If you’re working as an Ohio real estate agent and you’re ready to pursue your broker license, it’s relatively easy to get started. Becoming a real estate broker in Ohio can open more doors for your career and your earning income.

With our straightforward guide, we’ll lead you through every step of getting your Ohio broker license. Before you know it, you’ll be expanding your real estate business to new heights. Let’s dive in!

How to Get an Ohio Real Estate Broker License

  • Complete your education requirements
  • Pass a background check
  • Apply for an Ohio real estate broker license
  • Take the broker license exam

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate Broker License in Ohio?

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Quick Facts

Ohio Real Estate Governing Board:

Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing


Experience Requirements:

20 Real Estate Transactions


Education Requirements:

120-hour Prelicensing Courses and 4 College Courses


Cost of Ohio Real Estate Broker License Courses:

$3,449 (through Hondros College)


Total Estimated Cost:


It costs about $3,700 to get your Ohio real estate broker license. The cost will depend on the education you’ve already completed as part of your minimum two-year college degree. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved in getting your Ohio real estate broker license.

Ohio Real Estate Broker License Costs

Broker License Courses (120 hours)
Webcheck® Fingerprinting Background Check Fee
Broker License Exam Fee
Ohio Broker License Fee
Total Cost
$3,682 – $3,714

Getting Your Ohio Real Estate Broker License in 4 Steps

There are a few basic requirements you’ll need to fulfill before you sit for the Ohio real estate broker exam. First, you’ll need to ensure you meet the basic requirements below:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be of good character
  • You must be licensed as an Ohio real estate salesperson for at least two of the past five years

Next, you’ll need to make sure you meet the experience requirements of 20 real estate transactions. You’ll include a log of your transactions on your broker license application.

Now, let’s walk through each step of getting your Ohio real estate broker license to take the first step toward running your own real estate business.

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1. Complete the Ohio Real Estate Broker Education Requirements

Cost: Varies ($3,449 with Hondros College)
Time commitment: 1 month

In order to become a real estate broker in Ohio, you will have to show proof of completing your 120-hour prelicensing coursework. This coursework must include the following four mandatory courses:

  • Ohio Real Estate Law (40 hours)
  • Ohio Real Estate Principles & Practices (40 hours)
  • Real Estate Appraisal (20 hours)
  • Real Estate Finance (20 hours)

Next, you’ll need a minimum of two years of post-secondary education or equivalent hours at an accredited college or university.

Plus, you’ll need to show proof of completing four required courses from a college or university. You may have already completed the required courses as part of your post-secondary degree, in which case they will count toward your broker education requirements. The four college-level courses must be in:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources or Personnel Management
  • Applied Business Economics
  • Business Law

If you’ve satisfied the college degree and prelicensing coursework, but need to complete your four mandatory courses, we recommend checking out Hondros College. They offer all your required courses individually, or as a package. Their feature-packed Broker Career Start Package includes exam prep for your broker license exam and even your broker post-licensing course for your first renewal.

2. Pass a Background Check

Cost: $50-$80
Time commitment: 2 weeks

In order to sit for the Ohio real estate broker exam, you’ll first need to complete a fingerprinting background check. Webcheck® administers fingerprinting background checks for prospective real estate brokers in Ohio, and you can find a location near you by visiting their website.

You’ll need a state and national FBI background check, so make sure to choose a site that will submit both your state and FBI records. It will cost between $50 and $80 dollars to complete your background check—just be sure to bring your government-issued photo ID with you.

Supply these “reason codes” to Webcheck® (BCI&I Reason Code: 4735 05 and/or 121 08 FBI Reason Code: 121 08) and ask them to direct your biometrics results to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing.

3. Apply for an Ohio Real Estate Broker License

Cost: $135
Time commitment: 1-10 days

You’ll apply for your Ohio real estate broker license exam and your license all at once. Once your application is approved, it will be forwarded to PSI Testing, which administers the broker license exam. You’ll receive an email from PSI Testing with instructions on how to schedule your broker license exam.

The application should take under an hour to complete. It may take longer if it takes time for you to receive official transcripts from your post-secondary institution. You can fill out the application online or by hand, and you’ll mail it to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Licensing.

Make sure you’ve included the following:

  • Copies of official transcripts or course completion certificates
  • The completed application and the $135 fee
  • A statement describing any real estate experience other than sales and leasing

3. Take the Ohio Real Estate Broker License Exam

Quick Facts: Ohio Real Estate Broker Exam

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Quick Facts




Time to Complete:

3 Hours



120 Multiple-choice Questions


Passing Grade:



What to Bring:

Two pieces of ID

Once you receive an email notifying you that you’re eligible to sit for the Ohio broker license exam, it’s time to schedule your exam. Visit the PSI Testing website to schedule your exam online.

When you arrive at the testing center, be sure to bring two forms of valid ID and try to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam. The license exam is administered in one of the eight locations statewide:

  • Akron
  • Cambridge
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus North
  • Columbus South
  • Toledo
  • Troy

When it comes time to study for your broker license exam, you may need to brush up on a few topics. If that’s the case, consider checking out a broker exam prep package from Hondros College. They’re one of the only Ohio real estate schools that offer broker exam prep, offer a pass guarantee, and boast a 96% first-time pass rate on the broker license exam.

You’ll be issued your broker license by the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Licensing after you’ve been notified of your results on the license exam. Congratulations! You’ve obtained your broker license and it’s time take your career to the next level.

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Ohio Real Estate Broker License FAQs

Got more questions? We have answers! Read on for the most frequently asked questions and add your own question in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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