Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how real estate agents do business. And that’s a great thing. More and more software companies are integrating AI tech into their services, making the lives of real estate agents all over the world easier and more efficient. When agents aren’t bogged down by all the mundane tasks of running a business, they can focus on building relationships with potential clients.

I’ve been exploring some of the coolest new AI tech available to agents. Also, I’ve tested some of the latest toys to narrow the search for you. Check out my list of 20 best AI tools out there at the moment!

Automation & Lead Follow-up

1. CINC’s Alex

While CINC isn’t an AI tool in and of itself, the lead gen and customer relationship management (CRM) platform has partnered with Structurely AI to help agents convert more leads. The result is Alex, a conversational AI bot that engages and nurtures leads on your behalf, just like an inside sales agent might. Alex has been programmed with intuitive scripts designed to convert or qualify leads so you can focus on the right leads at the right time.

Overall CINC is an amazing platform, designed to help teams generate and manage leads. With their new AI integration, it’s more powerful than ever for growing business.

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2. Wise Agent AI Bot & Writing Tool

Similar to CINC, this CRM introduced its lead nurturing bot to act as a sales assistant to real estate agents within its platform. Its fancy bot is able to qualify new leads that are added to the Wise Agent CRM, following up with them via human-like conversations. Then, when the lead is ready, the AI hands it off to the agent to finish the conversation.

In addition to the conversation bot, Wise Agent also offers its AI Writing Assistant tool, designed to create highly engaging content for text messages, emails, or drip campaigns in seconds.

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3. Dippidi AI Nurturing Communications

Dippidi is an all-in-one platform that generates buyer and seller leads with content marketing and paid ads. But it takes things a step further by partnering with Structurely to provide intelligent nurturing of the leads it generates for you. According to the company’s website, its AI communications receive 57% text response rates, 40% email open rates, and 17% qualification rates. That’s pretty amazing!

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Have you ever had a phone conversation with a client but then struggled to remember the action items and details of the call afterwards? Well, with, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting important details again. It’s innovative AI tool listens to your phone conversations, takes notes, schedules appointments, and sends everything to your CRM. It’s like having a personal assistant with you 24/7.

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5. Rechat AI

Seems to me Rechat might just beat Elon Musk to the punch with an everything app. Lucky for you, Rechat just so happens to be designed as an everything app for real estate agents and brokers. It’s already been recognized by Inman and the Associated Press for its innovation in the space and recently competed at the National Association of Realtors’ Innovation, Opportunity & Investment Summit’s pitch battle alongside Though it didn’t win top honors, it is picking up steam. The newest addition to the Rechat roundup is the AI tool, Rechat AI, which writes everything agents need, including emails, blog posts, social media, listing descriptions, and more.

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Marketing Your Listings


Who actually likes writing listing descriptions? Even people who enjoy writing—like me—don’t care for the task. uses artificial intelligence to analyze unique features of each property listing and generate a well-designed description. But then it takes things one step further and crafts ad copy that’s designed to grab attention from prospective buyers.

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7. ListAssist

The problem with using ChatGPT to write your listing copy is that you have to give it prompts with all the great features of the home. At that point, you might as well just write the dang thing yourself! In contrast, ListAssist uses computer-vision AI technology to detect and identify features—including room types, architecture, building materials, pools, stunning views, and more—to generate listing summaries, marketing video scripts, social media posts, and even information about the local area and commuter info.

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8. FlōPlan

FlōPlan lets you create a complete floorplan of any home using just your smartphone. It uses AI tech to stitch together video to create a floorplan.  I personally used FlōPlan, which is owned by and comes with my FlexMLS account, for my listings this year, and it was so easy to use. I simply used my camera, turned on video, then walked through the listing, shooting video of where the floor meets the walls all throughout the home. Then, within 24 hours, I received a perfect floorplan, complete with room dimensions. It’s amazing!

Floorplan generated with FlōPlan using AI technology
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Branding & Marketing

9. Lumi AI by PorchLyte

Lumi AI is your new real estate marketing assistant. If you’re still not sure how to use artificial intelligence but you want to harness its power, Lumi can help. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, with forms constructed based on what you want to create. You just click on what you need from the drop-down form, fill in the blanks, and let Lumi do the rest.

Generate high-quality listing descriptions and property summaries to save time, or craft compelling social media posts that attract and engage potential buyers and sellers without spending hours creating content. And you don’t have to learn how to engineer prompts to get the most out of the platform.

You don’t have to be a subscriber to PorchLyte to gain access to Lumi AI. It’s a standalone product you can subscribe to monthly.

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10. Addressable

I love this real estate marketing company that creates AI-generated copy that looks like it was written by a human hand. Addressable uses a roomful of robot arms with ballpoint pens to create these mailers so when they go out to your farm area, they look like you sat down and wrote them out personally by hand. Also, the company has two other brand-new AI tools: SmartCopy crafts the actual marketing messages for you, and ListingArchitect creates property information and for-sale content.

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11. Saleswise

Looking for expert-level content that keeps your leads engaged? Saleswise’s AI assistant is designed to be your marketing partner, generating emails, sales scripts, social media, and even virtual room remodels.

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12. Rila

Rila is an app that uses AI to determine the perfect listings to show its users. But what’s really interesting about this app is its layout–it’s designed to be a social platform for real estate. Like, what? Some of the creator tour videos look a lot like TikTok content. This platform has the potential to marry two favorite user pastimes in one seamless app: looking at beautiful homes and interacting on social media.

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Images & Video

13. Style to Design

Style to Design takes virtual staging to the next level with Reality Staging. Designers stage a home, using AI technology. The difference is this: The furniture is a virtual depiction of actual furnishings that the client can keep. So the client can see exactly the design they will end up with at the completion of a project. The real furniture will be set up in the room by the designers once the client is satisfied with the look.

But if you just want a quick spruce-up of a vacant listing, Style to Design’s got you covered. You don’t have to do an entire stage—you can add that extra pop to your listings with Style to Design’s accessories packages.

14. InVideo

I love InVideo and have been using the software for years. Here’s how it works: Use the platform’s text-to-video function to create videos you can share on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It works the same way ChatGPT does with a box for a prompt. InVideo will generate videos based on any prompts you give it. It’s free to publish up to four videos per week.

15. 11ElevenLabs

Technically, the software offered by 11ElevenLabs isn’t actually video or images. It’s voice-over creation for your videos. No longer do you have to read and record your own video scripts. This tech tool lets you choose the voice you like best or clone your own voice, and have it generate a voice-over for your videos from your scripts. No mic? No problem.

16. Virtual Staging AI

Real estate pros have been using virtual staging tools for some time, but it’s never been quite this easy to do. With Virtual Staging AI, you simply upload a picture of an empty room, click what type of room and the style of design, and choose your favorite from three different iterations it generates in a matter of seconds.

Harvard Innovation Lab, the creators behind Virtual Staging AI, asked The Close to take their app for a test drive and share feedback. They took our notes and made some improvements. And I have to say the results are pretty amazing.

17. REimagineHome

There are several virtual staging companies out there now. But REimagineHome lets you do something that sets it apart: restage a furnished room. Their AI redesigns spaces by evaluating architectural elements visually, masking over certain areas, and inputting different options based on your preferences.


This software analyzes images to generate insights into properties. Why would that matter? As I learned from checking out this platform, there’s a wealth of knowledge available in images that can help distinguish a property’s marketability. This software can detect elements in a room, like whether there’s natural light, tray ceilings, or exposed brick. From those features, it can generate descriptions, compile analytics, automate reports, and change the way people interact with properties. Once you see it, you’ll wonder how we’ve gone so long without this technology.

19. StudioShot

We’ve all seen them: those headshots that look like they were taken in the 80’s. And yes, I understand. Updating your headshot is a pain in the ass. But what if I told you that you could create them yourself with your smartphone? Yep, it’s true. StudioShot takes your selfies and—using AI technology called generative adversarial networks, or GANs—creates professional headshots without the fuss of getting camera-ready.

GANs are a type of AI image generator that learns to create new images from an existing dataset of images. Pretty cool, right?

Screenshot of how Studio Shot creates a professional headshot by using several selfies on your cell phone.

20. Canva

Have you discovered Magic yet? It’s the AI-powered tool suite inside Canva that you can use for editing and creating. Canva has four different Magic applications within its platform:

  • Magic Write helps draft copy for any creative project.
  • Magic Design allows you to generate a template using your uploaded images.
  • Magic Eraser removes items from your photos with a swipe of the mouse.
  • Magic Edit allows you to replace items in photos using text prompts.

There’s also more AI embedded in presentations and the super-cool text-to-image feature. Take Canva’s AI tools for a test drive to discover just how much you can do inside this all-in-one platform. Can you tell Canva is my go-to for practically everything?

I uploaded this image and told the AI to put me on the beach and it even made the wind blow my hair without me mentioning it. It’s so intuitive it’s almost scary! I feel like Canva is just steps away from having the capability to create a video from text, as well. I’ll keep an eye out!

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I’ve covered a lot of software and tools that are leading the charge in AI. And there will be plenty more on this list the next time around. But let’s talk about some of the questions on many agents’ minds around artificial intelligence technology.

Your Take

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s revolutionizing the way people do business and life. These are just a handful of fun tools I’ve found that can make your life easier and help you run your real estate business more efficiently. But new ones are being created every single day. 

Embrace the technology and let it work for you. And no, this isn’t Skynet—robots are not taking over the world. That is unless you let them. Artificial intelligence is great, but it’s not human. So use these tools to help you do what technology can’t: be a human interacting with other humans. I’ve said it a million times: Real estate is a relationship business. So use these tech tools to free up more of your time to go out and start more conversations.

Did I miss some cool AI tools on this list that you’ve come across? Have you used some fun tech that you want to share? Let me know your favorites in the comment section!