In Michigan, you can earn your real estate broker license in three simple steps, in about three months, and for less than $1,000. And as long as you’re currently working as a real estate agent in Michigan, it’s relatively easy to pursue a broker’s license.

We’ll walk you through the process of how to become a real estate broker in Michigan, talk about the minimum experience you’ll need to begin the process, and answer some common questions to help you determine if becoming a broker is right for you. Let’s get started.

What Are the Broker License Requirements in MI?

To be eligible for a Michigan real estate broker license, you must:

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Michigan Broker License Requirements
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Be at least 18 years old
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Have at least three years of full-time experience in real estate
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Have a Social Security number (if you don’t, you’ll need to submit an affidavit)
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Have a Michigan business address
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Be of good, moral character without any embezzlement or misappropriation of funds convictions

If you don’t have a current Michigan real estate salesperson license, you will need to complete Michigan’s 40 hours of prelicensing courses for agents within 36 months of submitting your broker application to the state.

In terms of the three years of experience you need, this may include working as a real estate salesperson or any closely related professions (such as land developer, investor, licensed builder, loan or trust officer of a mortgage company, and real property appraiser).

Keep reading to learn more about the fastest way to complete the process. We’ll also answer common questions about the time commitment, level of difficulty, costs, and more.

How to Get Your Michigan Real Estate Broker License

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Steps to Get a Michigan Broker License
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Complete a 90-hour Michigan Real Estate Broker License Course
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Pass the Michigan Real Estate Broker License Exam
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Apply for a Michigan Real Estate Broker License

We know you’re excited to get started in your new career. Here’s how to get a Michigan real estate broker license in just a few months.

1. Complete a 90-hour Broker License Course

To become a Michigan real estate broker, you need to complete 90 hours of classwork presented by a state-approved school. One of our recommended providers, AYPO Real Estate, divides the Michigan real estate broker course into three 30-hour classes as follows:

Broker Prep

  • Civil law and equal opportunity in housing
  • Liens
  • Land use
  • Titles and title transfers
  • Leasing and property management
  • Community and property ownership
Valuation of Residential Properties

  • Real estate appraisal principles and practices
  • Markets for residential real estate
  • Data analysis in regard to appraisal
  • Site description and analysis
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

  • Commercial leases
  • Environmental regulations
  • The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
  • Commercial real estate principles

Course Exemptions

The following individuals may be exempt from taking a portion of the real estate broker courses:

  • Those with a law degree are exempt from 66 hours of real estate broker courses (equivalent to 60 hours of real estate broker education and six hours of classes on civil rights and fair housing law).
  • Those with a master’s degree in business administration or finance are exempt from 60 hours of real estate broker education.
  • Those with a bachelor’s degree in business or finance are exempt from 30 hours of real estate education.

Course Providers

There are several high-quality, in-person real estate schools in Michigan. However, if you’re looking for an online school that allows you to complete the courses at your own pace, we recommend AYPO Real Estate for their convenient, all-inclusive packages ranging from $590 to $650.

Check Out AYPO
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2. Pass the Michigan Real Estate Broker License Exam

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Quick Facts




Time to Complete:

3.5 hours



115 multiple-choice questions


Bring to Testing Center:

2 pieces of valid ID


Passing Grade:


After you’ve completed your Michigan real estate broker course requirements, you can schedule and take the broker exam. The fastest way to schedule your exam is through the testing company’s website. You can choose to take your broker exam from one of the PSI testing locations in the following Michigan cities:

  • Dearborn
  • Gaylord
  • Grand Rapids
  • Holt
  • Marquette
  • Southfield

You’ll need to present two forms of valid ID. One must be government-issued and include your photo and signature; the other needs to include your full name in print and your signature.

You aren’t allowed to bring any personal items into the exam room. However, secure storage is available for your purse, wallet, cell phone, and other items.

The results of your exam will be available immediately upon completion. If you pass, you can fill out and submit the Michigan real estate broker license application on the spot. If you don’t pass, you can retake the exam as many times as needed, but you’ll have to pay $79 every time.

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3. Apply for a Michigan Real Estate Broker License

Once you’ve passed the Michigan broker exam, you can immediately fill out the real estate broker application through your MiPLUS account. MiPLUS is the website used by Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) office.

Before you begin filling out the application, make sure you’ve selected the correct form. If you plan to launch your own real estate firm, fill out the individual broker form. If you plan to continue working with another firm, fill out the associate broker form.

The online application is relatively straightforward, but you’ll want to ensure you have all the required documents you need to upload to your MiPLUS account to support your application. Here are detailed instructions to help you navigate the system. You’ll need to submit the physical address for your business in Michigan on the form, which may be the same as your home address. 

Once you pay a $143 application fee and submit the form to the licensing agency, you’ll be given a transaction number. Save this number to check the status of your application online.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Michigan Broker License?

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Quick Facts

Michigan Real Estate Governing Body:

Board of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons


Education Requirements:

90 Hours


Cost of Michigan Broker Courses:



Total Estimated Costs:


It costs approximately $820 to get your Michigan real estate broker license. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you’ll incur when you pursue your real estate broker license in Michigan:

Sample Michigan Real Estate Broker License Costs

Classes (90 hours) $590-$725 (through AYPO)
Broker license application $143
Broker exam registration $79
Total costs $812-$947

(Michigan real estate broker license costs as of August 2023)

Does a Real Estate Broker Make More Than an Agent in Michigan?

Yes, typically a real estate broker makes more than a salesperson. According to The Close’s salary information database, a real estate broker in Michigan makes an average of $74,107 per year. On the other hand, an agent earns an average income of $66,342.

Since the one-time cost to become a broker in Michigan is less than $1,000, it makes sense that you’d make this investment in your career. However, as you know, the average income of those in the real estate industry varies greatly depending on the person’s skill, work ethic, and so much more.

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Michigan Real Estate Broker License FAQs

We’ve outlined a relatively fast way to level up your real estate career and obtain your Michigan real estate broker license. But you may be asking yourself if the effort is worth it. We’ll help you decide if becoming a Michigan real estate broker is right for you and answer common questions about the process.

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