If you’re ready for a career change and wondering how to get a real estate license in Massachusetts, we’ll take you through this relatively easy, four-step process. In no time at all, you could be selling homes from Boston to Bridgewater and from Brookline to Braintree.

Getting a Massachusetts real estate license requires 40 hours of approved prelicensing classes before you can sit for the MA license exam, as well as a number of other administrative tasks. Let’s dive in! 

How to Get a Real Estate License in MA

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How to Get a Real Estate License in Massachusetts
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Complete a 40-hour Prelicensing Course
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Pass the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam
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Complete the Licensing Process
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Join a Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage

While you don’t need a college degree to become a real estate agent in Massachusetts, you must complete a state-specific licensing process. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid Social Security number or a tax ID number
  • Find three people who are not your relatives to vouch for your character by signing a candidate endorsement form

1. Complete a 40-hour Prelicensing Course

Before choosing a Massachusetts real estate school for your prelicensing courses, make sure it’s authorized by the state. All of the schools on this list are required to cover the same material. Here are some of the topics you’ll cover to help you better understand the financial and legal aspects of homebuying and selling in Massachusetts:

  • Property rights
  • Title transfers
  • Basic contract law
  • Agency relationships
  • Brokerage operations & responsibilities
  • Property disclosures
  • Financing for real estate
  • Property valuation
  • Federal real estate laws
  • Massachusetts real estate laws
  • Real estate math
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In Massachusetts, there are three instructional formats to choose from when selecting a real estate school: in-person classes, livestream classes, or at-your-own-pace online classes. Here are the pros and cons of each type.

2. Pass the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam

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Quick Facts




Time to Complete:

4 hours



Computer-based, 120 multiple-choice questions


Bring to Testing Center:

Two valid forms of ID


Passing Grade:


Once you’ve finished your classes, the next step to become a real estate agent in Massachusetts is to sit for the license exam. Visit the testing company’s website to schedule your exam and choose a testing center from the following locations:

  • Auburn
  • Boston
  • Fall River
  • Lawrence
  • West Springfield

Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the test for sign-in, and be ready with two valid forms of identification:

  • One government-issued ID that has your signature and photograph
  • Another ID that has your signature

You are also required to bring your candidate endorsement form, signed by three people unrelated to you. They don’t have to be Massachusetts residents, but you can’t ask people you met in your real estate classes to sign for you. The form is included on page 29 of PSI’s candidate information bulletin.

In order to pass, you need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. Your score will immediately appear on the screen as soon as you complete the test. If you don’t pass both sections of the MA real estate license exam, you’ll receive a diagnostic report detailing your strengths and weaknesses. This report should help you to study for your retake. You may retake the exam as many times as you need within two years following the date you completed your prelicensing classes. You’ll have to pay $54 each time you schedule a retake.

3. Complete the Licensing Process

You may receive your license immediately on site after passing the test. The fee ranges between $103 and $150 (plus a $12 processing fee) since the cost of the license is prorated depending upon your birth month. Note that they’ll only accept payments via credit card, check, or money order addressed to PSI.

4. Join a Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage

Massachusetts law requires that real estate agents work under a broker. A broker has experience in real estate, taken additional training, and passed the broker exam.

Finding the right real estate brokerage can be challenging, which is why we recommend meeting with several brokerages before you decide where to work. Check out our guide to some of the more common real estate companies for more.

During these interviews, you’ll learn how you’ll split your real estate commissions with the brokerage. Some brokerages may offer a 50-50 split, while others may provide you with a higher percentage but will charge you a monthly desk fee. Each brokerage will also discuss your cap, or the maximum amount that the brokerage will take from your commissions within a year. Commissions that you earn on top of the cap are yours to keep.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Massachusetts Real Estate Agent?

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Quick Facts

Massachusetts Real Estate Governing Body:

Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons


Prelicensing Requirements:

40 Hours


Price Range for Real Estate Licensing Course:



Estimated Total Costs:


It costs about $600 to get your Massachusetts real estate license. Some of the costs of earning your real estate license in Massachusetts are fixed, such as exam fees and application fees. Other costs are variable, such as the classes and exam prep materials you’ll need to complete the state’s requirements and pass the Massachusetts real estate exam.

Sample Massachusetts Real Estate License Costs

Prelicensing classes (40 Hours) $285 (through The CE Shop)
Exam registration $85
Exam retake $54
License application $103-$150 (depending on your birthdate)
License processing fee $12
Total Cost $539-$600

(Massachusetts real estate license costs as of August 2023)

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How Much Does a Realtor Make in Massachusetts?

According to The Close’s salary database, an average real estate agent in Massachusetts makes $69,894. Of course, this salary is entirely based on commissions earned from helping clients buy or sell properties.

It may take you some time to ramp up your real estate business, but hopefully, word will spread about how you provide amazing customer service. Until that happens, you may consider keeping your day job so you can earn an income during those building months.

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How to Get a Real Estate License in MA: FAQs

We know you’re excited and ready to help families find their dream homes. Here are a few other items to consider before you get started.

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