiting her page.

Her content includes cool time-lapse videos of staging, lip-sync skits, and educational tips for her clients. I predict that her account will blow up soon because of her consistency and quality of content.

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Bottom Line

So, now that you have some inspiration, you can start creating Reels. Remember, 80% of clients said they want to work with an agent who does video marketing, so you can’t avoid it any longer. You can either learn to create and post consistent vertical video, or you can fade into irrelevance. The choice is yours. As the great Snoop Dogg once said, “Post Reels every day.”

Over to You

Who else is crushing it on Instagram Reels that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments.