As a real estate agent, have you ever sold a weird house? Or have you tried marketing one? From bizarre architectural wonders to properties with exciting histories, here’s a glimpse into the eccentric side of real estate. Scroll through my roundup of weird real estate listings and tips on promoting unconventional houses.

1. Arizona’s Biggest Man Cave

Wow, I’ll probably never leave my house again if this is where I live. This man cave boasts a Go-Kart race track, shooting range, golf simulator, basketball gym, pool, and more. If you get this kind of listing, the perfect target market would be sports and recreation enthusiasts. Think NBA players, sports professionals, tech moguls, or even royals. Would you consider this Arizona property if you had an extra $20 million lying around? 

2. The Show Must Go On

At first glance, this place doesn’t look that weird. But you’ll never really know until you enter the house. Owned by a theater enthusiast, this home would appeal to producers and creatives in the entertainment industry. Inside, you’ll be greeted by rooms with quirky decor, a theater, a bar, and dens. It could be ideal for theater buffs and people who love entertaining, but you could also use virtual home staging to overlay these weird features and attract more buyers. This place in New Berlin, Wisconsin—which has only been on Realtor for less than a month, is currently listed for $415,000 and under agreement as of this writing.

3. Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Film

With a nearly $9 million listing price, this ultramodern Portland house looks straight out of a sci-fi film. It has stainless steel front doors, glass walls, stone floors, and imported Italian stone slabs. If you get a similar listing, this house’s selling point would be the 270-degree views of the city and river from its glass windows. Bring your wine glass for this tasting room as you celebrate the nice commission this will bring. 

4. Live Under a Rock … Literally

A house made of rocks in the middle of a desert
For people who want to live in isolation. (Source:

A historic rock house in the desert for $749,000. Built in 1929, this home is now up for sale for the first time in 45 years. Above Araby Cove in Palm Springs, the property features handmade fireplace tools, handcrafted doors and windows, and a secret room behind a bookcase. Another unique thing about this home is that the original owner, Perle Martin Wheeler, has her name carved into a nook in the wall. The listing agent could use this feature as a “treasure hunt” during an open house for guests to find the nook. 

5. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Woah, there are a lot of extraordinary houses in Arizona. As of writing, this property in Tucson is already contingent. It has three bedrooms, three deep-rock fireplaces, a guest cottage, and an outdoor kitchen. According to the listing description, the bottles serve as insulation for this home, but I imagine they also allow sunlight to filter in.

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6. Welcome Home, Your Majesty

OK, here’s a “normal” house in Connecticut. It actually looks very normal … if you’re royalty. This majestic castle boasts 18,777 square feet of living space, nine bedrooms, 10 baths, and 12 fireplaces (yup, 12). It’s listed at nearly $30 million and sits on 375 acres. Luxury and high-end listings often take longer to sell since the pool of buyers is much smaller. You need a unique marketing campaign when advertising a property like this, like fancy full-color brochures and a single-listing website.

7. Wanted: Trick-or-Treaters

Built around 1890, the Haunted Castle House in Missouri has since been an icon at the Lake of Ozarks. There is a cemetery in the back yard. People visit the house for paranormal investigations, guided tours, and special events. Currently, this place is off the market. If you get a haunted house listing, market it to historic preservationists, paranormal enthusiasts, filmmakers, and tourism professionals. Also, check with your state’s disclosure laws on what you must share with prospective buyers.

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8. The Mardi Gras House

A two-story house with trees next to it
Whoops, there’s no party here. (Source:

According to the listing, it’s referred to as the Mardi Gras House because of its vibrant hues and proximity to all things Mardi Gras. It features a grand foyer, five bedrooms, a wraparound porch, and two balconies. Currently, this Victorian beauty is on the market for $560,000. If you ever get this listing, mentioning it was previously called the Petrinovich House Inn and built as a boarding house in the historic Church Street East neighborhood would be helpful, especially if someone wants to run it as an Airbnb.

9. Ready for Takeoff

OK, we don’t see houses with hangars and runways every day. So, I guess this isn’t normal. Do you have potential buyers who own airplanes? Or clients who are aviation enthusiasts? This single-family property in Texas features three bedrooms, quartz countertops, storm shelters, a fire pit, and a game room. Pilots or executives who own a plane are the perfect market for this type of property. The runway is privately owned for a public use airport.

10. Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Two bowling alleys
Time to strike a deal and live your professional bowler dreams. (Source: Zillow)

Help your clients strike their way to homebuying victory with these dueling bowling alleys. This posh manor looks more wonderful than weird. Located in Alpine, NJ (which explains the $20 million asking price), the property features over 22,700 square feet of living space, a brick exterior, 25 rooms, a tennis court, a home theater, and two state-of-the-art bowling alleys. 

11. Origami House

An irregularly-shaped house made of wood
It could fit in an Escher painting. (Source: John Ryan Whistler Real Estate)

If you ever want to live in a house with panoramic views of nature and a likeness to origami folding, this one’s for you. Currently posted for $11.8 million, this home was designed by the architects of the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, Canada. I don’t know about you, but I get dizzy looking at it from this angle. The views and interior design make it worth it.

12. A Hobbit House

This unique “hobbit” home sits on a four-acre lot in Elverson, Pennsylvania. It’s the lot for sale, but still, you get to keep the house built into the grass. This lot has only been on the market for eight days, and I’m guessing it wouldn’t be there for long, what with its $400,000 price tag. The house features a grass roof to save on heating and cooling costs, arched walls, and big windows.

13. Looks Pretty Normal From the Outside

At first, this looks like any other house in Palm Springs. But wow, you never really know what’s inside a home until you step in. Those shades of pink and orange are a little weird if you ask me. This house can be a movie set. What else is unique about this home is that it was the residence of a local legend, Jack Stephan, known as the Plumber to the Stars.

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14. A Tree (House) Grows in Oregon

There’s a lot to love about this jaw-dropping home in Oregon. Every nook and cranny is a work of art. It has an outdoor entertainment space, pool, signature staircase, and rooms with magnificent views of mountains. You’ll see tree branches and intricate wood carvings in some furniture, walls, and doors. This exotic and beautiful home is listed for $5.9 million and has been on Zillow for over two years. As you know, luxury listings can take longer to sell; especially, fully customized ones. 

15. A Spaceship Home

This one-of-a-kind dome-shaped house in Somonauk, Illinois, is on sale for $475,000. Not only does it look like it’s about to fly away, but it is settled on a 12-foot foundation with the ability to rotate electronically or manually. If your buyers don’t like their view, they can simply change it. Other than its exterior, everything looks completely normal inside. 

16. The Robert Bruno Steel House

The famous Robert Bruno Steel House in Ransom Canyon, Texas, is still on the market for $1.5 million. The house features a gourmet kitchen, three bedrooms, a walk-out balcony, and walls made from recycled steel. It’s wonky, wild, and wonderful inside and used as a backdrop in a Vogue Magazine photo shoot.

Tips for Marketing Weird Houses

Promoting weird real estate listings can be fun. Here are some strategies to effectively market eccentric and funny houses.

  • Stage the house creatively: Enhance the overall vibe of the property by using furniture and decor that match each space. You can also use a virtual home staging company to overlay outdated or funky furniture and decor.
  • Highlight the property’s unique features: When posting listings of weird houses on Realtor, emphasize the properties’ interesting features, out-of-the-ordinary architecture, and unconventional design and layout. Write a realistic description of what it’s like to live on the property.
  • Host an open house: Organize open houses to showcase the property. Invite influencers and vloggers specializing in real estate or architecture to promote the weirdest homes for sale.
  • Network; target niche audiences: Identify people interested in funny houses. This could be artists, collectors, or even celebrities looking for a unique abode.
  • Social media marketing: Use social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok to showcase weird houses for sale. Create engaging reels, post photos, and add relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.
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FAQs: Weird Real Estate Listings

Bringing It All Together

When it comes to a property’s design and architecture, everything is subjective. Remember—there’s always a story behind each home’s eccentric layout and quirky rooms. Have you stumbled upon any weird real estate listings recently? Share your discovery in the comments.

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