Wishing your website could do a better job capturing leads? The perfect real estate landing page captures short attention spans and takes advantage of that tiny window available to convert a visitor into a lead. But what kinds of page elements, content offerings, and designs encourage visitors to offer up their contact information? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the essential elements of a great real estate landing page and look at five proven examples. We’ll also share our recommendations for landing page providers and answer all of your landing page questions. 

The Close Recommendations: Our Top Picks for Real Estate Landing Page Providers

Landing Page ProviderBest For
AgentFireAgents looking for multiple landing page options that are engaging and easy to set up
iNCOMPrice-conscious agents; landing page packages are as little as $30 a month
Real GeeksAgents who want to create high-converting landing pages and a system that integrates with popular CRM platforms to help nurture leads
Luxury PresenceAgents who are looking for show-stopping, award-winning options designed with an eye for beauty and detail
PlacesterAgents and teams starting over with a new website that has a built-in strategy to help convert web traffic into leads
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Real Estate Landing Page FAQs

If you’re new to the idea of using real estate landing pages to turn web searchers into leads, here are a few of the basics to brush up on before we jump into specific examples:

5 Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Landing pages are a powerful lead generation tool, and it’s important to note that there is more than one approach. As you consider the following examples, bear in mind your goals. What are you hoping to accomplish? And how does a landing page align with your existing brand and marketing strategy? 

1. Home Valuation Landing Page by AgentFire

Home valuation landing pages, like these by AgentFire, give property owners an estimate of their home’s value for free. To be fair, there is a small cost involved: Site visitors must share their contact information. These types of leads are especially valuable because now you know these site visitors are at least considering the idea of selling their home.

You can set up your landing pages to provide an instant valuation, which means those who fill out the form get a result right away. Keep in mind, though, that instant valuations are based on algorithms, which leaves room for error. In order to provide something that’s a clear step up from the Zestimate experience, you could also offer a delayed valuation where you get notified when visitors provide their information and then create a custom comparative market analysis that is more accurate and detailed.

The Close Pro Tip: Make sure your property valuation landing page is mobile-friendly. Double check your form works on both Apple and Android phones before publishing.

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Prospective buyers use property search landing pages, like these from iNCOM, to look for available properties and set up custom alerts. The cost to access these tools? Contact info.

Prospective buyers will be much more likely to exchange their contact information for insider information, exclusive listings, or alerts on homes that fit very specific criteria. When putting together your landing page, consider what is most valuable to your visitors, then offer it to them in exchange for their contact information.

The Close Pro Tip: Measure your audience’s attention span in terms of seconds. Every single word and punctuation mark on your real estate landing page needs to have a purpose. Sharpen and edit your copy to be simple, direct, and clear to drive action like the iNCOM examples above.

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3. Coming Soon Landing Page by Real Geeks

Real Geeks lead form example

Coming soon landing pages, like this sample from Real Geeks, are ideal for buyers, especially in a hot market. Buyers give you their contact information in exchange for early access to the photos, details, and pricing of a property about to hit the market. 

These pages are also excellent marketing tools for social media. Imagine a glossy photo with a caption announcing a new listing. Encourage followers to click the link to get more information and photos—all they need to do is enter their contact info! 

The Close Pro Tip: A landing page lead capture form should have no more than four fields to complete. Stick with the information you absolutely need: name, email address, and phone number. Then try button messaging like “sign me up” or “get it now” instead of “submit” to convey a conversational tone about the value they’re getting for their efforts.

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4. Community Guide Landing Page by Luxury Presence

The community guide landing page, like this one by Luxury Presence, is one of our favorites because it conveys your value proposition to your farming area. 

You’re a community expert. You know every street, every hip-and-happening coffee shop, and every grocery store. Leverage your community expertise like Kinga Mills does here using Luxury Presence. Offer exclusive advice on events, insider info on neighborhoods, and suggestions on how to get the most out of what your market has to offer.

The Close Pro Tip: Use a fantastic image that represents your geographic area. A landing page image for an agent in Manhattan could be the city skyline or a swanky New York loft. Here, Kinga’s image really highlights the beauty of Hawaii.

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5. Exclusive Buyer or Seller Content Landing Page by Placester

Offering helpful guidance in exchange for contact information is a tried-and-true approach for a reason. Real estate transactions are complicated, which is why offering a resource that hits on consumers’ pain points is a great way to start a client relationship and highlight your value as a trusted adviser. 

Providing content designed exclusively for prospects who are still in the information-seeking phase, like this buyer’s content landing page by Placester does, plays the long game but allows you to begin the nurturing process before any of your competitors have a chance to get involved.

You can even further customize your landing pages to your target prospects. Consider tailoring your offerings to particular profiles, goals, or needs. For example, The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in Charleston would get more leads than casting a wide net for all buyers. 

The Close Pro Tip: Your real estate landing page’s headline is the first (and sometimes only) thing that visitors will read from start to finish, so craft a clear message that captures attention and is easy to understand.

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Bringing It All Together

We hope this is a helpful rundown of landing page tips, examples of the main categories of lead-generating pages, and a look at five providers that can help you generate leads. 

Have you had success with a real estate lead generation strategy that includes landing pages? Do you have a genius strategy for converting traffic into clients? Still have questions about landing pages? Let us know in the comments below.

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