There’s no better feeling than seeing your open house sign-in sheet chock-full of names, phone numbers, and email addresses at the end of a weekend afternoon. Open houses are, after all, critical to most real estate agents’ lead generation strategies. They create the ideal opportunity to meet active buyers: people who are potentially selling their current homes while shopping for a new one. 

If you want to walk away from your next open house with more leads than you can handle, you’re going to need the right open house sign-in sheet. We’ve got four free PDF templates that you can download, print, and use right away below.

Download All of Our Open House Sign-in Sheet Templates

The Case for Going Digital

Before we get into our sign-in sheet templates, and as much as we like the ol’ pen-and-paper system, hear us out. A digital open house sign-in sheet makes a whole lot of sense, and here’s why:

  • Most people are comfortable with the format
  • People type a lot more accurately than they write
  • The data can easily transfer to your CRM

Imagine being able to pull together your marketing, landing pages, QR codes and digital sign-in sheets, all from one easy app. And then exporting your new leads directly to your customer relationship manager (CRM). While there are plenty of good ones out there, our pick for a digital open house sign-in platform is Curb Hero. This app offers a ton of functionality, easy sign-in for your guests from just about any device (auto-fill!), and best of all, it’s free for Realtors.

Check Out Curb Hero

4 Open House Sign-in Sheet Templates

Whether you choose to use a paper sign-in sheet, a digital one, or some combination of the two, here are our four favorite templates to use at your next open house. 

1. Basic Open House Sign-in Sheet

🏆 Great for agents who don’t need customization or info beyond a name, email, and phone number

These are simple, but their generic layout means they can be used in a wide variety of situations. Keep some extras of this open house sign-in sheet in your bag at all times for impromptu events. They can serve as a backup in case you’re unexpectedly missing your branded material.

Basic Open House Sign-in Sheet
Download Template #1 (PDF)

2. Detailed Questionnaire

🏆  Great for Realtors who want to capture more information about their attendees

Remember to use this template strategically. Some open house guests are wary of sharing too much information on a publicly visible form. Others don’t want to spend the time completing a lot of fields.

Download Template #2 (PDF)

3. Open House Sign-in Sheet With Feedback

🏆  Great for agents who want feedback about the property that might help in a difficult conversation with seller clients

If you’ve got a seller who’s insisting on a particular price point (against your recommendation), sometimes feedback from an open house is a great way to start a conversation about making a price improvement. It could also help convince seller clients to consider other recommendations, such as decluttering, painting, sprucing, and depersonalizing.

Open House Sign-in Sheet With Feedback
Download Template #3 (PDF)

4. ‘Enter to Win’ Open House Sign-in Sheet Template

🏆 Great for anyone coupling an open house and with a promotional giveaway

The strategy of this approach is pretty simple: Print up a handful of these pages and cut them into individual sign-in sheets. When your guests arrive, have them sign in and drop their slip into a fishbowl. 

After your event is over, call everyone! Let the winner know the happy news (and ask how you can help them with their real estate needs). Let every other attendee know about your next event and see if there are ways you can help them in the future.

🍪 🧁🍩 Wondering what the prize should be? I love offering something from a local vendor. Rather than bake cookies for the open house myself, I’ll buy some from a favorite local bakery along with a gift certificate. While my guests enjoy the cookies, I remind them about the drawing for a gift certificate to the very bakery that made those delicious cookies. How do they enter the drawing? All they have to do is sign in. 

‘Enter to Win’ Open House Sign-in Sheet Template
Download Template #4 (PDF)

Common Open House Sign-in Mistakes & How to Fix Them

We want to help you avoid the pit-in-your-stomach feeling at the end of an open house when you look at your list of attendees and realize there isn’t much there to work with. Here are some common issues agents encounter with open house sign-in sheets and some solutions to help you address them.

Want More Open House Tips? 

Open houses are a tried-and-true strategy because everyone wins. But, as ubiquitous as the open house is, it can be hard to master. 

We have plenty of resources to help you plan and execute a monumental open house. Start with my video below, and check out our articles on scripts for open house conversations, open house apps, and even smart food to serve!

Bringing It All Together

Open houses are an essential marketing tool for your business, giving you an opportunity to showcase your listing, show off your sales skills to the neighbors and potential new listers, and—of course—meet and greet buyers. Now that you’re armed with some solid open house sign-in sheet strategies and some templates you can use this weekend—get out there and get to work!

Tell us about your most successful open house ever in the comment section! What made it stand out above the rest?

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Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.