An effective real estate agent bio sums up who you are and your value proposition. It’s a crucial part of your marketing strategy and professional branding. A well-crafted “about me” section tells buyers and sellers why they should want to work for you and can mean the difference between a lost lead and a new client.

We’ll guide you through the process of creating your first bio or updating your existing one with our host of great tools, including our exclusive, mad-libs-style bio generator, four free real estate bio templates, 17 bio examples that we love, plus a list of industry buzzwords to help spice up your writing. New agents, keep an eye out for our special tips just for you, illuminated by a 💡 icon.

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Your Generated Bio

, is a great place to live and work, which is why chose to call it home. With roots in , came to in . Real estate is a passion for , with a background in , it is easy to see why more than clients called for help buying and selling.

has been a part of the family for years and is passionate about helping clients take the next step in their homeownership journey. volunteers with and loves being a part of other community events.

When isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find and enjoying time with friends and family.

How to Write a Real Estate Agent Bio

Now that you’ve got something to work with, here are some surefire tips to make sure your bio is as effective as possible.

1. Keep It Short & Impactful

A longer real estate agent bio does not make you seem more impressive. In fact, it makes it less likely someone will read it at all. Studies show that visitors spend an average of 19 seconds on your website. Keep your bio to less than 500 words and make them captivating ones. Only include relevant, interesting information that will help prospects determine whether or not you’re the right agent for them. 

💡 New Agent Tip: If you’re new to the business, no one expects you to have a three-page resume. Don’t be afraid to keep your bio authentic, short, and to the point. 

Example 1: Darnley Adamson, Richmond, VA, Sotheby’s Realty

Darnley Adamson is the fourth generation of his family in real estate in Richmond. He has been in the business for over 40 years, specializing in residential estates and agricultural and recreational properties. He is also available for consultations on conservation easements and habitat improvement for upland game and waterfowl. He attended St. Christopher’s School in Richmond and Hampton Sydney College class of 1972. He is an avid sailor, hunter, and fisherman and has served on the boards of a number of nonprofits involved in conservation and children’s health issues. He provides his clients superior professional and personal service.

What We Love About Darnley’s Bio

When we read Darnley’s agent bio, we get an immediate sense of his strong connections to the community, his deep roots, and professional expertise. He does all of this succinctly and with polish. Bonus points for also clearly differentiating himself with his conservation and easements specializations.

2. Write It to Last

Cut anything that won’t age well, because you probably don’t have time to update this more than once a year. Consider writing in language that won’t become dated. Too many specific numbers can overwhelm the reader. For example, saying “I have 11-and-a-half years of experience” is not as effective as “I have over a decade of experience.”

💡 New Agent Tip: You’re the exception to this rule. Keep updating that bio with every new accomplishment and sale. And round up on your years of experience, within reason. 

Example 2: Gentry Todd Radwanski, Charleston, SC, Corcoran HM Properties

Gentry has been in the real estate business for over a decade and has also purchased, renovated, rented, and sold his own properties throughout Charleston. This experience best serves his team’s homebuyers, investors, sellers, and families before, during, and long after the sale.

The Gentry Todd Group has closed over $75+ million in property sales in the past three years. They have also received numerous sales awards and have grown their business metrics each year. The number Gentry’s team focuses on every day is the exact number of clients who currently have homes and investments in Charleston. Gentry’s approach is deeply analytical and he works tirelessly to ensure his clients are up-to-date on their home and/or their investment.

Prior to real estate, Gentry spent the first part of his career and most of his life working with his family’s commercial construction business, which primarily built schools, hotels, and municipal buildings in eastern Pennsylvania. Home flips and investment property have always come naturally to him because of this experience. Gentry’s career in general brokerage began by helping a few friends with their investment properties and snowballed from there into helping many more on his way to becoming a top-producing agent in Charleston.

What We Love About Gentry’s Bio

Gentry does a top-notch job of talking about how his background prepared him for success in a laid-back but professional way. He writes that he has over a decade of experience, which feels like a solid amount of time and the lack of specificity allows this to be pretty evergreen content. He’ll have over a decade of experience until… his next decade of experience.

3. Show Your Personality

You’re not a medical doctor writing a bio for a hospital. You can have a little fun, especially if it’s part of your brand. We love to see some humor and levity. The dream Realtor closes epic deals and tells a mean dad joke. Just be careful to walk that line and remain professional—it won’t do you any favors to be flippant or irreverent. 

💡 New Agent Tip: Your personality is probably the most important thing you’ve got going for you when you’re a new agent. Your bio can showcase the attributes that make you a great agent but in a creative and engaging way. 

Example 3: Captain Realty, aka Seth Captain, Chicago, IL 

A superhero born from the ashes of real estate’s maligned past of deceit and superficiality, charged with the mission of bringing honesty and joy back to the homebuying process.

Captain Realty is Seth Captain. And to avoid any confusion that this is being written by a gnome in India, we will change the distant third-person into the intimate first-person. Seth is me. I am writing this.

I am a dedicated buyer’s agent. And I chose this route for a simple reason: It’s exciting and stimulating.

I pride myself on my knowledge of Chicago. Not who started the infamous fire or who was the last Cub to win a batting title, but rather knowledge that matters to a buyer. Blocks in Chicago have personality, just like the potential buyer. There are thousands of wonderful, architecturally rich blocks in this city, but like us humans, each one has a distinct personality. There is a reason you don’t have 492 close friends. You have a select group. Just a few. Because your uniqueness allows a very limited circle to connect with you. I apply this concept to homebuying. I am the ultimate matchmaker.

An interest in architecture since childhood (my pre-teen bedroom had copies of “100 Building Plans for your Dream Home” and “Great American Architecture…Jefferson to Wright”) combined with years of travel spent exploring over 80 countries, where I spent months at a time getting to know locals from every conceivable culture, which, in turn, gave me a more fundamental understanding of human nature along with the ability to seek out specific locales within a completely foreign environment, which…which, congealed with a two-year employment for an international beverage company where I had the mission of introducing their drink to all of Chicago’s 77+ diverse neighborhoods then eventually married to a brick, three-flat rehab project which created the superagent writing before you. Serving appreciative homebuyers since 2004.

What We Love About Seth’s (excuse us, Captain Realty’s) Bio: 

His personality shines through, and while it’s definitely a shtick, he comes across as earnest, capable, and passionate. With his bio, he’s able to balance the humor with clear competence—not an easy thing to do. Real estate might not be brain surgery, but it is serious and this is a great example of someone able to communicate that working with him will be a lot of fun and he knows his stuff.

4. Emphasize Your Local Connections

Clients want a local expert—someone who knows their community backwards and forwards, and who can answer all of their specific questions and steer them in the right direction. Even if you’re a relative newcomer, find ways to show that you are fast becoming the leading expert. 

Your community has a certain personality, local characters, maybe some inside jokes, or well-known truisms. Sprinkle in a few—let your audience know that you have an opinion on the best pizza in New York, that you go to The Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans to satiate your sweet tooth, that Lexington-style North Carolina BBQ is the best, and that Charleston drivers should never, ever drive on Lockwood Blvd. during a king tide. 

💡 New Agent Tip: Here’s where you can really shine. Don’t have a ton of actual real estate experience? Make up for it with your passion for your community.

Example 4: Katie Clancy, Sales Vice President at The Cape House, William Raveis

When I want the freshest oysters, I don’t go to the fish counter at the grocery store—I go to John, the East Dennis oyster guy. When my husband wants a perfectly tailored suit, we don’t go to the mall; we go to Puritan Clothing in Hyannis. When I want the best chocolate this side of the Alps, I don’t go to the candy store, I go to The Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans. When you want a home on Cape Cod, entrust your dream to me, Katie Clancy, and The Cape House team. 

In my previous life as a teacher, I helped found the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans and later taught at The Laurel School in Brewster. Peak life experiences include singing Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Chatham Chorale and the Cape Symphony Orchestra, completing my first Hyannis Sprint Triathlon, and giving birth to my fourth daughter at Falmouth Hospital. A Cape Codder since I was a kid, I can find you the right house, bank, builder, school, auto mechanic, and yes, even the right oyster guy.

What We Love About Katie’s Bio:

Katie’s sense of humor, local knowledge, and professional confidence shine through, and she doesn’t even introduce herself until the third sentence. This is followed by a list of her accomplishments and awards, but really, she had us at oysters.

Example 5: Doug Albert, New York, NY, Corcoran

Native New Yorker Doug Albert has lived in many neighborhoods uptown and downtown throughout Manhattan. He has a great appreciation and understanding for the city’s diversity, culture, and architectural integrity, and his practical knowledge of each neighborhood is what makes him excel in matching people with properties. Manhattan may seem like one large and condensed metropolis, but those familiar with the city know it to be comprised of an extremely wide variety of people as well as neighborhoods. That is why it’s so important to find an agent who has experience with all of New York City’s different “personalities” and can help guide you toward the best location for your needs, likes and lifestyle. 

When it comes to working with sellers, Doug’s experience runs the gamut. Whether navigating through the complicated coop process on Park Avenue and Central Park West or selling condominiums and townhouses uptown and downtown, things remain consistent in keeping his clients not only satisfied but also continually referring him to friends and family alike. Doug’s honest and open communication, along with persistent dedication, is at the top of the list.

Doug has consistently been a top producer at The Corcoran Group, frequently in the company’s “Monthly Top 25″ as well as his membership in the elite “President’s Council.” Honest and comfortable in any social situation, Doug works hard to satisfy everyone’s own unique real estate requirements. Whether it is a single professional, a family with children, or empty-nesters ready to downsize, Doug utilizes his market insight and eye for quality, as well as value, to help facilitate the smoothest real estate experience possible. Today more than ever, buying or selling property in New York can be a very daunting task. Doug has the experience and fortitude to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable than one might expect.

What We Love About Douglas’ Bio:

This bio is all about local cred. It’s got the right buzz words for a New Yorker to recognize a fellow New Yorker. He is honest about the fact that buying or selling real estate in New York is no picnic, but with that transparency comes a promise to make it all “more enjoyable than one might expect.” Spoken with the honest stoicism of a true New Yorker. 

5. Use Your Brokerage’s Clout to Build Your Own

Your brokerage has likely invested a lot of time and money in building its reputation in your community. You can leverage these investments to springboard your professional reputation—building on the good vibes they’ve already established. If their ideals run counter to your own, you’re likely at the wrong brokerage.

If you’re a broker-owner, this is a good place to briefly detail why you opened up your own shop. Read through our own Sean Moudry’s guide to creating an inspiring mission, vision, and values statement for ideas on how to express this in writing.

💡 New Agent Tip: You can really work this to your advantage. Not only did you choose this impressive brokerage because they align with your values and allow you to serve your clients with all of their amazing technology, tools, and expert guidance, but also, they chose you. And that’s pretty impressive.

Example 6: Matthew Aaronson, Beverly Hills, CA, Sotheby’s International Realty

Matthew Aaronson brings with him an impressive background of valuable insight and real estate market knowledge spanning over 25 years. His accomplished career began in New York having forged his financial expertise working with Barclays, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan. Matthew is an active member of the Greater Los Angeles Realtors Association. He is exceptionally proud to be associated with Sotheby’s International Realty, where he has access to the latest technology and an extensive wealth of resources, in addition to a growing database of international buyers, sellers, and investors to further assist his clients.

Matthew continues to diligently stay abreast of current market trends, and he can quickly assess whether an investment makes financial sense. Excellent negotiation skills and effective communication are the benchmark of his success. He is organized, patient, and his client’s strongest advocate. His top priority is to provide an incomparable level of service regarding each transaction, from contract to closing.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys hiking, cycling, and playing tennis. He and his wife, Erin, a Los Angeles native, currently live in West Hollywood.

What We Love About Matthew’s Bio

This bio not only subtly mentions how the brokerage can benefit clients, it specifically tailors this language to the luxury buyer.

Example 7: Back to Gentry Todd Radwanski, Charleston, SC, Corcoran HM Properties

Remember Gentry? Well, he finishes up his bio with this nice nod to his brokerage: 

Gentry made the decision to join Corcoran HM Properties in 2022 when the company opened an office in the Charleston market. His team’s affiliation with the Corcoran network provides unmatched global resources and access to one of the industry’s most recognized and innovative brands.

What We Love About This Part of Gentry’s Bio: 

Gentry makes his move to Corcoran all about how he can better serve his clients, which is pretty smooth—and smart branding. It’s a nice little vote of confidence in his new-to-town brokerage as well. 

6. Make Your Previous Experience a Bonus

Many agents come to real estate after careers in other industries and might hesitate to include that experience, wondering if it’s worth it. It is. You can turn pretty much any previous experience into something that is relevant to working with people in real estate. Teachers have empathy and great listening skills. So do bartenders, for that matter. Any experience that contributed to the real estate agent you are today can definitely be included. 

💡 New Agent Tip: Take this and run with it. Never sold a house before? That’s OK! You’ve done plenty of other amazing things. Your year as a fly-fishing guide is going to get you that client who loves hunting a rainbow trout.

Example 8: Ayana Barnes, Raleigh, NC, Raleigh Realty Agents

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, and a resident of the Triangle for over 14 years, Ayana began her career in real estate and has never looked back. A former teacher with a Master’s in Education, Ayana uses an educational approach with her clients, ensuring they fully understand the homes they’re viewing and each step of the purchasing process.

Ayana never forgets the impact having the right home can have on someone and approaches each showing with that in mind. Communicating early and often, Ayana’s warmth ensures her clients are kept up-to-date throughout the entire homebuying and selling process. Ayana’s expertise and unwavering dedication to research around current market conditions allow her to be an informed sounding board for her clients. When she is not working to find someone the perfect home, Ayana spends her time with her kids hiking, kayaking, or riding her bike.

What We Love About Ayana’s Bio:

Beyond that it’s perfectly short and sweet, Ayana ties in her teaching experience in a way that makes us want to sign on the dotted line. Good communication? Check! Warmth? Check! Client education, research, and work ethic? Check, check, check.

Example 9: Serene Aandahl, Austin, TX, Sotheby’s International Realty

Serene Aandahl is a Realtor in Austin with a wide variety of experience in real estate, including relocation specialist, property development, investment property, interior design, and first-time homebuyers. She is highly devoted to serving her clients’ needs and works diligently to help them achieve their real estate goals by utilizing market data, strong negotiation skills, and diligent communication. Serene’s approach to real estate is both practical and passionate, and she deeply values her relationships with clients and fellow industry professionals. She has an in-depth knowledge of Austin neighborhoods and navigating the competitive market effectively. 

Serene has worked for 10+ years as an interior designer with clients in Austin, New York City, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. She partners with several Austin-based construction companies and developers where she serves as the in-house interior designer and has developed luxury properties in Bouldin, Tarrytown, and Downtown and South Austin.  

Serene attended Santa Clara University in California where she graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in English and Ancient Studies. In her free time you will find Serene hiking the local greenbelts, enjoying one of the many spring fed swimming pools in the area, and exploring Texas Hill Country with friends and family.

What We Love About Serene’s Bio:

Interior design dovetails beautifully with real estate. Serene’s background and career complement each other. This bio shows that she has the real estate chops, as well as a unique design perspective, that make her a real asset. 

7. Stuck? Imagine Your Mom Is Bragging About You

It can be hard to promote oneself and brag about accomplishments. If you’re struggling, write your bio in third person as if your mom is lovingly (or competitively) sharing all of your successes with her friends. Or maybe it’s your best friend. Or even your dog. Your biggest advocate is the voice you need in your head right now. 

💡 New Agent Tip: Think about the characteristics that make your loved ones proud of you and list those!

Example 10: Brook Cohn, Raleigh, NC, Raleigh Realty Agents

When I think of Brooke Cohn, I think of someone who is polite, patient, caring, selfless, and the type of person I would want to work with when buying and selling real estate. 

Born and raised in Durham, NC, Brooke is a native to the Triangle and brings with her years of experience of the ins and outs of neighborhoods.

What sets Brooke apart from other agents is that she puts her clients first and herself second. This is a fundamental difference from most agents. Brooke is not the “high-pressure” salesperson that many agents are in today’s market. Instead, Brooke seeks first to educate, coach, and help her clients reach their goals.

Brooke understands that each client is different, each situation is unique. This is why Brooke takes the time upfront to fully understand how she can best assist each person she works with. 

When working with Brooke, you should expect a lot of fun, laughs, the highest levels of professionalism, and a highly successful real estate transaction!

What We Love About Brooke’s Bio: 

Brooke’s mom might have actually written this one. And we’re here for it. 

Example 11: Madelyn Young, Charleston, SC, Handsome Properties

Madelyn has a passion for learning. She particularly enjoys technology and art. In 2019, she decided to combine her interests and attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to become certified as a full stack software developer. Here she was able to combine her two passions by using code as her new artistic medium. She had an incredible experience working as a front-end software developer for a company in Davidson, North Carolina, but the opportunity arose for her to move to Charleston, so she packed up and decided to follow her childhood dream.

Madelyn grew up in a family of both Realtors and builders. She often accompanied her dad to the office and the jobsite, so she was immersed in the real estate world from a young age. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Charleston area and has a strong background in customer service and technology, which comes in handy with helping and marketing her clients. She is self-driven, creative, and passionate about helping clients find their future homes and being able to share her love of being a Charlestonian with them. 

In her free time, Madelyn loves to create art, whether it be with paint, resin, or code. She enjoys traveling the country and is always happy to hop on a plane. A lifelong volleyball player, she enjoys playing sports and has a passion for hot yoga. Possibly her favorite activity to do in Charleston is to explore the various restaurants with her friends. Madelyn always has a food recommendation whenever needed!

What We Love About Madelyn’s Bio:

This is a great bio for a new agent. Maybe a little long, but it has the voice of someone who really believes in Madelyn’s skills, passions, and abilities. 

8. Write Your First Sentence Last

It’s time to craft an exciting, yet authentic attention-getter. Think of the first sentence of your bio as the first smile or handshake you offer a potential client. Grab their eye with a short declarative statement that encapsulates your personality and approach to real estate. 

Don’t use that sentence to meander your way toward your message. Jump right into demonstrating your value and capture your reader’s attention early.

Example 12: Fredrik Eklund, New York, NY, Douglas Elliman

With his trademark high kick, record-breaking sales, and socks as colorful as his personality, Fredrik Eklund has become a staple of the New York City real estate scene. As the co-founder of the EKLUND GOMES Team with John Gomes, they have secured over $10 billion in closed residential sales and the successful sellout of over 50 new developments all during a decade of success together. The EKLUND GOMES Team has allowed Fredrik and John to bolster their ranks with the finest of talent, all brokers of note in their own right, to ensure that all buyers, sellers, and renters all are serviced with the top industry standards they are known for.

Fredrik and John have emerged as Manhattan’s “Brokers to the Stars,” having sold luxury penthouse apartments and mega-mansions to many of Hollywood, Wall Street and the music industry’s biggest names. In a summer week alone, the team secured over $100 million in sales with deals secured across every price point and neighborhood, as no deal is too big or too small. Fredrik is the star of the Emmy Award-nominated Bravo TV hit show, “Million Dollar Listing New York”—entering its seventh season in 2018. He has amassed millions of social media followers who love getting a glimpse into the life of the fun loving real estate mogul.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Eklund studied at the Stockholm School of Economics. At the age of 23, he founded an internet company with over 45 employees, and went on to work for the investment bank SEB in Stockholm, London, Singapore, and Tokyo before crossing the pond to New York City. Eklund is also an active member of the Real Estate Board of New York. He is involved in several charities, like “My Big Day” with the Princess of Sweden, Madeleine, as well as “Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.”

What We Love About Fredrik’s Bio:

Love colorful socks or hate them, this first sentence is an attention-grabber. It communicates so much about Fredrik that a potential client should know immediately if they would work well together. We also like that his bio is pretty brief, anchors him in New York, and absolutely shows off his personality. 

Real Estate Bio Templates

These four free real estate bio templates were designed exclusively for our readers. Download these templates or copy them to your clipboard to make them your own.

Download Your Real Estate Agent Bio Templates

For New Real Estate Agents

This template is perfect for those without a lot of experience. Focus on your community ties, your excitement and enthusiasm for real estate, and what you can accomplish for potential clients. If you have relevant experience in a related field (sales, marketing, design, homebuilding, inspection, etc.), be sure to add a reference to that in the second sentence.

For Successful Real Estate Agents

Your bio isn’t written in stone; you should revisit it around once a year to see what sort of tweaks you can make to sharpen your message and add compelling stats. Here’s a bio template perfect for real estate agents who are coming off a very successful year and want to further that momentum.

Long-form Real Estate Agent Bio Template

Sometimes you’ve got a little more room to write, but that extra space can be intimidating. Here’s a good bio template for times when you have room to really express yourself.

Short-form Bio Template

Make sure you’re using all your online real estate to the fullest extent possible by having biographical information on each of your social media accounts.

Download Your Real Estate Agent Bio Templates

More Real Estate Bios We Love

Want some more examples of bios with The Close’s stamp of approval? Take a look at these examples of real estate bios from rock star agents and brokers from around the country. We identify what we like and ways we can improve what’s already close to perfection. Find ways to incorporate their savvy strategies into your new bio.

13. Suzi Farajiani, Beverly Hills, CA, Douglas Elliman

Coming from three generations of Realtors, Suzi grew up in a family of real estate developers. She specializes in residential buying and selling with an emphasis on marketing properties as well as consulting for investing purposes.

Suzi’s achievements include working with her family on buying and selling properties, renovating homes with her husband, and collaborating with developers to create new and unique construction projects.

When it comes to Los Angeles real estate, Suzi admires the city’s landscape and how it interacts with its architecture.

Suzi says, “I am certain that Los Angeles has everything that anybody could ever need in a home, and that’s what I love about the city—its abundance in style and neighborhoods.”

When it concerns her clients, Suzi believes in a philosophy of transparency. She says, “I feel creating something of value has to lead first with integrity, which then creates a solid foundation to do great business together.”

During her spare time, Suzi can be found soaking up the sun on the beaches of Malibu, where she was raised. Organizations that Suzi has worked closely with include Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, The Boy & Girls Club, Alzheimer’s Association, Manna Worldwide, and Break the Cycle.

What We Love About Suzi’s Bio

Suzi does a great job of underscoring her knowledge and familiarity with her community and also why she loves living there. Her attention to detail lets local buyers and sellers know that she’s deeply connected to the community.

What We Might Do Differently: 

It’s important to use active language in your bio, and there are a couple of spots where Suzi slips into passive mode. We might make some minor changes, such as “Suzi loves soaking up the sun” instead of “can be found soaking” and “Suzi works with nonprofit organizations” instead of “Organizations that Suzi has worked closely with.”

14. Shannon McNulty, Vancouver, Canada, McNulty Levac Realty Group

Shannon McNulty has been passionate about real estate since her earliest years growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Shannon always knew that she wanted to chart a path helping others and found her true calling in real estate serving her clients and guiding them through one of the biggest investments of their lives. Over the past decade, Shannon has been involved in the sales and marketing of $1 billion of real estate in Western Canada and has won awards including the President’s Club Award (representing the Top 1% of all Vancouver Realtors) and the Medallion Club Award. Shannon feels incredibly blessed to work with amazing clients who become her friends and a strong part of her network.

After graduating from Bishop’s University with a bachelor of business administration, Shannon worked for one of the foremost real estate sales and marketing companies in North America, working on notable projects including the Olympic Village, Richards Living, and Maynards Block. She enjoyed that experience but quickly found a love for working with local buyers and sellers purchasing their first condo or selling their long-term family home. Shannon enjoys working with all types of clients, from the first-time homebuyer to the downsizing baby boomer, and targets her services to each and every client’s individual needs.

Passionate about real estate investment, Shannon is an active investor in Western Canada’s emerging real estate markets and shares this knowledge and experience to assist and educate aspiring investors with their goals. A long-term resident of the North Shore, Shannon enjoy spending her weekends in the forest with her Sheepadoodle, Smudge.

What We Love About Shannon’s Bio

Shannon does a great job of keeping her agent bio local while at the same time trumpeting accomplishments that span the region. The professional, third-person narrative adds sophistication and success while still sounding approachable.

What We Might Do Differently: 

We see a lot of real estate bios that exhaustively list every award the agent has garnered over their lifetime, including that third-grade spelling bee trophy. We love that Shannon actually explains what a President’s Club Award means to the layperson. But we might cut the Medallion Club from the list, just to keep the piece focused on what prospects really care about: How can Shannon help them?

15. Stephanie Weitzner, Austin TX, Realty Austin

Buying or selling a house is exciting and should be fun! When you have a professional who is dedicated to helping you before, during, and after your transaction, anticipating problems or issues, and working to bring about the best outcomes at every stage, you can focus on what matters to you most—whether that’s finding your dream home, scouting out an ideal investment, or selling a property for top dollar. 

As a child of real estate investors, Stephanie has been excited about real estate since she was a kid but took the long route when turning her passion into her profession. Stephanie’s interest in advocating for clients initially led her to law school, after which she spent years as a litigator in New York City, working for firms both large and small.

Moving to Austin and finding inspiration in this phenomenal city led Stephanie to realize that she wanted a career that was more connected to her new hometown. When purchasing her first Austin home, she found that she wasn’t ready to let go of the experience. Although she had already taken (and passed!) the Texas Bar Exam, she was hooked on real estate, and there was no turning back.

Stephanie feels fortunate to have discovered, through the peers and mentors who guided her, a unique way of working in real estate that aligns with her personal and professional values; working by referral means that she focuses on her clients and their needs with a long-term perspective, helping clients with real estate issues or questions wherever and whenever they arise. Moreover, she views herself not just as a Realtor but as an adviser, helping clients not only to buy or sell but to strategize toward long-term wealth building with real estate.

When she’s not running around town, you can find Stephanie at home with her husband, Sujan, and their super-cute kiddo, Zoe. Stephanie loves languages (help her practice her French, Spanish, German, or Turkish!) and aspires to someday learn to juggle.

What We Love About Stephanie’s Bio

Stephanie is a relatively new agent, but you don’t even notice because she’s given us so much rich background about her life and how she ended up in real estate. We’re hooked because she has fantastic life experiences, not because she has a certain number of years in the business. And she drops additional bona fides (language skills, legal knowledge) in a breezy, unpretentious way.

What We Might Do Differently: 

This bio is a tad long, and it doesn’t start with what we really want to know about: Stephanie. We’d suggest tightening up the language a bit and removing words or even sentences that don’t directly serve the goal of the bio.

Hi, I’m Logan. I’m a Marin County native and local – creative by nature, with a background in the arts and fashion. I’m also an interior design enthusiast, a passionate networker, and a tenacious negotiator. Within the community, I enjoy sharing my expertise as a volunteer, currently serving as an appointed member of the Tamalpais Design Review Board. 

Within the real estate industry, I act in leadership positions: currently serving on the Board of Directors of the California Association of Realtors and as President-Elect of the Marin Realtors association. Past roles include 2017 & 2019 chair of the Young Professionals Network. 

On a more personal note, I am a longtime vegan, in love with our earth, and a big fan of wildflowers. 

In a nutshell, my theory is that real estate should be fun—whether you’re a buyer or seller, my goal is to make your journey enriching and low stress, centered around creating the lifestyle you imagine. Working together, the first thing I want to learn about is you … your goals, your questions, your stress points, your joys. I’m not just going to be your agent; I’m going to be your partner, and our game plan will be tailored to match your needs.

What We Love About Logan Link’s Bio

This bio is unconventional, but it totally works. It takes an intimate, yet precise approach that makes the reader feel personally connected to Logan, thus making the conversion from prospect to client easier.

What We Might Do Differently: 

By defining herself so clearly, Logan is also describing the type of client she wants to work with. For that reason, this might not be the best approach for new agents. While this bio might be a turn-off for those who aren’t into wildflowers and vegan diets, we’re guessing Logan has a large enough following that she’s OK with that.

17. Aaron Seawood, New York, Compass

Aaron Seawood has raving fans and an impeccable reputation as an advocate, partner, and confidant. “I’d call Aaron the Rolls Royce of Real Estate Brokers. He’s hands-on with physical help and emotional support which people so often need when taking the step of selling or buying their home. Hands-on, heart on, wisdom on. We didn’t expect to make a real friend from our broker, but we have. Aaron turns the business of selling real estate into an art” remarks one of his many satisfied clients. 

A dominant force in the New York real estate market for well over a decade, Aaron formed Team Carte Blanche on the premise that when good people work together, good things happen. With that mindset, he vetted an all-star team that contributes their unique skillsets to each client, so they feel the impact of many with the singular focus of one.

Keenly aware of the nuances that make for a sophisticated real estate experience, he spares no expense to make that a reality for each client. Whether guiding first-time buyers through the complexities of New York City real estate or advising athletes and celebrities on their property plays across the country, Aaron’s level of commitment to his clients can only be described one way: “All-in.” 

Prior to real estate, Aaron was an entertainment executive spawning collaborations with a roster of platinum artists and producers with notable stops at Virgin Records and Queen Latifah’s management company, Flavor Unit. Navigating high-stakes situations honed his skills as a negotiator, problem solver, and artist advocate which translated nicely into the rough-and-tumble world of real estate. Aaron has called New York City home for over 25 years and lives in Brooklyn Heights with his wife, two children, and a rescue puppy, Knox. He loves cycling, photography, and the occasional cigar. Make sure to follow his Instagram stories @AaronSeawood for off-the-cuff commentary and inspiration.

What We Love About Aaron’s Bio

This is another bio that is fairly unconventional, but we love it. While it’s definitely on the long side, we kept reading because Aaron almost leaps off the page with personality and confidence. He shares his fascinating background, and while it’s not all directly real estate-related, it’s pretty awesome and makes us want to know him better.

What We Might Do Differently: 

We love the idea of including a testimonial in your bio, but it’s important to format it so that readers understand the context. We might move the testimonial down a bit in this bio, and place the attribution (“remarks one of his many satisfied clients”) to right before the quote, rather than at the end of it.

Should You Use AI to Write Your Real Estate Bio?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating a lot of interest as agents wonder how it can benefit them in their business. AI can absolutely be a time-saver, but at this point, it doesn’t appear that it’s ready to take on writing bios without a lot of careful prompts and guidance from the human. Which means it’s probably easier to just write your own with our bio generator

When my colleague, Kate Evans, asked ChatGPT to craft a bio for her, the result was well-written, but vague and contained numerous mistakes and exaggerations (known as hallucinations in the AI world). It also erroneously placed her in the hospitality industry and gave her a degree in English. Her experience is not unique; read about another disastrous AI-generated bio in this article from Futurism

There may come a time when AI can write a killer bio for you, but we’re not there yet. 

Want to Outsource Your Real Estate Bio Writing?

If writing a real estate bio is high on your to-do list but you can’t find the time, consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you. Fiverr is a popular source of professional writers willing and able to put together a killer real estate bio for you—for a price as low as five bucks.

Find a Freelancer on Fiverr

Spice Up Your Real Estate Agent Bio With These Buzzwords

One easy trick that will instantly level up your writing is word variety. When readers encounter the same word over and over again, they start to skim or just stop reading entirely. Therefore, if you can switch repeated words out for synonyms, the content will automatically become more engaging. 

Scan your bio now to see if there are any glaring repeats, using a thesaurus to replace them with alternatives. Struggling with the perfect description for yourself and what you do? Here are some of our favorite adjectives and descriptors:

DedicatedIn the knowResoluteTrusted
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Bringing It All Together

Someone who has chosen to read your bio is clearly interested in you. They want to see if you’re a good fit, both personally and professionally, and get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. 

If you’re authentic and let your personality shine through, your real estate agent bio may serve as the very first step toward a new client relationship that could last for years. Please share any questions you have or advice on writing an effective real estate agent bio in the comment section below.

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