Multitasking is second nature to most agents. Who hasn’t taken a call from another client while driving between showings? Even if you try to streamline with an all-in-one platform like Brevity or Market Leader, you’re still going between your email inbox, document management system, and client relationship management (CRM) software. Trackxi streamlines your processes and deals workflow into a straightforward tool. Instead of thinking transaction management, think more deal management. 

Trackxi uses visual workflow charts to help you with task management, automation, and easy transaction tracking. Plus, it provides document storage, email templates, and even a password manager in a centralized location. I’ll cover what Trackxi does, how it’s an excellent tool for real estate professionals, and my bottom line—is Trackxi worth it for your business? Let’s jump in.

trackxi logo
  • Comprehensive deal management experience
  • Initial learning curve for setup and full utilization
  • Customizable workflows and templates
  • Limited CRM capabilities
  • Lockbox and password management
  • No built-in e-signature
  • No contract
  • Limited to 10 team members for the top plan

My Verdict on Trackxi & Why You Should Trust It 

I’ve encountered many real estate platforms as a real estate writer and coach. Trackxi feels like a recently discovered gemstone. The startup energy is infectious, scrappy, and straightforward. Honestly, the transparent approach is refreshing in a space where you often have to sign up for a complete demo just to get a feel for the product. 

Since we last featured Trackxi, its team has continued improving its processes. In fact, Trackxi’s CEO does double-duty as a team lead in Portland, Oregon, constantly refining the product to meet agents’ actual needs. They’ve added more features and integrations every month, which proves that the Trackxi team listens to feedback and strives to create a top-tier product for real estate agents. 

Trackxi Alternatives

While Trackxi is a great real estate deal-tracking software, there are others out there. An integration that the Trackxi community has been asking for was SkySlope. Good news: Trackxi has integrated with SkySlope to make using both software as easy as possible. This new integration further proves that Trackxi listens to its users and works to improve its software. 

Trackxi is a great real estate deal-tracking software, while SkySlope is great for compliance and commission management. If you want to save money or seek more features from your real estate transaction manager software, check out the alternatives to Trackxi below.

SoftwareWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
wiseagent logoCustomizable templates + action triggers, plus a CRM build for agents.Wise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
sierra interactive logoThe platform is easy to use, and the CRM is robust. It includes quite a bit for your agents, with a dialer, SMS texting, ringless voicemail drop, a mobile app, and lead nurturing.Sierra Interactive Review Visit Sierra Interactive
DocuSignDocuSign is a well-known, cloud-based, paperless contract software solution. Its technology allows contracts to be created and signed instantly with no intermediary.Real Estate Brokerage Software: Our Top 33 Picks for 2024 (+ Pricing) Visit DocuSign
monday logoA low-cost project management software with endless customizations plus CRM features.The 39 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents (Including 2 to Watch) in 2024Visit

What Current Users Think of Trackxi

While I rated Trackxi as my top pick in our real estate transaction management software buyer’s guide, it seems like I’m not alone in loving Trackxi. It’s been growing by leaps and bounds—agents are loving it. It has 5 out of 5 stars on G2, one of my favorite personal review websites. It’s also rated 5 out of 5 stars on GetApp

Check out a few Trackxi reviews:

“Simple yet powerful. I love that you can integrate templates and automate the entire experience. Trackxi helps save so much time when opening new transactions and our team is able to work together and stay updated across the board. Having a program geared specifically toward our needs has made our transition easy and pleasant.”

When asked about Trackxi’s negative aspects, the majority were small, like the user interface’s need for aesthetic improvements.

“Some of their systems could use some polish, but from what I’ve heard from the developers, they are actively revamping the areas that need it. The Buyers/Sellers section and the Tools are the spaces with the biggest room for improvement.”

Key Features of Trackxi

Trackxi funnel with integrations
Trackxi integrations (Source: Trackxi)

It seems as though, every month, I get an email with new features introduced to Trackxi. Since Trackxi is still in startup mode (and the founder still uses the software daily), new features are added with user feedback. It’s nice that the company listens to users and is responsive to new features.

Trackxi calendar view
Trackxi calendar view (Source: Trackxi)

Complete Deal Tracking 

Trackxi’s intuitive interface distinguishes it from other real estate transaction management software. It’s very visual and easy to see what you need to accomplish: green for good, red for action needed. Every time you enter a deal, Trackxi launches an automation process with exact steps and completion dates, including items like “earnest money deposit due” and “loan—appraisal scheduled.” 

Several templates are available for buyers and sellers, and plenty of other templates too. For example, Trackxi has put together templates for a plan for new real estate agents and an annual business plan.

Trackxi demo deal tracking with arrows leading to a home
Trackxi sample deal tracker (Source: Trackxi)

Reporting & Business Dashboard

Reporting and analytics are essential parts of real estate transaction management software. They can help you see exactly how productive you are and where you should focus your efforts. The Trackxi reporting dashboard lets you track your prospects, transactions, and emails at a glance. 

You can see the balance of buyers versus sellers and how many transactions are active, closed, canceled, or in draft. You can also view the tasks you need to complete—what is due, needs attention, is on schedule, or is completed. This makes catching up and staying on top of your transactions super easy, so you can focus on what matters most to your business: helping your clients and selling houses. 

trackxi reporting dashboard, with prospects, transactions and tasks.
Trackxi reporting dashboard (Source: Trackxi)

Templates & Workflows 

As mentioned above, Trackxi has templates for buyers, sellers, listings, mortgages, and business plans. You can upload custom user workflows and templates as a team lead or brokerage owner. Once the template is selected, you’ll input the dates of closing, inspection, and the earnest money due, along with any other custom dates that are important to you. For example, I like to follow up with my clients a month after they’ve moved into their new homes and kindly ask for referrals. You can set that date in your transaction so you never forget it.

Sample of templates segmented by transaction type.
Sample templates by transaction type (Source: Trackxi)

Once you’ve entered the information you need, upload files like the MLS documents, sale agreement, comparative market analysis (CMA), commission information, and any other documents to keep them organized and easily accessible. Once completed, all the tasks will auto-populate in the Trackxi proprietary Kanban view. You can also view your due dates in a monthly calendar or generate a to-do list for your transaction. The system is easy, intuitive, and straightforward.  

Client Management 

Trackxi isn’t a full-fledged CRM with a website and automation, but pairing it with software like Agent Legend could be your ticket to a lightweight CRM solution. Through the Trackxi software, you can upload clients and stay updated on their buying or selling process stages. For example, if you’ve already done the listing appointment for a seller and are waiting for the listing agreement to be signed, keep track of that activity directly in Trackxi. 

This makes it easy to stay on top of your sales funnel. Plus, the user interface is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to click in a dozen places just to track a phone call or send an email. You get the idea: a lightweight solution to stay on top of your transactions. 

Trackxi buyer and seller funnels, along with projected vs actual deal tracker.
Sample client funnel (Source: Trackxi)

I mentioned Agent Legend above. If you want to learn more about it, check out my full breakdown and review here.

Document Storage & Lockbox Manager 

Managing a team of people, listings, and clients is a balancing act with many moving parts. Trackxi includes little details, like secure document storage for every transaction and a lockbox and password manager so your entire team can stay coordinated. 

Some agents use the same lockbox code for every listing to simplify things. However, for real estate agents’ and clients’ safety, that’s not recommended for security reasons. Now, you can have a secure way to store your lockbox codes. 

Trackxi Pricing

I love software that is transparent about its pricing. Trackxi offers both monthly and annual plans, but you get a discount when paying in full. I’ve noted both Trackxi pricing options below. The return on investment from a Trackxi subscription is clear—just a single deal will pay for an entire year of real estate transaction manager software. When you pay for an annual membership, you’ll save roughly 15% instead of paying monthly. If you’re hesitant, Trackxi provides a generous 30-day free trial and support available every day of the week.

PlanAgent Plan Teams PlanSuper Teams & TC’s Plan
Cost (per Month)$39$69$199
Cost (per Year)$399$699$1,999
Features• Up to 25 active transactions
• 2,500 contacts
• 2 users
• File manager (plus lockbox and password manager)
• Integrations (Gmail, SkySlope, Calendar)
• Client portal
• Customizable workflows
• Easy task automation
• Up to 100 active transactions
• 5,000 contacts
• 5 users
• All Agent Plan features
• Up to 1,000 active transactions
• 10,000 contacts
• 10 users
• All Teams Plan features


At The Close, we aim to empower real estate professionals with the tools and knowledge that drive success. Our Trackxi review and all the tech tools we review are rooted in a deep understanding of the real estate industry and firsthand experience with these platforms. As a licensed agent and coach, my perspective informs our review process by utilizing the following: 

  • Pricing: Trackxi is surprisingly affordable and offers real value for agents. It’s much less expensive than other CRM and transaction management software. And if you’re a team or transaction coordinator, it’s a no-brainer to level up your business. 
  • Direct use: I tried out the software extensively as a user and evaluator to understand its practical use and benefits for agents. 
  • Community feedback: We gather insights from a broad spectrum of users to gauge general sentiment in the community and uncover common issues. 
  • Insider perspective: We leverage our network and industry connections to snag detailed information and clarification directly from the founder.  
  • Personal experience: I draw extensively on my real estate background. I’ve done hundreds of deals and evaluated dozens of software tools. 

Our methodology at The Close is designed to provide agents with a clear, comprehensive, and candid evaluation of the tools. We strive to provide actionable advice for agents to help them make informed decisions about the technology that powers their business. 


Bottom Line: Is Trackxi Worth Your Money? 

Trackxi transcends the boundaries of traditional transaction management tools by offering a unique platform focused on agents’ actual needs. Let’s admit it—sometimes, our software needs can be pretty niche. Instead of using a platform designed by people who’ve never done a deal, Trackxi was built from the group up as a solution for the Vijay Realty Group, the Trackxi CEO’s real estate team. 

It fits the needs of almost every agent. Plus, if you’ve already got transaction management software like SkySlope, Trackxi integrates to help you manage the deals on your plate—beyond compliance management and e-signatures. It’s a nifty tool that I love. It combines all the best software parts, like Trello or, without the headache of setting up processes and workflows for your real estate business. 

I’m a very visual person, and as soon as I saw the Trackxi timeline, the software “clicked” for me. There are alternatives in the marketplace, but Trackxi meets (and exceeds) agents’ needs without breaking the bank. Try it for 30 days free at the link below—see if it works for your business!

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