Back in 2002, Brandon Wise was a new real estate agent with an old problem. He couldn’t find a customer relationship management (CRM) product that suited his specific needs. After working closely with a developer friend, he created Wise Agent, a CRM designed by an agent, for agents.

Today, more than 20 years later, Wise Agent is still one of the most popular, highest-value CRMs on the market. I’ll show you how and why.

Wise Agent CRM scoreboard
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent training
  • Concierge 1-on-1 onboarding
  • 24/7 support
  • Drip campaigns
  • Customizable landing pages
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Lots of integrations
  • Contact automation
  • AI writing assistant
  • Transaction management
  • No mobile app (web app accessed through your device’s browser)
  • Text messaging not included
  • No dialer
  • Seemingly constant updates without warning
  • Not an all-in-one solution (no website or paid lead generation)
The Close Score
User Interface:

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My Take on Wise Agent CRM

Wise Agent is more than just a place to organize contacts and leads. It’s an entire ecosystem that manages your marketing materials, calendars, transactions, drip campaigns, texts, and phone calls. And it does all of that for an affordable price.

It’s absolutely one of the best full-featured CRMs on the market for the price. And while it may not have all of the bells and whistles of a Rolls Royce-level CRM, it is simple to set up, highly functional, and provides above-and-beyond customer support.

What Is Wise Agent CRM?

Wise Agent is a CRM software that allows agents to manage their contacts from acquisition to close. The creators of Wise Agent want it to be the only dashboard you need. It provides checklists for closings, monitors commissions, facilitates communication, and assigns responsibilities to team members.

For many agents, the idea of signing up for a new CRM conjures apocalyptic images of the world ending. But Wise Agent makes it easy with one-on-one customer onboarding to make the transition painless. 

Wise Agent Pricing

PlanPrice (Paid Monthly vs Annually)UsersWhat’s Included
Basic$32/$27 per month5One-on-one onboarding, lead automation, drip campaigns, customizable landing pages, unlimited document storage, monthly newsletter, reporting
Enterprise Custom (contact Wise Agent)CustomAll of the above, plus customized solutions and API access

Wise Agent offers a hefty selection of features for the price. You get almost all the basic features for around $30 per month, which slays many competitors in this space. You can choose to include a few extra features like additional users ($32 per batch of five), text messaging ($8 per month + $20 registration fee), and lead enhancement ($5 per month unlimited), which scours the internet to get more data on your leads such as full names, companies, social profile links, and more.

This CRM definitely provides enough tools for agents to run their businesses from end to end. And if you want to add on something like BombBomb, which I love to use for video communications with clients and prospects, the integrations Wise Agent offers help create a seamless, fully functional platform for a fraction of what some other software companies charge. I love how customizable it is while already offering practically everything I need to run a successful real estate business.

For comparison, here’s a quick breakdown of Wise Agent’s pricing compared to other CRMs:

Platform Billed MonthlyBilled Annually
Wise Agent$32 per month$27 per month
LionDesk$39 per month$25 per month
Follow Up Boss$69 per month$57 per month
Top Producer$129 per month$129 per month
Real Geeks$299 per month$299 per month

As you can see from this table, Wise Agent’s monthly investment is highly competitive with other CRMs of similar caliber. Some CRMs offer a lower price tag, but then you end up spending money on add-ons that bring the price up. While some CRMs listed offer more than just a CRM, they include comprehensive marketing, lead generation, and transaction management solutions. But for agents with less experience with real estate management software, Wise Agent is comprehensive enough for most transaction management tasks, and doesn’t nickel and dime you by charging extra for the cool features, making it a wise investment from the start. (See what I did there?)

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Key Standout Features

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the best aspects of the Wise Agent platform. 

User Interface

I remember the first time I tested Wise Agent years ago. I found the interface to be clunky, not user-friendly, and lacking in some of the more polished features of other CRMs. I’m happy to say Wise Agent listened to the client feedback from their users and has made tremendous progress in improving the user experience on their platform. 

While users once described it as dated, in a Windows 98 kind of way, it’s now much more streamlined and sleek. Wise Agent’s features are easy to find, set up, and use. In fact, here’s a blog post in which Wise Agent explains its major facelift and thanks their users for their feedback. You have to love a company that values its users the way Wise Agent seems to.

Wise Agent dashboard is organized and easy to read

Customer Support

Wise Agent offers multiple channels for customer support including on-demand training and one-on-one onboarding.

Since I’m already talking about how Wise Agent values its users’ feedback, let’s go ahead and talk about its stellar customer support. First, they give you complimentary one-on-one support to onboard you and your database. Then, they offer 24/7 support anytime you need additional assistance. 

And the company has tons of training so you can help yourself with online classes, the blog, or just schedule a meeting with a technician. Wise Agent prides itself on exemplary customer support and its team goes out of its way to make sure clients feel good about working with them. 

Easy Contact Management

Wise Agent's contact management page lets agents easily see everything they need in one place.

Adding contacts, one of the most laborious and dreaded tasks of switching CRMs, is actually pretty easy with Wise Agent. They offer so many integrations, it’s simple to import existing contacts from just about anywhere.

Wise Agent uses its lead enhancement tool to automatically search an email address and pull available information from social media accounts. With this tool, a partial lead (just an email address) can quickly become “enhanced” with names, businesses, photos, job titles, and even social media handles. Each user gets 100 free credits each month to use (one use = one credit) but you can easily upgrade to having unlimited credits for just $5 per month. 

The Dashboard

Wise Agent’s main dashboard is all business. The calendar is smartly positioned in the center, below the commission-tracking graphics. A user-friendly set of options along the top of the screen offers drop-down menus that display your main functions.

What I love about the new layout is they decided to keep everything easily accessible. It feels intuitive, so there’s no drilling down a million menus to get one simple task done.

In addition to the calendar, the dashboard has comprehensive time management tools. It’s easy to track recent leads, the call list, task list, and transaction hotlist.


Wise Agent makes it easy to create a CRM that includes all of the tools you need, want, and actually use. The extensive list of integrations means Wise Agent is one of the most versatile and customizable products on the market.

If they don’t offer a service, chances are they have an integration to fill the need. You can easily integrate tools such as Google, Mailchimp, YouTube, and BombBomb, so you might never have to leave your CRM.

Wise Agent integrations for marketing
Wise Agent integrations for lead management
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Easy & Customizable Marketing Tools

Wise Agent’s many marketing solutions are perfect for agents who don’t know exactly what they want or need. Here’s a look at the main tools, libraries, and customizable templates Wise Agent provides.

Drip Campaigns

Like most good real estate CRMs these days, Wise Agent offers marketing drip automation programs that you can assign to a lead or groups of leads.

Setting up a program is simple. For example, let’s say you wanted to create a drip campaign for buyer leads from Zillow. You can choose from a collection of prewritten drip campaigns designed specifically to qualify and nurture buyer leads or choose to design something yourself.

You can include text auto-responders, drip emails, or assigned tasks that trigger based on a schedule you create. Sticking with the above example, you could set up Wise Agent to auto-respond to your Zillow leads via text as soon as they come in, then set them up on a drip email campaign and schedule a follow-up call a few days later.

Emails, Texts & Letters

Since email marketing is still the king of real estate nurturing outreach, having an integrated email newsletter is a very useful feature.

Agents can choose from dozens of email templates and send out content that is video-rich, customizable, and strategic to help nurture and convert their leads. Of course, you can also integrate email marketing software like Mailchimp if you need more features down the road.

Text messaging typically results in a 98% open rate, ensuring your messages are read by your leads, usually within the first three minutes. You can set up auto-responses, bulk texting, and even add video texts.

And finally, for agents who still love tangible marketing assets, Wise Agent has print marketing. With a few clicks, you can easily customize cards, flyers, and other marketing materials to be printed in-house.

Landing Pages & Lead Capture Forms

One of the coolest features Wise Agent offers is the landing page generator. Using this tool, you can create custom landing pages that capture emails, make quick single-property websites, home valuation pages, and even open house sign-in sheets. Once you have a visitor input their info, it’s fed directly into your CRM so you can easily follow up.

A new addition to the Wise Agent tool lineup is the WordPress lead capture form. When a visitor is on your page, you can implement a call to action, like a pop-up that instructs them to download a helpful checklist or get more information about a listing, in order to capture that lead’s information that’s then fed directly into your CRM as a hot lead. Hooray! 

The WordPress lead capture form is a plugin that anyone with a WordPress website can install. Then, simply automate the follow-up with your personalized message and a drip campaign to keep your shiny new lead engaged.

Transaction Tracking Tools

Wise Agent has tools to track transactions and share information with team members and stakeholders. This easy-to-use system of checklists, contact lists, and unlimited document storage will guide you through the entire closing process.

If their system isn’t as accounting-focused as you need, you can easily link to integrated systems that are more in-depth, like QuickBooks or Intuit, using the Zapier integration tool.

AI Writing Assistant

Wise Agent's new AI Writing Assistant speeds up content creation.

This newly introduced feature allows agents to quickly create any type of content they need, with the help of an artificial intelligence (AI) bot that uses ChatGPT-3, in minutes. The AI Writing Assistant can create content for your text messages, email drip campaigns, bulk email messages, and so much more, with a simple prompt or topic suggestion. 

You can also use the AI bot to nurture your potential leads intuitively by naturally leading conversations, gathering information, and even using emojis to keep the lead warm until you can convert them.

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Wise Agent Alternatives

Even with all Wise Agent has to offer, it may not be the best solution for every agent. For example, agents who are really tech-savvy or want a more customizable CRM product may find Wise Agent too inflexible, which can be frustrating. Or teams that have an integrated website may need a more comprehensive CRM solution that includes more powerful marketing solutions. Here are a few other CRMs that you might consider before you make a final decision.

CRM PlatformBest For

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New agents just starting out or small teams looking for a budget CRM with basic database management features

Top Producer
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Agents and teams who want a paid lead generating and nurturing system built in

Market Leader
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Large teams and brokers who need more comprehensive paid lead generation systems

Real Geeks
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Agents and teams who want a scalable all-in-one integrated website and lead generation system

Follow Up Boss
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Agents and teams who need flexibility and ability to customize their work environment with seamless integrations
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The Bottom Line: Is Wise Agent Worth the Money?

In my opinion, Wise Agent is an excellent CRM, especially if you’re not a tech head. Some CRMs try to be all things to all agents. They create an all-in-one product that tries to reach everyone but is really tailored for no one. But Wise Agent seems to have avoided this by being a comprehensive solution with enough integrations, customizations, and customer support that it feels concierge.

Ultimately, my verdict is that if you want a full-featured CRM at a tremendous value that can grow with your business, then Wise Agent is for you. 

Methodology: Why You Can Trust My Review

I’ve been a licensed real estate agent for more than five years and I’ve tested a lot of CRMs. So, I try to evaluate each piece of software through the lens of a real estate agent who would actually want to use the platform. I created a weighted rubric that I use to evaluate each platform against its competitors to keep things balanced and fair and to add context to my statements. 

For this Wise Agent review, I looked at its pricing, features, and user interface and compared it to other CRMs that offer similar functionality. I have tested this CRM more than once since getting my real estate license and each time the user experience has improved. 

At the end of the day, the best CRM is the one you will use. So, take my opinion for what it’s worth—an honest assessment of the platform. If you have a different opinion, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

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